Wheel of Fortune Arrives on the PlayStation Network this week

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Wheel of Fortune PSN logo

Today, we are happy to announce that our latest game, Wheel of Fortune, will be released for the PlayStation Network this Thursday, March 19 for $14.99.

We told players back in September 2008 that this title was in development, and it brings us great pride to be able to show the finished product on behalf of SOE. Starting Thursday, players can spin the wheel and solve the puzzle with America’s Favorite Game Show! Wheel of Fortune captures the spirit of the popular TV show with high-definition graphics and realistic gameplay!

Our development team has worked diligently to give this game an in-depth character creation mode and a player experience that fans of Wheel of Fortune will love. PlayStation Network is so much more than a single player experience. That’s why, aside from solo play against A.I. opponents, we offer network/multiplayer modes with voice chat support. This is sure to get the competitive juices flowing with real human competition. To add even more fuel to that spirit, we’ve included PLAYSTATION 3 Trophies for players to earn.

Do you want to go “on location” with Wheel of Fortune? We want to bring players that national flavor the real TV show brings to households across the country. So we give you the ability to play in 11 different cities across America: Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Denver, Dallas, New Orleans, Charleston, Philadelphia and Fort Lauderdale.

With nearly 9,000 puzzles to challenge your mind, high-definition graphics, studio sets and sound effects straight from the TV show, and realistic gameplay, we think that you are in for a huge thrill with Wheel of Fortune for PSN.

Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you playing Wheel of Fortune online on the PS3!

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  • Looks like it will be based on this current season (26th Season). Will it have more wheel wedges like the Prize Wedge, Surprise Wedge, and/or the Big Money Wedge from the past seasons?
    Either way can’t wait to get this.
    Day one purchase! I’m a Wheel Watcher forever!

  • Sorry to be so negative, but this is pure BS.
    I bought Jeopardy! day one at 14.99 with the promise of patches and DLC for more puzzles, trophies, and interaction, coming “early January”. Needless to say, it’s March and what did we get? A $5.00 price drop that came so quick it screwed people who bought it just a couple months earlier. No news on DLC, and whenever someone asks a question about it on here they get ignored.

    I was really looking forward to WOF, but after what happened with Jeopardy!, and watching that trailer with the same goofy looking avatars, the same clothes, the same dumbass hairstyles as Jeopardy! characters (Why can’t we use our Home avatars? Is it that hard?), and the same 14.99 price point? I’m beginning to think that this branch of SOE does not respect it’s consumers.

  • @41

    no no they totally complain about that too you just have to listen to the flock of wah-wahs more closely

  • Trophies and online play has me sold, i’m getting this Thursday! Thanks, I love Wheel of Fortune.

  • Very cool.. Should be fun..

  • can we replace wheel of fortune with fat princess?

    pretty please >_>

    *no offense wheel of fortune guys*

  • this looks just like the jepordy one total fail my friends

  • Looks exactly like Jeopardy.

    Jeopardy was the biggest fail since god made the AIDS.

    Sony, seriously.
    Stop making people regret spending so much money on that shiny black box.

  • You should be able to spin the wheel by flicking the SIXAXIS around.

  • This is all well and good, but I still can’t help thinking Sony are missing a trick with games like this – why go to all that trouble to have an in-depth character creation mode when you’ve got Home sat their with a ready made avatar of yourself?

    Alright so both your main competitors are doing this already, but is that any reason why you shouldn’t? These social Game Show games and other community games on PSN that involve some kind of user avatar should be programmed to use the Home avatar – and while you’re at it they should all have game launching in Home so a bunch of avatars can meet up and jump straight into the game using the same character.

    Home is only going to truly take off when you have this level of interoperability between Home and games, especially HDD based PSN games…

  • I want to get this, but they need more puzzles. When they prove that they want to add puzzles to this and Jeopardy, I’ll get it, because it’s a great party game. But right now, if you want a great party game, get Buzz. I figure if you are even in this thread, that kind of thing appeals to you. GET BUZZ!

  • they don’t have hosts or voice work because it would cost them more money. They would have to pay the host that does the show plus voice acting and other BS, then the game would be $20-$40.

  • Oh, and I agree with #61. So stupid.

  • This is the kind of game that needs Home avatar support. Everyone should have the option to import their Home avatar and use them to play WOF.

  • In my opinion I think this should be like 5 bucks cause just by looking at it, I don’t see the host of the show, the girl that flips the cards, it’s pretty basic. I’m not ranting or anything I just think you guys should judge the prices based on content and appeal. Based on the people who have said the same as me, you can see where this is going. Price drop later on.


    So, what do I win?

  • Im definitely buying this, i looooooove wheel of fortune. Thanks guys.

  • One other thing. If you guys ever releases PS1 games, like FFVII, FFVIII, FFIX etc. more people will be happy to see their treasured games to be played again. It shouldn’t be to hard to implement them? At a reasonable price. Can it? However, since no one will read this and ignore it, what is the probability of that? Listen to your consumers! Without them you guys would be broke and so on.

