See how PixelJunk is made! Inside Q-Games’ Kyoto base

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Today marks the 3rd and final day of our GDC PlayStation.Blog.Lounge, and we’re very happy to welcome Q-Games President Dylan Cuthbert into the fold. Chances are you’ve already already played one of his company’s titles, PixelJunk Eden, Monsters, or Racers (and read about the upcoming Eden Encore). But who are the people that make such innovative games? And why don’t they wear shoes when they work? Take the tour:

A money shrine! I can’t believe we don’t have any of those here.

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  • Very awesome!

    How would I go about getting one of those posters, whether they are signed or not and free or have a decent price :)

  • 2:56 xbox360 controller. :O

    haha. Not that it means anything, but yeah I love these guys so much, I hope they always continue their exclusive relationship with Sony.

  • cant wait for your next game even if its not Dungeon :)

  • Kyoto japan! , that explains the barefoot walking, when i visited offices in japan first thing they wanted was i take off my shoes xD

  • Great studio, your games reflect the mood and atmosphere of Kyoto and seems like a good place to work. Can’t wait to see what kind of games you can think of next.

  • is this an extremely old video? that was a monsters theme he was making… these guys seem completely down to earth and im loving that vibe. italian guy repping that eden. would have never thought. way to go brother! wish i could work in a place like that. No shoes! so sick.


  • Hehe, I love vidoes like this :)

  • That seems so fun. I’m going to get to bed so I can get to work.

  • @ 49 (Skittles2)

    That’s too funny! I think I’m going to use that in the future. XD

    I should seriously set up my own little ‘money shrine’ somewhere. Instant income. Anyone wishing for the financial well-being of me will most assuredly get there wish granted. XD

  • 5:19 – pretty sure he says “pickle” junk.

    love these guys though.

  • Looks like a great place to work and a good guy but he won’t succumb to my constant barrage of demands for more monsters islands :(

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