The PSB & Killzone Recap

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Courtesy of Victor Zuylen – Editor, Killzone Community

    The Miner – Mysterious inhabitants of the wastelands, very little was known about the miners… until now.

    Radec Academy – We take a closer look at Radec Academy, where Helghast are taught the finer points of warfare.

    FAQ Update
    – The FAQ for Killzone 2 has been updated with new answers. Check it out!

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  • Any word on when the Killzone area and game launching will be coming?

  • Good recap,
    any soon upcoming news that should be anticipated?

  • Great recap as usual!

    Chris, I noticed that the recaps have date stamps that fall on Saturdays. Does this mean you have to work on Saturdays?

  • Thanks Chris.

    Purchased The Red Baron returns this week and even though there aren’t trophies, I have to say I’ve been having a lot of fun with the game.

  • no point in putting up links. they don’t even load most of the time and when they do, it takes for freakin’ EVER.

  • “Any word on when the Killzone area and game launching will be coming?”

    This really is staggering incompetence by Sony.

    The biggest online game of the year and the greatest FPS ever created and Sony didn’t bother to make sure they put the little effort it takes to support Home launching when the game was released.

    All you have to do is write the scripting code for the Home launch options dialog and handle on startup of the game to check if you were launch from the XMB or Home and jump right into a game with the list of PSN users if game was Home launched.

    Even more absurd is the lack of even a place holder Home space. All they had to do was take some assets from Killzone 2’s source art and slap some promo artwork and videos up on the walls and put it online a week or so before Killzone 2 launched to generate hype for the game. And then come out with a full featured version of the KZ2 space at a later date.

    Years of development, massive amounts of work to create it, nothing like it on any other console, filled with people every day and Sony’s attitude with their own games supporting it is “Eh, we’ll get around to it later, maybe”

  • Any word on the Motorstorm news yet?

  • wheres the motorstorm pacific rift news?

  • Another great week for PSBlog. Thanks for the recap Chris!

  • @dmapacket

    Tried 2 friend you on ps3 but didn’t work.

  • Great week.

  • Hey any word on why people are getting random disconnects in Socom? It’s been happening all week long to alot of people Especially in RANKED MATCHES, also there is a clan with the tag ST6 who are on the game pretending to be Slant 6 employee’s, thought you might like to know.

  • Moar

    Universal Game Inviting through XMB
    Voice Messaging
    Email Like Messaging Inbox
    In-game XMB Chat.

  • @13

    That will probably NEVER happen since because were PS3 NOT Xbox360
    Well, at least you didnt say a Point Reward System..
    Sorry for being mad/rude :P

  • @13

    That will probably NEVER happen since because were Sony NOT Microsof
    Well, at least you didnt say a Point Reward System..
    Sorry for being mad/rude :P

  • Sorry for posting twice :P

  • hmmm….all those features that 13 mentioned are good and all but in addition to voice messaging…why not video messaging with the ps eye and also the ability to attach sound and video files to messages…make the email style inbox and option as I don’t want an email style in box…dont make it mandatory but optional

  • Jeff i know you have anything to do about the promised weekly motorstorm pacific rift DLC but can you let evo know that a lot of motorstormers are waiting impatiently for the promised DLC , and have you guys thought about adding more info or content to pulse??? i really like the show , very informative indeed i just wish it would last longer lol perhaps the 10 most played lbp levels during the las two weeks or something like that

  • Does Takahashi even read the comments we post here? i would really like him to consider them or even a reply would be nice.

    • Well, Namco does, but because Mr. Takahashi is in Japan (and speaks Japanese…these posts are translated), it\’s tough. But, we\’re working on finding a way to get him on here.

      Thanks for the feedback.

  • Is burnout 3D coming out?

  • @The_Punisher111

    Or we could be like Steam which has almost identical features. I want the ability to send voice messages with my headset I don’t care if Microsoft did it first I don’t want to type out my messages with the crappy PS3 keyboard, with the controller or plug in a big keyboard.

    I want to be able to invite my friends instantly to games instead of using the crappy in-games systems where for most 3rd party games suck.It works but not even close to as effient.

    The last thing isn’t as important but it’s nice. Say 5 friends signed in a once they all join one chat session. They can all communicate they decide what game they want to play, one person either decides to host a names a game a certain way and sets a password, or one person goes to matchmaking and invites them all. After the game is done they don’t feel like playing anymore because they are still connected they decide to play a different game. This feature also works like calling. Say you want your friend to guide you a level. It’s like a phone call :).

    It’s stupid not to do something that could benefit something greatly because someone else did it first.

  • @ 13 we have voice message on ps3 , you can send message to your friends just like a e mail so what the problem . if you talking about e mailing your friends who dont have ps3 ? lol you can sulf the web on your ps3 and go to yahoo or whoever your e-mail address . no the ps3 is not a 360 but to me its alot faster and easy then the 360 sorry i just dont get what you talking about , plus who text or e mail there friends anymore when you can IM them lol e mail messaging is old.

