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This week’s What We Read is brought to you an hour earlier than normal, if you haven’t already noticed…

This week’s news, once again, seems to center largely on the release and positive reviews of Killzone 2. But writers were busy this week on a variety of other PlayStation news, ranging from God of War to Yakuza 3 to Age of Booty (which I’m noticing an increase in popularity on my Friends List now that Trophies have been added).

Any PlayStation stories catch your eye last week? Please share them with the your fellow readers!

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of March 2, 2009)

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  • Dude, when can u announce the new firmware?

  • Universal Game inviting
    Voice Messaging
    In-game Chat!
    oh and improve the message box system so it’s like an email system :).

  • Yea Killzone 2 is really deserving what it gets, positive reviews and good respect! So, Didn’t read much this week but I saw a trailer of a racing game called “Split/Second” which was pretty interesting. Overall good week. By the way Jeff, kind of off-topic but, what happened to Fat Princess? I’m getting worried about the game. It’s been awhile since we’ve heard of it. Please Reply!

    • Fat Princess is in development. I\’ve played a recent build, and it\’s really fun. Can\’t wait until we\’re talking more about this game – and we will.

  • SOCOM PATCH UPDATE AT 2AM but which timezone is that going to fall under? Mine which is NDST or yours which is PDST. Which is it guys I must know and so must all the other fans of the game. Hopefully this will fix alot of the issues still plaguing us.

  • all hail playstation lol…no, but on a serious note, psn isn’t too far from closing the gap between psn features and xbl features it seems. the free service is a major plus…having to pat for xbl is okay but then you have to pay a netflix subscription and only then can you watch the movies on xbl..your renting service is like orderin movies through cable so I’m fine with that…y’all sell digital movies so that’s a plusand I can watch blu-ray movies. the other features of xbl would be a nice addition

  • Cool.

    JEFF, PLEASE LOOK IN HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What happened to the Motorstorm: Pacific Rift news that were going to be posted this week!!????

  • IM WITH No.6… I *heart* motorstorm… WHERE IS THE SURPRISE, its like that cake i never got…

  • need more for playstation eye

  • Still no new firmware :'( I’m still hoping for a PSP Trophies systeme soon ^^ Some news soon ? (*hope hope*)

  • Yep,I’m with post 6 and 7. Waiting to see what the Motorstorm news is going to be about.

  • Nice update Jeff.

  • I just hope Sega changes their mind and brings Yakuza 3 stateside. I know for sure I’d buy it along with many others.

    Yeah, the time change has thrown me off a little, since I thought I was getting up at 10am, and it was 11am. :(

  • I too am looking forward to the next FW update.

  • Oh BTW Jeff I saw your street fighter IV fight against HipHopGamer…he kicked your ass…lol

    • I took him down with Guile, 3-1, he got me with Ken 3-1, and we went the distance in the 3rd. That\’s ass-kicking??

  • jeff you already know what im going to ask lol
    wheres is the motorstorm pacific rift surprise??

  • Thanks for the info. As always Jeff, great job.

  • I hope the next firmware update is gaming related instead of random browser and image viewing stuff :).

  • I’d like to know more about:
    -New Upcoming Firmware
    -Demon’s Souls, Yakuza 3 and White Knight Chronicle American releases
    -Fat Princess’ release date
    -When you guys are finally gonna release the lates UT3 patch

    Please reply! :)

  • about those official trophy cards… are those only for users in Europe? or all of PSN?

    • Well they\’re not out yet, but PSN sign-in is worldwide, so should work fine across the globe. Just like non-North-American users can check their Trophies through the US site.

  • That MTV inFamous article was great. “Have you ever been called a terrorist?” Love it!

  • im looking for some information on socom confrontation. i would like for slant six to create new maps and have map pack downloads. it would alson be cool if you could by add ons tfor your gun and be able to have more than two attatchments. but the map packs would be greatly appreciated.

  • i had an awesome week with KZ2!!! i’m almost at the end. i only wish it lasted longer… oh well, i hope we dont have to wait for PS4 for the next installment of Killzone. that would kill me. twas a good week all around. i saw that God of War mashup trailer on GT and thought that was pretty cool. GoW3 sure has come a Looooong way. can’t wait for Kratos.


  • how about this one?

    so is it true? :D

  • @ PSN Team

    We want more PSN Avatars!

    Jeff could you ask Eric Lempell if they are working on new PSN Avatars?

