Next Up in PlayStation Home: Resident Evil 5 Game Launching Event

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Yo Home-bodies!

We’re sure you’ve checked out the awesome new Resident Evil 5 space, but in the event that you’ve been busy living under a rock (or dodging Helghast brass 24/7) there’s no better time to log in to PlayStation Home and give the new space a spin than this Friday, March 13th.

Why? Cause this Friday is a ghoulish date sure to be made more deadly when you load up your brand new copy of Resident Evil 5, meet up with your fellow Home-boys and Home-girls in-world, launch into game, and start blasting the infected like it ain’t no thang.

All you have to do is load Resident Evil 5 into your PlayStation 3 and then enter PlayStation Home. Once in-world, press Start > Game Launching > Set Up New Game > Resident Evil 5. Remember, the maximum amount of players for any Resident Evil 5 campaign is two, so reserve a space for yourself and then go find a friend in the Resident Evil 5 game space to take the second slot. After you’ve done this, you’ll be ready to descend into the waking nightmare that is Kijuju.

We’ll be weaving in and out of the madness that is the Resident Evil 5 game space all day Friday, targeting you evil horde-slaying maniacs at random and messaging secrets relating to the game via your XMB. You never know, it might just be the edge you need to keep the virus at bay.

See you Friday!

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  • as i said before Locus_star its all good that resident evil 5 is getting its own home space ,it may not interest me at all but i know others will get excited about this news what i fail to see its how resident evil5 is more important than motorstorm ,lbp,killzone2,resistance,ratchet,gran turismo,god of war,socom and others franchises , sony is in charge of home i just think they should lead the game home spaces not third party developers(which by the way its very good to have them support the program) but hey thats what i think

  • Man I wish Home was cool to me.

  • @48 you do know that the XMB exists, and does all the stuff you mentioned?

  • Is there any benefit to launching RE5 through Home?

  • whats with you accent locust_star?

    Sounds ghetto.

  • I read on the blog earlier then it said “Be dressed up in your **FREE** RE5 clothes avaible in the Mall” This was a while back … i checked the Mall and there was nothing. Is this true or a lie? If it is true where/how do you get it??

  • Just curious, tomorrow will the vendor people in the RE 5 be updated? If not, when? Will there be any purchasble costumes, I saw a full chris redfield costume. Any news on that? Thanks!

  • Nice! Slowly but surely Home is becoming more relevant as a marketing tool hehe–the RE5 space is pretty fun!

  • game launching confirmed for Res5! no way!!! i wish more games would support this feature in Home. i’ll tell you right now if all my games supported it then i see no reason why i wouldn’t be in Home everytime i flicked on the ole PS3.


  • I want a Bioshock Home Space


    Caps was teh only way to get all of your attention sorry. So please just give us the feature now we already know about it as it is announced as one of the FEATURES THE GAMES HAS ON THE BACK OF THE BOX! IT DOES NOT SAY COMING SOON IT IS ON WITH THE FEATURES THE GAME DOES HAVE SO please give us it now!

  • It is always good to see more Home support. I am glad that the 3rd parties are getting behind it.

    When will we be hearing more about EA’s complex?
    Sorry for being off topic. :(

  • Biohazard!!!

  • When are the TV’s coming?

  • Rad, thanks Jeff. I’m all up in it… :D

  • @64

    When you walk up to the doors of the mall and look through you can see a Sony Style store….should be soon.

  • nice!!! cant wait for it

  • Hey Sony, how about bringing some sound to Home spaces? The Gamer’s Lounge and the RE5 space are absolutely useless with no sound. If nothing else, let us play the music that’s on our PS3’s. I don’t need to share it with the world, but it would at least make standing around in Home bearable.

    If you can’t manage to make Home an enjoyable experience soon, please just axe the thing and use those resources to improve the PS3 experience.

  • @5: You comment on a blog for playstation… about the PS3 version of Resident Evil 5 being a “Crappy” version. To go out of your way to do something like that… do you even have a life?

  • I gotta admit that this makes me want to buy RE5 just for this feature. What’s the RE5 arcade game btw? Will we know on Friday?

  • I want my Chun-Li avatar to have thicker legs. Make it happen Home devs!

  • 1 game that i would really like game launching for is Call of Duty 4. i no it has been out for over a year but it is still 1 of the most online played games. if this hapened i mite be using home more often than i do now

  • nice, more game launching support is definitely the way to get people in to home.

