Red Alert 3 PS3 – Demo, DLC, and Details

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Hello again everyone! For those of us who haven’t met yet, I’m David Seeholzer, the Senior Development Director on Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3: Ultimate Edition for the PLAYSTATION 3. We hope to go gold soon, and everyone here at EA Los Angeles is very excited about getting, what we feel, is the best console RTS into your hands.

In case you are new or missed my last blog post here, Red Alert 3: Ultimate Edition promises to be the premier RTS on PS3 with full co-op campaign with VoIP support, 3 unique world powers vying for global domination, and over 60 minutes of classic C&C cinematics in full HD. To really make this the Ultimate Edition, we added a ton of bonus content, some of which is entirely exclusive to the PS3 version, including developer strategy videos, the full soundtrack, 5 new skirmish maps, Behind the Scenes, Bloopers & Outtakes, and my favorite, The Women of RA3 featurette!

Since we last spoke some really cool things have come down the pipe. For starters our PlayStation Store destination went live and we have ton of awesome content hosted on it. There’s a Red Alert 3 theme featuring the Soviet Commando, (and my personal favorite) Natasha, high res concept art from each faction, and our official trailer. We have plans for more exciting content for the PlayStation Store so check back often. Most importantly we have been hard at work on a demo, and it should be available for download in a couple of weeks. We sincerely hope that all of you download the demo and try out the Ultimate Edition of Red Alert 3; we know you will not be disappointed.

Red Alert 3 Ultimate Edition PS3 Red Alert 3 Ultimate Edition PS3

We also have plans to release live DLC post ship through the PS Store as well. We strongly believe in product support especially after ship, and we have a team here dedicated to releasing new maps, missions, units, and other content for the PLAYSTATION 3. The team is hard at work on the first of what we hope will be many DLC packages for RA3: Ultimate Edition. This map pack, which should be available very close to our launch later this month, will feature 3 new skirmish maps for both offline and online play. The team here is dedicated to bringing you quality content on a regular cadence, so make sure to keep your eyes and ears open for future updates.

Red Alert 3 Ultimate Edition PS3 Red Alert 3 Ultimate Edition PS3

In the meantime once RA3: Ultimate Edition ships, various members of the EA Los Angeles family will be seeking worthy commanders to challenge us over the PlayStation Network. So make sure you are online and looking for opponents, you never know when you might be challenged by me and my Tengu rush!

We have also had an awesome 4 page preview in one of the more recent issues of PlayStation: The Official Magazine. If you haven’t checked it out yet, see why they are calling it “one of the most important releases on the platform this year.”

Thanks for tuning in again, we are all excited to hear what you think of Red Alert 3: Ultimate Edition and we take all your comments very seriously, so say what’s on your mind!

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  • Nice one gents, I may well get this as I’ve been looking into getting a console RTS for a while now, Halo ain’t my thing so this will probably be the one to get.

    And kudos to you and your team for taking the time to get this right – the PS3 needs another dodgy port like a hole in the head and to think EA was once the root of all evil, and now EA are showing the other major publishers how it should be done.

  • Thanks for the demo… killing Commies is my pleasure, but in this economy, “trying before I buy” is best.

  • Ahhh man, I love that this development studio appreciates the power of the ps3, and took their time. I mean, 2009 is the perfect release for this, isn’t it?! Thanks! I know RTS gets a bad rep on consoles, however since you guys took the time to understand the architecture of the ps3, makes me want to buy the game for that reason…Also, whats up with not supporting mouse and keyboard support though? Think of how many gamers are not buying this game because of that, maybe theres not a firmware update for it or some other reason, im sure you have em, if not for your sales sake, make it happen!! Why wouldn’t you, if for no good reason. Anyways, thank you C&C, ps3 needs this and i will most likely buy it, if i can afford it, although Killzone 2, looks well worth $60 at the moment.. =] cya!!, also good choice with the demo!!

  • This is something i would pick up if!! ( it would have been on the psn store for the most, $20….. not going 2 pay 60 for a game like this..

