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Here’s this week’s reading list, still rife with reviews (Resistance: Retribution, MLB 09: The Show, and a few Killzone 2 stragglers). Did we miss any good stories? Probably – we’ve been working on some stuff for the upcoming GDC. So please share your favorite links of the week in the comments below, and I’ll share a bit of what I’m working on tomorrow morning. Deal?

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of March 9, 2009)

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  • I want

    Universal Inviting
    voice Messaging
    better messaging system that makes a sound
    in-game private chat

  • Jeff,

    What happened to the x-men origins: wolverine live chat? I can’t seem to find it. I wanted to read it again.

  • Jeff…will we be seeing/watching GDC in HOME this year?

  • Jeff, can you tell us anything Jess and Xi?

  • Jeff, I can smell a brand new Ratchet & Clank being announced at or around GDC. :D
    Man, I can’t wait! :D

    The firmware 2.7 rumor list pretty much lists what I want in the PS3…

  • Wow! The Askmen Hype Worthy Games list..9 out of 10 available on PS3 and 4 out of 10 are PS EXCLUSIVES!

  • :(

    Still no Motorstorm surprise!

  • R&C was announced at the end of Q4B already.

    Xi info…twitter Martin from

  • BTW Are we getting Peggle for the PSN this week??
    What about Wheel of Fortune?

    I think that the next PS Store update is going to be HUGE!!

  • Jeff,

    What can we expect from the GDC this year?

  • Hey jeff!! =D
    I can smell a very announcement packed week with GDC around the corner! =D
    Speaking of GDC Origo Games have teased their new game Data-Fly with riddled posts over at the PSU (Playstation Universe) forums! Sounds cool! Heard of the game?

  • Nice little roundup. I really appreciate this type of post Jeff, just in case I miss any cool, little news that went on during the week. Keep up the good work and maybe I’ll frag you online Killzone 2 style one of these days.

  • I also noticed that the X-men chat had disappeared.


    That article had me laughing quite a bit. Looking forward to the GDC stuff, Jeff.

    Ok, it’s been about a week, Jeff. I KNOW you had to have seen Watchmen by now. What’d you think of it?

    Oh, and guys, you really shouldn’t be expecting any major game announcements at GDC. There may be some, but GDC is mostly, as its name implies, for developers to get together and show off things that they’re working on, engines and game theories and whatnot. Please don’t be expecting this to be an E3 type of deal where we’re buried in news, or you’ll be disappointed.

  • I want
    Universal Inviting
    voice Messaging
    better messaging system that makes a sound
    in-game private chat

  • Where Is This Motorstorm Update Or Whatever, That You Announced About 2 Weeks Ago And Still Haven’t Filled Us In?! :(

  • Resistance: Retribution Ad?

  • Thanks Jeff

  • Bestbuy is offer a free copy of Killzone 2, LittleBigPlanet, or MLB The Show 09 if you purchase a PS3 during this week. I just thought I will let you guys know if you are interested.

  • Bioshock 2?! When does that come out? This is the only game im looking foward to!

  • KSPRAYDAD | March 15th, 2009 at 12:16 pm
    Wow! The Askmen Hype Worthy Games list..9 out of 10 available on PS3 and 4 out of 10 are PS EXCLUSIVES!

    yeah tht is some serious stuff and 9/10 games are on the ps3… thts even more cooler….. nice job sony

  • hey Jeff, you have been on the hiphopgamer show but how come you dont put it on your “what we read list”?

  • Just in case someone wants to watch it here it is

  • Can’t believe burnout is #8 in PSN sales this month more than a year after it’s release. And woot for flower noby noby and savage moon. I have them all and love them, including burnout.

  • Hey nice to know you guys are working up a storm for GDC but save some surprise for E3 cause I hear M$ has a lot in stock.

    Also Jeff I didn’t see your name on the list of GDC attendee’s which is listed on GDC’s official website. Are you not going? here’s the link to the list of attendees.,250,251&Sortby=1&SPln=0

    • We\’ve got a generic show floor/exhibitor pass that I can use, though I\’ll likely spend the majority of time in our blog lounge. More on that tomorrow.

  • Hey Jeff, can we expect some awesome coverage via Home/PSN? Maybe some videos and interviews?

    That would be awesome. Live blogging?

