Resistance: Retribution Out Today, Chat with the Devs Tomorrow

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Resistance: Retribution arrives in stores today and there is a lot going on this week in celebration.

Resistance: Retribution action

First, reviews have begun appearing. Below is a selection of a few that have shown up over the last week including three which have given it Editors Choice Awards!

  • “Resistance: Retribution goes toe to toe with it’s big brothers on the PLAYSTATION 3 and it’s a must play for fans of the series or those looking for a shooter for the road.” 9.4 out of 10 GameTrailers
  • “PSP owners don’t want to miss out on this one.” 9.0 out of 10 – GameZone (Editors Choice)
  • “Resistance: Retribution is excellent.” 9.2 out of 10 – IGN (Editors Choice)
  • “Resistance: Retribution is easily one of the best looking PSP games available.” 9.5 out of 10 – PGNX (Editors Choice)
  • ASK MEN: 9.2 out of 10
  • GAME PRO: 4 out of 5

Additionally, the soundtrack is set to appear on iTunes beginning today. Composed by Garry Schyman the soundtrack he created really evokes the action and suspense of Resistance: Retribution. Here’s a sample of one of the tracks called “Chimera Attack.”


Last week, Bryan Intihar at Insomniac Games wrapped up their feature stories on Resistance: Retribution at With topics ranging from The Story to The Weapons, the feature ended with information about Resistance: Retribution Connect. Check them all out here.

Finally, the Bend Studio is going to participate in a live chat tomorrow, here on the PlayStation Blog. John Garvin and Chris Reese will be on hand to answer your questions about making the game, the story, working with Insomniac, etc. Come back by the blog on March 18th at 12:00 Noon PDT and check it out.

And check out the Resistance: Retribution Facebook fan page!

I told you there was a lot of stuff!

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  • How did the game do in Japan? I know the Resistance series is big in Japan. I even watch the Japanese trailers and demo footage on youtube (I like the Japanese voice also). I’m just curious.

  • Will definitely be picking this up!…

    hopefully it will be better than R2, as that game was a complete let down compared to R:FoM.

    R:R looks solid judging by the gameplay videos.

  • sounds like the game is another success from Sony Bend. its my day off tomorrow so ill go pick it up i think. is this game going to be offered as a download on the PSN?


  • @52 I dont think it was a complete let down but they should have left the weapon wheel, some more guns and the story should have been a bit longer but online is awesome both co-op and competition hopefully we see some DLC soon with some of the original guns and new maps

  • How come there aren’t any commercials for Retribution? The last psp game I saw advertised on tv was Crisis Core almost 10 months ago!

  • Will this be hitting the PSN soon??? I’m a huge fan of downloadable games for the PSP. Not the PS3 though.

  • I notice that not only is RR available for download on the Japanese PSN store, but it will also be available on the UK PSN store in a couple of days.
    Is there any logical reason why you have decided to make the US version UMD only?

  • when will we be able to download it off the ps store? was upset i bought killzone liberation on umd when it ended up being released shortly there after on the store.

  • I think its kind of unfair that other PSN regions gets two alternatives, the full game downloadable version and the UMD version. And were stuck (U.S. PSN region) with the flimsy UMD’s only.

    I use to like UMD’s and at that time in 2005 up until 2008 but now that the PSN access from the psp is here, this could be a good opportunity like what SCEJ is doing.

  • I tried out the demo for 10mins. Another battery went dead. I’m picking it up tomorrow, it just sit here till the next PSP version comes out.

  • WOW!!! I love this game!! This is right up there!! I am loving the story elements in this game! And I like that their is a chick in this one again…R2 didn’t have any woman at all. I am only on chapter 2 Bonn, but I was so happy that the chapters are long, it took me over an hour maybe 2 to finish the first level. I died alot, but it was fun, I never felt like I just wanted to put it down even with dying. Those boilers are a b#@3h’s, man are they annoying. The cinematics are fantastic…right up there with the 2 Syphon filter games, FF7:CC, and Gow:coo. Thank you Sony Bend for making an incredible game!

