Resistance: Retribution Out Today, Chat with the Devs Tomorrow

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Resistance: Retribution arrives in stores today and there is a lot going on this week in celebration.

Resistance: Retribution action

First, reviews have begun appearing. Below is a selection of a few that have shown up over the last week including three which have given it Editors Choice Awards!

  • “Resistance: Retribution goes toe to toe with it’s big brothers on the PLAYSTATION 3 and it’s a must play for fans of the series or those looking for a shooter for the road.” 9.4 out of 10 GameTrailers
  • “PSP owners don’t want to miss out on this one.” 9.0 out of 10 – GameZone (Editors Choice)
  • “Resistance: Retribution is excellent.” 9.2 out of 10 – IGN (Editors Choice)
  • “Resistance: Retribution is easily one of the best looking PSP games available.” 9.5 out of 10 – PGNX (Editors Choice)
  • ASK MEN: 9.2 out of 10
  • GAME PRO: 4 out of 5

Additionally, the soundtrack is set to appear on iTunes beginning today. Composed by Garry Schyman the soundtrack he created really evokes the action and suspense of Resistance: Retribution. Here’s a sample of one of the tracks called “Chimera Attack.”


Last week, Bryan Intihar at Insomniac Games wrapped up their feature stories on Resistance: Retribution at With topics ranging from The Story to The Weapons, the feature ended with information about Resistance: Retribution Connect. Check them all out here.

Finally, the Bend Studio is going to participate in a live chat tomorrow, here on the PlayStation Blog. John Garvin and Chris Reese will be on hand to answer your questions about making the game, the story, working with Insomniac, etc. Come back by the blog on March 18th at 12:00 Noon PDT and check it out.

And check out the Resistance: Retribution Facebook fan page!

I told you there was a lot of stuff!

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6 Author Replies

  • That’s great for R:R. Let’s hope it gets more recognition.

  • Where’s the Schyman sample? I loved his Bioshock score.

  • Looks pretty good, a nice compliment to Killzone 2 for my pocket. I like the way the cut scenes use the narrator in addition to the regular cutscenes, I missed that in R2.

  • I probably be picking this up sometime next week. Guess I can finally take my copy of Prinny out of my PSP.

  • YES!!!!

    will there be DLC???

    • There hasn\’t been any DLC announced for Resistance: Retribution.

      All the goodness is contained within the UMD, so go out and get it!

  • getting it tomorrow for sure

  • I like the PSP to PS3 connectivity.

  • Cool soundtrack!

  • As I’ve previously said, I will NOT buy this until I see it on the PSN store. I simply hate umd’s and have been screwed twice now when i broke down and bought the umd version of a game only to have it release a week later on the store (most recently, kz:liberation). I see its on the JP store, if you want my money it will be on the US store too ;)

  • Decided to skip this one for now. I may circle back around to it in a few months, but R2 was such a letdown! This would have to be pretty impressive to suck my back into the Resistance universe. The demo was playable, but Phantasy Star is all the game my PSP will need for quite a while…

  • Looks sweet but too bad i sold my psp… I might have to go pick one up but I’m holding back to hear from the NEW PSP2!

  • Buying Resistance: Retribution tomorrow. Played the demo and loved it. Sony Bend should really make a PS3 game soon ’cause I’ve been in love with their work ever since Syphon Filter.

  • I really liked the demo, but I won’t be able to pick it up for awhile because I just bought RE5 and Killzone 2. However, it is at the top of my list.

  • same with me LN_Mexwarrior. They’ll probably come out with one as soon as we give up and buy a PSP

  • I’m french, i preorder the collector version of esistance retribution, Thak you SONY for making great game for the PSP, i can’t wait for little big planet PSP, please give me some info….

  • I picked this up earlier today and love it, the infected and PS3 plus modes are awesome.

    The visuals are stunning on the PSP screen but there is a step down in quality when playing on my XBR5 as with all PSP games.

    The story feels deep so far, the opening with James’ brother was crazy, I just wish I got to push the button/ pull the trigger.

    The new enemies and weapons are welcome and very well done. Loving the Razors secondary fire.

    All of this and I feels just like its big brothers on the PS3, well more so like the first one. Great job Bend Studio.

    If the quality of this game is an indication of the PSP’s line up this year, my PSP will be getting alot of use.

  • Sony Bend has been one of my favorite studios since the original Syphon Filter back when they were Eidetic, I would love to ask things in the chat but all my question would be syphon filter related like when is it coming to PS3 if ever?

  • Thank you Sony bend the game rocks!

  • I’ll be picking this up today and I’m looking forward to the Q and A.

