Red Alert 3 PS3 – Demo, DLC, and Details

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Hello again everyone! For those of us who haven’t met yet, I’m David Seeholzer, the Senior Development Director on Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3: Ultimate Edition for the PLAYSTATION 3. We hope to go gold soon, and everyone here at EA Los Angeles is very excited about getting, what we feel, is the best console RTS into your hands.

In case you are new or missed my last blog post here, Red Alert 3: Ultimate Edition promises to be the premier RTS on PS3 with full co-op campaign with VoIP support, 3 unique world powers vying for global domination, and over 60 minutes of classic C&C cinematics in full HD. To really make this the Ultimate Edition, we added a ton of bonus content, some of which is entirely exclusive to the PS3 version, including developer strategy videos, the full soundtrack, 5 new skirmish maps, Behind the Scenes, Bloopers & Outtakes, and my favorite, The Women of RA3 featurette!

Since we last spoke some really cool things have come down the pipe. For starters our PlayStation Store destination went live and we have ton of awesome content hosted on it. There’s a Red Alert 3 theme featuring the Soviet Commando, (and my personal favorite) Natasha, high res concept art from each faction, and our official trailer. We have plans for more exciting content for the PlayStation Store so check back often. Most importantly we have been hard at work on a demo, and it should be available for download in a couple of weeks. We sincerely hope that all of you download the demo and try out the Ultimate Edition of Red Alert 3; we know you will not be disappointed.

Red Alert 3 Ultimate Edition PS3 Red Alert 3 Ultimate Edition PS3

We also have plans to release live DLC post ship through the PS Store as well. We strongly believe in product support especially after ship, and we have a team here dedicated to releasing new maps, missions, units, and other content for the PLAYSTATION 3. The team is hard at work on the first of what we hope will be many DLC packages for RA3: Ultimate Edition. This map pack, which should be available very close to our launch later this month, will feature 3 new skirmish maps for both offline and online play. The team here is dedicated to bringing you quality content on a regular cadence, so make sure to keep your eyes and ears open for future updates.

Red Alert 3 Ultimate Edition PS3 Red Alert 3 Ultimate Edition PS3

In the meantime once RA3: Ultimate Edition ships, various members of the EA Los Angeles family will be seeking worthy commanders to challenge us over the PlayStation Network. So make sure you are online and looking for opponents, you never know when you might be challenged by me and my Tengu rush!

We have also had an awesome 4 page preview in one of the more recent issues of PlayStation: The Official Magazine. If you haven’t checked it out yet, see why they are calling it “one of the most important releases on the platform this year.”

Thanks for tuning in again, we are all excited to hear what you think of Red Alert 3: Ultimate Edition and we take all your comments very seriously, so say what’s on your mind!

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  • I’m glad that you said that so I am going to quote you saying:

    “we take all your comments very seriously, so say what’s on your mind!”.

    You will be doing us all a great disservice (and maybe yourselves) if you do not give optional Mouse + Keyboard support.

    I understand you worked hard optimizing the controls for the console user, but you wanted us to say what’s on our minds, and it’s pretty obvious that a large number of us want optional mouse and keyboard support.

    So that’s what’s on my mind, that said. I already have this game pre-ordered.

    I didn’t buy it on any other system, don’t “do me wrong”…

    Thanks for stopping by!

  • Keyboard and mouse support would have meant a preorder. But now it just means I will try the demo to see if the less versatile option can work on an RTS.

    My first RTS ever was Dune 2, so I have been at it for a long time. I have yet to see a console version that didn’t suffer from control issues due to the lack of a keyboard and mouse. This generation of consoles is no longer limited by that.

    I want to like this game, but have little reason to suspect I will want to buy it.

  • Looking forward to the demo to see how the title plays. Was looking forward to another RTS up until recently (WiC) but now that that’s not coming and with EA putting so much into C&C on the PS3, it’s kind of hard to ignore the title :D

  • Hope the controls are good – I loved the original red alert game. I think the PS3 version should have two blu-ray discs to pay homage to the original multiple-CD setup. Choose a blu-ray disc to play as that side.

  • Sounds absolutely fantastic.

    Anyone that has any doubts at all about the game, I urge you to try out the demo. It’s the most strategic, diverse and fast paced RTS I’ve ever played. Faster than Starcraft and deeper than Halo Wars.

    The only thing that would make it better is if the game featured splitscreen play, so that in 2vs2 matches, you and a friend sitting next to you can team up against some other team accross the world.

