Pata-post Friday Presents: Rumors are True! Patapon 2 is Going Digital!

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TGIPBD Patapeeps! (or Thank Goodness It’s Patapost Blog Day!)

We’ve got some great news and then we’ve got some other great news. So let’s skip the formalities and jump right in.

First off, I wanted to invite you all to the epic launch party we’ll be having for Patapon 2. Location: your house.

Now you might be asking yourself: how the jebus are we planning to host an epic pata-party at *your* house? Quite simple actually, we’re going to harness the mighty power of a little thing I like to call “the internets” and give you all a chance to download Patapon 2 directly to your PSP.

Now the mighty power of the drum is but a point-and-click away.

Yes, the rumors are true (way to ruin a surprise, ars technica!): Patapon 2 offers fans a new way to get their Pata-on with a digital-only release for your PSP.

For the Patapeeps who want and need a box on their shelves:
No worries, on May 5th, (Cinco de Pata-yo) Patapon 2 voucher cards will ship out to retail stores in the normal PSP packaging along with a printed manual. The voucher will have a code which you can redeem on the PlayStation Network so you can get drumming.

PSP Patapon 2 retail package

For those of you who don’t want to change out of your jammies to go shopping:
On Thursday May 7th, Patapon 2 will go up on the PlayStation Network for your download pleasure.

What about us, the faithful pre-order-ees?
Well, you guys will get what’s coming to ya… via mail, or whatever form of shipping you requested from the online shop you pre-ordered from. If you have any questions, please contact the retailer you pre-ordered from.

Of course there are hundreds of questions you must have about Patapon 2 as a digital only version, how to download, how to install, other Patapon 2 features, etc… and the answers will come to you via this blog, on the same pata-time, in the same pata-channel so stay tuned.

Did someone say epic party? Yes, I did, which leads right into the second great news: Patapon 2 Multiplayer!

So this is how it works….

Chris…sorry dude, you’ve run out of Blogspace…come back next week…like Wednesday-ish. – Jeff

Oh man…looks like I we got Pata-pushed today…

So I guess more details (and maybe a new trailer?) on this great feature on Patapost Wednesday!

See you then!

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  • ooohhh well,

    I guess Ill have to import the European release.

    I love you guys but not enough to give up teh physical copy of the game

  • The rumors were true!

  • Looks great!

  • 5 de Pata-yo, LOL!!! xD

  • Damn you guys! What a tease for Wednesday :P

  • Pirates are to blame for this decision.

  • How much space will the game take up on the memory stick?

  • guys…digital only?


    hmm…glad I live in Europe :/

  • So what about those people who don’t have internet access?

    I realize it’s easy to get internet access for a PSP, but some people may not want to ‘steal’ internet.

    Btw, PS3 version please :)

  • Pata-Pata-Pata-What???

    Digital only! Will it be cheaper then?

  • Awesome! Now how about PSone games going digital!!! See what I did there?

  • Say what?? PATAPON 2 MULTIPLAYER O-O if its online I will buy this game no matter what, even though im buying it.

  • darthlego, Patapon 2 takes up 382mb on my memory stick, so that’s nothing really. I was happy to get a digital voucer for the game when I was reviewing it and it’s most definately the way to go in the future.

  • We need more digital games! Thanks guys!

  • As much as I like having a physical copy of a game, I’m really starting to see the benefit in downloading titles for handhelds.

    You don’t have to worry about losing any of your games, and if you have enough space on your memory card you can carry your entire game library around on your system.

    Generally speaking, I need a hard copy of a game for anything over $15, but I might start making an exception for PSP games as soon as I get a bigger memory card.

  • dose this mean an infrastructure mode?

    or maybe….. Ad-Hoc party coming to US O_o

  • Digital only?

    Watch European sales skyrocket while everyone in the US imports it from here.

    Serious. Download only sucks.

    Great game though.


  • no thanks, going digital sounds lame.

  • I have ZERO problem with you releasing this as an exclusive digital download.

    What I DO have issue with is wasting resources on an empty box for retail stores to display.

