Killzone 2 Patch 1.24 – Fewer Bugs, More Features!

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Hey Killzone fans!

In a continuing effort to provide support for Killzone 2 Online, and to show you day-1 fans of Killzone that we mean business, we are very happy to announce the upcoming 1.24 patch. This patch is the biggest one yet, and addresses a large number of reported issues, exploits and bugs – but it also adds new functionality to the game for you to enjoy! I would like to highlight the fact that we are adding 3 new ranks to the game, reached at 5000, 10000 and 100000 points respectively. These ranks do not give any rewards but it allows the real hardcore players to show off their hard work to everyone in-game! Other highlights include a new 17-24 player search game filter, enlarged HUD radar distance and a much requested “Join Clan Member” tab in the join game screen. The patch also allows you to play against the next batch of contenders: Japan, who will be able to buy their copies of Killzone 2 on the 23rd of April and will be joining the community online.

Allow me to clarify on these new features a little: The new ranks we’ve added are basically a reward to all the players out there that have massive amounts of points, and we hope that it inspires other players to keep on playing. The 17-24 player filter was a direct request from the community because a lot of people think the ‘sweet spot’ of the multiplayer levels is around 24 players instead of 32 and are creating custom games accordingly. The Join Clan Member tab was also a direct community request, allowing players to join clan members when they are playing regular non-clan related games.

There has been a lot of discussion on the forums about the lack of a ‘party system’ in Killzone 2 and rest assured, we are working hard on creating features that will make it easier for you to play with your friends online. These features include being able to join the same faction of a friend already in-game directly from the join game menus, manually being able to switch faction during gameplay and making existing squads consistent over multiple rounds; no more need to create a new squad every single round. These features will be coming to a patch near you soon!

To read more details about the 1.24 patch specifics, please visit the Killzone 2 FAQ section.

We hope this patch shows how dedicated we are to the game, and that it will allow you to enjoy Killzone 2 Online just that little bit more! Of course, we will continuously keep looking for more bug and exploit fixes, as well as keep an eye out for other additions we can add to the game. So please keep reporting on the forums! And last but definitely not least, a big thank you from the entire Killzone 2 team to all the Killzone players out there for their continuing support!

Keep on fraggin’!

P.S.: I almost forgot to mention: The patch also adds DLC support! … So you know what that means… ;)

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  • Thanks for your support! I’m looking forward to new updates! :)

  • Thank you for patching the exploits. Finding new and creative ways to kill glitchers shouldn’t be part of my agenda when playing MP (as fun as it was).

  • word, ya heard. Much respect for the continous support and care. Keep the game evolving and you’ll benefit, I spend my dollars where it counts, and guerilla games are really looking to perfect their product through meaningful updates. Props

  • Thanks for the update !

  • you guys are bastards!! why do you make the multiplayer so good! i haven’t even finished single player because i keep getting drawn to multi.

  • They need to make it so the ground turrets fire a missle every 10 seconds, so the Airbots can last a few more seconds in a fight.

  • That’s awesome dedication. Thanks for the hard work.

  • I can’t wait for tomorrow.

    I just recently took a 2 weeks break from the game but this new patch/DLC and the fact that I made a clan will keep me going for a very long time.

  • 100,000 points? Damn… You would probably have to do one of those exploits you’re getting rid of to get THAT many! ;P

  • Great job on the patch… Now if only you could also fix (unprotect) the save file in a future patch so that I can back it up, and not lose my offline progress as many people already have due to corrupt saves.

  • That sucks for me. :(

  • @44 – 1 million online players will prob happen this week, simply because the game is getting released in Japan on wed.

  • So when are the controls going to be more customizable?

  • Once again. Will this fix all of those stupid connection problems, like error code 4515, 11000, 3, 8000and 3505? Cuz its really killing the game for me. I got a new ISP and made sure that the ports were open so that my PS3 wouldnt have any issues and this game is just dying cuz of those error codes. I know I am not the only with them either.

  • @63
    Think they said possibly in the next patch, but not this one. Sorry

  • There should’ve been way more ranks in the beginning because it way too easy to reach general IMO. I also wish that Warhawk would get 24 player servers back. :(

  • We need offline multiplayer!!! Co-op campaign and competitive split-screen. Please bring it to us, I love shooters with offline multiplayer to play with friends that are next to you. I love this game, but this feature would make it way better.

  • Great job guys. You guys keep supporting us by patches and content and we’ll support the game by playing it like hell. even if you take a break from killzone, we wont…coz we love the game like anything! right guys? lol. Just keep up the great work and hope you guys overcome all obstacles in your gaming lives. over and out

  • Hopefully you’ll get as much DLC as Halo has out there and beat out any other PSN game support……. BTW, do you have in game invites with this update ? AKA press the PS Home button go to a name and press triangle inviting them from that screen like R5 does?

  • What’s the point of ranking up without unlockales????!!!

  • i just found my copy of the first killzone and started playing it all over again on my ps3 since i have a 60 gig first gen console man i totally forgot how hard the first one was but i love the 2nd one keep up the good work can’t wait til next thursday you need to dlc some of the levels from the first one i liked the swamp level

  • @Mr. Boltjes: Thank you very much for your hard work on KZ2. My clan & I greatly appreciate it!

    I’d like to see a few new multiplayer modes added in future updates/DLC:
    1) Exo-Skeleton Warzone: All players start equipped with an Exo-Skeleton.
    2) Vehicle Warzone: All plasyers have access to a Tank, Dropship, Intruder, 4X4, AAPC, etc.

