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This week, as you might imagine, will be dominated by the 2009 Game Developers Conference. We’ll be on-site all week at our PlayStation.Blog.Lounge, hosting media, hosting developers, hosting you.

I’m excited to see Dylan Cuthbert (Q-Games), Sucker Punch Productions, Insomniac Games, and everyone else who will be at the Lounge to chat, share, and interview. I’m eager to see media reaction to the latest builds of inFamous, Fat Princess, Rag Doll Kung Fu, and PixelJunk Eden Encore. And we’re definitely excited to meet all of you Wednesday night.

Here’s what you can expect to see on the Blog this week:

  • Remember when we asked you what we should ask the God of War III team? Look for a video with a different member of that team every day this week, starting today.
  • We’ll highlight one of the Blog Lounge presenters before they present, beginning Tuesday.
  • Various updates from the Lounge/GDC.

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See you later this week, either in person, or on video!

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  • I want more info about Gomibako (PS3), released on Japanese PSN this week. I hope it will be ported into PSP. ^^

  • I want to hear about the return of backwards compatibility ;) oh, and also Uncharted 2, GoW3 and inFamous.

  • The wait for Fat Princess is becoming unbearable :(

  • InFamous and Fat Princess for me. I’d also really like to hear about the PSP version of PJ Monsters. If there is enough new content I’ll be buying a second psp just so my wife and I can play together. (We played the ps3 version for sooo many hours, favorite coop game)

  • This week is going to be awesome! Jeff congratulations on the birth of you daughter!

  • Hey Jeff, Congrats again to you and Mrs. Playstation on the baby!! Quick question: What’s the status of the Killzone 2 “Bullet” Application that was supposed to come out in early March? Soon?

  • Jeff,
    I’d be interested to hear more about LightBox Interactive or anything from a blog favorite developer Dylan Jobe. I know it’s too early and everyone wants to know what he’s working on, but would be cool to hear about setting up a new studio and the agreement with SCEA to keep making games.

  • I’ve been looking forward to this week, it’s gonna be an exciting time to say the least, bring on the games!!! :D

  • I voted Fat Princess but I would love to hear about inFAMOUS as well. I think the fact that Fat Princess is even on there is a telling sign that it’s going to be released within the next few months. NICE!!!

  • Hi…

    Been with the blog since it started but really really seldom post anything..but I’ll make an exception…

    inFamous, Patapon 2 and Eden Encore are must buys for me so I don’t want to know anything about it to minimise the spoilers… So that leaves…Fat Princess and RGKF…so I chose Fat Princess coz it looked more interesting…and I really want to know what the gameplay is like…

  • Looks to be great on the blog this week, Jeff great to hear you guys are working on being more compatible with other devices. I would love a few iphone apps from you guys. Keep it up!!!!!11

  • “Out of the announced titles that we’ll be demoing at GDC, which are you most interested in hearing more about?
    Fat Princess
    Patapon 2
    PixelJunk Eden Encore
    Rag Doll Kung Fu”

    How am I supposed to pick just ONE!? IMPOSSIBLE!!

  • i love ragdoll kung fu!

    im so looking forward to it!

  • InFamous all the way!!
    However, i must say that i’m disappointed till now to see that InFamous doesn’t seem to have the relentless hype build-up just a few months until its release date. (unlike Killzone2, but then i firmly believe that KZ2 is simply the crown jewel of the PS3).
    I would love to know more about InFamous and how it’s all shaping up. I want more details and more reasons to make me lose sleep waiting for it! Basically, it’s what we all PS3 owners want to feel like. So, help us make it feel special, which i sense it surely is.

  • Ask Sony when they’ll throw us a bone and release some new PS3 avatars please Jeff!

  • Where’s the GH: Metallica DEMO? It hitted on the XBL last friday, I want it on the PSN right now XD

  • I dare those who defy the mighty power that will be Fat Princess

    P.S. on my current campaign to get Demon’s Souls release worldwide since a version has 100% English (voice and text)


    From Software rules

  • is resident evil 1,2 3 coming to us psn store? they are already out in the asian psn store. is it posoble to make psn content alivable for every region because japan psn store have games that i never seen and would like to purchase, plus bring backwards compiblity or have it has a download soft ware update. and if possible let game developers put how many games they want and only charge them at point of sale. it does not make sence to have ps1 best sellers in japan but not in usa like metal gear1 and resident evil and now silent hillin uk psn store. sony please listen to your consumers and try to meet ther demands because we all want ps3 to seceed

  • I also want to hear more about Fat Princess. Here’s a good one for Fat Princess marketing. At E3, Sony should have real-life Fat Princesses present to counter balance the game-booth girls. I’m sure this would generate lots of press for the game.

  • and yes sony should cut the price down i know many people who want a ps3 but it to expense, so their waiting for the price to down. A ps3 that is made but not sold is still a loss so bit the bullet and drop the price to allow more people to buy the ps3 at a more afforable price. please foward my comments to the president of sony or who in charge of pricing of the ps3 and make psn content alivable for all regions to purchase like forsamlpe bioharad, dino crisis meatal gear and silent hill. and bring back backwards compitablity as either a downlaodable software or installed in future model production lines Please foward my comment to the president of sony thank you. We all want for ps3 to succeed so listen to our adivice and requests for your loyal consumers of sony products

  • Hey doesn’t GDC officially begins Wednesday?

  • i think fat princess more than eden encore, cos i just want to see how FP has evolved and just what it is.. the only thing i want to hear about encore is that it is out soon -ive already decided to get it ;)

  • Is there still space left for the meet up?

  • Is there going to be voice chat in Fat Princess? Last year the team seemed to think people didn’t want it or it wasn’t important. It’s make or break if you ask me!

  • I want to know everything possible about Fat Princess!! It looks sooooo good, and we basically don’t have any information on it!

    Will it be released soon?…please??

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