The PSB & Killzone Recap

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Courtesy of Victor Zuylen – Editor, Killzone Community

    The Miner – Mysterious inhabitants of the wastelands, very little was known about the miners… until now.

    Radec Academy – We take a closer look at Radec Academy, where Helghast are taught the finer points of warfare.

    FAQ Update
    – The FAQ for Killzone 2 has been updated with new answers. Check it out!

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  • @ 43 dude i have both system the ps3 is a faster machine then the 360 . when you take the ps3 out the box and hook it up you can begin playing games , movies , music and use the internet you cannot do this with the 360 . when you open the box of a 360 you have to buy xbl separately , if you want wireless internet you have to buy that separately , the 360 is a add on system dude . to make it do all those features you list you have to buy the add on . i would call you a 360 fanboy but i cant cause i just dont think you have a 360 because you dont know anything about the 360. ps3 download games and movies faster then the 360 also show alot better then netcrap lol people like speed not excuses .

  • when do the eu get a video store

  • @cowboyd21

    The weakness of your arguments and the lack of formating, spell check and grammar check is not doing you any favours here. I’m not perfect in this regard but your posts are generally hard to understand in their current stream of consciousness format.

    After multiple attempts to explain it to you, you still don’t seem to understand the concept of a voice message (I see them as completely useless but this fellow seems to want them).

    How ’bout we don’t make the PS Blog into fanboy central and leave that junk on Kotaku or N4G.

  • @cowboyd21
    You’re saying my arguments are bad? When you’re saying the 360 is faster because out of the box you don’t have to buy addons and you got a browser? THAT SURE MAKES THE 360 A FASTER SYSTEM.

    I don’t know anything about my 360 or PS3? I seriously don’t know what the hell you are talking about. Everything I said is true because I have both systems and I experienced both systems.
    Installs are due to Blu-ray discs reading to slow. So that you can put your assets on the hard drive and take assets from two spots isntead of one.

  • dont get why it has to 360 or ps3. I thought this discussion was done with. We all know by now that the ps3 should have had the in-game/x-game invites, voice chats, voice messaging, party system and etc. from launch. we all know we were PROMISED ( yes, I SAID PROMISED) to get some if not all of these features when Home was first talked about. but alas, we still hold out hope that sony will deliver. I hate when people (cowboy) have to avoid clarity and common sense and intercede with being a fanboy! if that were the case, then why does this blog exist and why do we get GREAT FEEDBACK from Jeff and Chris ( Im a xxl in shirt size) and firmware updates since launch? stop with the whole M$/Sony wars. I personally have both but prefer sony. but, I want the features that live has. i dont care if it wasnt xbox that had them. it could be nintendo, pc, handheld or the swifter jet im using now to clean/polish my wood floors, lol… these features need to be made available, permanently and a.s.a.p. I know they are working on them probably through home. give it till E3 of GDC, that’s when all sorts of goodies come out…


  • ive been a sony fanman since my father brought home a sony beta player (before official VCR) and when they would go out I would sneak in and watch Debbie Does Dallas on beta tape! And I still got it and it still works….

  • pretty heated debates up in here! guess some peeps didn’t get their 8 hours last night. oh well, i guess internet bullying is the new thing here on the PS blog. i could do without it though :(


  • @ Safil

    I know that were getting them, I just want them to know we want it ASAP. It’s just that Eric Lempel said “it’s not important now, but it will be comming in a firmware update but not the next one but it’s coming” to Geoff Keighley when he asked if they would get those features because everyone wants them and 360 had them from the start(Look up: bonus round eric lempel gametrailers). I want these features in the next firmware update instead of a gallery and browsers upgrades.

  • Whatever happen to your yahoo widget? For the past few weeks its been blank. I found it useful.

  • @ 53 no sir you fail short with your argument video voice chat is voice chat . you clearly wasted money and time with your investment trying to insult me dont change the fact if you spend your time understanding your ps3 and less time insulting me you would all ready know that .
    p.s who care what a game show care about the ps3 untill someone from sony say what features it will use in the ps3 then it a big lie and fat rumor . lol sorry about the grammar but am sure you understand that lol like everybody saying this argument old dude am done get your rest and take your meds .

  • @52 yea yea yea whatever cry us a river keep on with that crap. lol the 360 is a add on system hahaha you can not do any of those features without the add on. netcrap service is show , xbl is crap sometimes try playing gow2 and am tried of MS trouble shooter giving me excuses lol am and others are on there third 360 so please go lie to someone else your only insulting yourself here.

