God of War Developer Interview #3 – Design Director Todd Papy Answers Your Questions

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Day 3 of GDC, so here comes our 3rd developer interview from God of War III As it stands, nobody is better at God of War III than Todd Papy. When SCEA Santa Monica first showed the game to the gaming press last month, Todd was behind the controls (and he only died once). In this interview, Todd Papy talks about how to craft the pacing of God of War III, “tanks” and “helicopters” in the game, and just what the heck *is* a Design Director?

How badly do you want to be one of these playtesters?

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  • I’ll be a playtester anyday!

  • I need my GOW fix asap, although all 3 previous games had a March release I am willing to for-go the whole March thing and settle for anything soon!

  • God of War 3 = BEST GAME EVER!

  • I’d rather be someone working in the same building as Eric Lempel so I can bug him everyday to add:
    Universal Inviting
    Voice Messaging
    In-game Voice Chat
    Adding a mail symbol somewhere
    Putting friend request on top
    notification sound for user sign on and message sent.

  • Hey jeff when can we see some actual gameplay?

  • Please so some gameplay, i can wait to see this game in action. I have played both god of war games and I am sure this one is going to be amazing, but please give us something to see.

  • So are these interviews going to reveal anything?

  • Oh and please don’t put tanks or helicopters in God of War WTF? This is supposed to be Greek Mythology. Maybe i’m misunderstanding…

  • I would love to be a playtester but I live in NYC.

  • I’d LOVE to be a playtester!

  • This game literally gives me a boner.

  • @meta1millitia_ I think he ment the bird was like a helicopter, like.

  • will the demo that you saw be released to the ps store soon?

  • To much talk not enogh show. For game that might not be here untill 2010.. Don’t get me wrong GOW3 is going to BAD@ZZ. You can talk all you want but the final product is going to be the selling point and it will sell very well I’m sure. Now back to PSN and Killzone!!

  • @ Jagged and Marius: Jeff confirmed that there won’t be any gameplay footage this week.

  • great interview Jeff , keep them coming , we are all waiting for the last one lol

  • So when are we going to see this footage? You guys keep talking about it in interviews , but I want to see too. please?

  • Will there be unlockable Weapons for God of War III? i am new to god of war (looks great btw), and i’m just wondering if there will be weapons that you can find around, or unlock from playing through the story or what not?

    • Every GoW game has had new weapons besides the Blades of Chaos, and God of War III will be no different. Find out more on Friday!

  • I’ve completed GoW and GoW2 in all modes(god and titan), GoW1 more than once. I would be a great playtester!

  • how many hrs of gameplay will their be? i hope alot and my 2nd ? how much % of the ps3 power is god of war 3 goin to use

  • I would trade my entire ps3 library (19 games)
    just to play test God Of War III

  • #20


  • What’s da sound on da background at 3:14 ? Sounds kinda creepy… :P

    I suppose that we are getting that demo everybody talks about pretty soon on da PS Store right ?

  • Man this game is going to be wicked, some damn good interviewing skills there sir, but I thinks its kinda funny that all these videos just kinda…..end all of a sudden

  • I would love to be a God Of War III Play Tester and

    I loled at 11

  • Yayuh!! Another nice GoW interview. Sorry Jeff I wont be going to the meetup :(

  • great GOW interview so terrific

  • Any word on if we will get another PSP God of War game? I loved the first PSP outing but now it feels a bit dated next to some of the newer PSP games like Resistance: Retribution, and even Dynasty Warriors: Strike Force, as well as other big name PSP games that are hitting this year all look ten times better then God of War did on it’s first PSP outing.

  • PLEASE, PLEAASE, Let there be some gameplay footage at the PS Blog Lounge tonight!

  • The game looks awesome=)

    And I want to be a play tester

  • who’s featured for tomorrow’s interview? i’m guessing inFamous, suckerpunch.

    GOW3 is sure to be amazing. ony problem is we have to wait a year to play it.. unless i get to be a play tester. where should i sign up?

  • @ 8

  • Wow, Jeff busy week for you, great job on the interviews!

    I have always wanted Kratos to be able to ride and semi-control the Cyclops, never imagined it would be on the backs of a moving Titan though.

    I wonder what other surprises GoW III will have for us? Can’t wait to find out!

  • God I can’t wait for this game. Other than Metal Gear Solid 4, God of War 3 was mainly why I bought a PS3.

  • Awesome! When are they gonna give us the lowdown on boss battles!

  • Good and everything but damn where is FW 2.70?

  • YES!
    These interviews are EPIC!

  • I wildly can’t wait for this; you guys are going to have me non-stop salivating til the game hits. Hmmm, I wonder if there will be more to see at the GDC get together this eve; hint hint!

  • I’m confused, is it Blades of Chaos from 1 in this one or Blades of Athena from 2?

  • Crap, no edit. Because I thought Ares took away the Blades of Chaos from Kratos, right?


  • Looking good :)

    Too bad all great games are eventually forgotten. :(

    After a while, even GoW3 will be be left behind for whatever’s next by players who are saying stuff like “This is the best game ever!!!” or “This game is the whole reason I bought a PS3!!!” D:

  • @ 36
    Could you people stop it with that already,everyday some claims a site showed it says it’s coming and stuff like that.If is not shown or mentioned at the ps3 blog than it’s probably not true no but,If or maybe’s. So stop bothering Jeff with the same dam questions.

  • is this the end of the god of war series

  • HWY JEFF! in your last post you said “Every GoW game has had new weapons besides the Blades of Chaos, and God of War III will be no different. Find out more on Friday!”
    are we expecting a new trailer or gameplay? or an interview?

  • @44 I, for one, wouldn’t mind seeing Kratos move on to taking down other pantheons :) Egyptian, Norse, Japanese, there are plenty of deities out there still in need of a heaping helping of whoop ass.

  • Hey jeff what is your online ID on playstation network? I want to add you to my friend list.

  • Will we see some gameplay on friday, aswell?

  • new firmwar info PLOX XD

  • I would love to be a playtester for my favorite series. Seriously, don’t play with my emotions :). Awesome interview.

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