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This is Dylan from Q-Games, the company behind PixelJunk, and following on from my blog entry last week where I listed what we’ve been doing for the past few months. This entry is all about Eden Encore.

PixelJunk Eden Encore screenshot - 7

First things first, what have we added? Well, basically we have added five whole new stages, each one choc-a-bloc full of ideas and gimmicks. We also designed five brand new backgrounds for them (each background for a garden is programmed uniquely just for that garden’s style – just in case you hadn’t noticed that in the original), and Baiyon went away and created five brilliant new tracks of music to match it all up.

To make things a little easier we are going to retro-patch the original Eden to have a new feature we created for Encore. This is the three-seed smart-bomb power your Grimp now has. Simply put, if you jump into three full seeds in a row, all the “Prowlers” on the screen explode into a big cloud of pollen. Everyone who boots up their original Eden in a few weeks will be patched and get this feature, so look out for that!

Thinking up new stages for Eden was hard work. We put a lot of stuff into the original game, especially the gardens onwards from garden 04, and we racked our brains for new and interesting ideas to put into this expansion pack, and we think we found some pretty cool ones! One of the first stages has you in a Garden where all the plants are huge and thick, and at the same time there are loads of them, all intertwined. This is a type of stage we didn’t have in the original game – falling isn’t much of an issue in this garden because the vines are practically everywhere.

PixelJunk Eden Encore screenshot - 8 PixelJunk Eden Encore screenshot - 9

Also, in another garden we have implemented a zero-G item that once you collect, lets you float and control your Grimp with no fear of falling (well, until the effect wears off of course) which is crazily fun with three players! At the same time that garden is full of some pretty cool puzzles to solve, and we really go to town with the no gravity mechanism. In one of the final gardens we have implemented an entire “mirror” garden that you go in and out of freely via portals scattered throughout. It’s a lot of fun making your way back and forth between the two subtly different “mirror” gardens – what might be a cannon in one is a teleporter in the other; what is open space in one, might be closed off in the other. It’s a lot of fun solving the puzzles.

Right at the end of the game, if you collect all the 25 new Spectra we’ve added, we have put in a big present for our fans – one that will enable you to play the entire game again in a completely different way, so that’s really something for everyone to look forward to.

PixelJunk Eden Encore screenshot - 10 PixelJunk Eden Encore screenshot - 11

What else can I say really? This expansion pack isn’t just “some extra levels”; it is full of rich design and will give you weeks of fun, so it’s definitely worth $5.99!

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5 Author Replies

  • This game is a lot of fun to play. Thanks for letting us play at the blog meet up.

  • This should be cool.. I like this game alot for how different it is.. Thought I would’ve like to see some additional trophies to go with with the levels. Maybe even a platinum at the end.. I would paid $10 for that. :)

  • I can dig it…consider me sold.

  • when is it coming out ? i love this game

  • These levels look amazing, So rich and artistic.

    Just hope you price them right(For us Uk peeps) ;)

  • Yayyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love PJ Eden!


  • Only you could charge $6 for 5 more levels (and “stuff”) and still have me be happy… can’t wait. You guys rock. Now announce your next game already…..!

  • I have yet to beat the original levels but I am definitely excited for the expansion! I love the music and the artwork so much because they work seamlessly together. Eden alone was amazing and having an expansion makes it even more so.

    Thanks PixelJunk team!

  • Awesome! Dylan you have my 5.99 $ secured! =D
    Anything with the pixel junk name is always awesome!
    Hopefully you have a new on on the way ^^

  • I wanted to post this in a PSP news article, but those are few and far in between.

    Jeff, any news on Ad Hoc Party coming to the US? I’m very tempted to download the beta from the Japanese PSN Store….

  • Sweets!

    Is there going to be a bundle available for those who don’t have the original game?

  • Still haven’t beaten the first part. Sigh. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll still be buying this expansion :-)

  • Can’t wait! Can we be hopeful for the next store update?

  • @2
    I’m pretty sure there will be new trophies, though I doubt a platinum.

    I can’t wait for this, one of my top three PSN games.

  • I love Monsters and Encore, but I wish the expansions were cheaper…theyre almost as much as the original games! And to be honest, despite loving both games, I don’t think they’re worth $17 each.

    I’m still waiting on a price drop for the PJM Encore.

  • Well damn, the price is right. How about some new monsters levels? please?

  • “Completely different way” interested to see what else could be added more than just custom sound track unlocked from the main Eden game.

    Will Encore have additional trophies? Seems like it will be easier to earn others (Pollen Prowler) using the new move and (3P Ping Pong) with zero gravity.