  • @Cowboyd21
    Voice Chat is in real-time when voice messages are not. Voice messaging is a message where you record your voice and send it like a text message except much more efficient because you don’t have to type the message. Chat rooms also does not work while you are playing a game which is what a lot of people want.

    LOOK at this 2.40 FAQ.
    remove all asterisks(*)

    Would you prefer that I show you all the next firmware updates 2.41,2.42,2.43,2.5,2.51,2.52,2.53 and 2.6 where they don’t add these features :). Quit arguing when you know you are wrong. You are the one who needs to do more research on both consoles. Everything I said was true about how 360 is faster. Nobody has ever said PS3 is faster ever, stronger and better yes, but not faster.

  • reading this blog just makes me think…what happened to the days of gaming…what the hell happened…seriously…arguments seem to be more of media features than they are of games now-a-days, I don’t hate that it’s more about media features but i really dont like it

  • @cowboyd
    yes you can do all those features without the add-on because it comes with free Month of XBL and an Ethernet cable. IF that’s an argument then I guess the PS3 games don’t have communication in their games then because you gotta buy a mic ass an add on :). Please quit using such crappy arguments and go on your ps3 go in a game try inviting your friend to a chat and see what it says :). Also go look for the voice message button too. Everybody else who has a PS3 except you, can’t find it.

  • @Gamer Money
    Everything I mentioned are communication features and features that make playing games with friends easier and more enjoyable.

  • @61

    I suggest you stop trying…it isn’t getting through.

    Do you think your vm system might be implemented through SKYPE to bring PS3 inline with PSP?

  • PSB? Pet Shop Boys? New single out tomorrow! :D
    ‘Love etc.’
    CD/LP out next week to! :D

    + That ‘Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic’ Video is so FUNNY :D Looks cool;)

  • communication features on a console fall under media features and all though I do agree it makes games enjoyable…fact is that thats an accessory and not a necessity

  • But it’s still a lot better and more relevant for gaming than a photo gallery, browser upgrades and video playback updates.

  • All those thing are still pretty usefull, when i’m feeling too lazy to get my laptop it’s okay because my ps3 is right there with a browser, the photo gallery thing is actually useful believe it or not…i did a photo slide show thing for my cousins 15 and got paid, video playback is good for different formats so there is use for features sony provides but with adding what you want to their system will really establish them as the multimedia console

  • Looks like we gotta 360 fanboy roaming around in here

  • I’m not debating the usefulness of them you said what happened to the gaming talk and what’s with the media talk. When if you think about it, picture gallery and video playback is more MEDIA than the features I want and many other people want.

  • @The_punisher111

    Cowboyd was being very bias and claiming false things and I just had to prove him wrong. If I was a 360 fanboy I wouldn’t be on here requesting more features for my PS3 to make it up to par with the 360 would I? Wouldn’t I just be playing my 360 and making fun of the PS3 for not having these features?

  • Thanks for the Recap.

  • hey jaknov,yea I mean I agree with you…yea they are more media than anything…the thing that that ticked me off is exactly this. we’re talking about media features more than we’re talking about games…what’s up with that…I mean yea it’s cool I guess but gaming just doesn’t feel the same anymore

  • @72 lol can’t get anyone to agree with you huh? let it go we all know the truth and it’s really hurting you . your argument keep changing , you jump subject to subject with no ended . i dont know if you a 360 fanboy but if you are why are you here wasting your time ? please let it go dude it’s all good . two thing for you to know 1 the 360 is a add on system you need the add on to use the features you listed. 2 stop wasting your money and time on a investment that you have no idea what it can or can’t do enjoy the rest of your weekend because i enjoy your funny comment.

  • …wtf read the post right above you.

  • And exactly how is my argument changing? All I’m trying to do is explain to you what voice messaging is and you are saying my arguments are changing?I’m jumping subject to subject because you are. You said first ‘PS3 is a faster machine than 360’. I argued with that statement. YOu brought that up because you started getting offended when I said lets bring these features which Xbox 360 had first and your trying to say the PS3 has features it dosen’t have.

    Go here read the VERY FIRST QUESTION (REMOVE the asterisks(*) from the link


    Erick Lempel:
    Will voice-messaging/private chat be featured in 2.40 as well? If not, can we expect to see this feature added in the future?

    We are evaluating the opportunity to offer voice chat, but for this update, we wanted to focus on text messaging as the key priority for communications that our users have asked for.

    so at 2.4 they don’t have those features hang on after the flood thing I will post the links to all the next firmware updates :). You are either extremely stupid and bias or trolling.