  • Unfortunately I just got finished returning the copy I rented, but I’m definitely feeling this game and with this patch it’s even more clear to me that I must own this game. Plus the new maps look interesting to say the least.

  • Awesome Guerrilla, I love you guys. Thanks for the frequent Killzone 2 support

  • The 17-24 option is going to be perfect for me. Thank you so much for that.

  • looks cool, can’t wait to try it out

  • Very good! I love the fact that Guerilla Games is continuing to support a great game and make it even better. Thx guys.

  • Why if people are asking for a party feature would you add other features that make up for the lack of a party system? People want to be able to join games at the same time as a group. Its called matchmaking, take a look at halo 3 and call of duty award winning online multiplayer games. Reason: Party System

  • Ive been enjoying the game appreciate the support from guerrilla the only complaint I have is the spawn camping that can make the game difficult to enjoy. One solution would to not allow spawn grenades in a zone surrounding spawn and to make spawn turrets indestructible and with more damage per bullet to kill people who enter the spawn.

  • Please, do not allow changing factions during gameplay. That would allow some people on the loosing team to switch to the winning team before the game is over. I think implementing the option will be a big mistake.

  • Happy for the patch, but you guys miss the point with ranks. Completely.

    With Call of Duty 4, I feel like I’m always making progress. Another rank is always only a handful of matches away. It gives me incentive to keep playing.

    With Killzone 2, I already maxed out my rank so I felt like progress had halted. Now these new ranks are going to be so far out of reach (especially that last one) that it’s pointless.

    The smart thing about CoD4 is that I’m always making progress. Tangible progress. In K2, now I’m just going to be making a tiny bit of progress to an impossible goal. Just another drop in the bucket.

    If you really want to incentivize your multiplayer and keep people addicted, you need to add about 30 more ranks to that mix. Keep me feeling like I’m always within another match or two of reaching new heights.

  • Same day UK please?

  • ok this game was a bust from the start as a online game. i got it the day it came out right at midnight. i got home only to find out there was people on it already ranked all the way up and having all abilities unlocked… all i got to say is booooooooooooooooo i played this game for 2 weeks and went back to world at war now when i try to play it its got su much lag and errors saying cant connect and blah blah… why not put a map that original kz fans want to see… like the beach or southern hills or something that was a great map from kz1

  • Everything is awsome, I only wished that you could get awarded a trophy for getting those new ranks. I mean 100000 points is not easy to achieve.

  • Please Guerilla
    On online game mode for example: body count, please add something new like: Infected that would be awesome!!!! Also try putting some cars but i prefer infected =)!!!
    I am not really sure if you are going to care about my recommendations but if you did i would be more than happy!
    Infected (zombie)

    Did you like my ideas??? Please answer

  • Thats really awesome. Killzone 2 kicks!

  • Awesome, thanks so much GG!

  • Looks good to me.

  • I like the new rank ideas. I already have 8000 points. Only 2000 more for 10000 and a new rank.

  • Killzone2 sucks. I played the single player mode and multiplayer mode and they both sucked All it does is steal the best parts of other great shooting games such as Call of Dudy 4 and the two Gears of War games. LONG LIVE THE XBOX 360…. Sony needs to come up with something original and NOT something that is disguised as original. ERRRRRRRR

  • Nice, good support right off the bat. I’ll be ranking again, so that will keep me going, but even then I wish we still had more ranks, with advantages, not just more points.

    The only thing left now is Party system.

    I like to thank the Killzone 2 team for giving us such an awesome game. In other words…


  • @KingCobra1971
    You’re a dumb@@$, Gears 1 and 2 glitch and lag with only 10plyr matches(boring).
    Call Of Duty 4 was good, before Killzone 2 “PERFECTED WAR”.

  • I am excited for this patch. There are definitely some welcome changes in this patch.

    I have already achieved the first two ranks though, but that last one should be some work.

  • I’m loving it, I can’t wait, I don’t know if it’s less work, but I would have almost preferred a few smaller ones with these extra things periodically, then again, some people probably don’t like getting patches all the time.. and another thing, I’ll post in caps just in case the developer skims past and wants to answer my question: WILL YOU BE ABLE TO CHANGE THE SIZE OF THE MAP BACK TO THE WAY IT WAS?

  • i hope this fixes the glitch you can preform in pyrus rise. I was just playing and during assassination, i saw someone get inbetween 2 tanks and there was no way of shooting him.

  • the clan i play with in resistance 1 all got killzone 2 most of them made the transition to killzone 2but theyall complain that the multiplayer is hard i tell them it’s not like you can just spawn out and start killing it’s war perfected you need to think how to spawn out i love that option i like the enginner class mixed with boost but you know how some guys are any way i have played both gears of war and really it does lag but theysay 360 is better than ps3 i have turned so many 360 players into ps3 players since they have come over and played killzone 2 THANKS GUERRILLA

  • Thank you very much for the support!



  • cell989,

    Killzone2 is far from perfect. Multiplayer is HORRIBLE… CoD4 is way superior over [DELETED] (oops, Killzone2) in every sense of the word. And where do u get those glitches and lags on Gears of War from?? I’ve been playing Gears2 and I don’t get no lag and see no glitches. You are just one of those Playstation fanboys who likes to talk out of their asses.

  • cell989

    the xbox 360 has way better games and way better online. The PSN sucks.. Sony needs to add cross-game voice chat and voice messaging..

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