PlayStation Network Video Content Update

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Hi everyone! Here’s your weekly update of the new movies and TV shows available on PlayStation Network.

On Tuesday, March 10, releasing on PlayStation Network is Transporter 3 – a new break-neck action adventure for Frank Martin (Jason Statham), the ex-Special Forces operative who specializes in high-risk deliveries no questions asked.

Also releasing on March 10 is a special Jason Statham Featured Collection. In roles he pulls heists, pummels thugs and gets what he needs as the smooth-talking, “handsome” Londoner. He’s the all-around badass and con-man Jason Statham. Sit back and soak up all the spectacular stunts, high-speed chases and killer encounters in this Jason Statham collection. Statham always delivers the goods.

Here’s a special preview trailer:

This week we’ve added the following new HD videos:


  • Australia
  • Blue Steel
  • Into the Blue
  • Merlin and the War of the Dragons
  • Motives
  • Rocky V
  • Rules of Engagement | Season 3
  • Damages | Season 2
  • American Dad | Season 4
  • How I Met Your Mother | Season 4
  • 24 | Season 7
  • Dollhouse | Season 1
  • Sunday School Musical
  • Death Racers
  • Lie To Me | Season 1
  • The Beast | Season 1

And the following feature films:


  • Australia
  • Ashes of Time Redux
  • The Hills Have Eyes UNRATED
  • The Hills Have Eyes II
  • The Hills Have Eyes II UNRATED
  • I’ve Loved You So Long
  • Wonder Woman
  • Godzilla vs. Mothra
  • Half Past Dead 2
  • Into the Blue
  • The Marine UNRATED
  • Merlin and the War of the Dragons
  • Motives
  • My Girl 2
  • Rocky V
  • Death Racers
  • Sunday School Musical

And new video content from the following television series:


  • DEA | Season 2
  • Lie To Me | Season 1
  • The Beast | Season 1
  • TNA: iMPACT! | Season 1
  • The City | Season 1
  • Damages | Season 2
  • Important Things with Demetri Martin | Season 1
  • Trust Me | Season 1
  • 24 | Season 7
  • MTV’s Nitro Circus | Season 1
  • Rules of Engagement | Season 3
  • American Dad | Season 4
  • Chuck | Season 2
  • How I Met Your Mother | Season 4
  • Nip/Tuck | Season 5
  • Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory | Season 1
  • How’s Your News? | Season 1
  • The Simpsons | Season 20
  • Dollhouse | Season 1
  • MADtv | Season 14
  • Batman: The Brave and the Bold | Season 1
  • Rob and Big | Season 1
  • Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles | Season 2

And finally, here are our top 10 HD and non-HD movie and TV downloads for the week:

Top Movies

    1. Pineapple Express
    2. Body of Lies
    3. W.
    4. The Haunting of Molly Hartley
    5. Hulk Vs.
    6. Eagle Eye
    7. College (Unrated)
    8. My Best Friend’s Girl (Unrated)
    9. Australia
    10. Saw V (Unrated)

Top HD Movies

    1. Body of Lies
    2. Pineapple Express
    3. W.
    4. Eagle Eye
    5. Hulk Vs.
    6. Wall-E
    7. Righteous Kill
    8. Australia
    9. Hit and Run
    10. My Best Friend’s Girl (Unrated)

Top TV Episodes

    1. Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory Season 1 “Blog, Super Blob”
    2. MTV’s Nitro Circus Season 1 “Launch Special”
    3. The CollegeHumor Show Season 1 “Rival Site”
    4. How’s Your News Season 1 “Los Angeles, CA”
    5. Family Guy Season 7 “Oceans 3 1/2”
    6. Watchmen Motion Comic Season 1 “Chapter Chapter 12”
    7. Dollhouse Season 1 “Ghost”
    8. MTV’s Nitro Circus Season 1 “Nitro Summer Games”
    9. Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory Season 1 “Extreme Timmy!”
    10. MTV’s Nitro Circus Season 1 “Welcome to Pastranaland”

