What’s up with Killzone 2 DLC?

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By now, you Killzone 2 multiplayer fans should be leveled up close to General. You should know how deadly the shotgun can be when Capture & Hold-ing at Radec Academy, and where to set up your sentry bots in Salamun Market. So what’s next for Killzone 2 multiplayer? Put a pot of coffee on and find out tonight.

Killzone 2 Multiplayer

Hermen Hulst, Managing Director from Guerrilla Games will be joining Spike’s GameTrailers TV at 12:30 am this evening (late Thursday/early Friday) to reveal details about the first DLC for Killzone 2.

I’ll see you in the Warzone until 12:29…

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  • Um…Gametrailers TV appears on Spike Saturday mornings/Friday evenings. You’re off by a day.



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  • Jeff Rubenstein replied on April 9, 2009 at 10:54 am

    Man, this post *is* the hint!

    But I’ll make sure to be on tonight so you can shoot my engineer in the bits.

    LOL, oooooohhhhh ,HE’D BETTER RUN!!! >:( :p :D

  • I knew it!
    release date, price?

  • what about GMT, what time it is gonna be?

  • I thought GT-TV was on Friday nights….hmmmm

  • Is there any chance of more story mode being added as DLC. I liked in KZ:Liberation that there was a new story mode you could download after you beat the game.

    I am not a fan of multi-player games unless there is split-screen and I enjoyed the story of KZ2 and do not want to have to wait until KZ3 to play some more of the story in the KZ universe.

    Not to say multi-player is bad just I like to play against friends more and campaign modes do more for me then killing people in multi-player.

  • I’m guessing it’ll be a map-pack. Super stoked by the way! I’m loving the game. Hoping this update/DLC will be free, or atleast around $5.

    Oh, one more thing, release date = tomorrow! ;)

  • my wishlist
    1. New Maps- I was in beta so 3 maps I have been playing for a long time and the other 5 I played a lot already. 100 hours online total already I need new maps.

    2. Raise the classes or add new classes I way to easy to get general

    3. New guns- makes thing fresh

    4. co-op but that a pipe dream and not too important

  • I hope they’re not planning on making us pay to let us play on the same team as friends, or for a way to talk without piling over 15 other open-mic voices.

  • At least we know now its going to be a multilayer enhancement! Also, Can someone please look at the pic he posted! Where is that from?

  • @ KingBroly
    I don’t know if it has been changed permanently, but it has been changed for this week, it was announced earlier in the week

  • Just do a recap of it on the blog tomorrow–I can wait 24 hours hehe :-)

  • I’d pay big money to have some kind of Horde mode ala Gears 2 or CoD:WaW.

    Oh and maybe a big, mech only smack down mode. )You know, the mech from the level before the Palace fight.) GET ON IT GG!* =D

    *Not really. I’d love to see it though!

  • w00t! Killzone 4 Life!

  • Can’t wait, still hoping for vehicles lol


    BTW it is too easy to get to GENERAL then we don’t have much replay value like in COD4!!

    Hope you guys find something else to keep coming back to KZ2!


    BTW it is too easy to get to GENERAL then we don’t have much replay value like in COD4!!

    Hope you guys find something else to keep coming back to KZ2!

  • I wonder if it’ll be free there’s nothing beter than free DLC.

  • Thanks for the heads up Jeff.

    p.s. Got my Trophy T-Shirt in the mail yesterday!

  • ONLINE CO-OP FOR SINGLE PLAYER CAMPAING AND MORE MAPSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Are we finally going to find out what happened to Luger and Hakha?

  • Most likely new multiplayer maps, perhaps a weapon or two. I doubt any additions will be made to the campaign mode.

    On an aside, I’d love to see a patch that adds a photo mode for the single player campaign. I currently export a lot photos from Motorstorm: Pacific Rift which I then upload onto my Facebook page direct off my PS3 to show my friends.

  • Thaks Jeff, like always you have it right..

  • I want a wave mode similar to horde mode on Gears 2 or Nazi Zombie mode in COD. 4-player helghast wave mode plz. Vehicles and new maps welcome too. Please no new skins. Focus on more playable content.

  • Oh yea, sorry for double post, Need squads and be able to spawn with friends etc. Not many play with friends options at the moment.

