Killzone 2 DLC price and trailer

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Last week we announced Killzone 2’s first downloadable map pack, “Steel & Titanium.” In case that’s not ringing a bell, take a look at this new trailer for the two-map set:

Today we can also confirm that “Steel & Titanium Pack” will be available on the PlayStation Store next week (April 30th) for $5.99.

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  • I think that $5.99 is a very reasonable price for these 2 new maps & I’m more than happy to pay it. Thank you Sony & GG for creating & continually supporting this excellent game.

    My idea for new game modes in KZ2:
    Exo-Skeleton Warzone – everyone is equipped with an Exo-Skeleton.

  • I was hoping these would be free. If we got PSN cards here in Europe I would definetly buy them. But it looks like I’ll have to pass on this great content as usual.

  • Most shooters have at least a 3 map set for the same price. Why is this $5.99 for just 2, that are BASICALLY already in the game?

  • That’s $5.99 too much!!

  • @44
    Don’t know what you know about development,but you do realize that pretty much every game ever released uses the assets from the single player in one way or the other. No one makes brand new textures for every map. If they did,they would be joining the growing list of defunct companies. I guess if you started doing the math vs hours paid for the salaries of the different people that have to just make those two maps it wouldn’t seem so bad.

    I understand the complaint though,but it’s usually surrounded with uninformed speculation.

  • Looks great! Good price too, Thanks!

  • Way too expensive

  • $5.99 is not that bad, at least it wasn’t $9.99. I think its worth it but then again I do play this game like crazy and love it so I guess it depends on how you feel about the game.

  • Guess I better clarify. I’m not saying it’s copied from the single player,but that you can make something based on that environment and it will look similar,because you are using the tools that are already established.

  • Blockbuster is having a huge sale on all of there video games (Brand new unopened games). I just bought Bioshock for $20 and MotorStorm pacific rift for $30.. $50 total and now I hear about a map pack for Killzone 2. LOL I guess the every one need’s a little money… I’ll be getting this map pack also to bad it’s next week though… :-) GAME ON!

  • I am officially sold. But was expecting a 4 dollar price tag.

    The music is really good, when will get the official soundtrack?

  • All of you people [DELETED] don’t you understand?
    1. The amount of depth (technically/architecturally/Visually/Functionally) that goes into a Killzone 2 Map is much more than any other console game ever made.

    Boo Hoo; R2 had three new maps for free. R2 is great but has no where near the amount of work put into their multilayer maps as the Killzone 2 ones do.

    Further more, if you want to support Guerrilla Games into further developing Killzone 2 then pay them to do so.

    If I asked you to keep working for free, would you?

    I will be buying this on launch day because Killzone 2 is a masterpiece AND I cant wait to play some more [DELETED] maps, keep em coming GG/SONY don’t listen to these ungrateful brats.

  • $5 would have been better. I know it’s only $1, but it does make a difference.

  • Mmmmmm Killzone.

  • cool. the way I figure it, 5.99 between 5 people ain’t so bad. Thanks for letting us transfer our purchases to 5 other systems :)

  • Cheap price, 2 maps+ new trophies. Sounds good to me. Also GG devs, dont worry about the trolls. The price is fair for what you get.

  • nice price….im buying

  • ok so it is 6 us dollars, how many euros its gonna cost in europe?…

    if more than 5 its no buy for me! as i only got 5 on my psn wallet

  • whats the price for the UK?

  • lol, and how the Europeans going to buy this without a credit card :(

  • $6 seems like a very good price. To bad I don’t play it online though.

  • Like the look of the DLC but the game needs a party system or something close. This was a major mistake on GG’s part. The inability to enter a game with some friends and play on the same side is a huge drawback and probably why players are decreasing so much week on week (returning to COD/R2?). That and assault class players turning the game into a rocket spamfest.

  • $5.99 for only two maps?

  • eh, $5.99 is not much. I will get it. Anybody complaining about the price, just go out and collect a bunch of cans and turn them in for cash or ask six people for one dollar. lol

  • @ Jeff or any killzone 2 developer, i have an important question. Is the DLC region locked? Please answer!!!

  • … at $5.99 the price is fine… but this will split the community and once again if I want to play the game with my friends or clan members we have to play the game of “who has the map packs and who doesn’t”.. and if even one member doesn’t have the DLC, it’s back to the old maps.

