Killzone 2 DLC price and trailer

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Last week we announced Killzone 2’s first downloadable map pack, “Steel & Titanium.” In case that’s not ringing a bell, take a look at this new trailer for the two-map set:

Today we can also confirm that “Steel & Titanium Pack” will be available on the PlayStation Store next week (April 30th) for $5.99.

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  • Booyakasha!

  • Still have $5 in my PSN Wallet from last week and was going to see how the pricing went on this but it looks like it priced itself outside of my range by $1. Go figure…

  • Very Nice price!


  • hahahahaha do u spect us to pay 5.99 for this?

  • Awesome! New trophies too:

    Wasteland Medic (Bronze)
    Revive 5 allies in Wasteland Bullet during one round.

    Wasteland Engineer (Bronze)
    Repair 5 objects in Wasteland Bullet during one round.

    Wasteland Tactician (Bronze)
    5 allies spawn on your spawn grenade in Wasteland Bullet during one round.

    Wasteland Saboteur (Bronze)
    Kill 5 enemies while disguised in Wasteland Bullet during one round.

    Wasteland Scout (Bronze)
    Kill 5 enemies while cloaked in Wasteland Bullet during one round.

    Wasteland Assault (Bronze)
    Boost 5 times in Wasteland Bullet during one round.

    Cruiser Medic (Bronze)
    Revive 5 allies in Vekta Cruiser during one round.

    Cruiser Engineer (Bronze)
    Repair 5 objects in Vekta Cruiser during one round.

    Cruiser Tactician (Bronze)
    5 allies spawn on your spawn grenade in Vekta Cruiser during one round.

    Cruiser Saboteur (Bronze)
    Kill 5 enemies while disguised in Vekta Cruiser during one round.

    Cruiser Scout (Bronze)
    Kill 5 enemies while cloaked in Vekta Cruiser during one round.

    Cruiser Assault (Bronze)
    Boost 5 times in Vekta Cruiser during one round.

  • That’s still not a PSone game….

  • @6: Shut up…

    New trophies AND $599 for 2 maps???


  • @6

    wtf PS1? What year you living in.


    lol. I’ll buy it, I have a spare 6 dollars and some change >_>



  • Sassy, I can’t wait for these bad boys to come out along with the new patch.

  • $5.99 for two maps ripped out of the single player game? I’ll pass.

    • The two maps aren\’t ports of their single player brethren. Instead, they\’re two maps based on levels from the single player campaign.

  • looks fun. too bad the people that made KZ didn’t take my advice during beta and make an optional way of downloading just the online play of killzone 2.

    i only like playing shooters online, not single player. i had fun playing the beta and would have bought KZ 2 if there was a way to buy just the online part.

  • Bye Killzone 2. I refuse to pay $6 for 2 maps when R2 did 3 maps for the same price. I will be visiting gamestop today then.

  • $5.99 sounds a bit much for just two new maps. Maybe if there were four maps, but just two?

  • Oh, Jeff, can you also address the people that are at the end of your “Eat Yummy Cake” post — there are some people in there (me, for one) that did the contest but were not contacted about their status for the code.

  • FeedBack:

    The new age verification for video clips STINK. I was born in the 70s and having to click down from year 2000+ takes a while. I can just imagine how much of a pain it is for anyone born before me.

    I know I could just lie, like everyone else probably does…

  • Price in Euro please?

  • Awesome. Can’t wait to purchase & download the map pack and hope to start beating my friends online. Thanks Jeff.

  • @ Nynja

    You can type the date in. No need to scroll :D

  • @12
    Sounds trollish as usual..hit the trail bud

    Good news. I can’t wait and the price seems fine. People paid 10bucks for COD4’s maps and didn’t complain.

    Maxed out the ranks and have 94 badges so far, so just waiting on the patch tomorrow and the DLC next week.

    Great job GG..Keep it coming with Retro.

  • but I thought it would be free to hurt my country is so difficult to buy at the ps store so you’ll have to wait much longer :'(

  • @ 11


    @ 12

    To bad R2’s crowd is quite small…

    @ 13

    Yeah but whatever.

  • Day one purchase.

  • cool this actually looks good and for a decent price. ummmmmmmmmmm ps1 classics. i’m sure u guys could’ve put up 10 – 15 of them in the time it took to make this dlc pack. anyway i’d love more ps1 classics but i’ll probably get this pack cuz it really does look cool. and oh yeah if i didnt mention it we’d love some ps1 classics.

  • kudos to you guys releasing updates and map packs shortly after the games release

    i cannot however say the same of insomniac and resistance 2….

