Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic Interview – Producer Joshua Miller Answers Your Questions

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It’s day one of GDC 2009, and the PlayStation.Blog.Lounge is up and running, hosting media, developers and fans all week long. And right now we’re thrilled that Tarsier Studios is showing off Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic inside the Lounge to some early-bird media. You already know what the game is all about, and we also know you had many specific questions about Fists of Plastic. So Jeff went straight to SCEA Producer Joshua Miller, and he answers all your questions right here. Stay tuned for lots more from the PlayStation.Blog.Lounge throughout the week!

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  • Wish this kind of fighting was implemented in LBP! It would make the game so much more fun…

  • Looks well good ;) Love the Music to ;)

  • Sweet interview!

  • It looks just like LBP but with their characters. He did say it uses the same engine.

    Will we get to play this tomorrow night?

    • Actually I said it uses as similar engine to LBP. It is not using that actual engine. Tarsier Studios created the engine for the game.

  • Looks great by the way when will sony release 2.70 will u plz let us know if 2.70 woll include cross game chat and voice messages

  • oops if it will not woll lol

  • Fighting games FTW

  • hopefuly a demo will convince me to buy

  • Without online, I will have to skip this game. Why buy a game when you have no one to play with? If it had online, I would have gotten this game as soon as it came out

    • There are bots you can use if you don\’t have anyone to play with at home. You can also choose how hard or easy the bots will play against you.

  • that game looks sweet! i couldnt imagine all of the dlc possiblities.

    first day buy for me.

    keep the great psn games comming. also will this game have trophies

  • @5
    I can almost guarantee Chris or Jeff won’t spoil the firmware announcement. You should know this by now! Kudos for hoping, though. Hey Jeff, loving this attention on the developers as of late: video interviews, Q&A sessions… Keep it up. I’m loving this GDC business, keep the news coming, it’s like fuel for me!

  • Cause…..everybody was kung fu fighting….high-ya…those cats were fast as lightning…in fact it was a little bit frightning….but they fought with expert timing.

  • Isn’t there any online mode?

  • I love interviews! game sounds fun and looks kinda like celebrity death match.

  • @ 11 this site reported 2.70 was release in euro but took it down 5 mins later

  • is anyone else reminded of Rayman?

  • This sounds like one of those games that most PS3 owners should have in their library… a game to pull out when you have friends over, or when you have children visiting… or just a fun game to play that might relieve a little stress after playing too many online FPS games! :)

  • I want a demo for this.

  • Will there be tropheys?

  • I want a demo too.

  • “Will there be tropheys?”

    You can bet on it.

  • interesting but it would have been better with online capabilities but i think i’ll get it

  • Can’t wait to play it.

  • I, too, hope there is a demo.

  • Looks great I can’t wait to play this. Will it allow 2 person PSN sign in.

    Also You guys are the ones that made the cool concept The City of Metronome. Please tell me that is not dead and there is still a chance it will come out. Please tell me some thing good because that is such a weird concept but that is what makes it stand out and look so awesome.

  • god bless you for not putting. “everybody was jung fu fighting” in this game. That song has been used way to much.

  • Is there a taunt button in the game?

    • There is no taunt button but you can taunt/ pose by controlling the individual arms of your puppet using both analog sticks and the R2 & L2 buttons.

  • Wish it would have included online co-op play with my friends. Every game in this day and age should have a fully functional online mode, or I have a tough time justifying a purchase.

    Playing online with my friends makes everything more fun.

  • looks kool..i like games that allow u to customize your characters or their skills…sucks that theres no inline..this game would be GREAT! by the way Josh,will there ever be an update for it to be online? EVER..

  • Is this a game you buy off of the PS store?

  • I was really looking forward to beating my friends online with this game. Oh well I guess I will wait for Fat Princess.

  • no online??? Well, I’d still probably buy this game on sale for when friends come over… but you may want to consider a patch for online play.

  • Will there be some type of story mode? Or just like a single-player mode that is a bit more than a multiplayer mode with bots if you know what I mean. Cause if it’s not I think it’s important that there is, even if it’s just a picture at the end as a reward it just gives you a goal and something to go for basically.

    An example of this would be Eye Of Judgment, where there’s no true single-player mode. And so I just found myself playing a total of 10 games and have never revisited the game cause I feel almost like it’s a waste of time.

    On the other hand MK vs DC, I’ve played through Story mode, Arcade mode (w/ all characters) and working on combo challenges. Spent a total of 15 hours so far and that’s by far the most I’ve spent on any fighting game.

    • The single player portion of the game is set up as a bunch of challenges. Each one not only teaches the different aspects of the game, but helps you improve your overall skills. As you get better in each challenge you can earn trophies and unlock parts to use in the customization of characters.

  • Looks hilarious and fun! can’t wait to play it! :)

  • Sorry but no online = no buy.

    For a game like this, in this day and age, no online is absolutely inexcuseable. I don’t care how much the game costs.

  • No online, no buy. The game looks great, congrats to the developers for that, but using only bots to play against is old gen.

    Please reconsider that, it can be the difference between great sales or normal sales.

  • Correction-i mean “NO ONLINE!”..lol i put inline..lmao..ut yeah it kinda sucks..but its i got a 52″ sony bravia..i don’t mind people coming over my crib to play it and get their butts wipped..lol cant wait for this game..it puts the F U n …in kung FU..lol

  • ooh and it would be kool if it had a STORY to it..its not that hard..just make it a silly story WE DONT CARE..we just WANT ONE..lol..kinda of like sf4 but with better endings..lol

  • yayuh, looks wild. Hope there is a demo :D

  • Can you add online in the future?

  • What are the differences between the preview version thats been previewed by journalists and the retail version?

  • Forgot to ask: Will the game come on both EU and US PSN at the same time?

  • looks fun but needs online

  • Will there be addon content for this game? if so, free or not? looks good btw.

  • sorry Josh..but this game wont be loved by much if it doesnt have ONLINE support… but hey u guys have my support! :)

  • Fighting game…i’m sold, no online…oh well, this’ll definitely bring back old memories then so that’s a plus, for player off line, cool, have eight friends 7 friends i played with n still do…now it can be for at a time instead of 2, loser passes controler…ahhh…good times surrounding tv…got bigger tv but we we’ll all be in living room, we love fighting games…i wish i could go backto the glory days of my genre

  • how much will this game be? i can see myself buying it. will it be at a price point similar to flower, tekken5 etc or will it be more like burnout, warhawk pricing?

  • games don’t need online to be good. for example god of war series are the best games I have ever played and there is no online. Also GT4 and 3 had no online but that was by far the most time i have ever spent on any game. online is good but only for games that aim for online play like COD and killzone2.

  • i played tekken 5 dr when it came out w/o online for hours on end

  • There are gonna be more games made by Tarsier in the PSN ?
    And you know about what game im talking about ;)

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