Killzone 2 “Behind the Bullet” Interactive Demo Available Today

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By now you’ve probably seen the Killzone 2 TV commercial, called “Bullet,” which uses the advanced in-game engine of Killzone 2 and the PLAYSTATION 3 to bring the game’s incredible detail to life. For anyone who hasn’t seen the commercial, you can view it here.

As I hinted in my previous blog post, we want you to get a glimpse of the technology behind the game with a playable version of the commercial, codenamed: “Killzone in 4-D.” I’m happy to announce that as of the PlayStation Store update today, you will be able to go to PSN and download the interactive demo officially titled “Behind the Bullet.” This demo will provide an inside look at the making of the commercial, enabling you to take control and slow down the action, move the camera axis and pivot, hear audio commentary from multiple selectable sources such as the art director or technical director at Guerrilla Games, and utilize a variety of buffers and filters to see how every single frame of the commercial was created using the game engine technology. As you will see, everything is directly rendered on a PS3 without the need for additional tweaking or touching up. Simply put: “what you see is what you get.”

Killzone 2 Behind the Bullet screen

Killzone 2 Behind the Bullet screen 2

Once again, I would like to congratulate Guerrilla for developing not only one of the most visually stunning games ever, but one of the best gameplay experiences to date. The team is excited over this opportunity to show how the art and technology for a project of this magnitude comes together. We hope you enjoy interacting with the demo and thank you again from all of us at PlayStation for making Killzone 2 such a great success.

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  • cool, I’ll try this !!! thks guerilla games.

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    – only on PlayStation games are surrounded by a blue halo.

    – click each boxart watched the trailer for a game—1480-17466.html

  • The game is incredible. I loved every minute of it. The ad is badass.

    However, is it just me or is there no reflection of the bullet in the puddle? I noticed this when the ad first aired awhile back…

    Other than that: Flawless.

  • When are we getting game launching and Home support?

  • Scott,

    Next time you guys spend money on commercials, you should make sure that it says “ACTUAL IN GAME FOOTAGE”.

    The KZ2 commercial as great as it is, can not hold up to CGI commercials done by Digital Domain & Blur studios for other titles.

    I know many fans were hoping that the USA ad’s would also do what the EU ads did, but no dice.

    Huge opportunity missed. No one watching the commercial on Tv thinks the graphics are amazing because compared to CGI its not. Compared to all other games on the console world, Killzone2 kills all of them.

    I think its the single biggest flounder by you and whoever runs the department.

  • oh btw scott interactive advertisements are not the way of the future.

  • Awesome, can you add a kill-cam to next update please :)

  • Jeigh: “The gameplay for KZ2 may not have been as ‘ground-breaking’”

    LOL! What an idiot!

    There hasn’t been another FPS with more innovation to gameplay than Killzone 2 in a long, long time.

    * The innovative first person cover system. All new FPS now must copy KZ2 or look pathetically outdated

    * The innovative clan valor point betting system has totally revolutionized clan battles and ranking.

    * The incredible immersive controls. No more kiddie weightless gun on a stick type controls. You actually feel like you are a solider running through a real battlefield

    * The innovative Warzone online play where every game mode is seamlessly transitioned from each to the next with the action going on non-stop even between game modes

    And that’s just the three major innovation KZ2 has raised the level for all other FPS games now beyond the CGI level graphics, the AI that is so far beyond anything ever created for a FPS game before, the unprecedented destructability, the unmatched character animation system, and of course the godly gun action and rendering.

    Just saw the latest Call of Duty footage and I honestly thought I was looking at a new Wii game it looked so outdated compared to Killzone 2.

  • This is why I own a PlayStation !

  • Now this is what i call top notch service, hell yeah I cant wait to try this out.

    PLay Station 3 is truly bad ass.

  • Neat O!

  • Sounds pretty cool.

  • Sound good! I shall check it out… ;)

  • You have to be an idiot to have not bought this game yet…

  • cool, killzone 2 is hot.
    does it have trophies?