  • @ 21 agin what are you saying? the whole point to your argument is to send a message to your friends you can do that with your ps3 . lol you cand send typed message or you can use the ps3 eye and video voice chat with them . please know what your ps3 can do before you comment on what it cant do thank you . btw am not being a smart a## to you.

  • @23 voice message not voice chat. Kapeesh?

  • I’d like to see a total restructuring of the PS blog. Remove these asses Patrick!

  • @cowboy21
    The problem is I don’t want to send text messages using my controller or the crappy Official keyboard or plugging in a real keyboard I want to use my headset to send a message. It’s much more efficient and no we don’t have voice messaging. Voice Messaging is when I can record a message and send it. Voice/video chat(what you are talking about) that only works when you aren’t playing a game plus you have to invite them which is another hassle. For voice messaging there’s a record button and a play button and a stop button you push record and u record your message play it to see if it sounds right then click the send button :) and I didn’t even have to invite him or anything just record and send. I don’t want to send TEXT messages. You’re telling me to know what the PS3 can do? When you think it already has voice messaging? When you don’t know that the chat thing doesn’t work in-game? I never said I wanted to be able to email people I said ’email like messaging inbox’. Even though it’s not worded that great I don’t see how you can get th idea that I want to send emails using my PS3. It’s not just my problem I’ve heard many other people complain too, on IGNs PS3 Podcast they even complained about it.

  • Jeff has told us to expect something good coming from motorstorm 2 people… still no news… :(

  • Also how exactly is it faster? Slower communication( read above), Most games require some kind of initial install and sometimes don’t load as fast in-them, you have to sync your trophies(auto on 360). you have to install demos, add-ons and all psn games and the XMB is slow for a lot of games and buttons sometimes don’t load in-game or out of game that fast( oh and Don’t tell em it’s just mine I’ve seen other people’s too and heard other complaints), oh and don’t forget trophies take forever to load on people profiles. I don’t see anything fast about PSN other then it’s download speeds…oh and another thing you aren’t coming off as a smart a## more like the other term that ends with a##.

  • @21, 29
    ooohhh ok
    i see what your talking about
    Well, apparently we might not get Voice Messaging for a while :(
    I dont really know how they might install that.
    Looks like where gunna suffer with the stuff we have or unless another Firmware update is coming

  • im actually really looking forward to Red Alert 3! oh and can we get a new countdown for say inFamous or some other PS3 exclusive. that would be sweet.


  • Whatever happened to the Motorstorm:PR news from a couple of weeks ago? :(

  • @29….

    I think you need to enjoy the differences in the game consoles available. I imagine that you did SOME research before buying a PS3 and were happy to pay what you did for what you get. Suggesting improvements is great but trying to make the PS3 exactly like a different console doesn’t allow SONY to differentiate its product.


    Is that really necessary?

  • the red alert news and the new trailer of infamous is one of the big things this week.

    hopefully we will get some good news next week to.

  • And still no Motorstorm news.


  • @33
    But these are like basic features that just make life easier. It’s not like I’m saying we should copy the interface, copy the way they organize things make trophies like their achievements. All I want is to do things more efficiently. I don’t think sony wants their console to be known as the one that’s not as efficient or easy to use if Sony wanted to be different that way then I don’t think that’s a very good thing to be different about. I think they should get every basic game related feature Live has and then seriously improve home and integrate it with everything else because right now it’s just something that’s there you can use.

  • @23.
    Are you kidding me? The reason the PS3 installs its games is so the game can run smoothly, so it doesnt sound like a jet engine like on the 360.
    Stop complaining.

  • Whoops, @21*

  • @36….

    They are not ‘basic features’…there are 3 consoles and two handhelds out there and only ONE does what you are asking for so far.

    Having owned a PSP since launch I know that SONY will continuously work to improve thier software side since the hardware is overbuilt from the get go…I guess I’m patient about that on the PS3 too. X has been built around their software from their first generation, unlike PS, and they fail on the hardware side of things. Personally I’d rather the solid hardware and time for software to catch up than great software on a machine that breaks far more than CE industry averages. Great software is only great if the hardware doesn’t fail.

  • @24 i did not say that what i said was the ps3 have those features he wanted it lol try to find a way to be an ass thank you

  • @ 36 i understand you dont want to typed your massages to your friends but you can video voice chat so i dont see your argument my friend sorry.
    ps3 is a faster better machine then the 360 sorry it just is . once again you have to know about your investment before you can comment about what it can or can’t do by reading your comment i can tell you dont.