  • I don’t care about KB+Mouse support. I tried this game on my friends 360 and it works perfectly on a controller.

    I can see how a lot of people do want KB+Mouse support though. Tons of people grew up playing Red Alert 1 on the PS1 using KB+Mouse.

    But what would really improve the game is splitscreen. Playing local coop and versus with your friend or your brother by your side is what gaming is all about.

  • the reason for no mouse and keyboard support could be in my opinion because they dont want to upset ms and make the 360 look tooooo inferior to the ps3
    its obvious what ps3 gamers want with this game, and i dont understand why ea isnt listening

  • Yeah, mouse and keyboard support will totally be awesome! Everything looks sharp.

  • Any news on what balance changes were made to this version of the game. The PC version is on patch 1.08 which pretty much cripples the allies and makes them unplayable (esp on a console where micromanaging is hard and the allies are the one faction that requires the most micromanagement). But it would be cool if all the stuff of patch 1.08 minus the negative that the allies were given, were included in the PS3 version of the game.

    I think the reason for no mouse and keyboard support is because the interface was swapped out for the circular command stick interface, and all the commands simplified.

    You should in theory still be able to cycle through the circular interface with a keyboard and mouse though, so i guess it could still be done.

    Any news on what balance changes were made to this version of the game. The PC version is on patch 1.08 which pretty much cripples the allies and makes them unplayable (esp on a console where micromanaging is hard and the allies are the one faction that requires the most micromanagement). But it would be cool if all the stuff of patch 1.08 minus the negative that the allies were given, were included in the PS3 version of the game.

  • Great that you’re taking advantage of the Blu-ray disc. This is what all the developers should be doing. I usually don’t like RTS on console but I’ll give the demo a try for sure, it’s looking great.

  • one thing, how much? i know it has all this new bells and whistles but i just saw the inferior Red alert 3 version for the 360 and it was 29.99 at all bestbuys. hopefully 49.99, its the most understandable one.

  • I am definatly buying this one. I love RTS games and I havent played since starcraft so its been awhile. Cant wait.

  • Do my eyes deceive me? Or has a developer REALLY gone back to using FMV cut-scenes?

    Oh my…

  • forget about ea listening, this dude is not even reading and repsonding in this

  • No mod support :(.

    Why couldn’t you at least give it keyboard/mouse functionality? A controller is the worst possible way to control a RTS.

    UT3 did both.

  • I’ll get this game for sure. I’m getting a little sick of too many FPS games for PS3.

  • This one looks good. I rented Civilization for the PS3 and beat it once, but was looking for more depth and stuff. Now this looks like it is going to be awesome!

  • Can’t wait to try this game out because i’ve been a fan of tiberian sun and genereals those are my favorite games and i hope u guys add KB&M support. Ihope the demo’s going to be good since thats going to decide if i will purchase it or not… since i did want to play it on PC but didn’t have the Hardware :(

  • Looks like it could actually beat the PC version…

  • How long do I have to wait for the demo?

  • i cant wait i have all of them but not this one i just heard of it now so i cant wait for demo it looks great

  • Please add keyboard and mouse support. I mean it will only boost sales and looking at the blogs it could boost them by quite a bit. I think there are a lot of console owners who don’t have PC’s which play current titles and thus have forfeited playing RTS games altogether. While some of these gamers might be happy to play with a controller, for many it just won’t cut it for the true RTS experience. You could be their savor (and mine) and allow us to fully experience what looks to be a great RTS game in it’s full HD glory. PLEASE.

  • The game looks pretty sweet, i’ve played the Red Alert 2 but never the first, ill read some of the back stories online and if i like the demo i will surely get this game!

  • Mouse + Keyboard support = 1st day purchase for me, otherwise I wont be touching even the box on the store.I am playing C&C series since the first game on PC and I am 28 years old.RTSs are meant to be played with K&M support AND PS3 SUPPORTS THAT FEATURE, if you guys need to sell well, USE PS3’s ADVANTAGE and cut the crap.UT3 did it perfect, and if you wont you ll lose many, I know many many ppl dying to buy this game if it supports K&M, as long as lazy developers dont add K&M support (AT LEAST FOR SINGLE PLAYER ASPECT OF THE GAMES – Since it may ruin MP experience for players with controllers) you guys will lose many extra sells.And those numbers arent that low, I can guarantee that you could sell at least %40-50 more if you add K&M…

    Keep that always in mind, if you are developing on a system, USE THAT SYSTEM’s ADVANTAGES TO BOOST UP YOUR SALES.