  • I’m buying it! This game looks fun and playing against my wife is going to be sweet.

  • a must buy for me, yea it’s a little high on price but i cant complain .

  • @40 You make too much sense for these guys man. Give up.

  • thanks but no thanks, i’ll stick with buzz for my random urges to be a contestant on a gameshow.

  • Any hint of a demo??

  • Not $15 bucks guys.
    $10 and I would have purchased it.
    sigh :(

  • Will it be released in Europe? Poland exactly.


  • I almost got burned with Jeapordy (a game that I was really looking forward to) so I’m not going anywhere near this one.

  • i was so going to get this game but at 15$ no thank you!

  • I regreted buying Jeopardy after buying it for $15. I won’t make the same mistake again. I bet the puzzles repeat just as often as the questions on Jeopardy. At least you managed to add trophies…

  • Jeopardy went down to $10. So will this. Don’t buy it now.

  • “That’s why, aside from solo play against A.I. opponents, we offer network/multiplayer modes with voice chat support.”

    Does this mean there is online mode? Or just local multiplayer?

  • I hope you forgot a decimal between the 1 and 5 in 15. Sorry, but noone outside the EXTREME fans are going to pay that much for it. It’s a shame really, I was looking forward to this..but forget about it now. I’ll go spend my money on something else.

  • You guys at SOE need to release Planetside / Everquest on PS3, now imagine how good that would be.

    also i think games like this need to use Home Avatars. isnt it a good idea to use Home Avatars in PSN games?

  • WTF!?
    No host?
    I want a host or at least someone talking to you…that looks boring..and I hope they don’t expect me to pay over 9.99 for it..

  • @69 go whine at squeenix, sony cant do anything about squeenix owned ips


  • Instant pass… even if my PSN friends were to gift me this game I wouldn’t play it. Already got a roommate who imported Demon Souls and even then I’d probably go back to the best PSN game of all time, Super Stardust HD… Maybe throw Crystal Defenders (its already in English on the Japanese Playstation store) and I’ll spend some money on PSN this week.

  • can you affect how strong or weak u can spin the wheel, When u spin it ?

    Or do u just press 1 button and its 100% random, no influence on the spin at all ?

  • Don’t buy it! Jeopardy is one of the top 5 worst PSN games and this looks pretty much the same. I’m not going to waste another $15.

  • I’ll probably wait for the inevitable five dollar price drop.

    Despite its’ shortcomings, I liked Jeopardy; and while I hoped they would’ve learned from those and fixed them for Wheel of Fortune, it’s not a total dealbreaker for me. It’s just not a day one purchase at $14.99 (again). $9.99 is the perfect price for this.

  • Looks good…

  • Also, just a heads-up: the photos are set to private.

  • people who bought Jeopardy should get this for free, $14.99 ? No way jose

  • I will buy Wheel of Fortune when jeopardy gets an add on or update that features more questions. We have played dozens of games with the same questions why waste money again?

  • i hate when we don’t get answers to our questions about certain games posted here,we got one response from Jeff, and he didn’t exactly answer his questions, just basically telling him to fork out his cash on Thursday. the community support they have here is basically for their benefit not ours and the same goes for HOME, i was kinda looking forward to this game but thanks to some comments made here about jeopardy, thanks but no thanks

  • Bought Jeopardy day 1 for $15 and was so disappointed. From the looks of it this once again uses the sub-par character models and customization from Jeopardy but more importantly there is NO HOST AUDIO, if your not going to include that at least give us custom soundtracks but nope none of that either, this made the game play so boring in Jeopardy.

    I am glad to see you included ACTUAL Trophy support this time around but it still does not justify the $15 price, $10 would have been perfect for this so now I join the ranks of those waiting for a price drop on this title.

  • I was looking forward to this, but I think like most other people I will wait for it to drop in price. I would have bought it for $10 day one, but I don’t want to support slighlty overpriced downloadble games. Noby Noby Boy for $5 should be bought by everyone to show support for that. flower at $10 is great. Lumines Supernova at $15 is a waste, no ofeence but I don’t see how they charge $15 for that when there are older (and better) psn games siliair like Go Puzzle and Piyotama that are $3-$6. The only thing Lumines has over those two games is trophy support.

    And like other people said, this really should have had Home avatars. I don’t like Home, this could have changed that a bit. Sony needs to do stuff like that to compete. Both competitors do this with their respective systems and avatars. Why shouldn’t Sony?

    And I also don’t see how it doesn’t have custom soundtracks. How hard can that be to add?

    Anyways, I will be buying this at $10.

  • Sony needs to add private chat, cross game chat in game music and some exclusive features! How about loyalty points? everytime you buy a ps3 game it counts as so many points for you, and after so many we can turn these points in for stuff at the playstation store. Lets start thinking outside the box.

  • I see the presentation is just as bare bones as Jeopardy. No Thanks.

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