Xi Has Moved into the Real World

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The console-based adventure, Xi, isn’t just on the PlayStation 3 – it’s now happening in real life!

In the game, players have been finding dozens of clues to piece together the story. So far, the puzzles have all been in PlayStation Home or online in a series of websites. But now, clues are also appearing on billboards around the world.

Thousands of players are now working together, across borders and languages, to share information and solve this latest puzzle.

To join in the fun and maybe help solve the mystery, visit XiJess.com.

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  • We need help finding all the billboards

  • Oh snapple, I have to check this out!

  • I found all the clues, I think. I made a map.

  • This whole thing is such a good idea!


  • i dont understand

  • HUH? What happened?

  • What an utter waste of time.

  • My bets are on this being some sort of April Fools day thing from Sony. However, I hope it’s part of a viral marketing thing. It would be awesome if this all lead to Sony releasing a new 3D generation of games.

  • Jess in Hungary! lol

  • That train station they show is the Hauptbanhof (main station) in hamburg, i spent an entire summer there, i’d recognize it any day.

    and “gleis 20” means “rail 20” or “track 20”

    wish i were still there, i could go check it out…

  • nevermind, it isn’t the hamburg station, lol.

  • This is seriously just un-freaking believable how much you guys have put into this. I seriously never expected anything near this much, ever, from a game or home specifically. I’m truly amazed, thank you!

    P.S. Is there on in central florida I.E. Orlando?

  • I have to disagree with almost everyone here. PS3 Home has been a huge disappointment, and this is just icing on that cake. I personally haven’t been on home in a long time, and this certainly won’t get me back in. They need to work on things that people actually want, and stop trying to interest me with stuff that is completely unappealing.

    I know my views are apparently not shared by most, that is just my two cents.

  • dam!!!!!!!!!! i cant do this since im not smart but ppl we can solve this!

  • This one is hard.

  • Amazing! Simply amazing! Thank you EVERYONE who works on Playstation Home and Xi! It really is great!

  • Hey guys.

    If youre looking for the code, look no more..iff cracked it.

    Code is: badacsonytomaj.

    I know..it looks and sounds funny, but its really a place in Hungary. Check it yourself via Google.

    Bye bye..

  • there is a town website and they have photos/pics that look similar to Home buildings… Maybe these are similar to real estate that could be coming into Home… I would vacation there…

    Plus what’s up with Home today been getting a lot of different errors this has never happened to me like this since day 1 of Open Beta and then it took me more than 1 attempt to login, but now i get booted and hang up when updating purchased items…

  • mostly I’m just glad that sony is doing something to bring a nifty little toy of theirs to the forefront. For a while, Home was pretty, but totally useless… 3rd party support is making leaps and bounds to eliminate the vacuum, so to speak, but it’s great to see Sony doing something to make the service more popular. if Home is a viable marketing tool, more companies will see the benefits of making more home spaces, and more will spawn from there. there is almost limitless potential in this, but only if it is done properly. Honestly, I think that this is a step in the right direction.

    My one suggestion, and I am quite sure that it will never reach the eyes and ears it needs to, is better integration of games and home spaces. Joystiq had a post the other day about what would make a good Collector’s edition for Uncharted 2. A drake costume for your home avie would be something quick to code, and, while it may not be used for everyone that gets it, would be an amazing way to show off what you have… Just rambling, don’t mind me..

  • this is the uncharted door code all over again that happened on 10/24/08.
    but anyways Cyd does this game have an ending

  • I don’t understand. Do you get trophies for all this work? Is it too late to start from the beginning? Or are new users SOL?

  • I think Jess is kinda cute

  • I love XI. I love the way it is being presented as a story being told. I love the mystery around it. Now that it went Global, it really opens the door for an adventure that we are all part of collectively.

    There are haters, but really nothing like this exists on your home console. This is creativity at its finest. I am now logging into Home Daily to see whats next and enjoy the puzzles, unlocking and community it fosters. Its magic.. :) It is nothing but a blast to me. KUDOS!

    The only thing that worries me is it ending.. I hope it goes on for a while…

  • xi is soooooooooo cool :D

  • you can hop in at any time. the more the merrier, poly…

  • Im still trying to figure out the stupid staple guy problem about the 010101.txt letter
    can anyone help

  • well i didn’t get to do much, cause i was late for work, but i think the idea great and fresh… i wonder would XI merge with other company’s to bring us different mystery from the game we already love..

  • Can I Game Launch to GTA4, Burnout Paradise and/or Guitar Hero: Metallica yet?

  • Lot’s of fun, bring on the next puzzel!

  • ok so I have 5 puzzle pieces and 3 butterflies
    is that all that I can get at the moment or is there anything else to do
    and what about the manhole cover it is closed

  • This has me hooked to see what this is all going to turn up to be in the end, and guys we all know how Sony has been known to surprise.

  • i dont get it, where are the signs? wheres the hub?

  • what is this all about?

  • Home should let us play our own music not some dumb video game songs or let us surf utube on there to get music downloaded

  • Kind of freaky, we’re in our house playing like gits on the PS3 and they expect us to travel all over Europe, America, Asia and the rest just for some Xi business, I bet they are trying to make money by advertising the tourist industry, gosh these people are like OMG!

  • I don’t get XI. What was the point of that video?

  • fofofofofofofofo

    Can somebody tell me how i get to the room with the staplers and the Halo pads because I really want to Join the mystery about Xi.P.S I really wannna know how to go to it.It sounds very exciting and will make me feel like THE MIGHTY SHERLOCK HOLMES.I hope you respond cydonia.Oh I think Xi matches with X because cydonia has an X as her last ID letter .I think it’s the same thing as Xi.Gotta eat.Hope you respond.Ignition.

  • fofofofofofofofo

    Me too what was the point of that video?And how do i go to all these secret rooms and hub things and how do i get to the Halo pad room?

  • No need I found the room My friend Cauculator Told me where it was and how to get there if you dont know in the us version of home next to t he apartment door theres a random logo when it says teleport press X and you’ll be transported there when its done downloading.Oh Cydonia one more thing the Apartment door is saying Scene Error download Again which I already complained they fixed but its having the same problem again.So please fix it again please.I’m mad that this happend again.Home is fun but it needs to be fixed K.Thanks for Answering Ok.DONUTS RULE!!!!!!

  • Every time I go to Hub, and I press X near those withe glowing rectangles, it says I can’t use them. What do I do??

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