  • I hope the demo is out before the game I want to try this out before i drop 60.00. a few weeks and the game will be out….I want my demo

  • its one this don’t get from SONY they have the ability to bring a lot of PC gamers to PlayStation. i don’t see why they haven’t made the keyboard and mouse a optional controller. i just might buy this game. if only we had keyboard and mouse support

  • I have loved the CC series since it was first released. To hear that it has been rebuilt to maximize the use of Blu-ray technology, I find that this is a definite pick-up for the PS3!

  • it seems you people did not listen to what most people asked for… MOUSE and KEYBOARD support, i wont buy it until you listen, ps3 supports mouse and keyboard, there is no reason as to why you cant/wont gamers happy

    you want to charge full price for this game, which is already $29 on the other console, you better give gamers what they ask for
    when will ea learn to listen?

  • I am a big fan of C&C (I own 3 copies of Red Alert 1, 2 copies of Red alert 2 and 2 copies of C&C 1) but somehow I feel difficult to get hyped knowing that westwood are not here anymore :(

    I look forward to check the controls with the demo :)

  • I got all C&C series, by fav has to be the GDI vs NOD!

  • I will definitely get this game when it comes out, thanks for taking your time with PS3 version.

  • It’s so tiring seeing/hearing developers endorse bluray. We all know it holds a ton of space. Stop wasting your breath saying that. Show us the real difference between the 360 and the PS3. Also, if you guys believed in bluray so much. Why on earth are we always getting sloppy seconds?

  • I love RTS games especially the Red Alert series. I do have to admit though I’m going to have to play the demo before I decide wether or not I’m going to buy. I only say this because I’m a bit worried as to how the game will play with a controller.

    It really is a shame you guys decided not to include keyboard and mouse support, but I’ll try the demo and if it works well with the controller, I’ll definately pick it up.

  • Include the DLC in the game. EA is the worst for trying to sell DLC. Why do people buy DLC knowing that they’re getting robbed?

  • Mouse and keyboard suppot please, I’m still gonna buy it either way, but PLEASE give mouse and keyboard support.

  • Now THAT’S how you bring out a multiplat game on the PS3; fill that sontwitch up with goodies because the Blu-Ray space is there… and THAT’S how you present a game coming out later for the PS3: with improved graphics.

    C&C devs earned both my respect and my money.

    If this is EA’s commitment to the PS3, then well done to both C&C devs and EA.

  • thx for hookin us ps3 folk up! will try the demo, might be a purchase

  • I dont really like RTS games at all – but it may be tempting to buy this just to support the devs. If i get 60 bucks after i pay off InFamous, ill definately pick it up.
    Keep supporting the PS3 guys. :p

  • signs petition to DL demo

  • btw i hope i like the demo, i really want a game like this on the ps3

  • This isn’t my type of game, but it really is great what you guys are doing! I thank you a thousand times for your support, and I like how you guys are taking full advantage of the power of the PS3 and the Blu-Ray format!

  • P.S. Don’t worry, even though typically I don’t like Strategy Games (Age of booty is an exception though…) I will no doubt give the demo for this game a try! I always give every game a fair chance! :)

  • Give me more, more, more. ;D

  • @64
    I can’t speak for everyone, but the DLC I buy is only for games I play all the time. I like to enhance the my favorite games and spending the extra money is completely justified. Besides I am fortunate enough that I can afford to buy it. Also, because of used games sales developers don’t get any money so DLC is another way for them to get some extra money. You know what’s so great about DLC?? You don’t have to buy it if you don’t want it. :D

    The only DLC I truly feel isn’t worth it is all DLC for SCIV. I don’t even know why I still own the game. :/

    Anyway, I am going to go play SFIV.
    Vega ftw!!

  • Thanks for taking the time to post on the Blog! I’m really looking forward to this game. Hopefully we can get the Uprising content down the line, and maybe some free DLC too.

  • those ladies are sooo fine!

  • You dont need a mouse and keyboard to play this console RTS. This game uses the command stick 2.0 witch is very smooth and allows micromanagement of al your units. I have been CNC-3 and Kanes wrath on the xbox for a year and a half with no problems. The interface works very nice. I will definitely buying this on release day.