    I will be buying this even though I never beat the original Eden all the way through.

  • Music is awesome in this one.

    When can we expect Encore?

  • @Scodo_Thope,
    I believe the official word on release is “in a few weeks” – I too, would like to know something more specific. But I guess it depends on things out of Q-Games’ control (Sony QA)

  • Can’t wait Dylan, do you have a specific date when this will be released?

  • Consider it bought. I hope it’s challenging like the original game used to be, those were some of the most satisfying trophies I’ve earned so far.

  • The game is awesome, I just wish you guys could add custom soundtrack support.

  • Release date?

  • Any plan to remove the bright white logo at the bottom of the display?

    Even in screen saving mode it’s too bright. Would feel much more immersed without it.

    Great game!

  • Eden is so great. Best on PSN I’d have to say, but my favorite levels are the first for..not the ones after those!

  • You guys are amazing. Keep up the good work, and I want that poster shown in the video the other day >_>

  • Good to see the support on this game. Are there any plans to patch this game for multiple PSN sign-ins on a local machine. Kind of like Resistance just added.

  • Hey Dylan, thanks for the continued support and a personal congrats on the success of Eden. This is what seperates Playstation from the others, original and creative IPs. Love the game and the music. So, is it difficult living in Japan without knowing the language or are you versed? My uncle lives there and I would love to move there too, perhaps work for you guys as a guinea pig or something!

    • It takes a while to get good at Japanese (I\’m far from perfect yet), but the learning tools now available on the internet make the process much easier. After learning the basics you just need to talk to Japanese people as much as possible.

  • I am looking forward to getting this. I say that even though Level 10 frustrated me so much that I stopped playing it 6 months ago and never finished the original game. The price is right for the Encore too.

  • Dylan should also consider the difficulty level. My girlfriend loves this game but she gets really frustrated by the 4th stage. Maybe additional time on “very easy” mode wouldnt be such a bad idea.

  • Agreed with Ftwrthtx (@1), appreciate you letting us folks have some hands on time with it, some nifty new additions. I started on Garden 09, and at first thought that the background indicated I had somehow glitched the game :)

    Look forward to downloading this one

  • Sounds like alot of great stuf for only $5.99, I hope I have the money to pick this up when it comes out.

  • So will this have CUSTOM SOUNDTRACK SUPPORT?

    I still haven’t gotten through the first eden so I’m on the fence… Not sure…

  • I think i’ll be picking this up, though it is an odd price. 5.99? Now if I get a $20 PSN card, I will have 14 bucks, but won’t be able to get Noby Noby Boy and Flower.

    Does this make you uncomfortable? Ok, maybe it isn’t such a big deal.

  • @33 If you beat Eden (all ten gardens) It locks Custom Soundtracks for you.. Which is a nice prize for beating the game.

  • im getting this day one

  • Awesome Dylan!!!! Pixeljunk #1

  • Awesome stuff Dylan

  • Will this expansion bring trophies for the new maps?

  • Zero Gravity and Vine Forest sound like great additions. I did like the “final boss enemy” he was fun to defeat. I hope there are more uber enemies like that in the expansion.I have a question. What did changing the color of the main garden contribute to the game? There are nodesin the main garden that if hit the Garden will change color. Did this do anything?

  • I hope you guys add the seeds count to the game to you know. It’s kind of stupid to play the game without knowing how many seeds you have left in the garden.

  • YAY! More Eden is always a good thing. :D

  • Day 1 buy!!! PJE is amazing!!!

  • I’m getting this! Thanks for the bonus :)…can’t wait to see what it is and how the game plays then

  • Are you going to tell us about PixelJunk 4 anytime soon? I really cant wait for it! will it be like anything we’ve ever seen before?

  • I hope you Baiyon’s song again. I remember back in Home when it was chat anywhere, I was in the Mall and remixing his first tracks live. He came in and heard me. I couldn’t believe it. Here is someone who I look up to telling me my mix is good. Of his songs no less. I love those tracks and still listen to them daily. I’ll be getting this.

    Side note: Is game sharing with my roommate considered illegal? I just want him to be able to play some of my games at the same time, until he gets his own copy.
    Can someone enlighten me on this one?

  • @2 you cant have platinum trophies for downloadable games

  • Is that going to have the easier mode? for the Original PJ:Eden.

  • Sounds like a pretty good deal, but I think I should probably beat the game first.

  • lol, hope the “present” isn’t a Prestige Mode.

    My question is why hasn’t there been any talk of implementing online multiplayer? Local is all well and good, but it’s a lot easier for friends to get together and play from the comfort of their own homes.

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