Ratchet & Clank Weapons Contest Opens Today!

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One final post from Insomniac from GDC. We wanted to make sure you guys checked out the site for the weapons contest and you’ll be happy to know that submissions are open as of today! As we mentioned yesterday, the Grand Prize winner will have their weapon included in Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time as part of Ratchet’s arsenal, will be given a life-size replica of the weapon, and will win a trip to San Diego Comic-Con to meet with the dev team and reveal the winning weapon to the public there!

We wanted to help get the ball rolling with your brainstorming, so we put together a little video roundtable talking about some of our favorite weapons stories and experiences over the years of working on Ratchet & Clank weapons. We also know many people have asked for some advice, so the Weapons team here at Insomniac came up with a few additional guidelines to help you on the path to winning the contest.

  • Don’t simply take the Morph Ray and have it turn enemies into a new funny animal like green bunnies.
  • Be practical with the visual effects – a gun that fills the
    screen with a thousand flaming rockets will be hard to implement.
  • We are looking for innovation, humor, and fun factor – not just total destruction.
  • Make sure you take a look at previous Ratchet games so you don’t copy an existing weapon.
  • Keep it clean and avoid overly gruesome effects – this game is likely to be rated E for Everyone.
  • Try to stick to a one or two-handed gun or grenade weapon form (though if you have something really cool in mind, share it!)

Submissions are open through April 10th, so that means you have two weeks to put something together. Head on over to www.ratchetandclank.com to download the My Blaster Runs hot wallpapers, check out the official rules, and submit your design!

That’s all for now, make sure you tune into GTTV tonight to check out the world premiere of the teaser trailer for Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time!

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  • entering mines now.



  • Can Canadian or European Residents enter? I may not be a resident of the U.S., but I have a dual citizenship. ;)

  • gl who ever join the competition

  • This contest should be open to EVERYBODY in EVERY COUNTRY! What is the reasoning behind not letting other countries enter. Why does the PSN hate Canada??

    Canadian weapons are just as cool as American ones!

  • Dang, only one entry per person, and i’m still thinking of ideas. I guess I’ll just flesh out the ones I already have and choose the best. Also, do you have a specific month of release for the new R&C, because fall is still a pretty big chunk of time.

  • @zaltar and every Canadian complainer:
    It’s not that Playstation hates Canada or because they’re lazy, it’s just that extending contests to more than one country, or for those in Europe, continent, means that they have to collect way mor entries, and there’s way less of a chance for one person to win. Also, many developers are based in the US that ship games around the world, so keeping it clse to home is also a concern, because tha contest has to run under United States law and people from different continents will also need a passport, and at that point, everything gets complicated and tangled up in international law, which could happen anyways with people from different countries on the same continent.

  • That’s not the Full Moon podcast room, is it? Why the metal wall?

  • Great blog entry James and may I ask is there any restrictions in drawings? Can there be 3-D Models?

  • JS,

    I’m not a designer, but here is a great idea for a weapon, its in the vein of MGS4(Snake controlling the robot using the PS3 controller) and the tornado in your game. The name of the weapon is called the “Puppet Master”, and it will be the PS3 controller and when you fire the ammo it will shoot out 4 grappling hooks(from the R1/R2/L1/L2) to the arms and legs of the enemy i.e. boss fights or large enemies, and once the hooks are attached to the enemy, the controller sixaxis motions take over. The end-user will began to smash the enemy about with left, right, up, down motions and it will be on a timer of course with very limited ammo. You can also used the enemy as a weapon as you batter other enemies around while controlling him, think Kratos in the God of War III trailer.

    I don’t care who steals the idea or submit it I just want to see it in the game.

  • although teaser trailer are never good i must say enjoy yours.

    i cant wait to play the game or at least see a real trailer.

    by the way at the end is the lombax lookin’ guy an older ratchet (cause you travel through time) or is it his father?

  • A bit unrelated, but in R2 my specops in coop is on level 29, but after a match it says I’m on level 22. I also dont seem to be gaining any XP..
    I’m pretty sure its because of the new patch…

  • “U.S. residents only” :(

    It’s really not that difficult to include Canadians in these type of contests… check out contest laws, they’re actually fairly easy to conform to.