    Fans want more such as: LBP, Resistance 2, MGS4, Killzone 2, etc…

  • Is Sony going to release Demon’s Soul here, or should I just import it?

    Also, more RPGs please.

  • nice week for ppl that are in to shooters and what not. i gotta admit killzone 2 looks great and all. but,i would like to know when are we going to have good news for those of us that are jrpgsfans?seems like the last rpg for our beloved console was launched ages ago lol

    i also hope that the next firmware for the ps3 will make most of us happy because its laden with good features(sp)and when i am talking about the next firmware i am not saying the one that is going around over the net because that sounded to me more than an april’s fools joke than anything else…
    but like i said i hope the next one will be a megaton ! lol

  • shooter fans are having the best time of their lives with killzone

  • Very cool :D

  • I know Sony has nothing to do with this, but I would love to hear Yakuza 3 is coming to the US!

  • Do you guys remember like 1 day after the release of the GOW 3 trailer jeff said he would have av interview for us with our questions posted next week on the blog…..

    Well it’s like 2 weeks after this and we still have nothing….

    • Nothing gets by you readers!

      I\’ve got them on the editor – I\’ve been saving them for the week of GDC. Everything\’s been all about Killzone 2, so I figured a bit of a wait on that makes sense. Do you agree? I suppose I could fast track them if not.

  • Tight, although I already read everything throughout the week with Google news search, Jeff ;)

    MGS4 trophies, please. Just had to say that


    there we go go to that link and in the last sentence you state that we will see gow 3 interview next week on the blog

  • when is the new update comming???? please tell us!! and wat it’s goin to have on it

  • SCEA push to bring Yakuza 3 to N.A plus LBP need the take picture system like linger and shadow and motorstrom. i have a few slaps that would make hot wallpaper

  • Jeff your friends list proves that trophies are important to a lot of gamers.I think that trophies on PSP would be a great way to combat piracy.more people buying games means more developers working on the system.


  • I was wary of killzone 2 because of the boring demo but I have to say that the game itself is awesome. Fantastic single player and amazing multiplayer and it’s free online. Once they get working I’ll be happy.

  • -killzone 2 is the best
    -more PSN avatars please
    -What happened to White Knight Story?
    -Looking forward to Worms
    -New Firmware?????????

  • What ever happened to the North American release of the GPS for PSP that was mentioned near a year ago?

  • Yakuza 3 release in North America, Make it happen Jeff, In other sega news, I finally took time off Killzone 2 to finish Valkyria Chronicles which is amazing. Only third best game last year though behind LBP and MGS4

  • Jeff, I noticed when I check my trophies on the US site, it takes ages to update but If I go and check the game I earned the trophy in, the trophy is there but the number doesn’t update?

    Any ideas why?

    • Are you syncing your trophies by selecting the trophy icon after quitting the game in which you earned them?

  • Also, I’m lagging behind you on the trophies jeff ? 36 trophies behind, not good. Even though our levels are similar ;) Guess I got the better trophies! win!

  • Looking forward to that Motorstorm news. Been playing a lot of Killzone this past week. Also picked up MLB 09 The Show this weekend and have had a few hours here and there to work on my batting.

  • The makers of Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars has confirmed that firmware 2.7 is coming this month. Although you likely can’t comment on that can you comment on the wrath/smackdown that SONY lays on developers that break NDA? (While, of course, not confirming that Psyonix did such a thing)

  • firmware update….after gdc or around e3 time? Will there be anything happening in home for e3…maybe y’all can stream video into the theater and/or club houses. An idea for the psn store I would love and would use, use psn to buy games, rent and vuy movies…would be cool if y’all sold music…single songs and full albums…i know i’d buy for sure

  • Yeah I have synced the trophies, while the trophy is on the website but the total number of trophies is wrong and takes ages to update?

    Any idea why?

  • @gamermoney…

    Stand outside the Mall in home and look into the doorway…past the pink column you see a SonyStyle store that isn’t there when you actually go into the Mall.

    Perhaps we will be buying hardware (TVs and Stereos for our homespaces and clubs) and music/videos directly from within Home (at least in the US that is)

  • Sorry Jeff, but I just thought this was funny:

    PS3, PSP reach sales milestones in Eurpoe – Joystiq

    Wheres Eurpoe? I’d really like to vacation there. Stay cool Jeff.

  • @ForgOtN

    Eurpoe is in Uranus.



    o0 Thanks man. I’ll be heading there next week for vacation. Wait… I don’t think you’d call that a vacation lol.

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