PlayStation.Blog San Francisco Meet-Up Recap

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For us here at the PlayStation.Blog, the defining moment of GDC was the San Francisco GDC meet-up. Sure, it was great to see our friends in the media and show off a bunch of great PLAYSTATION 3 and PSN games during GDC, but it’s incredibly rewarding to get in touch with our community. And that = you guys.

The first ever San Francisco Blog meet-up took place at the W Hotel last Wednesday evening. Of course, this one was extra special for us simply because it was on our home turf. RSVPs maxed out within a few days, and sure enough, most of you showed up for the festivities.

PlayStation.Blog Meet-Up

If you saw this message on the monitor at the W, then you probably found us and the mass amounts of caffeine and sugar provided for the night. My dinner consisted of a coffee and a cookie – delish.

PlayStation.Blog Meet-Up

Meet-up guests were greeted with a bad-ass Killzone 2 shirt, compliments of Guerrilla and the Blog. XL size surely means bedtime T for many.

Fat Princess - PlayStation.Blog Meet-Up

Inside the PlayStation.Blog.Lounge, we had several special activities planned, the first of which got you some hands-on time with PixelJunk Eden Encore and many of the game’s new gardens. After about 25 minutes, we switched it up and handed over the controllers for a little Fat Princess time.

PlayStation.Blog Meet-Up PlayStation.Blog Meet-Up

PlayStation.Blog Meet-Up PlayStation.Blog Meet-Up

Jeff vs. Hip Hop Gamer - Street Fighter - PlayStation.Blog Meet-Up

Some familiar faces showed up including our friends from You better believe that belt was the celebrity of the night. A little Street Fighter IV even went down, of course.

Chris & Jeff - PlayStation.Blog.Lounge

The infamous trophy shirt that everyone seemed to want a piece of, sported by Jeff and yours truly. You begged and begged for one of these puppies, and now here’s your chance to snag one. The first 25 people to email us at with their name, address, and size preference (only L and XL are left) will get a shirt (No guarantees that you’ll get the size you asked for, as quantities are very limited). Good luck!

PlayStation.Blog Meet-Up

We were lucky enough to have Naughty Dog‘s Arne Meyer drop by, equipped with Uncharted 2 posters and more. Pretty cool, huh?

Resistance: Retribution Tournament - PlayStation.Blog Meet-Up PlayStation.Blog Meet-Up

After raffling off some shirts and even a PSP, we got down to business with a special Resistance: Retribution PSP tournament (we told you to bring your PSP!). After a grueling first few rounds, our winner emerged from the final round, and took home a Metal Gear PS3 bundle. Not too shabby!

PS3 Winner & Jeff - PlayStation.Blog Meet-Up

Thanks again to everyone for making this Blog meet-up a great success! Hopefully, those of you who made it out had a great time.

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