    • I don\’t know how well the event lends itself to liveblogging (as opposed to, say, E3), but we\’ve got some ideas to take you inside the closed show.

  • Jeff will the Killzone 2 pre-order costumes ever be for sale in HOME? or are they exclusive to everyone who pre-ordered?


    Voice Messaging
    A Better Messaging System
    In-Game Private Chat

  • I want that Hatsune Miku: Project Diva game for the PSP, but the jerks are only releasing it in Japan (I think… Then again, all the vocaloids in it are Japanese, I think). And it’s expensive!

    I bet no one here has a clue about what I’m talking about. Hurray for non-region locked PSP games!

    Oh, and Flower deserved to be the most bought PSN game in February! Great game!

  • Bioshock 2 Awesome

  • Jeff, any news on Fat Princess and Bomberman PSN releases?!!

    Also, is it possible to keep us logged into websites that require our PSN login such as

  • I love this blog ^^
    Can’t wait to see what this week has in store! =D

  • hey, when are we getting that worm game?

  • Some pretty good news here. I was glad to hear BioShock 2 is definitely coming to PS3 and I really wonder what Tecmo’s secret game is.

    Btw Jeff, since you seem to be big into sports teams from Philadelphia, have you ever been to The Spectrum before? Since I’m a Bulls fan, I watched the game when they played the 76ers there on Friday. The Spectrum is quite memorable to me because my very first NBA game I ever watched completely took place at The Spectrum, and always had memories seeing it on TV. While I know the 76ers moved out there there several years ago, it’s still sad to see The Spectrum being torn down later in the year.

    • Yup, I saw my first (in this order) Flyers (vs Rangers), Sixers (vs Kings), and Globetrotters (vs Washington, natch) in the Spectrum. I\’ll never forget how sticky the floors were, lol.

  • I saw the MLB 09: The Show ad! Great ad!

  • Kill Zone 2 Best Game Ever

  • Sorry for posting again but will be getting the new PSN features that has?

    • When we revealed the trophy-checking feature a couple weeks back, we stated that it was only the first step in functionality. In the meantime, you can use the EU site to make a portable ID, if you like. It\’ll work.

  • …Spyro PS1 classics…

  • I agree with 33, EU PLaystation is beating you guys out with those auto updating trophy cards, being able to see what trophies your friends have (not which ones though), and having lists that dont require you to re-sign in and take forever to load.

    The friends list is supposed to be one long line, not 4 pages you go thru. Just hoping you’ll be able to message and see messages thru the website soon

  • Are you planning any PSone Classics releases and can you tell what it is ?

  • Please tell me any news on any of these:
    -When the US release for Demon’s Souls and White Knight Chronicles is going to be?
    -When is Fat Princess coming out?
    -When will we get Valkyria Chronicles’ DLC?

  • Come on Sony Give us in-game private chat. I cant believe this feature is taking this long. The wii will get it before us.

  • JEFF!!!!!
    Please tell me that Bomberman Ultra info is coming sometime soon! PLEASE! I’ve been waiting FOREVER! I need to have it this week or ill die of impatientness! i’ve been waiting for a release since december! now it march…

  • Hi Jeff! It would be pretty cool if you could bring us an interview with Biart at GDC. They are developing an underwater tactical combat shooter for the PSP named Underwater Wars and will definitely be at GDC.

  • Yes, I know this is the official Playstation blog… but i still find it a little funny that the weekly links are always the best and brightest news about the playstation brand.

  • @46
    Would YOU post negative stuff about the company you work for… on a company blog? That’s like shooting yourself in the foot.

    I’m sure every single employee of every single company has misgivings about their employer, but to go out of your way to make them known is usually how people get fired.

  • …here’s what I’m thinking…

    Imminent price drop + firmware 2.7 = total f’ng destruction

    Make it happen.

    Long live Sony!

  • Been a bit since I post on the blog to be honest I blame Sony, Killzone 2 has CONSUMED me, 4 minutes ago I just got the 1% valor medal which is an improvement from last week’s 3%. With that trophy down all I have left to do is beat Radec on Elite (which is giving me the most trouble) to get the Platinum

    I am at the first part of the balcony and the second wave where they come up top is making me go insane. Anyone have any tips?

  • One more comment Is anybody besides me really looking forward to Temco’s big game announcement?

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