Next Up in PlayStation Home: Resident Evil 5 Game Launching Event

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Yo Home-bodies!

We’re sure you’ve checked out the awesome new Resident Evil 5 space, but in the event that you’ve been busy living under a rock (or dodging Helghast brass 24/7) there’s no better time to log in to PlayStation Home and give the new space a spin than this Friday, March 13th.

Why? Cause this Friday is a ghoulish date sure to be made more deadly when you load up your brand new copy of Resident Evil 5, meet up with your fellow Home-boys and Home-girls in-world, launch into game, and start blasting the infected like it ain’t no thang.

All you have to do is load Resident Evil 5 into your PlayStation 3 and then enter PlayStation Home. Once in-world, press Start > Game Launching > Set Up New Game > Resident Evil 5. Remember, the maximum amount of players for any Resident Evil 5 campaign is two, so reserve a space for yourself and then go find a friend in the Resident Evil 5 game space to take the second slot. After you’ve done this, you’ll be ready to descend into the waking nightmare that is Kijuju.

We’ll be weaving in and out of the madness that is the Resident Evil 5 game space all day Friday, targeting you evil horde-slaying maniacs at random and messaging secrets relating to the game via your XMB. You never know, it might just be the edge you need to keep the virus at bay.

See you Friday!

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  • Can’t wait for Friday!! Biohazard 5!!

  • I got the game, awesome hope to see more game launching.

  • Wow, awesome. Too bad, I don’t have RE5 yet.

  • Nice, so is the the secound game to support game launch?

  • Too bad the PS3 got the crappy version.

  • fear you cant forget 03/13/09 cant wait @calendaros we have the superior version trophies RE5 game space home unlockables through game etc etc ps3 play beyond

  • Has there been any more word on a Killzone space and Killzone game launching for Home?

  • My Grand-daughter is having her Birthday soon, and after that I am broke. I will be there at a later date… (boo-hoo)

  • @ 5 lol 360 and ps3 RE look the same let not start this crap like ya did on SF lol let it go.

  • i have to be at work ay 2:30 A.M. friday morning with one thought… pajama pants on my new couch all weekend long with an overload of Resident evil5!! woo hoo!!

  • not to be rude but just stating the obvious, how are you supposed to advertise your game via home space if we cant do anything without the game inserted in the PS3? I say you guys should really disable that.

  • Screw Capcom, with their overpriced games and DLC deliberately removed from the game in order to nickle and dime their fan base.

  • I’m soo excited for this Friday! maybe cause it will be my first “action” game =]

  • Locust_Star Thanks for keeping us updated! I do have one question. When are more personal spaces going to be available for purchase?

  • @calendaros

    You don’t have a PS3 but the console you do have is so boring that you hang out at PS sites?

  • @9, no they don’t.

    There’s a website thats hosting comparison shots of the 360 and PS3 versions, and I’ve never noticed such a huge difference between multi-platform games until I saw them for RE5. We got shafted this time around.

  • is capcom around to talk about resident evil 5?

  • Stop wasting time on this crap game. RE5 is a disgrace to the franchise. Even with the PS3 getting the good version without the horrible screen tearing.

    Bring on the important Home Spaces:

    Killzone 2
    Little Big Planet
    Metal Gear Solid
    Gran Turismo
    Ratchet and Clank/Resistance
    EA Sports Complex

  • as far as resident evil 5 they look the same i dont see what u all b****ing about i played both demo and compare them they look the same.

  • PSF EU announced a HOME outage for Mar 12th…same for NA?

    JESSE…you there?


  • @16

    You prefer short draw distances and s

    Both versions have issues . ceen tearing ?

  • @21,
    I had no idea that the 360 one had screen tearing. To tell you the truth I really dont pay attention at all to 360 games/forums, but I did see comparison shots and I was really disappointed with the screens I saw for PS3.

  • Stop wasting your time with crappy games like RE5. Killzone 2 should have had game launching.

  • Follow this simple 101 step guide and you’ll be set to play with friends.

  • Attention;

    The resident evil home space has no ambient noise/sound. Its silent. Was this a glitch?

  • Cool, im just not a fan of RE5. I hope KZ2 and R2 and alot of the big games get it patched in.

  • I was wondering when the Resident evil 5 space will be updated so all the coming soon things will be here

  • @25, I noticed that for the gamerslounge as well.

    To be honest Home is a waste of time, nothing but a bunch of s***talkers on there. Worst of all they took out the voice chat! Why? Almost all multi-player games have voice chat, they should keep it in Home and have parental controls if it bothers you that much.

  • Wait, you don’t have to be in the RE5 space to launch it right?

  • so i was hoping you guys would keep up with the weekly new space, but if you won’t, i won’t visit home as often :(

  • @28

    Well they need to bring Voicechat to private spaces and mature rated spaces. I understand not having it in the G-General areas. If you didn’t hear audio in the gamerslounge, maybe its a glitch. Because I get sound there.

