Pata-post Friday Presents: Rumors are True! Patapon 2 is Going Digital!

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TGIPBD Patapeeps! (or Thank Goodness It’s Patapost Blog Day!)

We’ve got some great news and then we’ve got some other great news. So let’s skip the formalities and jump right in.

First off, I wanted to invite you all to the epic launch party we’ll be having for Patapon 2. Location: your house.

Now you might be asking yourself: how the jebus are we planning to host an epic pata-party at *your* house? Quite simple actually, we’re going to harness the mighty power of a little thing I like to call “the internets” and give you all a chance to download Patapon 2 directly to your PSP.

Now the mighty power of the drum is but a point-and-click away.

Yes, the rumors are true (way to ruin a surprise, ars technica!): Patapon 2 offers fans a new way to get their Pata-on with a digital-only release for your PSP.

For the Patapeeps who want and need a box on their shelves:
No worries, on May 5th, (Cinco de Pata-yo) Patapon 2 voucher cards will ship out to retail stores in the normal PSP packaging along with a printed manual. The voucher will have a code which you can redeem on the PlayStation Network so you can get drumming.

PSP Patapon 2 retail package

For those of you who don’t want to change out of your jammies to go shopping:
On Thursday May 7th, Patapon 2 will go up on the PlayStation Network for your download pleasure.

What about us, the faithful pre-order-ees?
Well, you guys will get what’s coming to ya… via mail, or whatever form of shipping you requested from the online shop you pre-ordered from. If you have any questions, please contact the retailer you pre-ordered from.

Of course there are hundreds of questions you must have about Patapon 2 as a digital only version, how to download, how to install, other Patapon 2 features, etc… and the answers will come to you via this blog, on the same pata-time, in the same pata-channel so stay tuned.

Did someone say epic party? Yes, I did, which leads right into the second great news: Patapon 2 Multiplayer!

So this is how it works….

Chris…sorry dude, you’ve run out of Blogspace…come back next week…like Wednesday-ish. – Jeff

Oh man…looks like I we got Pata-pushed today…

So I guess more details (and maybe a new trailer?) on this great feature on Patapost Wednesday!

See you then!

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  • Let me tell you one thing SONY. I’m not buying ANY Console or full game that has not phisical support.

    Game -> Disc, cartadige, card, WHATEVER.
    Console -> No disc? Just digital? Sorry, no buying.

    Releasing in both formats would be a great idea, BUT you messed it up.

    Let me put it straight for you:

    Classic: Game, Disc, Manual, Box, Front and Back images… -> 30$.
    Digital: Game, n o t h i n g e l s e -> 30$.

    Same price!!?? What!!?? No way.

    That’s my two cents but, as always, you won’t give a f***ing damn about it ^^.

  • Why are you following a distribution model that severely limits the amount of people capable of playing the game? As a DD-only title it’s limited to people who have the required connection speed to access the PSN in order to download it, while simultaneously being limited by many people only having low-capacity memory-sticks. It seems to be a distribution model built to punish fans of the original game who don’t fit any of the criteria for playing the new game. The only thing necessary to play the game should be a PSP!

    But why is it that only the North American consumers are getting screwed royal on this release? All the other regions got their choice to have it on DD of UMD; why not us too? I want to be able to pop the UMD into my PSP and play it, I won’t accept it if my only choice is to be forced to download something and not really own it–because that’s called renting.


  • I won’t be getting this now because I won’t be able to play it if it’s in download-only form, which is too bad because I’ve been looking forward to this game since last year.

    I would buy it if it were to get UMD release later; but the way things are now, even if I bought the DD version from a store, I wouldn’t be able to play it. Thanks a lot.


  • @ #26: Maybe you missed the Patapost Friday when it was announced that Patapon 2 would be released for $19.99 retail, so no price drop just for digital. Sony should really do surveys whenever they do something controversial, though. Like the pre-order-to-get-access-to-demo policy they have now, because they should consider that not everyone has internet access or a memory stick with enough memory to download a game. I sure wouldn’t pay another thirty dollars (or whatever they cost now, I haven’t checked in a while) on top of the twenty dollars for the game just to play it.

  • Why don’t you guys do like what they do in Japan and make it available as both digital and UMD? It’s win win isn’t it?

  • I much rather have it on UMD. But being its download only, it should be no more then $10 IMO. You guys are going to kill this game with such a price point.

  • Cry me a river! why complain, They announced that most of the psp games in 09 had the possibility of having only digital downloading in like oct of last year. It is the future. Maybe you could afford high speed internet if you get out of your basement and sold your magic cards.

  • Whooops, sounds like people with PSP firmware 1.5 is out of luck, and they are hear to let Sony hear it lol.

