Take the Logitech Challenge in Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

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Hey, racing fans. This is Chris Pate, Global Product Marketing Manager at Logitech for all of our steering controllers. I am happy to announce that we are partnering with Gran Turismo to hold an exciting online racing event, the Logitech Challenge.

Beginning tomorrow, Wednesday March 18, 2009, there will be three one-week long online competitions in Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, where players compete for the fastest lap time using the specified course and vehicle class. Each week, the top three players will be selected to receive some great prizes from Logitech, including some of our best wheel controllers. Additionally, five players will be selected randomly, regardless of lap time, from among all of the race participants for the week to receive our latest Driving Force GT wheel. To compete, just boot up the game, go to the Online Events section of the main menu, and look for the Logitech Challenge event. Then you just enter the event and post your best lap time.

Logitech Challenge with Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

Here’s exactly what’s at stake for the winners. The third place winner each week will receive a Logitech Driving Force Wireless wheel and a Logitech V470 Cordless Laser Mouse. The second place winner will receive a Logitech Driving Force Wireless wheel and Logitech Z-5 speakers. The first place winner each week will receive a Logitech Driving Force GT wheel, Logitech Audio Hub speakers, and a Logitech V470 Cordless Laser Mouse. And five randomly selected players each week will receive a Logitech Driving Force GT wheel.

Winners will be announced after all three weeks’ competitions have ended. Players must be at least 18 years old and a resident of the United States to win. Upon completion of the competition, potential winners will be contacted so eligibility requirements can be verified. See here for complete contest rules.

Check the official Gran Turismo website at the beginning of each 1-week period, starting March 18, for information on the week’s course and car list, and to read driving tips to help you improve your lap time.

Learn more about Logitech’s Driving Force GT wheel here, which was designed to take advantage of exclusive Gran Turismo 5 Prologue features. You can also visit our website here and use the promo code “challenge09” to receive 10% off select PS3 products from Logitech.

Good luck, and happy racing!


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  • Logitech makes the best products… Makes me wish I had this game just so I can compete. :P

  • Sounds like a fun contest.

  • Killzone 2 online contest
    Killzone 2 photo contest
    Motorstorm 2 Contest
    Hawx Contest
    Gran turismo Contest

    So many contest :O

  • If this title doesn’t get an update, I’m going to ebay it. It needs Trophies and a new lobby system. We can even create a personal game with friends on our PSN friends list. That’s a major flaw.

  • think its pretty awesome that logitech is supporting GT5 prologue even thought its just a taste of whats to come! can i buy the full game on PSN? i’d rather keep this on the HDD…


  • I sold GT5:P the other day. What a piece of crap that is, what happened to all these fee updates of cars and maps we were supposed to get? Weren’t we supposed to be getting updates that would make this more of a “complete” game?

    Hopefully GT5 doesn’t disappoint, when it comes out in 2012.

  • @ 1

    Are you the actual Dipset Freakyzeeky? Or you’re just using the name as your PSN ID?

  • @8 Just using the name… :P

  • Hey Jeff
    I’m really glad to see all of these new contests coming here and there! its really making playing games a heck of alot more fun…
    too bad i dont own any of the games the contests are runnng for :(

  • Sounds fun

  • alright but how about the full game? the wait is extremely disappointing.

  • Ooooooo, this is the perfect excuse to get some more time in Prologue.


  • I already loved Logitech for making that DFP that I cling to with a death grip. This just adds to my love for them.

    I don’t know where you heard of these updates to make it into a complete game, but that sounds a lot like the BS the GameStop guy was telling me to try to get me to preorder Prologue. Fact is, this is not the first Prologue GT has done, and you got what they advertised.

    As for the additional cars and maps, if you bought your game in NA it already came with the new cars and maps included. Europe and Japan did get an update with new cars and maps.

  • Thanks for the event Logitech, but the people setting the fastest laps on GT5p probably already have your G25 racing wheel, and will sell the DrivingForce immediatly.

    And really, GT5 needs to hurry up and put in some new updates. As MyWhiteNoise correctly puts it, we’re not getting our updates like promised (up to a point where prologue hardly differs from gt5) – vehicle damage was supposed to come ages ago too. Time between prologue & full game release (which is still unknown/unannounced) is offputting.

  • hey any idea of how can i get my hands on some of those Playstation Air Force 1’s ?????? Those shoes are hot.!!!

  • Sound’s cool to bad I never win LOL!!! I did buy 2 logitech PSP case’s (playgear pocket aka) 1000 series and 2000 series. Best money I ever spent U have custmer for life!!!

  • @ LINK0 #15 – check out eBays my friend! oh and do try to keep your posts relevant to the discussion.


  • ˙pǝɹoq ǝɯ ʇoƃ ʇsnɾ ʇı ʇnq ƃuıɥʇʎɹǝʌǝ puɐ ןooɔ sı ǝnƃooןoɹd 5 ʇƃ sʎɐʍʎuɐ ʇnq ʇɐɥʇ ʍouʞ oʇ pǝʇuɐʍ ʇsnɾ ı uɐɯ

  • SWEET!
    I already bought a Playseat and New Logitech GT Wheel, for Gran Turismo 5 and GRID, but this is a perfect contest to test my wheel out!

