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Spring is in full effect, and PlayStation.Blog is blooming with news and information that you definitely want to stick around for. Plus, a few third-party guest bloggers will make things even more interesting. Here’s what to expect for the week to come:

  • A new Monster Hunter trailer
  • Your favorite Capcom guest star John D gets Flock’n…again!
  • More news about your favorite Fat Princess
  • Patapon 2 updates in this week’s Pata-post

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  • Worst poll question ever.

  • Will there be cross-game VOICEchat in the (near) future?

  • I am impatiently waiting for Fat Princess. Making people wait this long is a crime againt humanity! We should be able to pre-order it and get a free cake. Maybe pie.

  • whats with the censoring of text chat? i cant call my friends the f word without is looking like this ******. Im 28, with a master account. Why would you do this??

  • Where the heck is….

    Guess I should curb my usual complaining in light of the good news. Congrats on getting hitched Jeff. Took the leap myself two years ago, and I’m glad for it. Like Bruce Almighty says, “Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes.” Now you get to see how true that really is. Enjoy:)

  • wait… Vin Diesel “acts”? i just thought he played himself all the time. sheesh. ya learn something new everyday.

  • …and thanks for including the “No” option in the poll. As you can see, there are a lot less complaints about the options in this poll when you compare this comment section to the previous ones. Just thought I’d throw that in there since I was one of those that complained.

  • Congrats Jeff on getting married… hope this doesn’t limit your gaming schedule… or does that mean 2nd ps3 in your house? :)

  • Im still wating for news about “play create share” for LBP
    Rigth now I think its like a mith or something

  • @12
    “More news about my favorite Fat Princess? Why is the PSBlog going to give us news about Gabe Newell?”
    Gabe Newell: The blog is too hard to post, we dont have the resources to learn how to post….

  • Looking forward to that Monster Hunter trailer.

  • @60 Fersis
    LOL. That Gabe Newell in a nutshell dude.

  • @51: AGREED! What’s with the pool question this week?

    And Jeff, about you getting married… I’m so sorr… err… I mean, CONGRATS!!! :D ;)

    So we are getting lots of PS1 RPGs on da PS Store this week right? ;)

  • Congrats Jeff!

    Did you win the “Championship Belt” on your honeymoon or you’re working on it? lol…ok ok too much info.

    I can’t wait to hear more about Fat Princess.



  • Jeff Congrats on the marriage…best decision you’ll ever make next to purchasing a PS3 (and “borrowing” a friend’s credit card to download all the great titles coming out this week on the PSN)

  • Congrats on getting married.
    Welcome to the Club!

    I hope Rag Doll Kung Fu is better than Eurogamer review is saying.

  • Congrats Jeff!
    i wish u the best

    hey can u please tell someone that they should try to get cross game chat before or at 3.00 firmware update and to start letting the fans know whats in the upcoming updates weeks in advance
    people dont like to be left in the dark about simple and free things

  • Congrats on the wedding. All the best wishes. Hawaii… Perfect!

    Any progress on Video Store for Canada?


  • o also will burn zombie burn! ever have in-game music?

  • @69
    I am waiting for it as well. But I don’t think they will release anything soon. I hope I am wrong.

  • Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Professor Playstation.

    P.S. Someone from WI needs a job in the Yay Area.

  • Congratulations Jeff, my wife and I got married in September last year. Best wishes!

  • @60, LOL
    He is just another M$ tool.

  • @Jeff, huh, what’s wrong with that? I used that quote to congratulate her particularly as most likely all the people out here would congratulate you forgetting to congratulate your wife as well … I only meant it good…

  • @Jeff *duh get it* ROTFL… you’re mean :-D

  • This week on playsation? Update 2.70 turns many PS3s into WebTVs, Rendering most PS3s unable to play DVD or Bluray or Games or else they go to a black screen and freeze.

    NEEDED this week on PS3, Sony actualy fixing their 2.70 hick up other wise us ps3 customers can’t play movies or games and won’t buy games and movies we can’t play causing sony to lose money!

  • Congrats on getting married Jeff!

  • when are we going to get ingame chat so i can talk to my friends when they are in a diffrent game and stop giving us cr@p usless updates PLEASE! who the hell is going to use that word chat thing why dont you just message people if you want to talk to people its the same thing we want in game chat not in game word chat who ever thought of that idea is stupid or just dosent know what we want

  • Hello Jeff,

    can you please have a look at this and take care of it?

    It’s really frustrating to pay so much money for hardware and then it’s not working like it should…

  • John and Jeff are back!! This week should be good. And it better be since I have Spring Break!

  • lol @ Jeff, that’d be awesome but I doubt you’ll win there, none the less congrats on the wife and baby!

    Plus there’s always hope for a anniversary ps3 cake or bday ps3 cakes.

  • Jeff, Any word on Bomberman ultra. It seems to have vanished.

  • Congrats on the marriage Jeff, and the Hawaii honeymoon.

    My wife and I were married 11 months ago and we honeymooned in Hawaii. A few days on Oahu and the rest of the week on Maui. Isn’t it an amazing place. (My wife didn’t enjoy the heli ride.)

    Any updates on new Home spaces? Seems we never get Home news here, only in the forums. I enjoy the blog much more.

    Thanks and Congrats again!

  • Jeff,
    Congrats on the marriage! You will enjoy looking at the ‘same face’ (as a previous poster tried to make light of), as this is what true marriage is all about, contrary to what pop culture will tell ya.

    Welcome back also.


  • JEFF! You just got married! IN HAWAII!!!!

    Congratulations man! That’s GREAT news! : )

  • I’ve been married six years, and I hope to see the same face for the next sixty.

    BTW, my wife is also impatiently waiting for Fat Princess. ;)

  • Congrats Jeff! =D And glad to have you back!

  • Congrats Jeff!!! When will we get IN GAME AND CROSS GAME PRIVATE PARTY VOICE CHAT.

  • must be great to have a dad working in video games… unless your dad is one of the developers in sonic games that is…

    I wish my dad knew who hideo kojima was… O_o

  • Yo Assassin’s Creed is sick. Also Fast and Furious was good in it’s days.

    I hope that there’s more to come this week than what was listed. they looked lame…

  • @Jeff

    Congrats on your union! do you know if the child will be a boy or girl?

  • “Was off in Hawaii getting married. Back now! Thanks for noticing.”

    Wow! Congrats, Jeff!

  • Fat princess!

    btw isnt it kung fu ragdoll coming out this week? im getting it! and fat princess

  • fat princess and flock are just downloads from the PSN right? im not really sure i havent been following all this very much so idk if im right

  • AvoidTalkingMice

    please god, convince Sony to release more ps1 games on the psn.

  • I’m married to my PS3 ;D

  • Quick question how much is flock? I really want the game and it even has trophies!

  • great Jeff is back man I was worried.

  • Congrats on the marriage! :D
    Your life is getting so exciting! :D

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