  • I love to display my game cases, so knowing a game case is available is good. Digital download is the way of the future, I like the idea of carry entire collection of PSP game on a memory stick, without having to take out disc and insert disc when you want to change games.

  • UMD only? Wrong. Give gamers a choice, it’s that simple.

  • You should offer both options. Buy a UMD or buy a digital copy. That “empty box” is not what people who say they want a physical copy are referring to.

    I personally don’t have a problem with buying digital copies of games, but I do think it’s kind of messed up that you duped those people into preordering the game without disclosing that the game is digital only. Not really cool of you guys to do that.

  • No UMD? No buy. Patapon was an amazing game, but my hatred for digital-only distribution for PSP games runs deep. I’m not buying a new memory stick just to play one game.

    I’ll look for the European UMD, if I ever get around to it.

  • EPIC now i will deff buy this game

  • Let me just say people complained about games being on a UMD all this time, so SCEA went digital and you are all still complaining. Just which of the two DO you want if there was one choice? Personally, I hate having clutter, since I’m not a pack rat. I’m very happy to see them go digital only, and hope more games go this route. I applaud SCEA for this move.

  • Call me an oldie but I like to have physical data, I love to see my games covers and my discs or cartridges on my shelf.
    I don’t want to pay 30 or 50 bucks for something that doesn’t exist physically.
    I really fear the future…

  • You know what?
    I really hope that someone hacks this game so that all these guys learn their lessons.

  • @56

    I have no problem with downloads, I have many from PSN. I prefer disc base. Its the price thats the problem. Don’t think because you are ok with it, that others are.

  • Download only sucks lol, we have rediculous download limits in europe…

  • For those complaining about not having access to WiFi to download it onto your PSP…you obviously have a computer attached to the Internet. How about you just use the PSN store on your PC, download the game, and transfer it over to your PSP via USB?

    For those complaining about having to buy a memory stick…the savings you’ll get from buying the digital versions will probably add up and pay for the card itself. Seriously, a 4 GB card is only like $25.

  • Great that there is a digital version available…my UMD drive went belly up 2months back and now I’ll be able to Patapon!

  • What? Release in stores 2 days before online?…. Just make a special release day sillys! Can’t wait, be waiting for Wednesday.

  • Pata-Pata-Pata-Party!

  • LOL!! Lots a whiners around here. I love DD and will enjoy buying and playing Patapon 2 this way. I love having Burnout readily available on my PS3 and I can’t wait to have Patapon 2 readily available on my PSP. I already have Jeanne D’Arc from the PS Store. I love it.

  • WTF? I was going to buy it but not now. Thanks for letting me know so I can save my money. I’m not going to buy the game if it’s digital. I want a disk when I buy a game in retail not some code to go download it.

    I hope this isn’t the future for PSP games (or the next PSP’s games) or I will be done with the handheld altogether.

  • I wasn’t going to buy this game, but now that it’s going to be download only I think I will. If it will support the ideas of PSP2 having download only titles without the useless UMD then i’m all for it.

  • @73…

    It already IS the future for Apple.

    It is going this way for Nin with the DSi

    It SHOULD be the way SONY goes too imo.

    Let me guess…You don’t listen to mp3s right? You’ve got the physical copy of every piece of music you’ve ever listened to that isn’t on radio?

  • May I say EXCELENT CHOICE!!! Congrats on giving us the download option. The easiest, fastest, comfortest (I din’t invent any words did I?) way to get this PATA-stic title!

    This is the future you’re looking at, and it is happenning right now.

    You can bet your *gold* I’ll be getting this game @ the awesome pata party at *my* house! Everyone’s invited!!

  • Hopefully, this doesn’t happen in the EU.

    I like DD, I really do. For PSN games.

    For full, retail games? I’ll always stick with an actual physical object.

    If this extends to EU, I’m afraid you’ll be losing a sale, and a fan.

  • Physical copies are stupid. It uses more battery life and puts more crap on your shelf. Hint: Having a lot of games doesn’t make your life better and it certainly doesn’t make you cool.

    It’s a portable. Why would you even want a UMD? People hate UMDs anyway.

  • Guess I won’t be buying this game now. Not into the whole digital download only stuff.

  • That is great , I hope they do this for all games and come out with a redesigned psp !

  • You had me Chris.

    You had my money in your hand.

    I was ready to go out and buy this at launch day. I own the first one and bought it new.

    Now this?

    This is *spitting in the face* of PSP owners in North America.

    This is garbage. Rubbish. Crap.

    Who the HELL do you think you are?!

