PlayStation.Blog San Francisco Meet-Up Recap

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For us here at the PlayStation.Blog, the defining moment of GDC was the San Francisco GDC meet-up. Sure, it was great to see our friends in the media and show off a bunch of great PLAYSTATION 3 and PSN games during GDC, but it’s incredibly rewarding to get in touch with our community. And that = you guys.

The first ever San Francisco Blog meet-up took place at the W Hotel last Wednesday evening. Of course, this one was extra special for us simply because it was on our home turf. RSVPs maxed out within a few days, and sure enough, most of you showed up for the festivities.

PlayStation.Blog Meet-Up

If you saw this message on the monitor at the W, then you probably found us and the mass amounts of caffeine and sugar provided for the night. My dinner consisted of a coffee and a cookie – delish.

PlayStation.Blog Meet-Up

Meet-up guests were greeted with a bad-ass Killzone 2 shirt, compliments of Guerrilla and the Blog. XL size surely means bedtime T for many.

Fat Princess - PlayStation.Blog Meet-Up

Inside the PlayStation.Blog.Lounge, we had several special activities planned, the first of which got you some hands-on time with PixelJunk Eden Encore and many of the game’s new gardens. After about 25 minutes, we switched it up and handed over the controllers for a little Fat Princess time.

PlayStation.Blog Meet-Up PlayStation.Blog Meet-Up

PlayStation.Blog Meet-Up PlayStation.Blog Meet-Up

Jeff vs. Hip Hop Gamer - Street Fighter - PlayStation.Blog Meet-Up

Some familiar faces showed up including our friends from You better believe that belt was the celebrity of the night. A little Street Fighter IV even went down, of course.

Chris & Jeff - PlayStation.Blog.Lounge

The infamous trophy shirt that everyone seemed to want a piece of, sported by Jeff and yours truly. You begged and begged for one of these puppies, and now here’s your chance to snag one. The first 25 people to email us at with their name, address, and size preference (only L and XL are left) will get a shirt (No guarantees that you’ll get the size you asked for, as quantities are very limited). Good luck!

PlayStation.Blog Meet-Up

We were lucky enough to have Naughty Dog‘s Arne Meyer drop by, equipped with Uncharted 2 posters and more. Pretty cool, huh?

Resistance: Retribution Tournament - PlayStation.Blog Meet-Up PlayStation.Blog Meet-Up

After raffling off some shirts and even a PSP, we got down to business with a special Resistance: Retribution PSP tournament (we told you to bring your PSP!). After a grueling first few rounds, our winner emerged from the final round, and took home a Metal Gear PS3 bundle. Not too shabby!

PS3 Winner & Jeff - PlayStation.Blog Meet-Up

Thanks again to everyone for making this Blog meet-up a great success! Hopefully, those of you who made it out had a great time.

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3 Author Replies

  • just got my email confirmation…thank you chris for the awesome shirt…heres hoping we can get something similar to this in Chicago sometime

  • I guess it is confirmed that I must do three things:

    1) Quit my job and camp out on the blog to join all the cool live chats and contests.

    2) Move to Cali to attend all the cool events (including Sevenstock!).

    3) Profit???

  • Got my email! Thanks guys!

  • Hey Jeff, how come you’re doing a Joker impersonation in each of those pictures?


  • :/

    I haven’t gotten any confirmation and I sent my email when I posted as the second comment here….


  • Oh wait, scarcth my previous post I did win, thanks again lol.

  • I hope I get to post a comment here like Vengful-Chaos saying that I did win after all too!

  • I hope I won, I just noticed the contest while I was at work and franticly tried to get a email out in hopes of getting one of those cool shirts, the first time I tried to enter, I just put down the subject. these computers are horrible

  • Mine was sent in at 2:21… I better win..

  • What did you do to Jeff? You abducted him didn’t you Chris. I’m on to you :|

    LOL JK

  • Just got my email. Thanks Chris!

  • yeah I won. I can’t wait for my [DELETED]. I am a trophy [DELETED] after all :)

  • It’d be nice if Sony Australia actually did something to mix with the true fans. Their website is borked, their advertising is borked it’s all quite borked. Luckily it’s all good for Playstation fans in America!

  • Wow, I actually won something for once. First time for everything :)

  • Mine was sent @ 2:10……so if thats any indication

  • Do you guys have a PlayStation Gamers Day planned this year? If so, is it going to be before E3?

  • I sent mine at 2:05.

