What’s up with Killzone 2 DLC?

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By now, you Killzone 2 multiplayer fans should be leveled up close to General. You should know how deadly the shotgun can be when Capture & Hold-ing at Radec Academy, and where to set up your sentry bots in Salamun Market. So what’s next for Killzone 2 multiplayer? Put a pot of coffee on and find out tonight.

Killzone 2 Multiplayer

Hermen Hulst, Managing Director from Guerrilla Games will be joining Spike’s GameTrailers TV at 12:30 am this evening (late Thursday/early Friday) to reveal details about the first DLC for Killzone 2.

I’ll see you in the Warzone until 12:29…

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  • Co-Op!!! Come on now! Or maybe raising the ranks?

  • No early hints?? Please!!!!!

  • Cant wait

  • Cool. Will this be released next week?

  • PSone titles for download on the PS Store!! (LOL:p)

  • Awesome! Can’t wait to see what it is. :)

  • i want party option, i want motorcycles, and a few new weapons and classes

  • Hi and welcome to a new edition of TAKE A GUESS!

    Today, the question is: What Killzone 2 DLC will be revealed tonight? TAKE A GUESS!

  • I love DLC, even more when it’s free.

  • Killzone 2 DLC Already!?!?!?!

    Good Lord!!!!

    I hope it adds higher levels or more classes!!!

    Hell, Maps with Vehicles would be nice too

  • Yes, I cannot wait.

    I hope they do a better job with DLC then Insomniac.

    I’m down for new maps, new ranks, and maybe a new class.

  • Hmm. Vehicles? Do I get a prize if I’m right?

  • I hope its something more then new maps

  • whatever it is, i will support the dlc, because killzone 2 and the devs deserve it, its the best game ever made on any console/pc

    i hope it lasts a loooong time

  • about they do one map where you can play vs
    resistance2 charcters vs killzone 2? with weapons and all?
    ehh yaa?? ok

  • 12:30am est or pst ?

  • I am hesitating between Killzone2 and Street FighterIV. In fact, i have been hesitating for weeks now. I have grown up with the SF franchise, my favorite fighting game. On the other side i got fed up with shooters, but i remember playing the public beta at a friend’s and it was exceptional. On the other hand, after reaching general rank and unlocking nearly all medals, i got bored with the online. I am afraid the same will happen. I need to make a decision, soon that is.

    I’ll first wait to hear what that announcement will be.

  • i’m oping for new maps, not too big on co-op myself

  • dont give ur money to capcom, which charges you extra to dl content that is already on the disc, SAY NO TO CAPCOM

  • I would love to see Co-Op

  • knew it, 1 question: Will the DLC be region locked?

  • Raise the ranks, add atleast 3 levels, and a few more weapons and it’s a deal GG. I dont care for coop.

  • Cool! Look forward to hearing the news tomorrow morning!

  • Is that 12:30AM EST or PST?

  • I have Killzone 2 , and beat the single player on easy. Now i am playing it on the hardest possible settings. Played a little multiplayer in wich i have alot of catching up to do, and will. As far as DLC please i hope its a co-op, bigger maps, Vehicles for multiplayer. All and all the best looking game i have ever seen and yes i have a high end pc. The gameplay is fine, but aiming for me is a little difficult. A+

  • Slant 6 should sit in on this to maybe learn a few things. Man they suck!

  • I am way pumped for this announcement.

    KZ2 is the only shooter I play online with friends right now. The production value and polish make it feel almost scripted at times as I play with others.

  • This is by far my favorite game I ever played, the multiplayer is the best hands down.

    I would like to see however, more maps, and a way to integrate the flamethrower with a new class.

    Also the bolt gun and electricity gun usable in a balanced fashion somehow.

    Leave the cover system for single player however.

    Thank you Sony and Guerrilla Games for making this masterpiece happen, as a hardcore gamer this satisfies my hunger, keep up the great work and know you have you fans support.

  • man im so happy i could barell roll woooo hope its co-op i hope its maps i hope its free (i hope alot) cant wait.

  • Darn you & your making us wait!

    j/k, you guys rock & I’m looking forward to the DLC… really hoping for co-op, but because you’re using the phrace DLC & not “update” I’m guessing it’s new maps, or maybe a new character class or something.

    Keep rocking it!

  • I’d like to see some co-op… maybe a new class or two, some new weapons. New maps are always nice.

    But it doesn’t really matter what it is… this game is practically a religion for some of us and it’s going to make Guerrilla a bundle regardless… and deservedly so.

  • I know when i say this i speak for thousands of Killzone players out there! Higher ranks, More levels and new weapons!

  • Jeff, I’m gonna snipe you for being such a tease, WE WANT A HINT OR IT’S A SHOT TO THE JEWELS!!! >:( :P :D

    • Man, this post *is* the hint!

      But I\’ll make sure to be on tonight so you can shoot my engineer in the bits.

  • Killzone 2 is trash!!!! Sony kill of this franchise!!! it’s the worst ever made! They making DLC for this already? wheres the socom DLC? even though socom is another game you people ruined.. Do what nintendo is doing and re release last gen ps2 games on ps3, because you people don’t know what you doing.. Thank god for MGS4… because I would of sold this pos and quit gaming forever.

  • this is great news for anyone who loves KZ2..but it sucks for those that LOVE SOCOM:Confrontation…that game has bin out WAY b4 KZ2 and it STILL HAS YET TO GET A DLC..WTF is wrong with SLANT6..they are so HORRIBLE in the game industry..anywho..i hope its a good dlc..if not they will not c a cent from me..:p unless its FrEe then its for Me..:p

  • Ugh. I’m away from my PS3 and have been 4 a week now. Guess I’ll just have 2 wait and see what awesomeness GG will unleash…

  • Just add more. Maps, Vehicles (new maps suited for them), Badges, Class’s etc…

    More = WIN.

    Coop is always cool too.

  • Judging by the post the DLC seems to be on the online side of things. Possibly new maps since you were saying we’ve probably already figured out everything about the maps. I was really hoping for some co-op play, but new maps will also be good. Tell Guerrilla to get started on that co-op!


    Excited though to hear about DLC.

  • YES!!!!

  • Do I also sense a new level cap?

  • The shotgun is deadly anywhere LOL. I only use Sabotuer/Boost and Sabotuer/Spot’n’Mark.

    Please be Co-op multiplayer WITH VERTICAL AND HORIZONTAL SPLIT SCREEN!!! And maps that actually have the colors green and yellow in them i.e. a forest or grassy area, because industrial areas get asthetically unpleasanr pretty fast.

  • Who cares? It is a terrible game. Shadows being produced by no light source?? Whaaa?


  • This game sucks anyway move on to something better, all the hype for this and nothing but let down. Well at least for the older crowd the kids love it though, they are easy to sway!!!

  • Thanks for the hint Jeff.

  • Greets from Holland :D

    I shaked hands with Hermen at the Killzone 2 release party (it was awesome guys, thnx 4 the invite btw ;) )

    But i want to see it to, but i dont know the time difference XD

  • yeah , one thin for sure! it is for multiplayer so noo co-op for single player this time!.thanks god

  • cant wait………killing people online until then just wont be as fun knowing there is more fun to come……..

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