    You (and Sony) have an *OBLIGATION* to satisfy customers. That means not continually and deliberately treating them like dirt.

    If this is being marketed as a “test”, as news sites have reported, then wouldn’t it make more sense to release both versions and see which sells better?

    People have *repeatedly* said on this site that the only thing they want is choice. If you want to sell digital copies for cheap, fine.


  • All you’re doing is making your customer base angry.

    Now, instead of going out to buy this game, I’m going to deliberately go out and buy a DS game instead on Patapon 2’s launch day.

    I’m getting effing sick and tired of the customers who want games on disc getting treated like crap.

    Get your act together Sony, because you need all the sales you can get.

    This kind of action is *INEXCUSABLE* and is not going to be tolerated for much longer.

    Fix it.


    This is not a request.

  • Hurray! I love downloadable games on the PSP! Although we NEED A HARD DRIVE! I’ve got a 4gb stick, and not enough room to hold flOw, echochrome, Field Commander, Everyday Shooter, Super Stardust + Solo pack, No Gravity, and Beats as well as music, pictures, videos, and demos.

    Never pirated anything, either, although my friend’s been trying to. I think it’s too much work and I don’t want to miss out on firmware goodies.

    Keep it up! I really hope digital distribution will work out, since I think it’s the way for hand held future – ALL hand held future. Needs a massive push for the PSP2, I think.

  • I am Pata-pata-pata pissed off.

    This better be remedied.

    Making a disc for only one region (Europe) is idiotic.

    It doesn’t make business sense. You can’t reach the broadest potential market with DD only.

    On top of that, you made customers angry.

    Surely, you guys really aren’t this stupid?

  • @81.

    SONY’s ‘obligation’ is to their share holders. They make strategic decisions which will either work in the marketplace or not in order to increase shareholder value.

    I’m a shareholder of SONY ADRs. If SONY will make more money through digital distribution of this title then more power to them.

    You, as the consumer, still have a ‘choice’. Your choice is to buy it or not…not to ‘demand’ the format of your choice.

  • If your going to offer the actual retail box you might as well put the UMD in there and not do it halfway. I’ll either import it, wait for a UMD to go with the physical box or not buy it at all.

  • Digital downloads for handheld platforms are great. The games on the iPhone are utter crap, but sell like hotcakes because they’re so convenient.

    No UMD to lose.

    No UMD for the PSP to spin, thus draining the battery faster.

    I can buy the latest PSP game on the go, no need to go to Best Buy or Gamestop.

  • @85

    Sony’s obligation is to satisfy their customers. If they satisfy their customers, than the shareholders don’t need to worry.

    Your point is moot, because I *don’t* have a choice. I *don’t* have the choice to buy it on disc.

    This is absolutely, unconditionally, 100%, flat out wrong.

    It needs to be changed, because Sony are pretty much doing their darndest to drive me away to either buy a 360 or Wii.

    I’m happy to buy disc games for my PSP – when there are any.

    Sony needs to keep *all* customers games in mind when they make their releases. That is not an unreasonable demand.

  • Download only! YAY! That’s awesome and I hope all future PSP games are like this. I definitely will download this when I get my PSP fixed.

  • @88…

    SONY’s obligation is to their shareholders. It is called capitalism.

    If, by moving to a DD model they make more profit, that is their priority and choice.

    We as consumers can choose to continue supporting such moves but they are not under any OBLIGATION to maintain multiple distribution channels if it means less profit for the shareholder.

    Are you still mad that you can’t buy albums for your 8track? Are you still mad that you can’t get new release movies on VHS?

  • @86

    This interim step is a way to placate the likes of Gamestop while they find a new model for their business. 10 more years and GS won’t have a ‘resale’ market to make tons of money off of.

  • @91

    And that’s exactly the problem.

  • So does the price change too?

  • @92…

    Unfortunately the popularity of used game sales does not dovetail with the increasingly costly endevour of game development.

    Game developers have to maintain higher levels of sales then ever before.

    There will be two solutions to this.

    1. Digital Distribution with DRM tied to user id or hardware serial or both


    2. Used Game resellers having to be licensed and paying $$$ to the developers every time a used game is resold.

    Which, of those 2 choices, do you think is actually doable?

    You’re going to be dragged, kicking and screaming, into DD by EVERY game company out there eventually and on every platform.

  • I won’t be dragged anywhere. There’s tons of classic games – physical games – for me to track down and play.

    If consoles go totally DRM, I won’t be going with them.

  • I want my phisical disk :(

  • So do I. :(

  • @ Exactly. See, you DO have a choice.

  • I’d be more receptive to digital distribution on the PSP if the Memory Sticks weren’t so damned expensive.

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