  • Still not sure why Resistance 2 got off to such a slow start, but I guess with all the heavy-hitter games coming out on PS3, it was overshadowed.

    I definitely hope to see this PSP title sell in healthy denominations. ;)

  • Are you gonna put this on the PSN Store this week for us to download it?

    • Nope. This title is currently only available through purchase of the UMD. We won\’t be placing this on the Store anytime soon.

      We do have the demo, though, if you haven\’t tried it out!

  • I soooo have to pick it up i cant wait :D

  • How come the firmware update in the game wasn’t mentioned before?

  • I bought a PSP yesterday and got FF7, and now im getting this game.
    I cant believe I havent bought a PSP before. Its crazy fun! Im hyped up for this game.

  • Sony Beng = Epic Win , Seriously you guys made my childhood Third Person Shooters with the Syphon Filter games. i am sure going to buy this and eagerly wanting any annoucment of a new Syphon Filter =]

  • Awesome! The demo really sold me on this game. I’ll get it as soon as I can.

  • wtf! Cardona! That’s the name of the town i grew up in! oh, and good luck with the game!

  • The demo really impressed me as well. I’m in the school of thinking that this is the true successor to RFOM. I liked the narration, it solidified the alternate history feel that Resistance is all about.
    I’ll be picking this puppy up asap

  • The game look good but i really dont know if im gonna get it. Im a big fan of the resistance series but i think it sucks that you dont play the game as Nathan Hale or someone else that we know from the ps3 version of Resistance.

  • I picked up the game this afternoon, IT PWNS, great job guys 10/10!!! :D

  • I noticed that the full PSP game is currently available(and has been available for a week)on the Japanese PSN. Why not make it downloadable for us as well?

  • Not on the PS Store anytime soon?

    So, I will not buying it anytime soon.

    Just hoping this will be available on PSN before I just leave it alone an forget all about that.

  • Hey will the soundtrack for Retribution ever be up on PSN Store?

    • We\’re working on some solutions that will make it easier for people to download music as a package (instead of each song as a file), but in the meantime, it\’ll only be available on iTunes.

  • Whats with all the UMD hate around here? I for one like having a physical copy of game so I can hold/display on a shelf/sell or whatever else you can think of doing with a actual copy of a game. Downloads are convenient and a nice choice to have, but I will be a sad person if video games ever go 100% downloads.

  • @ 32

    All SONY published games 4 PSP will be on JPN PSN moving forward. SCEJ decision.

  • I love the Resistance universe, the 2 PS3 games are fantastic imo and I will definitely be picking up Retribution at some point, maybe not right away but I think it’s a definite buy just cuz I’m a fan of the franchise.

  • @tsukasa1288

    I don’t want to distribution go 100% over download, I just want the option to buy it online, like on the Euro or Japanese PS Store.

    The choice for the US distribution is disrespectful, considering this title is already available on the other PS Store.

    Totally not buying until this game go to US PS Store. It’s a shame, I really liked that demo.

  • Could you guys make R3? You guys did such a good job with R:R and insomniac RUINED R2 so could you please do this for us! PLEASE!!! :D

  • i pick it up for ps3

  • i mean i will pick it up for ps2 since all first party games get ported

  • man i love the Resistance series even the demo was fun the controls are a bit frustrating for me i kind of wish since there is only 1 joystick that they should make the controls like the original Syphon Filter with R1 and L1 being the strafing but having steer as well and have an auto lock on! you know just a thought.

  • Cristian Cardona replied on March 17, 2009 at 3:44 pm
    Nope. This title is currently only available through purchase of the UMD. We won’t be placing this on the Store anytime soon.

    We do have the demo, though, if you haven’t tried it out!

    Sad to hear, I wont be picking this up until it’s on the store. No more UMD’s for me.

  • This should be an exellent game. But too bad I will miss out since my PSP is broken :(. Anyone want to give me theirs? Also I’m going to miss out on the live chat AS ALWAYS… :|. I always have my anthro class during that time. Blah!

  • What genre is Resistance Retribution?
    Is it like Killzone Liberation were it has a top-down camera
    Anyway…. i would like to know its genre

    • It\’s a third-person action shooter.
      You can check out for videos showing off the gameplay.

  • I’d really like to buy this game, but i’m laid off and broke :( maybe later down the road.

  • @45 It is a pure 3rd Person Shooter…not a top down 3/4 view like KZL.

    See trailers etc :

    Remove the *

  • Gtting the game in a couple months. Felt just like LS and DM, so Im buying.

  • We. Want. It. On. The. Playstation. Store. ! Otherwise I don’t want it!

  • I want to speak to Darren and Ron. How about those guys?

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