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This week, as you might imagine, will be dominated by the 2009 Game Developers Conference. We’ll be on-site all week at our PlayStation.Blog.Lounge, hosting media, hosting developers, hosting you.

I’m excited to see Dylan Cuthbert (Q-Games), Sucker Punch Productions, Insomniac Games, and everyone else who will be at the Lounge to chat, share, and interview. I’m eager to see media reaction to the latest builds of inFamous, Fat Princess, Rag Doll Kung Fu, and PixelJunk Eden Encore. And we’re definitely excited to meet all of you Wednesday night.

Here’s what you can expect to see on the Blog this week:

  • Remember when we asked you what we should ask the God of War III team? Look for a video with a different member of that team every day this week, starting today.
  • We’ll highlight one of the Blog Lounge presenters before they present, beginning Tuesday.
  • Various updates from the Lounge/GDC.

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See you later this week, either in person, or on video!

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  • inFamous, Uncharted2, GoW3, MAG, Havy Rain…

  • Can’t wait!

  • Eden encore and infamous both at the top of my list.
    Kinda curious about Heavy Rain, could be cool.

  • Uncharted 2 and MAG.

  • Though I must admit that I’m curious about InFamous, too.

    I hope there’s multiplayer.

  • @ digitalpowershot, Same here. Although I wish there was some more info on Will there ever more info anytime soon for M.A.G.?

  • Can’t wait to hear more about inFAMOUS.

    Oh, and if Insomniac Games happens to announce anything this week, could you give us an interview with them or information about the announcement?

  • PixelJunk Eden Encore…


  • Sorry for double posting but I realized instead of copying and pasting I must have cut and pasted M.A.G. It should read “Although I wish there was some more info on M.A.G.” And then my question “Will there ever be more info anytime soon for M.A.G.?”

  • I would have selected everything there but since your only able to select one it would have to be Fat Princess. I’m just so curious about it.

  • “Out of the ANNOUNCED titles that we’ll be demoing at GDC, which are you most interested in hearing more about?”

    The way that’s worded makes me think there will be some UNannounced titles on show at GDC =D

    Out of the choices, got to be Fat Princess and inFamous

  • infamous maybe eden yeah would lov to hear or see more on m.a.g

  • Voted for Fat Princess. Eden Encore doesn´t need any presentation, its already an instant-buy. :)

  • Any news on Heavy Rain would be welcome…

  • Fat Princess is going to be full of win.

  • Good stuff! I know it’s probably not going to happen, but it’d be really nice to see the new Ratchet game announced this week. I grabbed Q4B on sale and I’m loving it.

  • I sure hope to see more games, hear big announcements, and see tons of media from the ps3.

  • LBP for PSP, please……

  • Sorry for offtop
    But when American PSN will get new PSN ID cards?

    Playfire support only eu accounts

  • Voted Fat Princess, even though I am still interested in InFamous and Eden Encore, but come on, I want Fat Princess NAO!!! :p

  • Insomniac news!
    Nom nom nom nom

  • I would just like to GET MY PS3 BACK FROM MTC REPAIRED not delayed again like they have been doing, not a broken ps3 like they sent me last week, not anymore excuses as to why they keep messing up. I JUST WANT MY PS3, They had all DAY FRIDAY TO SEND IT OUT BY THE COURIER, HECK I GOT IT TO THEM THE SAME DAY they sent me the broken one. I AM NOT ONE BIT HAPPY AT ALL!

    Hey Jeff, why not call up MTC for me and ask em whats the delay, this is so not right on so many levels. I’ve been very patient for FIVE MONTHS AND NO GAMES, FIVE MONTHS. It is wearing very thin.

  • GoW3 info is much appreciated and with video you can’t go wrong! awesome job Jeff. can’t wait for all the announcements coming out of GDC this week.


  • MAG MAG —-

    What about some SOCOM DLC updates? Socom 4 in the works? Uncharted 2!!!!


  • Toss-up. Fat Princess and Rag Doll Kung Fu.

  • I want to know more about Worms PS3.