  • I would $$PAY$$ for a party system. I know it won’t be a party system though. I just hope they tune up the online interface and figure out a way to make it easier to play with friends in killzone 2. I have such a hard time getting into a competitive game whenever my friends are on. :( I would also like to see some new maps, but no vehicles. Seriously, vehicles ruined CoD5 and adding them to Killzone 2 will just make each game even more of a spawn raping than it already is.

  • just throwing something out there cuz it sounds tight….. sign in with 2 psn’s for splitscreen online play???

  • I would love to see some sort of cooperative mode.

    It doesn’t have to add cooperative online play to the singleplayer, it should just add a new gametype where four people can team up to kill endless waves of Helghast and move from location to location.

    Well, something like that.

  • just give me a free update for splitscreen and i’ll be a happy man.

  • Hey Jeff sorry for taking this off topic, but I noticed sometimes you are able to direct us to the right people.

    There seems to be a new glitch that is occuring during trophy syncing. Where trophies are added to your PSN profile, but your percentage for the game never goes up. I’m not the only person with the issue there are many that are having the same issue on forums around the internet. Several that are on my own friends list. I have contacted several people at Sony with no results. If you could tell me who to contact that might help to fix the problem I would appreciate it. Even if there is no solution I would like to make the glitch known to the right people so they can hopefully resolve it in future firmware updates. Thanks in advance

  • @Jeff
    Please don’t hype this announcement up. If it turns out this is just a map pack, the media is just going to eat GG and Sony up for hype map packs. You guys already know who they blame you guys for the 2.7 firmware mess and the $50 PS2 price cut event though you guys didn’t hype any of those announcement up.

  • I only have a 300 kbps upload speed so I can’t really play online without everything being unfair.
    Yet I have more kills than deaths lolooolololol.
    So I stick to campaign….-sigh-….

  • There seems to be a lot of engineer related stuff in here.

  • Sweet, i hoping for new classes and ranks!

    and Jeff, you should add me so we can play tonight, not too many of my psn buddies play Killzone 2

  • omg omg omg omg.LETS SEE THIS!!!lol.i think i might know…BUNNY COSTUMES!!!!

  • nice to see theres killzone 2 DLC on the way but what about motorstorm pacific rift DLC Jeff , you know anything about it??? little big planet , resistance 2 and now killzone 2 have been receiving DLC , what about motorstorm pacific rift??? you know theres a lot of motorstormer like myself waiting for DLC EVO, i dont like gttv , in fact i dont like the host so i’ll wait till the news hit the internets , i hope we get the kizzy2 DLC very soon

  • i’m guessing more game modes

  • Most likely just new maps for the MP. However, what I want is episodic content that will continue the end of Killzone 2. Cause it sure doesn’t seem like from the ending it leaves much room for a second game. What I’m saying is that the ending is waaaayyy to much of a cliff hanger. Normally games have a bit more of a conclusion rather then this cliff hanger. So that’s my reasoning for a continuation of the story to bridge the gap that will be between Killzone 2 and whatever the next game will be. *crosses fingers*

  • wait, is that a new map? I can’t recognize which map that sniper is on?

  • Actually, my PS3 has been broken since the day Killzone came out, so you guys can hold off on the DLC.

  • Yes, stop working on anything regarding Killzone guys! KwietStorm’s PS3 is broken.

  • @Jeff

    Here is the Link


    Dammenion is on my Friends list and also has the issue. I provided a picture of the problem on the last post of the first page of the thread. Thanks

  • @91

    It’s on Visari Hammer.

  • new maps. new ranks. new guns. thats all i need. basically just more replay value. i’ve been COD playin again even though i feel like Im cheating on killzone.

  • @ 94
    Thanks. I been away from my PS3 for almost 2 weeks and I forgot the maps layout for Killzone 2. Dam you Sony, send me back my PS3 already.

  • It hurts me to have to wait for this, but i havnt been able to full rank up yet either (new baby) so i hope this wont make it harder for me to do. Im hoping for more maps myself!

  • @Jeff AKA Professor PlayStation: Why did you quit VGEVO KZ2 clan? Now I never get to shoot you in the face. xD

    P.S. VGEVO KZ2 night is every Friday night… you should join us so we can all gang up on you. Haaaa

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