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This is Dylan from Q-Games, the company behind PixelJunk, and following on from my blog entry last week where I listed what we’ve been doing for the past few months. This entry is all about Eden Encore.

PixelJunk Eden Encore screenshot - 7

First things first, what have we added? Well, basically we have added five whole new stages, each one choc-a-bloc full of ideas and gimmicks. We also designed five brand new backgrounds for them (each background for a garden is programmed uniquely just for that garden’s style – just in case you hadn’t noticed that in the original), and Baiyon went away and created five brilliant new tracks of music to match it all up.

To make things a little easier we are going to retro-patch the original Eden to have a new feature we created for Encore. This is the three-seed smart-bomb power your Grimp now has. Simply put, if you jump into three full seeds in a row, all the “Prowlers” on the screen explode into a big cloud of pollen. Everyone who boots up their original Eden in a few weeks will be patched and get this feature, so look out for that!

Thinking up new stages for Eden was hard work. We put a lot of stuff into the original game, especially the gardens onwards from garden 04, and we racked our brains for new and interesting ideas to put into this expansion pack, and we think we found some pretty cool ones! One of the first stages has you in a Garden where all the plants are huge and thick, and at the same time there are loads of them, all intertwined. This is a type of stage we didn’t have in the original game – falling isn’t much of an issue in this garden because the vines are practically everywhere.

PixelJunk Eden Encore screenshot - 8 PixelJunk Eden Encore screenshot - 9

Also, in another garden we have implemented a zero-G item that once you collect, lets you float and control your Grimp with no fear of falling (well, until the effect wears off of course) which is crazily fun with three players! At the same time that garden is full of some pretty cool puzzles to solve, and we really go to town with the no gravity mechanism. In one of the final gardens we have implemented an entire “mirror” garden that you go in and out of freely via portals scattered throughout. It’s a lot of fun making your way back and forth between the two subtly different “mirror” gardens – what might be a cannon in one is a teleporter in the other; what is open space in one, might be closed off in the other. It’s a lot of fun solving the puzzles.

Right at the end of the game, if you collect all the 25 new Spectra we’ve added, we have put in a big present for our fans – one that will enable you to play the entire game again in a completely different way, so that’s really something for everyone to look forward to.

PixelJunk Eden Encore screenshot - 10 PixelJunk Eden Encore screenshot - 11

What else can I say really? This expansion pack isn’t just “some extra levels”; it is full of rich design and will give you weeks of fun, so it’s definitely worth $5.99!

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  • Sounds good to me. Day one purcahse

  • I LOVE EDEN and found all 50 spectra while just using my TV speakers for sound…just got my receiver and speakers and out of curiosity booted up Eden to see what I missed out on and i really missed out on alot. The depth and richness of the tracks is amazing! I can’t wait to play the new levels with real sound, my roommates are going to hate me ;-)

  • thanks Q-games! will be sure to support you guys. are you going to announce your new game at E3? i sure hope so…


  • With the retro-patch for the original Eden, will the new features be a selectable option or does it change the entire game with no option of playing in it’s original form?

  • Sounds great! I’ll definitely be picking this up.

  • Do you want my $5.99 now or later?? :D

  • Someone slap me, I still haven’t bought this. :P

  • Will buy.


    IT HAS CUSTOM SOUNDTRACKS…you just have to beat the game to “unlock” the option.

    BUT since the Gardens from 7 to 10 require ALL YOUR ATTENTION, you really don’t need the feature until you finish the game.

  • Definitely a Day 1 purchase.

    Really looking forward to this … now why was there a price, but not a release date … ??? :D

  • woo hoo! Pixeljunk eden encore! this is gonna be awsesome! People, start speculating as to what the secret is! BTW off topic, but has everyone here checked out Xi yet? if so have you checked it out recently?

  • We still need more maps for PJ:Monsters :( :(
    I will not stop my tireless crusade to address this huge issue! :(

  • I missed the boat on the $9.99 deal u guys had on for the original:( just wondering if u will be having a game+boster deal? for like 12 or 15 bucks?

    Thank you

  • I’ve downloaded the patch a while ago but sadly the added feature of the smart bomb was not there… countless times i’ve jump onto 3 seeds in a row and no “smart bomb” happens.

  • Dylan Cuthbert Built My Hotrod!

    This is one of the most beautiful games ever made. I am so addicted…

    $5.99? Wow, no problem… heck I would pay that much *per garden*!

  • I want a release date!! :|

  • Any chance you can fix/patch the glitch of the All Spectra Found trophy not unlocking? http://boardsus.playstation.com/playstation/board/message?board.id=ps3dlgames&thread.id=140640

  • PJE was one of the first PSN downloads I made since I picked it up in Jan…It is a really phenominal accomplishment and the team at Q really created art with this. I’ll def be snagging the expansion…

    I gotta say I don’t know why people are kind of against paying 6 bucks for 5 new levels. Considering you could easily spend a few hours with each garden in PJE, I’m sure these 5 levels will suck just as much of my time up.

    In any event I’m looking forward to this. It was a nice surprise for me because I had just started looking at the stuff for the GDC on GameSpot and saw the link for PJE Encore.

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