  • 2.41 update







  • oh yeah removes all the (*) Asterisks

  • c’mon was that necessary lol now it just feels like you’re arguin just for the sake of arguing lol

  • He just keeps coming back and saying I don’t know anything about the PS3 and that PS3 is better than the 360 at everything, being extremely bias and I just gotta say something if he is being serious.

  • @jakinov

    don’t listen to cowboy, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about or how to sell, i mean spell.(sorry, dont have an editor, haha, couldn’t resist) anyway, i understand what u said and what u mean. i too have the 360 and barely use it just cause no new good games have come out recently that i like but, the fact remains, that the 360 is hands down better with in-game/x-game invite, voice messagin(not live voice/video chat/conferencing) and the party system. I want it now too!!! my friends and I are always on and we play COD: WAW always. like 8 of us. luckily, they kind of have an in-game party system but, only for up-t0 6 players to be on the same team. and its not bad. anyway, this conversation is one way and like beating a dead horse. I agree, we have to keep bringing this up so that Jeff and Chris get so annoyed with us that they keep on telling Eric! this stuff should be on the PS3 already!!! End of discussion. Also, please stop telling people that if they have a 360 they should not post or be on here or go to a 360 forum. all that proves is that you have a weak rebuttal and how truly immature and lame you really are(cowboy)…
    kisses, haha…

  • Cant we get along? Here, ill settle this out
    360 has an extraordinary amount of Exclusive Games. You have to pay XBL which sucks, but XBL includes NO lag online and has more features than the PS3 but overall, the Xboxs “Red Rings” happen to often but PS3 doesnt die out like the Xbox. But the PS3 has a problem of not reading discs. So, in the end, both systems has its ups and downs. There IS no better console. Both systems are great. AND by the way if your a true gamer you wouldnt argue about which consoles are better. REAL gamers only argue about GAMES. Understand?

  • long story short, we need in-game/x-game invites, voice chat messaging, party system NOW!!! Not later! Lets show that the PS3 really is the greatest console. Cause without these features, it doesnt matter how many pic galleries or video features or media features you add. the fact is without the aforementioned features, the PS3 will always lag, no matter if they do a price drop! I guarantee, if they add the features first and then maybe a price drop, the 360 will go the way of the dinosaurs, or cowboys argument, whichever is deader, lol…

  • were not arguing, we’re discussing. furthermore, real gamers wouldn’t be posting in this blog like myself, you and everyone, they would be playing K2 or something, lol… you just killed yourself with your own lame comment…
    at least you gave it a good try

  • Where is the Motorstorm news?

  • @87 lol when you dont have fact then you try to insulting people lol very funny and how can you talk about someone grammar and spelling when your far worst . if you dont like mine comment then dont read them its simply to me keep pounding that table dude .

  • You just don’t make sense. When he forgot capitals and periods.

  • @ 90 i dont forget this is not a informal blog dude no one agree with your unless features lol let it go

  • i dont get this guy? my grammar? the only time i messed up was when i misspelled intentionally to make fun of you… oh well, this is turning the blog into our own personal discussion. look, nothing against you but, when someone says that they would like some extra features, please respect his opinion. if you don’t need the features, then fine. but i don’t know why you would argue against them when they would only better the system. i could understand you dont need them or use them personally, and i can respect that. but when you make it a point to intentionally insult someones loyalty to a brand (when it isn’t even being called into action) because he brought up the competition, it really irks some of us and really makes us look bad overall. do you really think that besides a FRIENDLY competition between Jeff and Major Nelson, (even though Jeff did give Major a major ass whoopin’) Jeff is on this board talking trash about him? He never has and Im sure he never will!!!

  • just cause you don’t associate with anything 360 doesn’t make you anymore loyal to sony than me or anyone else. in fact, you don’t even have to own any sony product to be loyal, just some stock. please refrain from questioning someone loyalty when all they really want is to better the ps3. if you don’t need or want or use the features we talked about or anything else in the future, i respect that. but i wont’ say you are less of a man or fan for saying so. im sure there are a bunch of features you don’t use on the ps3. we just want to be able to communicate easier and more effeciently with our friends and fellow blog/community members. is that so much to ask.

    “I get no respect I tell ya, NO respect…”
    Rodney Dangerfield

  • i was wondering chris when does the demo come out?

  • hey guys when are you posting winners for the killzone 2 contest?the one where i can win the sta-52,i havent heard anything about it since before the game was out.i got a good time on radec and posted my scores that day,im dying to know who won all the days.plz fill us in

  • your a good guy know why because you awnser our question thads a good never saw thad before on sites and other but good man do u know now somting about the killzone launcing or the isa and helghast clothes because i really want one why dont they give ppl who bought a killzone 2 copy

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