Xi Has Moved into the Real World

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The console-based adventure, Xi, isn’t just on the PlayStation 3 – it’s now happening in real life!

In the game, players have been finding dozens of clues to piece together the story. So far, the puzzles have all been in PlayStation Home or online in a series of websites. But now, clues are also appearing on billboards around the world.

Thousands of players are now working together, across borders and languages, to share information and solve this latest puzzle.

To join in the fun and maybe help solve the mystery, visit XiJess.com.

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  • Simply amazing. I hope sony do something great with this. I really do.

  • WOAH, it’s Jess!!!

  • We have to save Jess! Save Jess save the world!

  • This is quite a cool concept, I’m glad to be a part of it =D

  • cyd kidnapped her lol

  • wow, im glad to see sony doin some great things. i cant wait to see where this Xi thing goes.

  • Too bad this has nothing to do in Florida :p… where I live…

    But I would like to hear about 2.7’s possible in game IMing feature…… referenced by theSixthAxis:)

  • Absolutely incredible.

    Everyday now it’s hop into Home and update on what new stuff is going in in Xi. Work on the latest puzzels and info. Read about it in the forums.

    Then hang out with friends in the central plaza, check out the latest game or movie trailer. Head over to the Mall and check out the latest Pulse. Maybe pickup some new clothes for a couple bucks.

    Not to mention the heading over to the latest spaces like air racing or guitar hero with friends.

    Home has turned out to be beyond our wildest dreams of a gaming online world. Absolutely amazing job Sony. I can’t believe how insane Home will be six months to a year from now if it already is this good.

    Absolutely laughable that Microsoft is forcing people to pay 50 dollars a year for laggy P2P gaming and those stupid little 2D Nintendo Mii ripoffs.

  • Xi Rocks and Jess is cute!

    btw for anyone that didnt catch that at the end

    Viale Cassala


    41 Degrees – 21’59.31″N
    2 Degrees 08’15.76″E

    41.891392, 12.515689

    guess thats where that board is?

  • (crowd chants) XI!! XI!!! XI!!!

  • Cool Xi!

  • Oooo . . . this is getting fun now! Let’s see what’s going on here….

  • Whatever those Lat/Long coords are, they are just southeast of Vatican City.

  • Ea Sports space coming out soon?

  • Geis 20
    41.891391, 12.515689
    Viale Cassala

    I got that aswell from the end of the video. Now to try and decipher it…

  • Truly awesome!
    Thanks Cyd as always!!! =D

  • There are some clues on the VideoGamer.com article also titled “Xi Has Moved into the Real World” : http://www.videogamer.com/news/xi_spreads_to_the_real_world.html

    11.08 from Edinburgh, 15.22 from Crewe. (Hover over the image of Xi Jess)

  • april fools… nah – i need to go check this out in home

  • This is the hardest puzzle to date. I wonder how much harder they can get.

  • @9
    If you do a little search on the web, someone took a picture of that board located in Waterloo, between a train station and a bridge I believe.

  • Hahaha I called it, totally an ARG all the way.

  • Hey TheNukes…thanks for your comment….actually had to go back a couple of times to see what you mentioned and yes, it’s there.

  • Interesting but aren’t the billboards only in Europe? That’s what I gathered from the site. Unless this is an April Fool’s joke.

  • XIJess dot com features a frameset, which is in turn hosted at www dot ndreams dot com… ndreams dot com main page has an article about XI…

    “‘Xi’, our first-party PS3 project launched on Monday March 23rd in Europe and North America. To take part, load up PlayStation®Home (which is on the PS3 main menu bar), and find the graffiti tag in Home Square/Central Plaza. Expect LOTS of different things opening up as the story unfolds :)”

  • Jess is beautiful i want to have many many children with her.

  • Anyone checked the Lat/Long on Google Earth?

  • i really dont get this event lol i solved 1 puzzle in the Hub and it didn’t give me info as in to solve the other puzzles and the weird thing is that it was putting a pic together, but it is fun solving the puzzles with friends and knowing that im not the onlyone trying to solve the Xi puzzles in HOME, this event sound cool ill check it out lol

  • Xi is great. Everyone should try it out.

  • Ok …. i think there taking it over-the-top now
    Cmon … what if 360 Fanboy saw that? They would tear that shiznet down!!

  • “Xi Has Moved into The Real World” – title was misleading, sorry to any MTV fanatics that thought we’d have an 8th member in the house. ;)

  • sorry for offtop,but whats about new Playstation Eye Games? There is no good games for ps eye.

  • PS Home is sooo lost!

    All I want is game launching.

  • @26
    Are you serious?!

  • XI!!! XI!!! XI!!!

    good job on home

  • can people stop spoiling everything? jesus.

  • screw all this crap what we really need is a ps3 firmware update its april cmon

  • Xi is amazing it’s currently the only reason why I log into home.

  • i sure hope Jess is okay XD lol this is a great campaign for home. i love it and wish there was more of this kinda stuff in home.


  • Does anybody know when the SingStar trophy patch goes live?

  • save the cheerleader save the world

  • This is pretty sweet. Yeah, I live in Florida as well. Not only that, but Bay County which is generally a small, unpopular area.

  • http://www.facebook.com/editphoto.php?oid=160911180424&success=1&failure=0#/group.php?gid=160911180424&ref=nf

    Check out compilation of clues on this face book site. Anyone got eyes on the ground in spain? Figure it’s the intersection described on my map [See page]

  • haha april fools right? jk… so i google earthed the coordinates and its in Spain. at an intersection at some roundabout in some place called Barcelona. too bad i live in Cali

  • There’s one of these billboards where I live (Birmingham, UK).

    It says:


  • Um………. Sony dose know that that name is also used by the now “former” Black Watter Mercs who fight and kill US troops and Iraqi civilans daliy in Iraq right?

    Not a good name to call your selfs considering that Bush funded them, and even backed them with US army uniforms.

    Might want to change your game name, and you talk to the show a bit more about this issue.

  • @ 45

    So What? There is a dice game called Xi for playstation. Should they change their name because of this issue? Oh yeah I also forgot:

    The Greek letter Xi

    The Xi River

    There Xi computer corperation

    …..I can keep going :)

    “Xi” has been around before this issue. I don’t think that they should change the name just because of it

    …..anyway back to the subject This mystery game is getting betting as it grows. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

  • Wow. You guys got class! I like this marketing campaign hehehehehe! PLEASE MORE LIKE IT THANKS MUCH!

  • This is pretty cool… O.o…

    Wow. This is big, isn’t it?

  • My gosh, this third mission is really hard….i simply cannot imagine what we’ll get for the very last mission..hopefully it won’t be something like ‘a real-life butterfly in hidden somewhere in the world, find it’

    Other than that, massive kudos to Ndreams for turning Home, a boring 3D application in which i logged no more than 2 hours in total, into a very interesting and addicting application/game. And they are only scratching the surface of what Home could possibly deliver!

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