Top HD TV Episodes

    1. Dollhouse Season 1 “Ghost”
    2. Dollhouse Season 1 “Target”
    3. 24 Season 7 “Day 7: 7:00PM – 8:00PM”
    4. 24 Season 7 “Day 7: 5:00PM – 6:00PM”
    5. 24 Season 7 “Day 7: 6:00PM – 7:00PM”
    6. Lie To Me Season 1 “Pilot”
    7. Dollhouse Season 1 “Stage Fight”
    8. Burn Notice Season 2 “Sins of Omission”
    9. 24 Season 7 “Day 7: 4:00PM – 5:00PM”
    10. Lie To Me Season 1 “Love Always””

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  • @42…it is tied to your machine…thus why if your PS3 breaks you lose all bought movie content as SONY in their TOS is under no obligation to allow secondary downloads. I’d actually be ok with is being tied to my PSN id.

    @45…No. The video store is IP locked. You cannot access it unless through proxy which the majority of people would have no idea how to set up with the PS3.

  • #30
    OMG, these videos don’t even have 1080p or Surround Sound?? I didn’t even know about this and was almost ready to make my first purchase from the video store. How is this cutting edge or promoting the PS3’s image of HD entertainment?

  • How about making some HD movies available for purchase………I mean it would only make sense with ps3 being a HD console and Im sure most ps3 owners have a HDTV.


  • @38
    I don’t need to cope, I am fine. Clearly it’s you with the problem coming out after my comments.

    The comments regarding copyrights and licencing has nothing to do with piracy, it is in refrence to issue’s Sony faces when trying to bring content to the PSN DRM Free and owning digital HD content.
    That’s the reason we don’t have HBO and other content that people want to see on the PSN, licensing and copyrights.

    The comment about not paying is in reference to the PSN. I purchase Blu-ray’s from Amazon regularly for content that I want in the format and quality I desire thus I don’t pay the PSN.

    Blu-rays are what I want but in a digital download streaming form.

  • What I would like to see on the video store is the ability to view or download the trailer for any particular movie entry on the spot.

    I often encounter movies I might be interested in renting. But there’s almost no information about them on the video store. Only a sentence or two description and a tiny picture. So I pass.

    It seems like the customer is expected to already know the movies they want. But if it’s a movie I already know and really want, I will buy it on Blu-ray, not download. I rent movies that I haven’t seen yet and am not sure if I want to buy.

    Movie trailers are on the game side of the store rather than the video side. And there aren’t many, so it’s not worth it to try to navigate to find them. Moving to the other side of the store also clears your shopping cart.

    Certainly, any movie that does already have a trailer on the PSN aught to have a link to it from its entry on the video side. And if every movie posted to the PSN added the trailer from now on, I think that would do much to get people using the service more.

  • @52
    I can only speak for the Dark Knight.
    They claim it is HD on the PSN but when I rented the HD version it was 720p so technically it is HD but not 1080p HD or Full HD as Sony pushes. Also the sound according to the information via the PS3 was stereo.

    I have a full 1080p HD Bravia and I have a 5.1 Sony Receiver fully capable of 5.1 Surround and full 1080p HD. Blu-rays do it and the digital files I have can do it.
    I can play M2TS files I create or my camcorder creates in 1080p and 5.1 surround via the PS3 so I don’t know why the PSN can’t do it.

    That’s the main reason I post on the video blogs so everyone else knows this store isn’t as it should be.

    Sorry to be the one to bring the bad news…

  • Glad to see more Godzilla, although I already have that title on DVD. It would be great if Godzilla 1985 were available on PSN, as it is not sold on DVD in the US.

  • @17

    Wow looks like you’re really pissed off ! Did you knew there is only SCEA in Americas and that this blog is not only for Americans but for the whole Americas north mid and south ??? Just because the adress is doesnt mean it’s reserved to Americans dumba**

  • Needs:

    Ability to buy whole TV Season shows and TV Season Pass for current TV Show seasons. Also need to fix the stupid/strict DRM on the store, it should be like the games DRM.

  • I might just get the first episode of Important Things with Demetri Martin, seeing as how I missed the first episode on TV…

  • When is the video store going to get more tv networks? Seriously, the fact that there is still no ABC or NBC is ridiculous. Having a partial selection is not good enough. If people have a complete selection available to them on another platform, chances are they’re going to buy all their content on that platform, whether it be appleTV or xbox live or whatever.

