Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic Interview – Producer Joshua Miller Answers Your Questions

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It’s day one of GDC 2009, and the PlayStation.Blog.Lounge is up and running, hosting media, developers and fans all week long. And right now we’re thrilled that Tarsier Studios is showing off Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic inside the Lounge to some early-bird media. You already know what the game is all about, and we also know you had many specific questions about Fists of Plastic. So Jeff went straight to SCEA Producer Joshua Miller, and he answers all your questions right here. Stay tuned for lots more from the PlayStation.Blog.Lounge throughout the week!

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  • Only 8 levels? This isn’t going to effect me buying the game, but I would still love to see more, especially for a fighting game of this style. Any chance there will be additional levels and other content down the road?

  • Oh yeah, sorry about double posting, I forgot to ask; are there items or power-ups, similar to Smash Bros.? I saw a screen shot with a character picking up a box. Is that anything?

    Also, are you guys doing those cheesy Kung-Fu videos that were in in the original? I loved those!

    Thanks, can’t wait for the game!

  • 9.99……I’m buy it. The game looks great!

  • Josh I don’t care what the haters say. I am buying this day 1 baby!

  • Yeah I hate to say this as the game looks fun. That this simple an idea didn’t get realized with online multiplayer makes it feel rushed and/or just plain lazy. Ultimately for me this is a deal breaker.

    9.99 for a tutorial.
    if you add it however, I will own it, till then, best of luck.

  • Hey Josh, this game looks fun. I love 4 player brawler fighters like this and Smash Bros. Online multiplayer would complete this game and you really should talk to Sony, the original producer, and the current producers of the game to get this version online sometime in the future.

  • This is looking stupendous. I was a fan of the original PC version so this is a definite buy for me. Keep up the great work! :-)

  • Meh, I don’t care about online. I would love to see it, but it isn’t that big of an attraction. Fighting games are meant to be played locally with your friends. I find that when the online starts up, you lose a lot of the fun, and it just starts to get competitive, which is something this game is not about.

  • as good as the game looks, without an option to play online with 3 friends, i will most likely pass on this.

  • Wow this looks like a great party game :D

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  • Question Mr. Miller…

    Will custom XMB MUSIC be supported???

  • when’s the new firmware out? lol

  • Looks good Josh, wish you success with the game! :D

    Online would be nice, but I understand like PAIN it’s hard to do heavily physics based games.

    However LIKE PAIN, I’m sure if you guys work at it from fan request you could get an online patch released later down the line :)

  • What is the average time it takes to beat the game?

  • forgot is there sackboy character in the game?

  • looks like fun i might get it

  • Damn! NO ONLINE?

    what a shame :(

    that should have been priority from the begining of the project. was really excited for this game too. what a bummer.

    without online, I will have to pass.

    damn, that sucks man.

  • 9.99 for this game awesome!! if there will be online add on i will def buy it!!

    i will try to get a PS card by this game comes out

  • yeah no online so it wont be as fun because not everyone can have someone over all the time to play agianst people and as for playing agianst a comp thats gets old after alittle bit

  • When’s the disc version coming?

  • This looks like fun! and good price too!

  • 3 other people on the same PS3, thats $150.00 for just the controllers, I’m wrong, right?
    no online? huh?

  • Im really interested in this game,, and the 9.99 price tag is very fair.

    When is it being released.. and will there be a demo?

    • It should be releasing April 9th. A demo for the game should follow soon after the full game\’s release.

  • awesome game.

  • This game looks like some crazy ass fun.

    Yeah, I will be dropping 10 bucks on this one.

  • @ DropD, #76

    Just have someone else bring there controllers or go get some of the less expensive controllers for your friends to use.

    I do see what you are saying, $150.00 could be a lot of money to play a $10.00 game.

  • i hope this game becomes Sony’s version of super smash bros. atleast thats the vibe im getting and that is TIGHT! can’t wait to d/l this and try it out.


  • Oh Mr. Miller,

    Is there CUSTOM SOUNDTRACKS support????

  • Can each player/controller log into their own PSN account?

  • No online mode? :( Thats a shame for us older people who have friends in different places.

  • there are so many online babies in this thread. Anyways can’t wait till this comes out and at a 9.99 price is a must buy.

  • Does it have the remote play option? I just love to play with the psp! Thanks!

  • Does anyone know how long till the release; 1 week; 1 month?

  • So sad that this doesn’t have online at launch. This response section should be a good litmus test of the fact that that’s probably the #1 expectation of modern gamers/DLC games. I’m sure it’s not beyond the scope of reason to expect online play in the future (even graphically complex games like Pain figured it out) … if this title adds online play in the future I’ll strongly consider purchasing it. Until that time I’ll pass.

  • Loved the original bought it on Steam day one can’t wait for this one!!!

  • Ahhh Josh you responded to Gumbydunzeeto he just says that in every blog post about PSN titles even when he knows they will never goto disc lol

  • For $9.99 this is a day one buy.
    If it is close to the fun Flower is, then this will be the second $9.99 that will hours of fun on the PS3.

  • Any chance of this game hitting the PSP with a few extra goodies, and DLC? Right now the PSP needs more games that offer ways to extend their play value, and anything that gives you some killer fun for a cheap price as well as is good for kids I would think would do vary well on the PSP!

    Think about it Sony please!

  • This game looks great.

    Unlike some others, I am very happy to see a game come out that relies on local multiplayer rather than online. I’ve been looking for a great game that I can pick up and play with friends that come over, and I think this may be it.

    Will there be add-on content? And if so, will they be minor add-ons (costumes, characters, etc), or can we expect new levels being relaesed?

  • Play the demo of the old one if you want an idea of what it’s like tho the controls are going to be a lot different I would think..


  • oh man! i’m going to love this game.lol. just for the fact that it’s goofy and it’s a fighting game. right when it get release i’m going to buy it.

    Q.uic C.ash

    – Your #1 Asian Guy! Steve Sap!

  • Can’t wait! This game will be so much fun!!!!! :)

  • this games looks pretty cool, I like the idea of it, definately gonna check it out, just wish I had some friends to come over and play with lol

  • Wow this game actually looks like a lot of fun! It’s like ps3’s competition to Super Smash Bros….except way more creative and interactive. I feel bad for the developer because everyone on here is like “No Online, No buy for me” Well the developer said that it wasn’t possible didn’t they? The engine just wouldn’t allow online play because it’s so robust or something…I believe it, this game has an insane looking physics engine.

  • When’s the disc version for this game coming?

    It would be nice to have a *choice* of which version we want to buy.

  • There is no WE just you gumbydunzeeto!!!

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