  • Pfft. Groovitron is nice and all from a pop-culture perspective and it may be ‘in’ to say it was the best, but it was part of the problem in Tools of Destruction. EVERY enemy reacted to it, including the very final boss. It just made it far too easy. For the next iteration, you AT LEAST need to knock the thing down three or four steps, if not remove it.

    I hope there’s no limit on the number of submissions ’cause I have two ideas now just off the top of my head.

  • COOOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I have a question, if you submit a weapon design but you don’t like the name is there anyway to change it if you’ve already submitted it? Thanks.

  • Do we have to draw an upgraded version of our weapon design (when it reaches it’s maximum level?)

  • Awesome! I just sent in my entry! Best of luck to everyone

  • Cool! Can’t wait for the next game!

  • @waffman11

    The fact that this contest has a travel prize is meaningless. Just means Sony would need to add a couple extra lines into the rules about Canadians requiring passports and being legally able to enter the US.

    McDonalds makes their Monopoly contest open to Canadians. Tim Hortons makes its Roll up the Rim contest open to US citizens. They get it. They sell their product to both, they make their contests open to both.

    Their is no valid reason for SCEA contests to not be open to Canadians when they sell their games in Canada. SCEA is choosing to exclude Canada from all of them.

    Instead, we get the complete and utter joke that is Playstation.ca, Where the main page still says Copyright 2008 on it and it hasnt had a Canada specific content update in MONTHS.


  • Well that sucks i can’t enter…Crap.

  • when you started talking about the morph weapons, i definately saw some stuff turn into penguins. i may just be a horrible fan, but i do not remember this. is this from crack in time?

  • hell yeah another episode cant wait why the long wait wait is it going to be longer than quest for booty? mario or master chef (chief lol i know)look out because not only kratos is coming but wow ratchet and clank are coming to kick butt cant wait thanks sony..

  • I live in Europe so I cant participate=/ I would really like to see a pistol shooting out a really big hammer for close quarter combat though!

  • @krae-man,

    THANK YOU! Sony treats us crazy canucks like crap, even though we granted them the honor of giving them Tim Horton’s… :P I had some really interesting ideas, but of course, Insomniac will never see the awesomeness of the CHEESE GUN! (I’ll leave how it works to your imagination!)


  • Would it be possible for us barbarians to submit our idea’s anyways, even if we can’t win? And judging by the lack of replies, James must be very, very busy :P

  • Oh come on guys, who cares about the prize! The fame of having your idea imprinted in gaming history is beyond any physical gift! So, just let us non-USA citizens participate and don’t give us anything! I hate it when I am excluded from that kind of creative contests. So, since I can’t get a participation I ‘ll be giving up my ideas to whomever wants to use it:
    Custardator: Uses radioactive custard as ammo in two different fire modes, the one leaves a small “pond” in front of you which slows down and damages enemies while the other uses a charged custard shot to hit a single enemy, throw him away and if meet a wall stick him there (kinda like a nail gun short of thing).
    Psycrab Ejector: Ejects Psycrabs, mechanical little crabs, that cling to an enemy’s head and for a breef amount of time they turn against other enemies.

  • Pulverizer: Imagine a ridiculously big set of grinding mechanisms in the front of a tiny pistol, like a comical take on the clasic chainsaw.

    F.I.S.H. (Frequent Incidents of Serious Hazardness): A new take on the RYNO philosophy. A very, very powerful, but ill constructed black market weapon that can backfire if overheated.

  • Hah, innuendos galore. Who got the Size Matters one? apparently to women, size DOES matter. lol. He mentioned Multiplayer!!!! WE WANT IT SO BAD!! and for those of you not getting the tools of destruction innuendo, it is a reference to an adult movie called rules of seduction. It rhymes…

  • I quite like the idea of placing my ideas on here for Americans to enter.

    THE CHEESE GUN: Turns enemies into cheese, and, using a second weapon, THE MOUSE-INATOR, release swarms, upon swarms of glorious little rodents to feast on your poor, cheesy victim!

    I have a PS3, so, if you enter my idea, send me a message on PSN, same username.


  • Can me and my brother enter our own ideas as two entries? It says one entry per person

  • I entered mine minutes before the end!!!

  • So, the contest ended, right?

  • I made it all the way to were you give all the info on the weapon. When I hit submit it would say that the web page was no longer there and this was a like 7:00. Can somebody tell me whats the heck happened.

  • @85The contest ended

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