  • @73

    Requires Activision’s support…thus…Ain’t gonna happen.

  • You guys should introduce Pandora to Home. Make it an option in the PDA and we can walk around Home listening to it and can vote songs up or down like on the Pandora website.

  • I can’t wait for this! It releases on my birthday and at first I wasn’t sure about it but I started liking it after I heard that Capcom finally will start tying things together for the series. To me RE4 was more of an expansion. It didn’t really say anything about Wesker, Umbrella, or now Tricell

  • cant wait for friday now haha! hope there are more game launching tho.

  • It’s “Yo Homies” Locust…..Homies.

  • Will the DLC support Game Launching?

    Oh and thanks for not answering my previous question on your last blog post. <.<

  • me too i can’t wait

  • Thanks for this news!

  • Can’t wait for Friday

  • when can we expect to see more game launching? i heard SFIV was getting patched sometime down the line.

  • oh man, this is awesome, i went there and check the place out, nice job you guys… i can’t wait to get the game and go back to home and try out all the stuff there.

  • well i have both systems and im getting the collectors edition for ps3. i just cannot imagine the ps3 version being so “crappy” compared to the 360 version. the demo was awesome. i think it’s just some 360 fanboys bs

  • LOL, you’re kidding me again: First the Epic-thing, then Street Fighter costumes aren’t downoadable in Germany as well as THERE WON’T BE Resi5-Space here too, Skate-2-online isn’t compatible to the Rest of the world etc…
    Thumbs down!!! What’s up next?
    I’m a passionate and upright gamer for years now, always trying to support Sony and the gaming-scene as much as I could; but I guess I’m off now. There aren’t any reasons for the Germans or me to check out your online-store or Home as well, persuade me if I’m wrong…
    Result: Obviously you don’t need people like me, I don’t even know why I’m posting.
    Sry for the bad statement, but this has to be said a second time. I guess no matter what you’ll keep on telling the people EVERYONE can have Resi5-Space, what a lie…

  • @86
    It isn’t some fanboy bs.

    RE5 follows the usual trend of multi-plat games being better on the 360. Perhaps Sony should look into creating a new AA technique or new way to split graphics processing between the gpu and the portion of Cell that was originally supposed to serve as a gpu. Capcom is using the same AA technique as KZ2 afterall.

  • um…. i need help it says the age requiremetns are 13. im 14 and it wont let me in it say you are not old enough… how do i fix this?

  • how strt to game launch i cant it doesnt let me

  • i launched game from home and got the chris item, but still can’t get in the door that says bsaa id needed. tried to join other gamelaunches, but keep getting no public slots with everyone. i hosted a launch but nobody ever joined game


  • “I will make you experiance fear such AS NEVER BEFORE”

    guess who and guess the game
    and ill b ur friend

  • “this is THE END”

  • fido fido

  • do we like waffles yes we like waffles

  • Love the new RE5 space, can’t wait till all things are open and running. I just bought RE5 yesterday.

  • I purchased RE5 from WalMart when it hit the shelves last week. I returned the disk to the store because the first one did not work on my 1 year old PS3 with the 40GB HDD.

    I have GTA IV, NFS Undercover, Bad Company, Resistance 2 and a couple of other games that work flawlessly. Resident Evil 5 does not work on my PS3. CapCom called my e-mailed complaint “SPAM” and did not respond. (no foul language or threats involved)

    At this point all I want is my $60 back. The “tech support” at Sony is a joke. I build gaming PC rigs as a sideline so I know there is some sort of a software problem with CapComs code; neither Sony, or CapCom is willing or able to offer a solution.

    How do I get a FULL REFUND? I will avoid anything CapCom does as a result of this problem. Games should be fun; not a freaking hassle in trying to deal with one company who is only interested in keeping your money under false pretenses, and the other who just doesn’t care about or monitor the quality of junk like RE5, they license for use on the Play Station. Issues like this hurt both companies in the end.

    I probably would have been better served with an X-Box

  • When is the 2.70 update going to realese.

  • Great game. Cant stop playing it. Ive seen the ps3/360 comparisons and yea 360 is sharper. A little disappointing. I get no lags or tearing or anything like that. But i think ide rather have a little less detail if it meant i could play the game for as long as i have, if i played it this long on my 360. It would have red ringed 10+ hours ago. Ps3 still has the 360 beat.

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