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Spring is in full effect, and PlayStation.Blog is blooming with news and information that you definitely want to stick around for. Plus, a few third-party guest bloggers will make things even more interesting. Here’s what to expect for the week to come:

  • A new Monster Hunter trailer
  • Your favorite Capcom guest star John D gets Flock’n…again!
  • More news about your favorite Fat Princess
  • Patapon 2 updates in this week’s Pata-post

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  • I really can’t wait to own Fat Princess. The game is just awesome.

  • YAY John D.! :D Gimme dem prizez

  • Awesome news as always =D
    Where is jeff btw? I mean he vanished after GDC hehe…
    Can’t wait to see what you guys have in store…
    Fat Princess FTW!

  • I want the fatest title of the year!

  • New monster hunter trailer?

    A ps3 game? Or a psp trailer..


  • John’s back!

  • The idiots at Capcom will never realise how much money they could make with a Monster Hunter Online for Ps3.

    Sony should atleast realise this and help Capcom with it… but these are all dreams :(

  • WHERE IS JEFF????!!!!?!!?

  • Hey SCEA…here is a flame…now, please put this under /6’s bum. It might help! LOL Just kidding, you could set them on fire and we’d still be waiting for an update on when they plan on putting the fire out.


    Also would LOOOOVE more Fat Princess news!

    I am saying it now, but Fat Princess is what the PSN needs to take the lead. This will change the PSN as we know it!

  • Flock and Rag Doll Kung Fu come out this week, right? I can honestly say that this Fat Princess is the most desirable PSN game I’ve ever seen; I hope we get a release date sooner than usual for digital titles.

  • I think Jeff is busy with the coming kid. He mentioned sonagrams last week.

    I like these heads up posts. Keep them coming.

    Maybe a release date for Fat Princess?? (I hope)

  • More news about my favorite Fat Princess? Why is the PSBlog going to give us news about Gabe Newell?

  • A new Monster Hunter trailer?
    I will have a heart attack if it is for the PS3. Please let it be for the PS3. If it is, I will not bad mouthing Capcom. PLEASE LET IT BE FOR THE PS3. PPPPLLLLLEEEEEAAAASSSSEEE.

  • OMG, new Monster Hunter Trailer, I hope it is for ps3

  • The trailer is definitely for MHFU for PSP, if not I will be shocked.

    Capcom please do Monster Hunter right, especially on the PSN with themes and wallpaper, and maybe some music.

    Sony(SCEA), give us Ad-hoc party please

  • Bleh, seriously? Fast and Furious? Thats a like a pathetic movie for middle schoolers and high schoolers who are nothing more than overly spoiled brats, (or pretending that they have money) then driving like idiots thinking that breaking the law and putting actual peoples lives in danger is some how cool because, somehow, driving a car is fun…. Those people seriously need to grow up, get a life, and get a real hobby. What ever happened to fun, logical activities like surfing, biking, skateboarding whatever. This newest generation will end the human race I fear -_

  • Can’t wait for Flock.

  • Sounds like a fairly dull week.

    New MH trailer will probably be the upcoming PSP game. If by some chance its a Ps3 game trailer, this week will become utter complete awesomeness.

    *prepares for disappointment*

  • Yeah I was reading about this AD HOC this and it sounds awesome. I would love this in America!

    FAT PRINCESS release date would be sweet!

  • @15 Cariji
    I belive you may be right. I forgot about that game for the PSP. I think it is coming out this August for the PSP here in the States. But I really really really really really really really really really really really really hope it is for the PS3.

  • sounds like it will be an ok week looking forward to Fat Princess like the majority of the population lol

  • fat princess?????

  • A new Monster Hunter trailer, hmm? That would have to be Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, right? Would it be too much to hope for a US release of the Ad Hoc Party app for the PS3 as well? :)

  • Can’t wait for John’s return and see the next posting chaos approaching *LOL*.

  • bleh, will be a trailer of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for PSP for the US-Release…

    Monster Hunter on PS3 or bust :P

    You think the franchise is only successful on the handhelds, but for one there was no advertising for MH1 on PSP at all in US/europe -> = death for any new jrpg-style franchise on a platform with many games and not many people who can play online (network adapter). Plus, in Japan it had monthly fees, not really an attraction.

    Wii-Version might be the right step back to home consoles, but it is hard to believe it will be more than a MH2.5 let alone the online capabilities.

    The PSP games are good, but they lack the home-theater-atmosphere, the controller and most of all the mmorpg-like Online-System (plus a PS3-Version would probably don’t have the little-area-system an more and it would look stunning, great animated Wyverns etc.)

  • Have you guys not visited HOME? Ads and this trailer/advert is up for MHFU already:


  • Congratulations Jeff to you and to your “Wife” :-)

  • Wow, PSN game fun overload, kinda missed that for a couple of weeks so um… bring it on! Can’t wait!

  • Congrats Jeff and to the wife..

    is the monster hunter trailer for the ps3? man, ps3 will sales skyrocket.. in japan only.. haha

    when is the live chat with sucker punch?

    • It\’s PSP, it\’s not a new game announcement. A live chat with Sucker Punch *will* happen, just not exactly sure when yet.

  • Can’t wait to hear more about Fat Princess, hopefully it’ll be out early June cause i want to play it the WHOLE SUMMER.

    And that Monster Hunter news better be about the PS3

  • Congrats on getting married Jeff. I wish the best for you and your wife in the future. ;)

    Anyway, I’m definitely excited for the Fat Princess news. I’ve been pretty hyped about the game for a while. Seeing the news in last weeks Qore made me even more excited.

  • the number one cause of divorce is marriage!

    When is Canada going to get some PSN cards?

  • Any news on PSN Avatars Sony?



    Somebody :(

  • Congratulations Jeff on getting married! I am not a frequent commmentor but I like the new things you guys have been implementing. It keeps the PSBlog fresh and entertaining!


  • Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Rubenstein! What are you doing writing here today, shouldn’t you be on your Honeymoon or something? My wedding gift to you is A WEEK OFF WITH DOUBLE PAY.

  • I think I’d rather be watching a video on how awesome infamous is. :(

  • Congratulations Jeff for your marriage!

  • hey you are back congrats to you and Sophie

  • Hawaii? Sounds fun.

  • hey is there any info coming to the psn about MAG any time soon?

  • will there be an official release date for the title, its been a while since japan has the title thanks? congratz jeff

  • Congrats Jeff. Hope you enjoying being married. I can’t image waking up to the same face everyday :P

  • nice to know there will be a live chat with sucker punch , jeff is there going to be a sony gamer’s day show this year?? if so when and where??

  • Congrats Jeff to you and your new bride, may you have a happy life together!!! :D

  • Hey Jeff congrats, I hope you made all us PlayStation fans pround and had a PS3 wedding cake!

  • Hey Jeff,is there any chance you could twist some arms and get Fat Princess released early:)!!!!….please!

  • proud*

  • Welcome back Jeff.

  • I want more PSN and PS1 game for my PSP, i want Pain for PSP, and i want a trailer of Little Big Planet for PSP….

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