    Horrible idea. Should have skipped that aspect entirely, and just sold the game on PSN.

  • As much as I love the idea of a more download centric future for PSP, I can’t help but not want to part with UMDs. :(

  • @ 20

    its because people had already pre-ordered it in store before they announced this

  • Crosses this game off buy list…

  • Then the store refunds the pre-order. Stuff happens, game’s get cancelled.

  • I’d just like to say this decision is rediculious. This “test” should have been offering the Downloadable version day and date with the UMD release like SCEE and SCEJ are doing.

    Do you want this to fail so you can justify your stupid downloadable content stratagy in NA for the PSP. Seriously how can a company so forward thinking when it comes to downloadable content on its home console be so backwards thinking when it comes to downloadable content on its portable console.

    Do you think maybe you should have said this before you started preorders? Tons of people preordered this game expecting a UMD(some of them might not even have the ability to download the game).

    I swear SCEA, you make horrible decisions on purpose.

  • To hell with the retailers and they’re whining. Release it on the PSN 12AM Tuesday cinco-de-pata-yo. Not only that, but give it to us for $9.99. It’s Digital, and you’ll make a killing at that price. I’m just sayin.

  • TEASE!!!

  • The PS3 had had 3 games available as a download and a Retail disk day and date with eachother(SOCOM, GT5:P, and Warhawk).

    The PSP has had ZERO. That is rediculous, give your heads a shake Sony.

  • PSP2 is going to be UMD-less then?

  • the pricing as i hear it is

    store copy= $20

    PSN= $15

  • This undermines the people that have no access to the internet and giving the people that do have the access no reason to go to a game store. Not only that, but the people that do buy the boxed copy have a paperweight with no value on their hands. There is no reassurance that the person will be able to download the game 5+ years from now.

    Good job Sony.

  • Well I figured as much since I saw that the UK stores had it for a download version or was releasing to them as download. I liked the first one.

  • I guess Sony is willing to proverbially stick a middle finger up at those that don’t want to download this? Or those that only have a small memory stick (256mb anyone?)

    Seriously. Not everyone even has access to wireless networks to download it with.

  • Is this the first step to a UMD-less PSP2?

  • #34 has a small stick…

    (I’m immature)

  • digital is the way to go. this is a good step for the psp. all the whiners are just making excuses to not buy the game. adapt or get left with no games.

  • Great game either way. I really don’t care what form it’s delivered as long as I get it.

  • wow, this is a very ballsy move by you guys. Hopefully it works out and we see more of this in the future, we are now one step closer to flying cars

  • I’m not making excuses. I live in England and bought it months back when it released here.

    On UMD.

  • i got no room on my card and i can’t sell it on when am done with it! super. no. bye

  • btw most fast food places have free wifi now a days.

    if you go and buy dinner you can download the game and most likely be done when your done eating. 382mb wont take long.

    and a 520 MB card costs 4.99

  • sorry i meant 1 GB

  • Wow, you guys just can’t win. The people tell you UMD’s suck. You give them digital. The people say they want their UMD’s back.

  • Well I’m gonna have to skip Patapon 2, digital only isn’t for me

  • All the people who are saying this is a good move need to give their head a shake.

    An all digital distribution future is coming, but for Sony to do anything other then offer BOTH Download and UMD simutaniously for the PSP NOW is a horrible decision.

    Sony’s not stupid enough to think denying a bunch of people wanting to buy the game acess to it will increase sales.

    Again I think they expect this to fail and want it to fail.

  • Hey Chris, slap the person responsible for this right in the face,then just explain that’s what WE think about patapon going digital.

    Digital my A%$ what the hell is this?

  • I have to admit that I love digital downloads. I just hope that digital version its going to be cheaper than the UMD version. Meaning I understand this is business but it does not cost the same direct download that UMD versions. I think $ 15 dollars will be perfect.

  • This is great. All PsP games should be sold this way at retail and on Ps store.

  • i think this really great, u guys should do it with all the new games

  • If I preorder Patapon 2 now, will I get a UMD then? I would really appreciate a UMD.

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