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Here’s this week’s reading list, still rife with reviews (Resistance: Retribution, MLB 09: The Show, and a few Killzone 2 stragglers). Did we miss any good stories? Probably – we’ve been working on some stuff for the upcoming GDC. So please share your favorite links of the week in the comments below, and I’ll share a bit of what I’m working on tomorrow morning. Deal?

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of March 9, 2009)

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  • @50 Definitely.

    I hope it’s a Monster Rancher game. They were severely underrated because of the anime that came out, but the monster raising sim was absolutely great.

  • Can’t wait for this weeks posts of, we forgot the price, don’t know the details, features forgotten, and my personal favorite “lets get Q’s from our fans. All five of them”!

  • @ 1 you get a reply to your comment ? no how about staying on topic dude lol

  • when will b getting more info on inFamous Jeff? cause i am dying to find out more about this game. Its the only game i am actually dying for.

  • lets hope that this week will bring us good things. i’m just hoping …nah it’ll have to wait for next week if we are going to see any announcements about games or new firmwares.i’m gonna wait and see what gdc will bring.but you know what a live blog or a live video feed would be great for us either on this blog or over psn or home maybe?:)

  • motorstorm pacific rift surprise tomorrow , nice to hear Jeff


    though MvsC3 would be the best case scenario, this would be most enjoyable, especially the online aspect. adding trophies and suitable DLC is a must. I don’t understand why more company’s aren’t taking advantage of the success of DLC, but a big thank you to those that are.

  • As a Florida resident, you can have your GDC this time cause I’ll have this time for FL Spring Break :) (without the oversized crowds though, i hope :(

    … yea, there will be too many people again :(

  • hey jeff anything new on the future firmwire updates ya can tease us about. a while back a post about a future one that was directed to you for an update. not sure if you gotten around to reading the older post! hopefully that will be soon enough for 2.7!

  • Jeff,

    Here are my requested firmware update features- please pass them on:

    Blu-ray file-ripping for PSP. I’ve bought A LOT of BDVDs lately that I can only watch at home, and I’m very anxious to see this feature finally come through. A little reassuring news on it would be nice, at the very least…

    Ability to establish a “Primary” PS3 user w/ ability to lock individual (personally chosen or tagged) video, photo, game, and audio content from other “Secondary” users on the same system.

    Make custom soundtrack support mandatory for new releases.

    Enforce the January 1st, 2009 trophy mandate (I’m looking at you, Afro Samurai).

    Invisible PSN sign-in option.

    Option to send messages to PSN accounts via email.

    Option to attach larger files to PSN messages (including audio and video files) & audio and video message recording.

    More features & content accessible with in-game XMB.

    Longer character string on PSN comments (let us fill the word balloon, at least) and PSN messaging.

    More avatars. We’ve been waiting far too long for these! We should be asking for ANOTHER avatar pack by now…

    Ability to select our own avatar.

    Cross-game chat.

  • JRPG’s, JRPG’s, where the hell are they Sony and then I mean on the PS3!? I’m really getting freaking tired of waiting here!

    PS3 price drop + more JRPG’s = bigger install base and no… not by the 100th FPS!

  • How about this article?

    “Sony holding Patapon demos for ransom”

    Have you read this article guys?

  • I’d also like to see more JRPGs for the PS3. Being in Hong Kong gives me the temporary advantage of being able to pick up Japanese games like the recently released Yakuza 3 (Ryu no Gotoku), but that advantage only lasts until this June. -_-

    Beyond that, it’s Play-Asia and Himeyashop who will rape gamers like me.

    And seriously, Sony should consider reintroducing Backwards Compatibility for the PS3. Even an emulation-based BC is better than nothing and I believe that this is one of the reasons why people haven’t switched over to the PS3 from their PS2.

    Another thing to consider with the Backwards Compatibility is to allow all-region capability with the Backwards Compatibility. I have a good set of PS2 games that are entirely in Japanese [Generation of Chaos series, Spectral Force series, Front Mission 5, The Angel’s Present, Guilty Gear series, etc].

    As for the price drop issue, it might be a good idea to think about it more seriously BEFORE the GDC or E3. You know, taking a page straight out of history. I say this because Microsoft has been uncharacteristically quiet recently.

  • I forgot to mention that someone at Ars Technica seems to have a bone to pick with Killzone 2:

  • Jeff any updates you provide us on firmwire 2.7 before gdc, I read earlier on about the rumors it seems like is fake but with you % you have provided us with. Congratz again!

  • @PsychoMacross, indeed, PS2 is to me the best console out there and I don’t think the PS3 will ever match that. Its ridiculous that the PS3 can play PS games but no PS2 games, now is it? Plus is it so difficult to draw JRPG’s to the PS3 like you did on the PS2?

    I’ve got the feeling you don’t give a rat ass what I or like at least 30% of the PS2 user base have to say. Well unfortunate, but if the E3 nor the TGS give any JRPG like Kingdom Hearts, Suikoden, Dark Cloud, Wild Arms, Valkyrie Profile or any kind of, or wind up on other consoles… you’ve lost a die hard fan. This time… I’m dead serious.

  • The only problem with the AskMen article is that they have Punch Out, sans Tyson, listed while Fight Night Round 4 has Ali vs Tyson. Sorry, but the epicness of that kind of match up canot be described in words.

    By the way, is my PS3 the only one that hasn’t adjusted for the time change when set to update via Internet? I could do it manually, but then Gran Turismo 5: Prologue has a fit.

  • @Onna76_NL:
    I actually picked up Valkyria Chronicles before I went hunting for my PS3. I say “hunting” because it’s a BC-capable PS3 (model CECHExx, software emulation). The full-BC PS3 models are the CECHAxx series. I’m fine with my CECHExx series PS3 because it’s a pretty good balance of energy efficiency (135 Watts) while still providing most of the perks of the original. The CECHAxx series eat 180 Watts and (from what I’ve heard from my friends) tend to get fairly warm.

    As for getting more games over the pond, I think that’s something related to publisher licensing. I don’t intend to advertise but ATLUS tends to bring over the really awesome games from Japan.

    At the moment, I’m hunting for Agarest Senki (Record of Agarest Wars) because it was released a year (and a few months) before I picked up my PS3. I’ll also be picking up Demon Soul just because the cover art is so awesome (the player is the dead knight on the cover).

  • Bah, comment character limits.

    That said, I think there’s a healthy amount of JRPGs on the PS3, it’s just that American publishers don’t seem to be willing to bring them across the pond. The good news is that WHITE KNIGHT STORY should be coming out in the USA this year. I don’t know if it will have original Japanese dialogue or not because if it doesn’t, that means I’ll have to pick up the Japanese version (which is already available here in Hong Kong).

  • what I think the PSP should have is a way to play pandora radio on it, like you can with internet radio. Like a new application, it would be a huge hit.

  • I think the creaters of warhawk should come out with an add on that includes the ocean/sea and battleships and aircraft carriers that you can have planes on. The only way to capture a flag is to fly with it but it will be better because with the ships you can fire the planes or vehicles down.

  • Warhawk should also consider making some new updates because I think that warhawk is the best game on the PS3

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