Ratchet & Clank Weapons Contest Opens Today!

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One final post from Insomniac from GDC. We wanted to make sure you guys checked out the site for the weapons contest and you’ll be happy to know that submissions are open as of today! As we mentioned yesterday, the Grand Prize winner will have their weapon included in Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time as part of Ratchet’s arsenal, will be given a life-size replica of the weapon, and will win a trip to San Diego Comic-Con to meet with the dev team and reveal the winning weapon to the public there!

We wanted to help get the ball rolling with your brainstorming, so we put together a little video roundtable talking about some of our favorite weapons stories and experiences over the years of working on Ratchet & Clank weapons. We also know many people have asked for some advice, so the Weapons team here at Insomniac came up with a few additional guidelines to help you on the path to winning the contest.

  • Don’t simply take the Morph Ray and have it turn enemies into a new funny animal like green bunnies.
  • Be practical with the visual effects – a gun that fills the
    screen with a thousand flaming rockets will be hard to implement.
  • We are looking for innovation, humor, and fun factor – not just total destruction.
  • Make sure you take a look at previous Ratchet games so you don’t copy an existing weapon.
  • Keep it clean and avoid overly gruesome effects – this game is likely to be rated E for Everyone.
  • Try to stick to a one or two-handed gun or grenade weapon form (though if you have something really cool in mind, share it!)

Submissions are open through April 10th, so that means you have two weeks to put something together. Head on over to www.ratchetandclank.com to download the My Blaster Runs hot wallpapers, check out the official rules, and submit your design!

That’s all for now, make sure you tune into GTTV tonight to check out the world premiere of the teaser trailer for Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time!

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  • please add Spyro PS1 Classics to the PS STORE!

  • I’m going to give this a shot, maybe something good will come out of it. Thanks for the opportunity :)

  • Well, I’m sure whatever you guys pick for weapons will be great and fit all your criteria. Just make sure you bring back the Groovitron! :-)

  • James can we expect the figurines before A Crank in Time??? i really wanna get some of them and can you plz tell me how can i get a Resistance tshirt , thank you

  • Awesome..!
    Can’t wait to see the winning gun :)

  • well i now hate canada, we dont get to go in any cool contest. oh well, i cant wait to see what wins im sure this will be great like every other game you make.

    by the way, how long is the trailer going to be??? i hope more than 30s please.

  • sigh.. i really stoked about that.

  • Going to be tough to top Mr. Zircon. :D

  • Cool – winner’s weapon in the game! Not sure I have enough creativity to do something like that but we’ll see!

  • What?! US only? It’s times like these that it sucks to live on the NORTH bank of lake Ontario. Though I can see that a limit needs to be put in to make sure that the legal part applies, but why can’t it be at least an SCEA-wide contest? (I’m no lawyer, so I actually don’t know) Oh well.

  • Please answer this comment!

    Are Canadians allowed to enter? I have an almost absolute winner, and I don’t wanna pass it up.

    Please tell me I can enter!

  • I’m brainstorming right now and have some ideas. I want something that’s gonna be practical for more than just lulz. But I also want it to be funny. I want it to look cool also. I’m going for a classic loony toon-ish gun. Hopefully I get picked or I’ll create the gun in real life and destroy everything.

  • Thank you IG!!

  • Just entered!

  • My idea isn’t even a gun! It’s original, and funny! Heck, since I probably won’t even be able to enter, I’ll just post it somewhere later…

  • The Comic Con for one thing is why it’s US only they gotta pay even more for you to fly internationally and it’s more of a hassle.


    Worms has crashed my PS3 3 times now. Anyone else had this problem?

    And, uhh..yeah…Insomniac rules!

  • Aww, I live in the UK and wanted to enter. I even had a good idea! Oh well, good luck to people who can enter!

  • Ooh I just thought of a good one. Sad to say that I’ve never played the other games so I don’t know if it exists yet

  • Run out of ideas eh? :)

  • man if i was creative, i would so try this

  • @ Blkant: If Insomniac were out of ideas they wouldn’t release one new AAA game ever year. Somebody please cut off this guy’s hands.

  • Cant wait to try my hand at this

  • Sweet cant wait for this game props to the tester with the redsox cap.

  • Yayuh I am going to start soon!

