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This week’s What We Read is brought to you an hour earlier than normal, if you haven’t already noticed…

This week’s news, once again, seems to center largely on the release and positive reviews of Killzone 2. But writers were busy this week on a variety of other PlayStation news, ranging from God of War to Yakuza 3 to Age of Booty (which I’m noticing an increase in popularity on my Friends List now that Trophies have been added).

Any PlayStation stories catch your eye last week? Please share them with the your fellow readers!

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of March 2, 2009)

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  • Thoroughly unrelated to anything above, I’m sure, but can we ever hope to see support for soft subs in AVC(H.264) files? Like DIVX subtitle support, only not – you know what I mean.

  • In killzone 2 does movement speed(when online) depend on rank or something cuz my guy seems to walk, any ways there can be a patch to make him move faster

  • Do Sony have a list of stores that sell those LittleBigPlanet shirts? I would like to purchase several of them.

  • I just bought Yakuza 1 & 2 brand new. I really hope I have the chance to play Yakuza 3 in English (Japanese dialog with English subtitles preferably).

  • Jeff! Any news on more PS1 titles being added? I would KILL to have Resident Evil 2 on my PSP.

  • Sry to double post. Also, it doesnt really bother me BUT when you press the PS button to see what time it is, the battery level breifly covers the clock. Sure, its only for a couple of seconds but you never kno if those seconds could be crucial.

  • I love the personal aproach sony is having with jeff, love you man, all that you do means a lot to me.
    Btw i send you an invite on psn if u wanted to play a game of killzone 2 one day, you know stay close to the fans.
    btw i read pretty much everything playstation on

  • “Are you syncing your trophies by selecting the trophy icon after quitting the game in which you earned them?”

    Speaking of which, any word on when we’re going to see an update to the firmware that makes this extra step unnecessary?

  • Bob52 your movement speed depends on the size of the gun. There is also boost that will let you move really fast no matter what gun you have.

  • I see “Yakuza 3” is Japanese-style Grand Theft Auto (or vice versa, it doesn’t matter :P). But in my opinion, I like Yakuza 3 better because it offers more elements to be explored and more detailed world. No offense against GTA fans … ^^

    Any news about when will Sega announce its availability on stateside?

  • KillZone 2 is AMAZING!!!!!! ;P
    Good work SONY + GG ;)

    + SONY BRING BACK PS2 playback on the PS3 PLEASE!!!!!!!!! ;)

  • love that we will have Red alert, so i guess mass effect will be in ps3 now too?

  • I hope the developer of Mass Effect brings Mass Effect to the PS3.

  • Looking for a new website featuring game reviews? Check out my review of Killzone 2.

  • #56 (DalCimaius)

    Sony has known of this issue for a LONG, LONG time. But it seems that moving the battery indicator is too much of a technical challenge for their top-shelf developers.

    Rather than fix issues like this, they’d prefer to spend their time rendering CGI guns and trying to pretend they’re real.

  • I’ve recently had Y.L.O.D(yellow light of death)on ps3..Sony wanted £150 plus my console and they’d then send me a re-furb..don’t think friend gilksy (psn) took it apart and repaired it for psn is boomont if anyone has had the same problem..many thanks

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