  • Three out of those I am VERY interested in. Great job SCE, keep the great games coming!

  • Pixeljunk Monsters for PSP!!!

  • Looks like another great week on the blog.

    I’m going to spam you again Jeff, have the team check out a wp plugin called wpTouch. It’s a theme for mobile phones.

    • We are actually working on making the blog more compatible across *all* platforms – mobile phones, PSP, PS3 browser, etc. Thanks for bringing this up.

  • Please get Dylan Jobe on here to explain himself!

  • How about some people from Slant Six? Socom fans have MANY questions to ask them

    Considering any and every comment about Socom gets ignored like the red headed step-child, I doubt it will happen.

    It still amazes one of your pillar franchises is treated with such neglect

  • At first I was gonna vote patapon 2…but I could care less about more info as I’m sold right now either way.

    Next I was gonna vote for InFamous…but then I realized I’ll probably pick that one up either way as well…from what I’ve seen it looks good and honestly I’d rather know less about the game going into it so the story doesn’t get spoiled.

    So my actual vote went to Fat Princess. We’ve seen a bit and heard even less and I’d like to hear more about it. It seems like an interesting title but it’s not something I’m quite sold on…yet, although the concept is flippin’ amazing.

  • i voted for fat princess cause Infamous seems to sucks , ive got pixel junk eden and i never finished the game, im not really into patapon games and rag doll kung fu seem ok but im not waiting too much for this game.

  • Why is there never a “none of these” or “other” spot to vote?

    I am hoping for some RPGs. Release dates for White Knight Chronicles and The Last Remnant would be awesome. The announcement of new RPGs would also rock. GDC will otherwise be just another let down for me.

  • yeah ithink MAG should be the most important update needed right NOW..since SLANT6 ruinedd SOCOM!..and Infamous too.ooh and lets not forget about LBP for the PSP! but yeah we need more info on MAG PLEEEASE!

  • Good morning all PS community. I can’t wait for this year’s GDC ;) Yayyuuuh!

    Looking forward for this week’s blog as well SCEA

  • Not that excited for any of these titles but voted for inFamous, seems like it has potential. Anyway I really hope you guys can get some info on here about what Team Ico is doing, there title is my most anticipated.

  • ok well i felt like i went way off the topic from the list so i would say..Infamouse then RagDoll Kung Fu then waterver else was on the i dont care much for non-xclusives..:p ooh and MAG!! lol WE NEED MORE INFO ON MAG!..MAG..MAG..WE WANT MAG! lol M.A.G is all i NEeD!

  • UGH! That poll was hard… it was definately a tough one between fat princess and rag doll kung fu! But, I think I’ve heard a lot about infamous already… I just wanna play that game already! lol

  • God of War III and Uncharted are all I am mostly looking forward to.

  • I just want a release date for Fat Princess.. and hopefully an announcement of a demo.

    I already have PJE, so im curious if previous owners can buy the addon seperately (not gonna rebuy the game for 2 new levels.. sorry Q games)

  • Fat Princess. I don’t know why InFamous is so high right now. They give us info all the time.

    I really want to know whats up on the White Knight coming to the states :D

  • Can we bring digital cameras to the Meet-Up?

  • Where is ‘Firmware 2.70’ in the poll?

  • I’m voting Fat Princess not because I don’t care about the other games, but because I feel it’s the title I know the LEAST about. We barely have a release window!

  • easy man, FAT PRINCESS. I am interested in all the mentioned games but this is highest on my radar. I want to hear/see more about it and i want a release date.

  • out of the announced ones im looking forward to Infamous and fat princess , and i wanna see more info on God of War3 , Uncharted2, MAG, heavy rain and more lol

  • D: We need moar Fat Princess!!! NAO!

  • i’m really excited for the games sony will show us, but i really hope uncharted2 will be there, if i recall correctly uncharted1 was first show at a GDC?….oh and but the way my first post here ;D, been a reader of this blog since it started but never posted for some reason :P

  • Bring me Flower II and I’ll be happy.

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