  • I got to go with the guy above me, had it had K/M support i would buy it without a doubt.

  • how hard could it be 2 support keyboard and mouse, Do It EA! Westwood whould have lol

  • Here’s the problem –

    EA isn’t concerned with gamers who are vocal about lack of keyboard/mouse support. The fact that they’re vocal means they’re passionate about the game and likely to buy it anyway.

    Unfortunately they’re not considering the network affect. Like many, I’ve been playing C&C since 1995 and I’ve introduced many family/friends to the franchise. If RA3 doesn’t have keyboard/mouse support, many loyal gamers will be disappointed but still buy. Many others, like myself, will not only refuse to buy, but will not recommend to friends/family. I have a dozen friends who don’t know anything about the C&C franchise but would buy based on my recommendation. I’m not giving it without keyboard/mouse support and I’m sure there are many others like me.

  • This is great news, I just bought mt ps3. I keep an old computer with Win95 on it so I can play Red Alert. My question to David Seeholzer is if this sells well will they make other Red Alert games ie. counterstrike,the aftermath, tiberian sun ?
    My birthday is the 23rd but my present will be buying PS3 Red Alert 3 on the 24th. Thanks for the birthday surprise!

  • Wait, two single player levels, thats all the demo offers?

    That’s a bad bad bad way to promote the game. Everyone knows the single player mode is pretty sucky. You’re really limited as to how to approach the game in the skirmish mode. The real fun in the game is the skirmish and multiplayer.

    I really wanted to see how well the skirmish (or multiplayer) mode work before deciding on a buy.

    One skimirish level also would have been ideal.

    That way, we can see at what level the ai will be performing, and also get a range of strategies we can try out to see just how fun it is.

  • Demo Please!!!!!

  • David Seeholzer – Judging by your reply to Carnivius_Prime’s comment on keyboard and mouse support, things are not looking good for us gamers. This will effect your sales, I imagine pretty largely. Could you please give us an explanation to why you won’t be adding this feature?

  • According to multiple sites, the demo for this game was released today at 2pm PST.

    So why can’t I find it ANYWHERE in the store?

    I’ve spend the past 20 minutes looking for the demo for this game, to no avail.

    Also, I think the levels that were chosen to show off this game were poorly chosen. Esp the Natasha level isn’t the least bit fun.

    I don’t know why the devs didn’t opt to show off a skirmish map or something. Those are the truly fun levels.

  • Has anyone found the demo yet, been looking for it have not found it if it is out.

  • =========================================
    MOUSE & KEYBOARD: Rant, Reason and Explanation

    Hi David; great you are bringing this franchise over the PS3. I, as many, have grown up playing RTS games (and many of those were C&C).

    Now… as the others comments here and around the whole: can you please let us (fans) know why do you refuse to provide mouse and keyboard support? I’d, as many others, 100% buy this if you provided those features, but instead, I won’t even consider getting this when I could buy a $15 for the PC!

    Don’t get me wrong… it’s great (again) that your bringing this game here; but what could have been (or “could be” if you release a later patch) a jewel of RTS gaming on a console, it’s only a game that’ll angry many players because they KNOW the could be playing it with a full experience (MOUSE+KEYBOARD); as where in the “other” console they couldn’t.

    Anyway David; thank you very much for this game, but I really hope you measured the impact that will have in sales leaving those controllers unsupported.

  • Once I played the demo, I decided I’d rather wait to purchase the game until there is mouse and keyboard support. Too many button presses can be simplified in a left and right click. So many gamers have requested this, and it has yet to come to play. No mouse/keyboard support, no buy. The game looks awesome though, good job.

  • Yep i have to agree. I’m a huge fan of Red Alert from the very first one on PC but after playing the demo on PSN, I most likely will pass which is a shame. I have my wireless keyboard and mouse sitting right next to my PS3 which would have been awesome with this game but i don’t think the experience using the sixaxis is that good. If a patch ever came out for the M&K, I’d buy the game right away.

  • I have played both PC and the demo for PS3, and I haft to say that no one is giving this game a chance. I like the PS3 version better, I can move my troops faster and built my base faster with this control scheme, because everythings right there. Anyway the game looks great and I will get it tues. and be looking to battle.

  • They actually did an exceptional job with the controls.