  • SWEET , and again R&C FUTURE: A CRANK IN TIME FTW!! :D

  • Can you guys please show me the list of weapons already made because I don’t wanna search forever just trying to figure out what guns have been made already.

  • ive got the sickest idea ever!!! hahaha good luck everyone but i really think i have a shot at this with my idea.


  • STOP MAKING CONTESTS OPEN TO US RESIDENTS ONLY. You release games in Canada, there is no valid reason why you cannot go through the extra legwork it would require to include Canada in your contests.


    If I were eligible, I would make an amnesia gun and I would have Ratchet accidentally shoot himself with it.

    That way he’d forget He’s already come across another Lombax before: Angela Cross in Going Commando. That way him asking “What happened to the Lombaxes?” would make more sense.

    Wouldn’t explain why the two of them wern’t surprised to see another Lombax though.

  • @krae_man: USA pwns all….any way i ready for the teaser…hopes you actually show footage, unlike the Battlefields Bad Company 2 junk…that was weak sauce

  • I already started brainstorming on my weapon, heck I shared a little on the Insomniac Games Community Forums. James, is was the first htread that was made on the contest board. The Speculation one. From watching this video it makes me want to change some of the designing, and possibly think of something more fun. Rifles are sometimes not fun….I can make it fun though right? I think I can hehe.

  • @ Unkwown Hero, the Battlefield trailer did suck I agree I just finished watching it on Spike now its a commercial. I hope Mass Effect and R&CF II will have better trailers and I hope its over 30 seconds.



  • woahhh who was the that guy???

  • Is it me or was the GTTV teaser trailer short? Still excited though – and now to work on some weapon ideas…

  • that wasn’t ratchet…was it….i gotta see it again!! ahh hope they put it on the site soon!

  • @ Unknown_Hero

    Seriously? :|

  • Hi, sorry to be off topic but is Playstation Dress every coming to the United States?
    Thanks for any help!

  • ok so its obviously not ratchet….i think i was so hyped to see him….sniff

  • Jeff can you put the teaser trailer in the ps store as you guys did with the gow3 and u2 teaser trailers plz??? and who was that guy??? ratchet???

  • @ jazzyrider: “Is it me or was the GTTV teaser trailer short?”

    So you know it’s a teaser and you still need to ask? Haha. I’ll admit I was disappointed too though. Not because it sucked (it rocked) but ’cause you know, like you, I want more NOW!

    Who was the old lombax dude? Was it Ratchet in the FUTURE future or his dad? Was it neither? Somehow, when it said “Are you ready?” I got the idea of CO-OP! OMG!

  • @krae_man, Angela wasn’t a lombax.
    I’m quite sure it was pointed out sometime after the game came out.
    Sorta explains the height difference though.

    Otherwise, yay for time paradoxes.
    Ratchets Pop, alive?
    This is gonna get interesting.

  • That video was funny about Ratchet’s Classic weapons back from the Ps2 games!!!??? =D

  • Soooo, of course it’s only to U.S. residents only. I’ve spent a good time on designing this weapon and writing what worksad what doesn’t and I was willing to go the extra mile and work my way through multiple iterations to find the best one. Now I’m just stopped, there went my motivation – you know you could inform that it’s limited to the States at the same time you announced the contest. Dissappointed…but I will submit my entry and hope you guys and gals at Insomniac take a look at my design instead of just tossing away.

  • And of course I typoed like the crazy nut that I am.

  • Really cool to see the guys reminiscing about the weapons dating all the way back to the first entry in the series.

    Just out of curiosity, why the shying away from the Teen rating and more risque humor/elements of the earlier games in favor of a new E/E10+ rating? Skid McMarx’s comment in Ratchet 3 that “I didn’t realize you were this kinky Miss Gears” as Courtney Gears strapped him into bio-bliterator will always stay with me, corrupting my innocence well into adulthood. Anyway, why the change in tone? I suppose “A Crack in Time” will always be “Clock Blockers” for me =)

    As for the contest, I’ll have to start working on my invention immediately…perhaps some sort of death-clock (a proverbial cookie to anyone that gets the reference).

  • Umm does US resident mean a citizen of the US who lives in hte country or can it be a citizen of the US, but who lives outside the country?

  • Is it only open to those who live in the US?

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