  • Mouse and Keyboard support or no buy

  • I have a deep love for the Red Alert series. While the Tiberium games refined your sub-genre the Red Alert series always polished and refined it.
    I’m not planning to upgrade my PC for another year or so. Therefor, I’m really passionate and excited about it, now that it’s comming to the PS3.
    The reason I love the series so much is because it’s geniunel funny in a way only a video game can be. It’s not so much the hilarious and obsurd live action cut scenes. It’s the units and their abilities that make Red Alert stand out from other RTS and earns it a place in my heart.

  • Please please PLEASE add Keyboard and Mouse support!

    It’s such a great feature of the PS3 that devs never take advantage of…and I would think an RTS would greatly benefit from it. I would get this game in a heartbeat if it supported KB/mouse, because otherwise RTSs on the console are too clumsy with a controller. At least give us the option!

  • @58
    Ea? Listening to their costumers?

  • Thanks for the demo, I have to try the control scheme and see how it sounds first.

  • Tho its a big fail on their part for not having keyboard/mouse support. Better be added in later with the DLC or something. No excuses for not having it on the PS3.

    Or else whats the point?

  • Iam gonna get it , not sure when though. Hell I still haven’t gotten Street fighter IV (too busy with killzone 2 ;).

    SFIV, Red Alert 3: UE and KoFXII are on my must buy list.

    Resident Evil 5 seem’a to fustration with the tank controls, Iam having second thoughts about it ;(.

  • I really want to buy it but the thought of a gamepad as a RTS controlling device is just too intimidating for me. If it had Keyboard and Mouse support it would very likely have swayed me. Even if it would only support the single-player (actually that would be where I would probably be spending most of my time).

  • Nice. I haven’t played this game before but I’ll give the demo a try when it comes out.
    Noe if only you guys make the game support keyboard and mouse ….

  • Is a buy for me. And thanks to the developemnt team for use the blu-ray as intented, which is deliver a superior version of the a multiplataform game.

    I cant wait for end of march for get my copy

  • Is there KB+M support for this game? Please say yes.

  • i loved Red alert 2, my pc sucks now so i cant play the 3rd one but ill definatly get a PS3 version :)

  • Just wondering why you guys didn’t take advantage of the option of having full mouse and keyboard support on the ps3 version?

    Anyway, i borrowed it from a friend for 360 a few weeks after the PS3 version was announced and i loved it. I’ll be buying it for PS3 when it comes out ;)

  • I’ll probably buy this eventually anyway, but if it has keyboard & mouse support I’d buy it right away just to reward the developer for including that. Based on all the comments here, I hope they’re strongly considering that.

  • where can I buy the red shorts on the cover of the game

  • Not even an option for keyboard and mouse? Follow UT3’s example for god’s sake. This isn’t Xbox where we’re forced to deal with gimped controls. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE OPEN SYSTEM.

    Ultimate edition = a bunch of videos you’ll watch once. Thanks, but no thanks.

  • I’m buying it on day one. I like that use are gutsy enough to make a console version (meaning no keyboard/mouse support). The old ones were my favorite RTS’s by far, and all I used then was a controller and they were very playable.

  • Meh. One of many, many reasons I gave up on PC gaming was that I hate mouse/keyboard controls with an absolute passion. Far prefer having a more compact controller that doesn’t need a desk or anything. Hell, I even use a Playstation 2 joypad to control Windows XP some of the time and draw with it too.

  • With no Mouse and Keyboard support I wont buy

  • Nice – its about time we get some extra content for the PS3!

  • dam this looks good

  • Great stuff, looking forward to playing this soon. Just one thing, is there an option to use keyboard and mouse?

    If not could it please be added as unreal 3 supports it and well it’s always nice to have options especially in an RTS :)

  • Have to agree with some of the other posters… I hope there is support for mouse & keyboard. The PS3 supports them, so there is NO EXCUSE for it not to be included, other than developer laziness.

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