See how PixelJunk is made! Inside Q-Games’ Kyoto base

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Today marks the 3rd and final day of our GDC PlayStation.Blog.Lounge, and we’re very happy to welcome Q-Games President Dylan Cuthbert into the fold. Chances are you’ve already already played one of his company’s titles, PixelJunk Eden, Monsters, or Racers (and read about the upcoming Eden Encore). But who are the people that make such innovative games? And why don’t they wear shoes when they work? Take the tour:

A money shrine! I can’t believe we don’t have any of those here.

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  • These are my favorite PSN titles. Can’t wait for the Eden Encore.

  • I want to live in Japan.

  • I would LOVE to work there ;(

  • We need a PixelJunk Home Space for all the fans to gather and discuss about the games.

  • Euh , is their a way to buy that ‘Monsters’-poster? Please contact me trough e-mail if it’s in anyway possible!! please! Thanks :)

  • Hmm, very suspicious how people were “busy working” on themes and stuff released a long while ago. I was hoping to catch a glimpse of their new projects

  • Big fan of PixelJunk, think we can get those pictures as downloads over the PSN? Be awesome to print them out and put them on my wall

  • No shoes…old skool!

  • superb video Jeff , its not about a new game or anything like that but we get to know more about the people who make the games we love , great video , i hope you get more studios to do this and i would love to work there , they have people from all over the world working there NICE

  • whoa! I want those posters! And the shirt!

    How can we obtain these awesome items?

  • Ah. I’m in a lecture on my ipod touch, no flash player means I can’t watch the video. Maybe I should be paying attention… Anyway, a no-shoe rule in a creative work environment = I’m sold! Hire me Pixeljunk!

    On a semi serious note: Dylan I’m studying visual arts and graphic design and I hate shoes! I’d say based on this brief description I should be considered qualified for something, haha! Ok back to the lecture on indigenous Arts and issues of representation in times of crisis… Yeee

  • That Monsters poster is incredible.

  • Another great video Jeff. This game is awesome. I had the chance to play it last night at the Blog Meet up (along with Fat Princess).

    Big thanks to both you and Chris Morelli and everyone else that made last night an incredible experience.

    p.s. Thanks for the MGS4 PS3 bundle too :-)

  • What a dope place to work. These guys are sweet.

  • We need a PixelJunk Home space!!!

  • That’s two requests for it!

    Make it happen Sony!

  • @Darkwing75: Yes absolutly we need that! !!! !:)

  • I didn’t see anyone with horns… Who ever was behind level 7 of PixelJunk Eden is pure EVIL!

  • That video was really cool. More stuff like this would be excellent.

  • I love videos like this, they are awesome and exciting. I become inspired to keep pushing my education forward, keep up the good work.

  • Please, make more MONSTERS!!! That’s the best game you’ve ever done!

  • Thanks Jeff! I really appreciated that video, and I second the notion of a Home space. Your games are so easily social and would play right into that dynamic of home.

  • Really nice video. Would it be possible (I know you’ve done it before I think with Uncharted) to have ‘bi-weekly’ Behind-The-Scenes vids from various games added to the PS Store? I always find the vids interesting when getting a look at what goes on behind my favorite games (or games that interest me) so I think adding them on a regular basis to the PS Store would be great.

    And I agree with the few others that Q-Games (or just the PixelJunk team) deserves a HOME Space. They’ve been doing quite a bit for the PS3.

  • It’s fitting that Eden was made in Kyoto. Zen game, zen place.

    Thanks to whoever prompted this insight into the developer world! More please.

  • Can I get please have that signed Eden Poster? Eden is one of my favorite games, I play it whenever Im strung out over work. Not to good at the later levels but the first 6 are just so much fun.

    Keep up the great work, and Im sure everyone here and everyone who has bought your games looks forward to your next game or expansion.

  • Weird employees produce weird games, I guess…

  • Wow, that was a very interesting video. Actually, it made me want to buy Pixlejunk Monsters and Pixlejunk Eden today, lol. I’ll get one today and the other tomorrow =D

    Keep those great games coming! Ah, you guys should really make a dungeon crawler Pixlejunk game. Maybe thrown in a few classes for variety and some online play =X

    Anyway, whatever you guys decide to make, I’m sure it’ll be great!

  • Awesome!

  • @27 lol I don’t know if you were being sarcastic or not, but PixelJunk is actually making a PixelJunk Dungeons game. I can’t wait!!!

  • I always wondered what put the bounce in PixelJunk’s step.. the answer was so obvious.


  • What an awesome video!

    Flower shop, wine shop and Italian restaurant in same place, why didn’t I think of that !!!

    KEEP UP THE FABULOUS WORK, I will keep buying it !!

  • Great video. I would love to see more tours of developers office’s – especially the ones not in the US.

  • ‘Pray for more money’ haha

  • Very nice to know about the team. I cant wait for the next pixeljunk title!

  • Pixeljunk is awesome. I will buy anything they make. :)

  • I want to work there! Thank you for supporting IN-GAME XMB MUSIC in PJ Monsters!

  • As a fan of both Monsters and Eden (as well as my GF), it was very cool to see this video and see some of the people and culture behind the studio. Good post, really appreciate these types of posts.

  • Why does it seem like a very quiet place. Are they all camera shy or is it that they can’t speak english well. It seems like a great place for me to work because I don’t like rowdy people , however I can’t speak(Speak a little) or read Japanese. So living in Japan is not going to be possible….. Unfortunately.

    I would like to visit though. :)

  • Has Dylan Cuthbert just mentioned a patch for PixelJunk monsters?? I thought theye were not adding anything anymore!!

    Hope they add a level creator but I think this video could have been shot before Monsters Encore was released and that was the mentioned patch.

  • I agree with 6 lol, finishing touches on a theme thats out already?

  • Looks like a FANTASTIC place to work! do the people speak english there? and what kinda school would be needed to get a job there?

  • Aah! This is awesome! I wanna work there now! :p Kyoto seems nice!

  • Man, that was a great video! Thanks Dylan!

    And to 6, 40: I’m sure they’re just going to show us a bunch of stuff that they’re not allowed to announce yet. Good thinking guys…..

  • Where is Pixeljunk monsters for PSP…

    I want to see him….

  • Wow just watched the video. Hemp tiles is certainly the way to go, damn I love it! Wine bar across the street… ho man it’s a dream.

  • we def. need a pixeljunk home space. Great video, looks like a cool place to live and i really hope they do continue to make great titles for us gamers.

  • How about a Pixel Junk Homespace and with an exclusive arcade game in home? And have unlockables for them please :)

  • This video made me want to visit Japan even more than I already do.

  • Having money and a girlfriend don’t really mix. XD

    Nice video. :D

  • Money Shrine don’t they call those Fountains here lol

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