    I love your products Logitech! I know your manager of steering products, Chris Pate, but I really want a Logitech mouse that is a gaming mouse but Bluetooth and has a recharge dock instead of batteries but also has 2 thumb buttons for forward and back internet browsing as well as game functions.

  • It’s CONTEST-PALOOZA this week at the PS Blog!

  • How about giving GT5: prologue a update instead or actually announcing GT5.

  • help me out with something… gran turismo PROLOGUE is like 2 years old now? where the hell is gran turismo complete??????

  • got tired of the game a long time ago. online sucked (stupid people just bump you of the road, then you’re the one getting a penalty for it). too few tracks. HUGE install data (5-6 gig, even if you have the blu ray version)

  • oh yeah I forgot a major let down: no support.

  • Everyone complaining about GT5p: STOP CRYING. Logitech isn’t responsible for anything. POLYPHONY is. They take their time with GT5 to make sure its PERFECT at release.

    Im sure you aren’t part of the community that is interested in things like this in the first place.

    http://www.gtplanet.com if you are.

    Logitech folk,

    I LOVE your products. I’ve been using my DFPRO since the launch of GT4. I want free stuff. I will participate in this race.

  • @Chris Pate
    This sounds pretty sweet Chris I even considered getting GT5:P just to participate… strapped for cash at present.

    Question… Has sony opened up the Controller Specification so you guys can make these controllers without use of a dongle or USB connection?

    @Jeff Rubenstien and PS Blog Crew
    Are we going to hear anything on The Last Remnant release for PS3 anytime soon? Perhaps at GDC? PC version releases next week and we haven’t even heard a word from SE on whether this game is still coming. We never hear from square on this blog either is there something you guys can do about that?

  • Square Enix? lol

    Obviously you’ve never played Final Fantasy XI. Square Enix doesn’t even realize there’s a community to interact with. They think we all exist to hand over our money to them.

    They don’t even update their own blog… http://member.square-enix.com/na/blog/

    Also they don’t speak english. That’s not a generalization.. they bring translators to every western event they attend.. including their own.

  • it sucks that Mexico isn’t considered for this contests :(

  • Pretty cool contest! Anyways, theirs been news about a new PSP 3G(no umd) coming in April…So can you guys confirm it pretty please?

  • I love Polyphony and Logitech

  • @29…

    um no dont get excited: PSP will have UMD

    3G would be nice though

  • @27
    I played Final Fantasy XI for 3 years and that was after participating in the Beta for the game.

    Square does have staff for localization and communication with the US community. Had you spent more time working with POL you would know that.

    If I’m not mistaken there has been translation work on the blog for even some of sony’s games where the staff of said game did not speak english. So I don’t think spoken Language is really all that of a challenge for the PS Blog.

    I’m also well aware of SE’s blog as I have the RSS feed on my reader, they don’t up date nearly enough.

  • Wow there have been a lot of contest lately.

    This one is awesome though, I might get in on it.

    Already have the Driving Force GT though, but let me say that I love it. That wheel has gotten many people to play and fall in love with GT5P that I did not think would enjoy video games, like my father and father in law.

    Oh, and can we please get an update on the progress of Gran Turismo 5?

  • YAY!!!

    Too bad my 60GB PS3 is suffering from the dreaded and all too common Yellow Light of Death :(

  • Still no official support for the G25 wheel in GT5:P. Really disappointing.

  • I agree with Szarky, GT5:P needs official support for the G25. Being able to shift w/o using the clutch with manual transmission is not a realistic driving experience.

  • Totally agree with post #4 you need to have private matches not play with stupid [DELETED] who just mess about.

    Will have bash at it though!

  • Great contest all over the place… and still nothing for Canadians :(

  • How about the G25 wheel as a prize?

  • @RedGiant314 You aren’t totally accurate. Most race cars have transmissions in them that allow you to upshift without using the clutch. Downshifting, however, does require the clutch.

  • @mjparme, That’s fine, but you can’t do that either with the G25 because it’s not officially supported.

  • Awesome! I will have to take the challenge. Thanks!

  • @35 & everyone else who doesn’t follow GT5p & the G25 yet cries about it here.

    You can use the G25 & the 6spd fine w/clutch. Hit triangle to activate the clutch when u first start the race.

    – You can miss shifts
    – You can stall out
    – you have to clutch & first in standing still start races.
    – You have to clutch before switching gears

    Polyphony uses the g25 as well.

    Again, you guys aren’t even part of the Gran Turismo community.

    Google is your friend as well.

  • I vote all of u should be refunded. So you can stop ramming me with your lame clios when I’m racing.

  • How about some actual news on GT5. This is nice and all but I already have most of the products being offered here.

  • @43
    I know about hitting triangle, but why should you have to do that to activate the clutch? Why don’t they fix this bug?

  • Canada? – Nope…oh well!

  • All of Sony’s bug franchises that are already out should get trophy supprt. And even the smaller ones. I mean every game from Sony that is already out, whether it was a launch game or one that released just a little before trophies came out. Sony needs to do this. It’s annoying that all games on 360 have achievements.

  • And that should have said big franchises, not bug. :p oops

  • Are my eyes deceiving me? PS blog finally mentioned one of Playstations best selling franchises… Even if it due to Logitech

    Thanks Logitech, always great products (not just wheels), would love to know if you are developing a premium G25 style wheel for Gran Turismo though? :p

    (Yes yes I know the G25 and I have one works with GT5P but I would love it official)

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