    Why doesn’t PSN have a gifting option??… so we can buy the map packs for friends or clan members that don’t have it? (and don’t even bother mentioning mailing PSN cards… first of all they’re not available in my area, and secondly it means releasing personal information on both ends… which could be avoided by having a simple gifting option available on PSN)

  • Great Price, this along with the FREE patch coming up will add even more value to an already incredible game, SOLD!!! :D

  • @59 I understand your point and I know that online portions of games use assets from their single payer counter part all time BUT!
    These 2 maps are practically the same, they look identically, doesn’t matter if they added a ladder here or an extra platform over there, there is nothing new of justifiable about this 2 maps (for that price).
    People saying they will pay even 10$ are part of the problem, the fact of the matter is that these lackluster overpriced DLCs have to stop. (see vALVE and Criterion)
    I would gladly pay 6$ or 10$ or 20$ for content that is WORTHY of said price point, and like I said before, this is not, for gods sake look at the trophis they are adding to tempt you to buy it “kill 5 times with said class” really? they put the trophies as an afterthought to entice you.

    I would gladly wait, and like I said even paid more for a more consistent DLC, more maps, weapons, party systes etc.

    They rushed out this 2 maps because the online player numbers are diminishing week by week a steady rate, like or not is the truth, go check yourself…

  • Can we get a yes or no on additional medals or badges? :)

    Come on folks pick up the pack(and yes Neogaf… Lince is trolling your thread over there.

  • Yeah Sony it should be free. You guys should just give everything away for free and change your name to the Sony video game charity society. Seriously, I expected it to be 9.99 and I was prepared to pay that much. Finding out its only 5.99 made my day. I’ll gladly support KZ2, this game rocks harder than any other FPS I’ve played.

  • you people just love to complain i swear…lol 5.99 is not that much, $3 a map…boohoo “I can’t believe you guerilla” lol seriously?? ridicoulous….good price, great game, way to go

  • Why the hell is everyone complaining? Call of Duty 4 had 4 maps for $10.00, this is 2 for $6, plus trophies. If CoD4 had 2 maps for $5 would everyone be complaining? Are you all really complaining about that extra buck? Wow, people are so ignorant and snobby.

  • pricey, for 2 maps… $4 or $5 would have been more ideal imo.

  • Sold. I support the hard working devs @ Guerilla!

  • I can work with $6, no problem. I still would’ve preferred free, but whatever. At least I’m not getting railroaded ala Capcom DLC.

  • @77
    Understood..but Valve is Valve and Criterion’s DLC was a experiment as seen by their latest priced DLC.

  • @74
    You don’t want to be downloading the maps from another store.

  • Lets face it, 6 bucks for 2 maps just sounds like a bad deal, BUT! Wasteland Bullet looks awesome.

    I’ll spend my 6 bucks this time, lets try to shoot for at least 3 maps next time.

  • Freakn 6 bucks! I’m there! LOVE the game!

  • Awesome stuff guys really looking forward too it. Day 1 buy for me!

    I love all the people saying that 6 bucks is too much and 5 is the right price, honestly if it was 5 you would say 4 was the right price and if it was 4 it would be 3. ALl of this over 1 dollar? People are pathetic.

  • Wow, so many whiners in here. Dont want it? Dont buy it, simple as that.

    I will be buying this. Killzone 2 is freaking awesome.

  • wow $5.99… what a steal! Can’t wait :)

  • Gerrilla i need my knife on-line :D

  • Overpriced by a $1 if you compare it to COD’s maps. I’ll still get it though since I sold some schools books this week.

  • I well definitely buy this, but really Sony when we going to see PSN Cards for PAL areas?!

    If you think you are good at this game! then send me a message.

  • 6 bucks for two maps? A tad pricey in my opinion.

  • @Post 29 Nonstop Madness wrote:

    ” Nonstop_Madness | April 21st, 2009 at 10:20 am

    Thats the biggest rip off ever … would will pay 6 dollars for 2 maps ?? …….”

    I thought it was Xbox live.

  • Any idea of the price for those of us outside the U.S?


  • im i big killzone fan…and this really dissapoints…not buying

  • @74 Seb Downie has said that this DLC (like any other DLC for other games) will be region locked. So if you have the UK version of KZ2, you have to buy from that PSN Store.

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