  • Thanks for the info – $5.99 does seem steep for 2 maps – but they will really enhance the multiplayer replayability.

    Loving the trophy list too!

  • @18

    Say what you want but I will tell you this I would rather spend that money on another game then that atleast gives me more for the money. So stfu.

  • Is that Trophy list true?

  • The extra $1 is for the Trophies. I hope that #5 is right. I would need a lot and I mean a lot of trophies to justify $6.

    Who am I kidding. I am getting it. Day 1 Purchase.

  • Thats the biggest rip off ever … would will pay 6 dollars for 2 maps ?? Putting Trophies doesn’t fix anything. There better be some new features or else a lot of people won’t buy it, a lot of people stopped playing because of Hit Detection Problems, and more people will stop because of this.

  • Day one buy



  • @ 25

    You can’t say the R2 maps were worth it when you can’t get a full competitive game with the new maps? Face it, R2 is dead. Don’t you DARE [DELETED] deny it either. Go try and find a ranked game with the new maps, because u won’t. FAIL.

  • @25
    Take your own advice bud and go spend your money somewhere else then. Whining about taking the game to gamestop because of DLC price screams of childishness or trolling..Either one sucks the life out of this blog.

  • From many many years, people have looked around the world trying to find the meaning of “rip-off”, well look no further, ladies and gentleman I give you the meaning of rip-off!!!
    2 maps taken straight from the single player campaign 6$!! are you freaking kidding me???!!!!!
    No thanks!! I’ll pass. I don’t have problem expending money for something is worthy, this deal it is not.
    Better fix this game GG, and add a nice party system before players playing online diminish even more.

    P.D: To the inevitable “Shut up! its a great deal” posters:
    No, it is not, look at how VALVE and Criterion support their games.
    There is a reason why the number of players playing this game online are dropping week by week and this 2 overpriced maps won’t change that…

  • See I heard about the trophies but not too sure if that is at all true. I also heard that they are for sure (that is if the trophies are real) only for the new maps.

  • @30

    Oh well. Then dont read my posts. You are not forced to read them.

  • oh wow sweet, count me in. I was afraid it would be 10 dollars. However this is a nice price.

  • Great! Looking forward to the maps. Fair price as well.

    Funny how if you hadn’t add trophies the same guys (kids? LOL) whining above would have written “No trphies? No thanks!”

    keep it up GG!

  • i expected $4.99 for the new maps i guess $1 is for the Trophies lols

  • I have to put $10.00 in my Wallet just for 2 maps.The maps should be $4.99 not $5.99..

  • Maybe the trophy list isn’t real. I found the list online. They said if you compare your trophy list to someone elses they’d be listed. I keep getting an error message when I try. Every other game works fine though…

    Anyone else want to give it a try? I want these to be real.

  • @31
    If you look closely at those maps you’ll notice they are not directly from the single player campaign, but rather are inspired by it.

    The train level for instance has two separate trains both of which were not in the single player campaign. I’ve spent enough time on that damn train to know the different.

    and the ISA level on the cruiser, the layoout is very different from many of hte areas you visit on the New Sun.

    6 dollars is reasonable to spice up the multiplayer imho. I know all the maps inside and out now, even got to the point that laying spawn points determines the difference between victory and defeat. Train level alone will really make it interesting.

  • Not too bad, I was expecting 8.99-9.99 like all the other map packs that are released.

  • Ha, what are people arguing about?

    Day one purchase for me.

    Let the complainers moan…I see the usual names here and you all should just ignore them and that’s it. Point is we’ll be enjoying these maps next week…they won’t.

    End of story.

  • @41 you’re missing the point, they were created with assets of the single player campaign, of course they were modified adapted for online.
    My point about the pricing still stands..

  • 6 bucks for 2 maps when for just a little more i could purchase full PSN games? I’ll buy those maps only if the fee was 1.99 $.

  • This must be amazing if it costs more than Game of the year (pending) Noby Noby Boy!

  • Ugh, my PS3 died yesterday, warranty is out, need 150 and send it in. What luck, right before this.

  • Wait, why was my comment deleted?
    I simply stated that the map packs should have been priced at $4.99, but I will still be buying them.

    I also would like to know when those interview will be posted from the Playstation pre-e3 day from yesterday? I cannot wait to find out the release date for WKC

  • 5.99…. you read my post :)… tis the price of a sweet spot! BTW, please comment on the trophy list …. please :).

  • Epic Fail on Sony;s part, this [DELETED] should have been free. Especially considering it is the first DLC and the update itself is so small. Let alone that it is overpriced.

    So much for supporting the community as a whole. Sad to see that Sony cant be competent like Criterion Games…even with their first party titles.

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