  • @39
    You’re right they are not exactly ‘basic’ but they are something you would think they have from the start but it’s not a luxurious feature it’s something to make life easier and actually on STEAM they have those features or features similar. They have voice chatting where you can invite all your friends, and theirs text chatting too. They don’t have a universal inviting system but they have a system where you right click on the persons name on your friends list and you can go join game and it skips the menus and all that and because you are on a PC you got a keyboard in front of you so you can just send the messages via instant messaging rather than voice messaging but it’s still a lot better than typing with a controller or the crappy add-on keyboard.

  • @41

    I don’t get where you get the idea that PS3 is faster. I agree with you it’s a better machine but …

    – gets DLC faster
    – faster releases
    – can communicate faster
    – faster loading times in most games
    – no initial installs(however can optional do so to improve load times even more)
    – loads achievement information much faster then trophy
    – auto syncs Achievement information(trophy for PS3 take forever)
    – faster in-game interface
    – You don’t have to install downloaded games and add-ons it’s download and it works
    – it takes VERY FEW MINUTES for a firmware update and for a Title Update

    I don’t see where you get the idea that the PS3 is faster. Like seriously quit being a fanboy. It’s faster because it just is? I own both systems and I like my PS3 more. I’m able to accept that it has flaws and I want Sony to fix them which is why I’m posting. I don’t get how you can tell me to get my facts straight when you don’t know what the hell you are talking about.

  • @jakinov
    Be carefully of the PS3 protection squad. All these lies you come up with LOL. In game chat will come out with the PS4.

  • wow nice discussion there both points of views are valid. but i think we kind of knew that sony is pretty strong when it comes to hardware but not so strong when it comes to sofware. so,i guess its going to take awhile if not until the next console to see all or most of the features that ppl want. i for one have both systems and i really dont care about all those feautures since i only play offline games (rpgs, arcades etc etc) but like i already said it looks like those sony fans that are asking for these feautures are going to have to wait at least for awhile until they improve on the sofware side.
    i for one i am happy to be a witness of how the ps3 has grown since its launch and i cant wait for the things that are in store for it.
    lastly, i am going to say without sounding presumptious that sony is listening to all our wants for the ps3 so i would ask to our fellow gamers/fans to be patient and to discuss, yes, but also respect each others opinions and ideas without making childish insults
    rant over!

  • Interesting discussion indeed… I want to empathize with those who are asking for cross-game voice chat and invite. Like some of you have said: it has nothing to do with copying those features from the xbox 360. Live clearly has some features that enhance communication; those features are currently lacking on the PSN. It’s not like they are “personalized” to the xbox or anything, they are universal communications tools that any console should integrate. On the upside, the PSN capitalizes on some things that the xbox is lacking in – to be honest, the biggest upside is the fact that we PSN users don’t have to put up with f***ing ads. I just wouldn’t be able to put up with that.

    Currently no video store for Canada. It’s been quite a long time since it’s been released in the US. Chris or Jeff, please any idea when it will be released? I know we have relatively awkward laws regarding movies (CRTC), but it’s been a long, long time and no word.

    By the way, how the f*** does Killzone2 not have a party system? It’s such a b**** to get into a game with my friends.

    I feel like I should end on a more positive Sony kiss-ass note… my God am I excited for the 2009-2010 games lineup. inFamous is looking awesome…

  • just wanted to clarify, I re-read my post and it seemed vague… I was referring to how the Xbox’s NXE has a f*** load of ads integrated into the main OS, in comparison with our lovely ad-free, clean XMB. Hm, I just realized something kind of funny… don’t you usually pay a subscription fee to get rid of ads? ah well, to each his own.

  • Well……….firmware 2.70 would be a good place to start next week.

  • @44

    Lies? they are all true NXE update took me like a minute or two or even less to update even for games. When for PSn they make you download very large files that consume alot more time. You gotta manually sync your trophies when achievements are done in the background.


    the install and load times thing shouldn’t be news to you either

    it usually gets DLC before us because it’s day is before ours or it gets it a week or so before us and what I mean by faster releases, is because games like Red Alert, Bioshock, alone in the dark come out months after it initially released on 360. Sure we got better versions of those gamess but that one kid was talking about fastness and I don’t see the fastness in all this.

    PlayStation 3 is the platform that involves most of the waiting.

  • Are you guys familiar with the Killzone 2 online network problems? If so can you please fix them ASAP as it makes the game unplayable

  • @ 43 lol read your first post lol i know you dont want to typed to your friends so i keep telling you that you can video voice chat your argument keep changing dude and you keep jumping from one point to another . your comments tell me and others that you have no idea about your investment , which is sad that you spent your money on a machine and you dont know how to make it work to your advantage . for your comment about video voice chat is very funny to me since it the more popular form of communication lol if you dont believe me checkout what the world use ie news program , business , local lol come on dude get with the program or be left behind , no one use those old features you want lol that like asking for the typedwriter when we have labtop .

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