    I dont udnerstand why Killzone2 has no game launching, yet a game with 1 extra player.. Re5.. does? Come on.

    Why Home can’t use videos you buy off of PSN to show in your own space, is beyond me. SonyBMG/Columbia Pictures etc. You couldnt’ share it of course, but it would be nice to invite people back to stream a movie of yours. XBLA does this.

    I just dont get why home takes so long to play catchup, then it hurries up and gets RE5 game launching up and running? Talk about priorities. The excuse is “its a bettaaa” But front loading RE5 to the head of the GAME launching list is NOT listening to the beta testers. If its so simple, KZ2 needs to have it.

  • uh for all of you saying there is no voice chat in HOME you are wrong. They took out public voice chat. YOu can still use voice chat in private spaces/clubs and you can still use the phone a friend.

  • who the heck are they trying to fool with this Yo Homeboy crap? Any way I am yet to log into Home since I too have been busy blasting away at some ISA online. And Yes, I said ISA

  • I own all three consoles as well as a DS and PSP. I play the PS3 more than all of them combined. I was disappointed to see that the 360 version was sharper. I didn’t really have frame rate problems like some people are saying but I did notice quite the difference between the 360 and PS3 versions. All I want to know is why Capcom?

  • Yeah once we have the game we’ll be able to access the areas in the RE5 home space that were locked out. Like the arcade machine, the restricted area door in the far end of the map, and the two shopkeepers I guess for special items for either PS Home or in-game special equipment(weapons?, clothes?, tips?,etc.?) won’t know for sure till launch date.

    See u round PS HOMIES!!!!

  • Like I would really put down KZ2 to play this or visit Home….

  • wow this is really embarrassing resident evil5 getting a home space and sony’s own franchises dont wow i really dont know what to say guys where are the motorstorm, lbp , ratchet , resistance, socom , killzone , GRAN TURISMO and all others home spaces????? its all good that resident evil 5 is getting a home space but come on this is nonsense

    • We have announced Resistance and SOCOM spaces already. They are coming. As for the other titles, we are not officially announcing anything at this time, but know that your feedback is being heard.

  • This is Home is supposed to work.

    -Launch a game space a few days or a week before the game comes out.

    -Get unlockables by doing things like getting trophies or doing things in the game space.

    -Support game launching for the game at launch.

    Seems like RE5 does that. Capcom is awesome.

    Now were are my PSX RE games Sony?!

  • Is Killzone 2 gonna get PlayStation Home game launching too?

    I read that it was supposed to support that feature since launch, but sadly, it didn’t. I was so pumped about that…

    I hope you guys add the feature, and I hope it arrives with the Killzone 2 space really soon.

  • @ 23 MY POINT EXACTLY. KZ2 should have game launching, so too SOCOM, LBP, R2, MotorStorm PR & SF4
    where is da update for those games?
    Those are the ones i wanna game launch not so much RE5

  • I really love how much of a sense of community is building around the Playstation brand now because of Home and these kind of things. Let’s keep this momentum going and make more pre-existing games launchable from Home

  • Seriously, Sony needs to get their [DELETED] together in many departments.

    Online for one.

    But content another, including home.

    Why are you telling us this info about Resident Evil, when SOCOM has been out longer and is still a more popular title?

    Is it the new thing to let million dollar titles to slip? It is just a slap in the face to even see Sony’s name on a title like SOCOM. It was a system seller, then made many people i know switch consoles. Then we get the lack of support that we are expected to get and told we are going to get in other ways then directly saying that socom is our last priority.

  • very cool wish i owned the game

  • Any News on when the other spots in Resident Evil might oppen?

  • @31

    You cannot watch movies with friends on xbla…that promise didnt happen

  • Resident Evil 5 with Home Game launching!? lol Gimme a break, this game is only for 2 players. Let’s get Socom, NHL and Killzone 2 game launching working.

    Man, no one’s ever going to use Home before launching into RE5 cuz it takes over 5 minutes to load up Home.

    Sorry, XMB launching for me.

  • Are we talking 12:01 AM on Friday the 13th? I’ll be attending a midnight launch party with a friend and we plan to head back and link up online afterwards. Will we be able to connect our games through Home?

  • Home takes to long to longin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I like how on 360, NXE is ALWAYS on. I can see my buddy’s avatars right when I boot up my system. It’s simple, sleak and most importantly, it’s fast. Home is slow. Speed up the Home process. Get rid of the stupid user agreements, steamline the load times, give us the option to boot into Home when our PS3’s turn on.

    Nuff said.

  • @47

    Home is far more technically advanced than NXE so there are going to be a lot more loading times. NXE you can see your avatar and other peoples but what do they do really? Mine sits there and smiles and squints and waves and nothing else. I can change its clothes but it can’t walk so there is a huge and I do mean huge difference in the environments, but I wholly agree that you should be able to choose whether you boot to Home or the XMB like you can choose to boot to another OS or the XMB. That would be sweet sauce.

  • ummmm i guess that is @48 now?

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