God of War Developer Interview #4 – Lead Programmer Vassily Filippov Answers Your Questions

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We know you’ve got questions about God of War III – the developers have answers. All during this year’s GDC, we’ve been introducing you to the game’s devs, as they explain their contribution to the GoWIII, and what’s going to make the game great. Today, things take a turn for the technical, as Lead Programmer Vassily Filippov talks about how much bigger God of War III is than its predecessors, the power of PS3’s SPUs, and how PS3 Kratos couldn’t even fit on a PS2.

Tomorrow we wrap up our God of War III developer series with the most exciting interview yet – the game’s Combat Director. You won’t want to miss this one!

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  • This guy seems like the quiet type that everyone knows but doesnt really talk too that much unless there is something he needs to do (like this interview)

    Want God of War 3

  • Great interview. Good to know they are spending a good amount of time perfecting Kratos’ character model transition from PS2 to PS3.

  • Please tell me that this game is *not* going to have DLC and that we are going to get a complete game.

  • @28
    This is a five part interview of god of war 3. So yes, they’re is going to be a video of the combat system which I assume they’re going to talk about weapons as well with it. Like he says, saves the best for last. ;)

    I believe it’s PS2 memory. Kratos being 20,000 polygons is 4 times as many as the God of War 2 kratos.

    I agree, some people are overhyping this game. The final game will speak for itself. And I’m a massive Greek mythology fan(God of War as well), but I do not like the hype some of the fans are putting on the game at this time. This isn’t directed to you jeff. ;)

    @Wuggyboobeaufuf I’d assume ‘if’ there is DLC it won’t be new levels. Might be new costumes. But then, I don’t think God of War 3 really needs to have DLC.

  • I believe dat to create a game in it’s own genre type background like mythology was the best move in gaming history to launch a new direction in which games will be made. thank you very much dave and all others.

  • Other thing is, they’re not limited to just Greek Mythology. There’s the whole Egyptian, Viking…etc mythologies left they could do following the end of kratos. Imagine those games using God of War engine? OMG the epicness. I’m a mythology freak(massive fan) so this is right in my ally. :D

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