Take the Logitech Challenge in Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

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Hey, racing fans. This is Chris Pate, Global Product Marketing Manager at Logitech for all of our steering controllers. I am happy to announce that we are partnering with Gran Turismo to hold an exciting online racing event, the Logitech Challenge.

Beginning tomorrow, Wednesday March 18, 2009, there will be three one-week long online competitions in Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, where players compete for the fastest lap time using the specified course and vehicle class. Each week, the top three players will be selected to receive some great prizes from Logitech, including some of our best wheel controllers. Additionally, five players will be selected randomly, regardless of lap time, from among all of the race participants for the week to receive our latest Driving Force GT wheel. To compete, just boot up the game, go to the Online Events section of the main menu, and look for the Logitech Challenge event. Then you just enter the event and post your best lap time.

Logitech Challenge with Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

Here’s exactly what’s at stake for the winners. The third place winner each week will receive a Logitech Driving Force Wireless wheel and a Logitech V470 Cordless Laser Mouse. The second place winner will receive a Logitech Driving Force Wireless wheel and Logitech Z-5 speakers. The first place winner each week will receive a Logitech Driving Force GT wheel, Logitech Audio Hub speakers, and a Logitech V470 Cordless Laser Mouse. And five randomly selected players each week will receive a Logitech Driving Force GT wheel.

Winners will be announced after all three weeks’ competitions have ended. Players must be at least 18 years old and a resident of the United States to win. Upon completion of the competition, potential winners will be contacted so eligibility requirements can be verified. See here for complete contest rules.

Check the official Gran Turismo website at the beginning of each 1-week period, starting March 18, for information on the week’s course and car list, and to read driving tips to help you improve your lap time.

Learn more about Logitech’s Driving Force GT wheel here, which was designed to take advantage of exclusive Gran Turismo 5 Prologue features. You can also visit our website here and use the promo code “challenge09” to receive 10% off select PS3 products from Logitech.

Good luck, and happy racing!


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  • As a G15 owner, I wish Polyphony would setup official support for the great wheel and it’s manual shift gate with clutch… (I could swear that with the Japanese demo it had settings for that specific wheel unlike the US release) I am glad that Logitech is partnering up to do activities to boost the online portion as we all wait for the final release of GT5

  • Sounds interesting. I’ll check it out.

  • Will there be an updated Manual driving wheel on GT5 release?

  • Please make the G25 fully compatible with the GT5P. The option menu in the GT5P doesn’t have the G25 wheel. Why?

  • Great contest, need to remember to enter!

  • This is all well and good for some of the players in Region 1, but Canadians get the shaft – again!

    Both SCEA and Logitech need to take more of their customers and fans into consideration when it comes to contests. Canadians were also excluded from the last GT challenge, too!

    For example, if the new Resistance tournament can include everyone in the US and Canada, including the youngest allowed on the PSN (13 yo), then why can’t this contest?

    SCEA may not care, but we do.

  • There are a lot of unfamiliar IDs here, fans of GT who we don’t see racing on-line and who don’t appear in the GT forum.

    Why not come to your own GT forum and join in on our continuous challenges / contests / Home parties / and just plain ol’ racing? There are advantages to racing with friends.

    Please – drop by and stay a while.



  • When will online competitions like this be open to Canadians? Similar European competitions are not restricted to residents of the UK or Germany are they?

    Perhaps there are legal reasons for US resident restrictions, but some sort of comment or explanation of this would go a long way to removing the feeling of discrimination that non-US consumers have experienced lately.

    I encourage my fellow Canadians to post your best times and show Sony that, while there may not be many of us, we’ve got some very talented drivers north of the 49th.



  • COOL! I like this contest idea… But I was kind of dissapointed in GT5 Prologue… It was my FIRST Gran Turismo game, and I thought it was lacking in a few areas… Don’t get me wrong though, it looks stunning! It’s just that, I wish it had more of, well, everything!

    But, that’s where Gran Turismo 5 comes in! I’m sure that GT5 will be SUPERB!

  • the Logitech Challenge in Gran Turismo 5 Prologue applies to U.S. territories like puerto rico? so i want to know if i can play

  • Like others here, I’m very disappointed that this contest is not open to Canadians.

    A reply explaining why would be greatly apreciated.

  • this sucks theres no way i’ll win that most ppl on it have the wheel i;ve already tried and the dualshock just don;t cut it man i really want that wheel 1.18 cmon

  • When and if they include Canada in contests, I will then rejoice.

  • No Canadian or Mexican eligibility is pretty lame.

  • I’ll tell you whats lame, not being able to create my own online rooms, race the track that i want to race, drive the car that i want to drive(Without Restrictions)and the biggest thing of all, not being able to invite and race with my friends!!!! What is the effin deal here? Why can they make the GT5p online setup similar to F1CE? Every time i go online to play gt5p i get so MAD that it makes me want to break something.

    As much as i love this game offline, online is where the most fun is, playing with my friends. This online setup is almost more than i can take. I SWEAR IF POLYPHONY DOESNT DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS I’M GOING TO KILL SOMETHING AND IT WILL PROBABLY BE MY PS3!!!!

  • Calm down, DA_KILLAS-T!

    If you want to race with your friends, then race with them. You just have to get organised.

    Prologue may not be designed the way we all want it today, but there is nothing from stopping you from racing and having lots of fun. Just be a bit more tolerant and learn how to do it. ;^)

  • So should we be wall riding to get into the top spots or are those people going to be eliminated from the contest?

  • You don’t think you could convince your lawyers to throw in “or Canada” after the residency requirement, do you? :-)

  • @Midgetguy: that’s why its called a “prologue” release.

  • As a Canadian GT5p driver and proud owner of a Logitech G25 I’m disappointed that this contest didn’t make it north or south of the American borders.

    It would’ve been really easy to make this event North American instead of exclusively American.

    For the contest entrants so far, nice wallriding, looking good.

    Rated 1, eat rocks.

  • @ keyrat:

    “So should we be wall riding to get into the top spots or are those people going to be eliminated from the contest?”

    No, we shouldn’t and we don’t know if anyone will be eliminated for wall riding yet. We will learn that after the first week is finished and we see who wins.

    The other combos may give wall riders no advantage, so pick which week you want to enter well. You can only win once.

    If you like clean racing, please come to the GT forum here. ;^)



  • keyrat:

    “So should we be wall riding to get into the top spots or are those people going to be eliminated from the contest?”

    lol i think that depends on if this Chris Pate guy actually plays the game or not.

    If he does im sure he’ll DQ them all! Cheers to racing clean, wheel to wheel and stopwatch.

  • Ahhh another Challenge!
    And just in time, Cause I just had to exchange the 1st one I bought. (Shifter Broke 6Wks Use)

    But No Whining here.
    Logitech Ur Great, now just make the Linkage feel Like Linkage. :)

    Oh, Game:Great, Logi:Great
    GTP guys: there cool too.

  • Come on, why Canadians can’t be included? that sucks

  • Excluding Canadians when they are in the same region is one of the stupidest things I’ve seen. Other than letting the cheating wall riders compete and excluding people in the same region and not communicating with the community about these matters, this looks like it COULD have been fun!

  • Love your products, Logitech…and thanks AGAIN for screwing over your Canadian customers by excluding us in your contests.


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