    You can literally do every single thing that you can do in the PC version of the game with the controller, and do most of the things faster than you do with the pc version of the game!!!

    I downloaded the demo. Yes, it takes a little while to figure out what all the different key combos are. But once you do, it feels extremely natural.

    I don’t miss KB+Mouse at all. It’s nice being able to sit back on the recliner and do everything just the controller without having to fumble around with so many different keys.

    Bravo EA.

    Sadly, I’m worried a few people won’t take the time to learn the controls and dismiss the game outright since it doesn’t have KB+Mouse support.

  • @138 really I felt it was really unweildly…

  • @138: Yes, of course you STILL can do everything you do in the PC with the controller, but the thing is that it feels “tucked in”, as if you are fighting the controls and trying to force yourself to learn them by trial and error, trial and error, etc. Instead, with a mouse and keyboard, everything fells naturally! Also… consider what happens when there are dozens of units on screen and you want to pick up one specifically to attack another specifically… I’ll surely be a mess with the controller. With a mouse: easy as pie.

  • No it doesn’t feel unwieldy at all. Just give it a little bit of time.

    It’s like the very first time you played a FPS with a controller. I’m sure it felt unwieldy initially.

    But if you just go through the tutorial (it’s short) to learn the controls and try them for an hour or two, it’ll feel natural in time.

    I’m being serious here. I was sad about the lack of KB+Mouse support at first too. But now, I honestly think this controls better and more fluidly than the PC version.

    I still have qualms with the game. I want them to include a few more extras to make this the Ultimate edition. Maybe a console exclusive multiplayer gameplay mode. I’m atleast hoping they added coop matchmaking, something the 360 version didn’t have.

    But as far as controls go, I couldn’t be more pleased with them.

  • Also, the thing about the controls is. I don’t see how KB + Mouse could’ve been implented easily.

    The entire control interface was completely changed and redone to work on the controller. It works really well like I said above. But you would basically have to redo all the graphical cues, and the whole control set up to have it work with a keyboard and mouse. That development time could be better spent on making some exclusive online modes for the PS3 like C&C 3 had, and porting over Uprising.

    I am also curious to find out whether the game includes coop matchmaking or not. The 360 version didn’t.

  • dose any one know a website were i can see the extra skirmishmaps i really want to see them

  • also dose ra3 support trophies

  • will the be ra3 avatars cus i think there should be

  • =========================================
    MOUSE & KEYBOARD: Rant, Reason and Explanation
    PART 2

    Well… the IGN review went online, and I’m GLAD to say that they pointed many of the issues I posted before with the mouse and keyboard support; kind of as if it was me who wrote the review (even the same wording)!

    Here are some excerpts; hope you David reconsider patching the game to support M&K:

    “Even then, you’ll still be hit or miss on certain orders or commands to troops, which isn’t what you need when an enemy force is barreling down on you with guns blazing.”

    “[…] For example, assigning groups and selecting specific types of units on screen works rather well, but commanding individual units can be quite difficult.”

    “[…] This can quickly become annoying as you have to fight your way through the menus each time you want to do something,”

    “Fighting with the controls is one of those situations where you simply wonder why mouse and keyboard support wasn’t included in the first place.”

  • It’s amazing to me that EA chooses not to respond to address these concerns about keyboard/mouse support other than to say “we’re not doing it”, especially considering they respond in detail on other topics and even take the time to thank consumers who have posted positive comments. Does EA not have time for consumers with concerns?

    It’s just bad customer service. At least tell us why keyboard/mouse support isn’t being considered given the demand and be transparent. Explaining with you’re doing one thing (new control scheme) is not the same as explaining why you’re not doing something else (keyboard/mouse). Ignoring consumers and simply reiterating the position that the new joystick control scheme is better is a great way to kill a brand. Successful brands are defined by consumers, not by companies.

  • I’m just so glad that they haven’t bothered uploading the EU version. It really is uplifting, The games available just not the demo, So basically its £40 risking if its any good or just buy an x box (which i definatley will not do!).
    Once again thanks!

  • Gutted, six months after everyone has their copies, the PS3 gets a look in with a demo. But only if you’re in the states? The UK not a worthwhile market then? And what gives with the apparent lack of K&M?

  • Actually, you couldn’t be bothered with K&M – so where else did you cut corners? I turned down the PC version because of DRM, but with PS3 you’re just being lazy. Where are Westwood when you need them?

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