  • Hmm, man that was cool. Can’t wait to check it out when i go online tonight.

  • this is going to rock!!!
    now where is my in game cross chat sony?
    i need this so bad im lost at why u would let this slip pass another update!!!
    shine sony shine!!!

  • i this demo only Available on the us play station store or what pleas answer me

  • I’m downloading the “Behind the bullet” application, as I type. Can’t wait to see the advert broken down into its various components. I love that geeky stuff!! I hope this sort of thing is regular and that we get something similar for Uncharted 2 and Heavy Rain, inFamous etc etc.

  • looks cool

  • ahahahaha!!! :O

  • Will be checking this out later ;)

  • Wow. Learned a bit about the Killzone 2 engine from playing with this demo. I was surprised to learn that since Killzone 2, Guerilla has found some new techniques to make character models show more detail, which was used in the commercial but not in the game itself. As amazing the graphics are for Killzone 2, this little tidbit makes me wonder how even better Killzone 3 will look.

  • that game looks really good

  • cool i
    am so downloading this

  • Holy Crap! Is it just me or did the demo say that it is running at 100,000,000 polygons per frame maxed within the KZ2 engine! This might drive the PC market out of business! It is like you don’t need a $4,000 pc to run Crysis at max 7,000,000 million polygons per frame.

  • This is a cool idea! Very unique…

    I wish more developers would do something similar to this! It’s a great way to promote your game in a fun and interactive way!

  • This was a lot of fun. Hopefully more developers will do exciting little tid bits such as this.


  • I really enjoyed being able to “wipe” the various effects across the screen. I also felt that while “enhanced” it was a very good representation of how Killzone 2 feels when your playing it.

  • @qrfg

    Yes, but you have to remember they are able to put out those numbers because they effectively turned off very procesor intensive things like AI and such. They basically maximized the engine for this short burst of time.

  • behind the bullet? yeah sure i left it downloading when i left for school this mornig…u know my ps3 was supose to turn off when it was done…when i got back…the infamous..yellow light..any advice?

  • Hi, I’m a big fan of Killzone 2 and I will surely be downloading this content. I have a question however: Will you guys be realeasing any downloadable content of Killzone 2? If so, when can we expect his content to come out? thanks. :)

  • Hey Scott..thank you and your crew at PS and Guerilla Games for bringing out such a great game and in my opinion..the best FPS yet.

    One thing that came to come the marketing and promotion for Killzone 2 is so weak.Dont get me wrong, the commercial is good.But it’s the only commercial or ad i have seen for this game..seriously.I have yet to see a billboard in the train,bus,streets..etc.The biggest dissapointment about the K2 promotion is that there is no commercial showing actual gameplay showcasing the true graphics of this game.For this game being the most graphically…visually..technogically..(i can go on BTW)..there should be commercials showing actual gameplay in campaign or warzone.

    In my opinion..playing a little dirty is just what Killzone 2 needs to convince more gamers to come over and play this PS3 exclusive.I mean the games is developed by Guerilla..GUERILLA….GUERILLA people…(look up the word)…some Guerilla marketing warfare would be nice.By that i mean showcasing what your game does better over other FPS shooters out there(Warfare/World at War).Show the advancement in gameplay..realism of the weapons and movement…

    I mean come on Sony…play a little harder!!

  • whaa!! really?
    well thax!!

  • Thumbs up!!for banning losers on the PSN Network Guerrilla games you rule! =) Hey Infinity Ward and Treyarch get off your RearEnd and do the same you Slackers sorry but I’m getting sick in tired of there Excuses! I mean seriously contact the webmaster? That won’t help with being online!..No I would tell them to do your job and ban those hacking cheating losers!

  • My PS Store dosnt update can somebody helpe please :D

  • pretty sick dude…

  • Argh!! I’m in the UK and I want it :(

  • BTW great single player game :D

    The most convincing in game AI animations/looks & overall enemy AI I’ve experienced and the new visual benchmark for console shooters

  • do u reckon killzone 2 has any chance of being the best game for online gameplay cause i think its crap online


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