    For this Chris, I challenge you to SFIV. let’s settle this!

    *pulls up sleeves*

  • totally disgusting! wish i could have gone… alas from the sound of it there will be many more of these to come and i will surely try to be there next time.


  • Your PSN ID is incorrect, sir.

  • KILLZONE 2 T-SHIRT ROXs!!!!!!!! =P

  • Yay, I didn’t win… what was I, #26?

  • Thank you playstation/sony, cant wait to get the shirt…


  • Thank you for the Shirt. Sony FTW.

  • i know its off topic when are updates coming for uncharted 2?

  • I wont to come to the next San Fransisco blog meet up because that looks like it was a blast and any reason to meet people that are fully involved in the industry, especially working with Sony, would be a great highlight in my life. I should have come to this one considering that I only live about three hours away. I guess being a college student and having limited funding for fun activities pretty much determines what I can and cannot do, but the next time there is a Playstation blog meet up in San Fransisco, maybe next years GDC, I will be making the trip if Chris or Jeff could hold a spot for me. Thanks and again it looked like fun, and congrats to everybody who got to attend.

  • My long haired Playstation cap wearing self is represented in one of the pics. :P

    @ Ftwrthtx, post #26
    Your son beat me and 2 others in the 1st round of the PSP Resistance: Retribution deathmatch. I wished him good luck when we played some Fat Princess later on while he waited for round 2.. and it must’ve worked because he went on to win the PS3!! Congrats!

    @ Jeff

    Thanks for the PlayStation schwag. You rock! I can’t wait until you guys do this again! It was a great time.

    Read my “Fat Impressions” impressions thread from that night here:

  • Too bad I’m in New York
    *Waits for Jeff to say Manifest Destiny*


  • When are u guys planing to have one on Canada?(events, meet ups, anything!)I want those T-shirts!

  • You guys need to do something when you have the Sony gig in Scottsdale Arizona every year. Arizona needs love too!

    Also what about some shirts for those who won the March for Helgast contest :)

  • psblog hates me confirm’d.


    *gives everyone an squinty eyed evil look*

  • Are you guys slow or something, can you lets us know what’s up with FW 2.70?

  • San Diego Comic-Con’s just around the corner!

    Any chance of a PSBlog meet up?? :)

  • Can’t wait until I can afford to go to one of these events!

  • Wow looks like u guys had a lot of fun.

  • I would love to attend one of these events, but I live in the SouthEast, and sadly cannot.

  • hey can the next meetup come back to orlando? I missed the last one because it was my girlfriends bday but she dumped me on her birthday. I would really like to go to one of these :(

  • @ 62

    I think there is a typo. I think you meant “shirt” right? LOL

  • Man we need something like this in Chicago it sounds awesome

  • I hope you guys come back to Orlando in like two years because I expect to be going to UCF after I’m done here.

  • I dream about a meet-up like this in Rio de Janeiro – Brasil… Hope someday this will happen (maybe in playstation 5, or something like this)

    Hope to see you guys in Brasil

  • MANN! I wanted to win one but i guess if you have a job that doesn’t count to win a t-shirt maybe next time

  • Man that looked like a lot of fun, When and where is the next meet up?

  • That was such a fun night! i wish the Killzone shirts were in smaller sizes (they were XL). I tried it on and it looks gigantic lol. But the trophy shirt Jeff gave my girlfriend and myself fits great!

    I was disappointed about losing in the psp tournament. was holding 1st place for the longest time…..until the last 20 seconds. i ended up in 3rd in the final round. total FML moment lol. but they gave us a copy of resistance retribution! and congrats to the winner! that was a close game!

    Thanks Playstation Blog for setting this up! it was great hanging out with the whole blog team!


  • This has nothing to do with the main post but I just wanted to ask and see if someone would respond. Is Square-Enix ever going to make a deal with Sony to have it’s full line of PSX games on the PSN?

  • Hey Jeff/Chris,

    Will there be any other opportunities to get the Killzone 2 T-shirts?

  • I knew I should have gone to this. Next time. And to think I live so close to SF. Grrrrrr!

    When is the next blog related meet in SF?

  • darn i so wanted one of those shirts…why must i live so far(canada) from all these great events…think i was late getting my e-mail in as well…oh well maybe next time….

  • Chris,
    The winner of the Resistance Retribution contest, and his dad – Ftwrthtx – posted a summary on PlayStation LifeStyle with even more pics. Thanks so much for throwing the event and check it out:

  • How old do you have to be to go there?

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