God of War Developer Interview #3 – Design Director Todd Papy Answers Your Questions

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Day 3 of GDC, so here comes our 3rd developer interview from God of War III As it stands, nobody is better at God of War III than Todd Papy. When SCEA Santa Monica first showed the game to the gaming press last month, Todd was behind the controls (and he only died once). In this interview, Todd Papy talks about how to craft the pacing of God of War III, “tanks” and “helicopters” in the game, and just what the heck *is* a Design Director?

How badly do you want to be one of these playtesters?

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  • hey Todd I’ll bet you’re salary that when you finally drop this godly massive game on us that i will never ever put the controller down. God of War has got to be my all time favorite series. Kratos is my hero. and yes i think i would kill, actually kill, to be a playtester for this game! thanks Jeff.


  • Jeff,

    You know I would do anything to help Sony out with this amazing game. And to playtest would be amazing. Are you (sony) paying for the expenses to come out to California?

  • I just got my 60gig refurb back from the repair place today and WISH SO MUUUUUCH that this was coming very soon rather than a little later. I can wait but it’s a hard wait( pardon the pun). It looks so PERFECT and Beautiful and Amazing, did I leave anything out? Ummm customization or mix and mashup of weapons? Characters? Online Play?.

    lmfao @ the Boner guy comment. Ditto…

  • Is anyone like me and never played any GOW games and thinking about buying this one? I know the developers are saying it will be an easy transition, but I dont think we will know until the game comes out.

  • “You are ridding a create that rides a creature…”

    Yo Dawg…

  • Whats up with that Cloven image in the downloads screenshot to the right? Did I miss that part of R2 or is that in the patch? And how come you guys haven’t said anything about the patch?

  • @56

    nevermind, story just posted.

  • Man this game is getting better and better with every update. I would love to playtest this game!

  • I love these videos you guys are putting together, but you should really get a wind screen for that mic and make an official Sony / PlayStation mic flag… Or just use lav mics. I’ll be happy to help!

  • Awesome, this game is looking spectacular so far.

    Just one comment – would somebody please get Jeff a new microphone?

  • I want to be a GOWIII playtester very badly^^

  • i want to be a playtester sooo bad!!!!!

    ive played and own all ps3 exclusives!

    including singstar

  • Man I would love to play test this game. I have played both god of wars and I love them more then any game right now. (next to killzone2). This game is gonna be the best on any console just like every god of war has done for SONY so far. oh and Keith Jardine looks like Kratos just saying.

  • I would like to officially throw my hat into the playtester raffle. Been gaming for 20+ years. Own all PlayStation platforms. Own all God of War games. Want to actually get into the industry. I could go on, Jeff :-D

  • GReat InTeRvIeW! can’t w8 for d combat director!!!!!!!!

  • I would sell my soul to the gods to play this game

    Another great Job Jeff

  • Sorry if this has already been asked, but is there any hope that we will be seeing the demo you guys saw at GDC?

  • Very cool!

    I would have never guessed that GoW III would have “tanks” and “helicoptors”! lol

    And riding a creature on-top of a creature must be SO awesome!!!!

  • Id love to be a playtester

  • I would kill to be a playtester for this game, I love God of war and I cant wait to play 3 to try out the new ridable creatures

  • oh my god… of war

  • god of war is probably the best playstation franchise at this point i cant wait for it to hit ps3

  • Good interview.

  • Waiting for GOW, how far is it?

  • How badly do you want to be one of these playtesters?

    I would let Jaffe pimp slap me for an hour. Yeah, that bad…

  • Sounds good. I hope they take their time, and not rush to finish this title. :)

  • I would die of happiness to playtest it or any other game for that matter… makes me feel special. Only got to test some flash games and a flash MMO before. Never a full on game.


  • Great interviews and keep them coming.

    Hay Jeff I don’t know if your the right person to tell but when you go to the home page on the PlayStation.com for the PlayStation Network under Hot Forum Topics for LittleBigPlanet and Resistance Series it takes you the board on the PS.com Forums for those respected games and those boards are locked. I think it would be better if they would just send you to the forums on LittleBigWorkShop.com and MyResistance.


  • Wow !! Can’t wait for this game to come out. Is the release date still April 2010 ?
    I’d love to find out if there is going to be any multiplayer options in GOW 3. I personally don’t care either way because it’s the best single player ever made anyway !!!

  • ey jeff when i check the god of war previews 2 and 3 it stops on a time dont know why

  • will the centaur be ride able

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