  • Keep on giving it a rating of 1 and you will never get the store in your country. Use your damn head. They will think hey these guys dont want it.

  • are they even working on trying to bring this service to Canada, my guess is not really.

  • Honestly, this is getting really old…U.S. citizens whining about Canadians whining.
    Let us complain if we so choose; how is it affecting you?

    If the States were to have the same issue, all hell would break loose on the Blog.

    You are whining too you know.
    What if I were to call you a bunch of tossers for complaining about something you don’t like?

    Are you saying that any issues that don’t affect the U.S. are irreverent?

    You don’t like to hear complainers…yet expect us to accept you’re complaining about complaining. That’s even more annoying. The fact that you believe that you have all rights…which is the same fundamental flaw applied to every U.S. desire. The very reason the States is the most hated nation… you’re always trying to mother a world already grown.

    This is gaming…and life…ALL are entitled to an opinion in what one feels is appropriate. Not just those YOU deem necessary. Isn’t that what the United States of America hold most dearly? The right to freedom; though it should extend everywhere right?
    …or is that just something dedicated to those within YOUR boarders?

  • This (PS Blog) is a website designed to allow free flowing opinion; all to better accommodate the consumer desire… yet was reduced to one that is nation specific with a single argument. Fortunately you DO NOT speak for Sony.
    Wouldn’t your words be considered a type of genocide (Verbal)?
    Have Canadians in general now been stripped of their right to speak freely amongst fellow gamers regarding personal concerns. Silence the opinionated!
    Stick to the motto right… wipe em’ out!

    Well I for one will conclude this rant with MY opinion…we, citizens of the GLOBE require equity in all its form. As one who resides in the North American region, though north of the boarder…I formally speak out to say that I require equal treatment.
    Give all regions the same opportunity to enjoy the experiences.

    Remember that this is about more than you may realize…even though you may say “it’s just games”.
    You’re actually forcing conformity of your beliefs.
    There are many different forms of silence…
    But when you attempt to remove a voice, you’ll find that you only silence respect.

  • I wonder if we will ever get to download videos straight to our PSP’s.

  • It’s not hard to guess that Sony must already be working on bringing the video store to all other regions including Canada.

    It’s also not hard to guess that all of the demands made in the comments for every single video content update don’t cause it to happen any faster.

    The one and only thing that could possibly cause it to happen faster is if the US video store is a smashing success. The more money it makes, the more leverage there is to allocate resources and push through the necessary licensing deals.

    A giant stack of angry blog comments can’t change that business equation. What it can do, however, is prevent Sony from getting much feedback on the US video store because everything is drowned out by shouting Canadians.

  • you guys didn’t list 1000 ways to die (but it’s on the store, anyway). Thanks for adding that show on the video store. Now is it possible we can get Manswers on the video store ASAP

  • @64
    You say that like nobody in the US is any different like we are all the same. Well guess what Japan has a ton of PS1 Games and we dont got them are we complaining not really maybe a few are but it will get here when it gets here. Also in your post you stated that where whining too, well your whole post is kinda whinny as well. Basically saying let us do what we want and rate your service a 1, well wtf is that then huh. And why do you blame the people for what this country does to the rest of the world do you honesty think we have any say in that. Maybe way back but things have changed now.

    But hey what do I care keep rating it a 1 and see if canada ever gets it as they check the ip and notice its canadia and say o wow canada doesnt want this service. Seems brains and common sence are lacking these days.

  • The reason why Canadian have demanded the video store every time the subject came up
    is that we are still piss about that North American comment just before the release. We are still waiting for psn card by the way. We like nothing better but to leave those comment on a Canadian official ps3 Blog but since we don’t have one this blog will have to do.

  • @ 69…
    Ok, not everyone is the same but a large portion is. A reputation doesn’t get given for no reason at all. despite what you may think.
    But, I will take that part back; I shouldn’t have blamed everyone. For that I apologize.

    As for your other comment though…

    (And why do you blame the people for what this country does to the rest of the world do you honesty think we have any say in that)

    To answer…YES…the people always have a say. That’s what democracy is, and it’s found in every aspect of life. The way people feel, see and ultimately do, is directly based on what we are subjected to. Yet, still always have a choice…ALWAYS!

  • fantastic!!!! but need some LOST though

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