  • The fact that the games on psp look and play the same or better than ps2 games is great. It’s great that there are developers that put full version games on it. It so nice to get a psp game and find out it’s just as in depth and lengthy like the console games and when they are their own stories, like RR, it makes it even better. To the fools that won’t buy the game if it’s not on the store..what is wrong with you? The game is feakn awesome. You are missing out on a masterpiece. What is wrong with UMD? Really UMD’s are not bad..i just don’t get some poeple…sure it’s nice to have the option to digital download, but to not buy the game because of that is moronic, you are just missing out….Your loss…. Once again, thank you Sony Bend for making this as great as you did, you guys rock! Great Syphon Filter games and Great RR!! Now when are you guys going to bring a Syphon Filter game to the ps3?

  • why isn’t my psn avatar showing on the blog here? strange.

  • Bring your own chair please

  • It looks so good for a PSP game.

  • Is there any reason why the game wont be out on PSN anytime soon?

  • I understand the need to continue the important relationship with retailers(Gamestop) and not make this title competitive against the the brick and mortars,but this is another lost chance to make the PSP/PSN store relevant.
    At some point Gamestop and it’s ilk will have to understand that digital distribution is coming and that they should embrace it as soon as possible. You don’t even have to discount the title to take into account the fact that you don’t have packaging or printing costs. Just put the title up on the store for it’s retail price and then you give the consumer the choice that they deserve. I would purchase this game in a second if it was on the store,but I’m hesitant to keep buying cases/umds.

    It also enables the PSP owner to carry multiple games with them,but without the hassle of a bunch of disks. I know I’m just a lonely voice in a sea of many,but as a consumer who spends thousands yearly on gaming merchandise,I think I’m not the only one who feels that way. Just take a look at the comments in this blog post alone. Every other post is asking about the PSN store release.

    With that being said and the fact that I’m a big Resistance fan, I will definitely look into purchasing the game.

  • Why isn’t this game on the PSN as a download? Its just so much easier to play games on the HD and not have to change out UMD disc and keep up with them. I just wish that the unlocked infected mode was playable without a PS3. I play my psp on the go not sitting in front of my ps3. If I wanted to play my ps3 i’d play that instead.

  • I’m quite pleased with the overall gameplay of resistance, it is truly a good game. What I am truly disappointed in however, is how the game shows no “resistance” to online hackers, and how it is so similarly programmed as all the syphon filter games, that there were people using infinite health on the 1st day.

    Is anything going to be done about this? Will the game be patched?

  • does this game support mem stick install for faster load times? or it doesnt have load times?

  • So fare this game (though I’m only on the 4th mission) Is top notch! Great job! I look Forward to more Resistance on the PSP!

  • this game doesn’t even look like it was rated M. instead this game is rated T.
    at leasat thats what i think.

  • at least i meant

  • Please release the soundtrack on the PSN!

  • very important, if i buy this game, how will i be able to play it on the new psp coming out that doesnt have a umd drive?

    is there a way to transfer it digitally to the new psp without the umd drive? maybe a detached usb umd drive? how?

  • HanSolo = St00pid

  • AMAZING!!!!

    I was a “little” skeptical about this game… but now it seems like I just might HAVE to get this game! I mean, after seeing videos, and nearly perfect reviews and such, I just can’t help but get excited!


    (P.S. The music preview is AWESOME!)

  • Geez, where are all the PSP games on the PSN like on the UK store? I was looking through their catalog and I literally found at least TEN games I’d have bought and downloaded. That’s ten just off the bat without really looking more in depth at the ones available. Compared to the US Store, they’ve got a huge amount. Plus, one of the games on our store that I saw I wanted was double the price as the UMD at gamestop, but I don’t want the UMD. Sorry, don’t mean to complain, but I’d spend a lot more money if the PSP catalog here was a little more ‘full.’

  • I love to play online. this game rocks!

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