inFamous Date, Demo, and Art revealed

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We know many of you have been wondering when urban hero Cole McGrath and his electrifying arsenal of superpowers is coming to a town near you. Well, we want to share with you today that inFamous will be launching worldwide this June, and here’s a first look at the front-of-box for the title:

inFamous Pack Front final

Another question many of you have been asking is: will there be a demo? And, the answer is yes. We’ll have more details on when and how the demo will be available shortly. Stay tuned for a new trailer next week as well of loads of other inFamous goodies from the Sucker Punch crew this month…

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  • cool cover art!

  • sold! can’t wait.

  • Pretty sure that I’m going to pick this up day one, have it pre-ordered already.

    Still looking forward to the demo though, nice update.

  • Perfect box art.

  • Ok, that is sick box art.

    Here’s my issue with this though. Don’t go putting “demo” in the headline, when we know that the “demo” you speak of won’t be available to everyone at all. Anyone on here that actually thinks that Sony is planning on releasing a demo of this game normally needs to review the Killzone 2 demo, and other demos prior. It is guaranteed be a demo EXCLUSIVELY for Qore subscribers, and will be available for a month before the game drops, whenever that will be *searches article only to find a vague ‘June’* but non-Qore subscribers (the majority of us willing to buy the game especially if given a hands on proper demo well ahead of time) will be left out in the dark, and will probably have to wait til the week OF, if not the week AFTER said June release. Don’t argue with me community, because you’d be blind to. It’s either that or “Go pre-order a copy from Gamestop and get your demo *two weeks* early!”

  • (Continued) See, that’s the new mantra for (PS3) demos these days, and I’m really ranting here because I’m so tired of this. It’s unfair to marginalize your consumer base by teasing us (especially this early) with your software, but giving us vague details on it and then only releasing the sampler to select audiences who are willing to pay for it. I’d be willing to pay for this game day one, if I can play with it a bit before hand and see if I like it (the purpose of demos?) but I know better now that I need to pay in EXCESS OF RETAIL to have that right. Excited, but not? Yeah. /end rant

  • Too Far!!! he says while he can’t stop smiling.

  • I want to play it NOW!

  • Wow, this was the last thing i expected to hear today. Good news though, but im still a bit iffy. I guess time will tell :) I sure have high hopes though.

  • Yay.

    Ok, so Prototype is rapidly sliding downhill on my expectation chart while InFamous continues to wrack up the points. Funny since my first impression of the games was that Prototype looked awesome while my reaction of InFamous was “meh”.

    Unless anything bizarre happens in the next couple of months InFamous is going to be a must buy. Sorry Prototype but unless the devs crank up the graphics/story/atmosphere then you’ll have to wait till the holiday season for my purchase.

  • Love the art work, the background kind of reminds me of Killzone, which makes me wonder will any game ever use the killzone engine?

  • Hope this turns out well. Looks sweet though.

  • It took me a while to get hyped for this game but the newest screens and vids really got me excited.

  • Hoping this demo will not be a gamestop exclusive like with KZ2.

  • Awesome news. I was wondering when this game would be out. I’m very glad this game is coming during the Summer instead of trying to cram it into the Fall when there are way too many game releases.

  • awwwww man!!!! now i have to wait till JUNE??!!??!!

    noooooo…… lol

  • Only on Playstation… makes me sad there is no multiplayer but i can def get past that. you say ‘how’ the demo will be available, i swear to god if you guys make me jump through hoops just to try your game i will def pass it up unless it gets amazing reviews or comes highly suggested from a friend. i want to buy this game but if you handle its release and wrong then ill be forced to shoot it down. i want to be able to play it without having a headache just to try it.


  • SWEET, I can’t wait SOLD!!! :D

  • getting it day 1 for sure , im really looking forward to Infamous and the box art looks really great

    Jeff where is my motorstorm pacific rift surprise????

  • OMFG, the cover art looks awesome!!!

  • The game does look great, loving the box art and sweet news on a demo soon! I can’t wait to play it!

  • Can’t wait, Love the boxart!

  • I noticed the boxart has no Playstation Network logo. Is that a confirmation of single-player only?

    That’s too bad. This game would be perfect for some Crackdown-style cooperative havok.

  • I cant wait for this game! I will purchase it the first day of the release!
    Reason why Im excited:
    1)ps3 exclusive
    2)I love the fact that you guys dont choose any “famous” superhero and no tights or mask.
    3)I saw the other day the graphical-nobel kind of story mode and I find it really nice.
    4)I like the fact that you guys focus in one super-power “electricy”. Really often when you try to put too many things at the same time its just doesnt work.

  • Awesome! Can’t wait to try this one out!

  • Great stuff! Can’t wait to try that demo. :)

  • The box art alone makes me want to buy it. I hope the game does really good, props to Sucker Punch.

  • I don’t like the box art that much, is still good but I would like to see more options than that cover. I kinda like the one in which the character is receiving a lighting and he is kinda like floating. Dunno where I saw that, but I’m kinda sure it was from Infamous.

    Still can’t wait for the demo.

  • Can’t wait, will buy on day one. In Sucker Punch I have faith.

  • Can’t wait to try the demo. I see Gamestop already has a pre-order bonus “Gigawatt Blades Power”.

  • Its funny for me cuz this guy looks like the guy from Force Unleashed…… Is this a new Sith Lord look? lol


  • Best game of the summer confirmed!

  • I noticed no PlayStation Network logo. Looks like no co-op or online features for this game :(

  • Wow, that’s sooner than I expected, Can’t wait!
    Day one buy for me :D


  • I’m calling this now, this game will be a sleeper hit. sold purely on word of mouth. The game itself looks amazing, day one for me fer sure!

  • Why is the title inFamous in text but inFAMOUS on the box art?

    Really looking forward to this game, though.

  • Finally!! Yes! Yes! Yay! Yes! Ok, too much, but I can’t wait! :P

  • @86
    Whats up Ninja? It sucks your PS3 got YLOD or whatever …

  • Sweet!!!!!!!!!!No playstation network logo on cover, I assume no MP. I dont expect MP anyways. Rock on Suckerpunch!!!

  • Sucker Punch rocks. Can’t wait!

  • Awesome!

  • Looking forward to it

  • Heck yeah, can’t wait for it. It looks like tons of fun and with Sucker Punch’s track record, well it’s pretty much guaranteed to be a great game.

    Hope the demo comes out soon so we get to see how it plays for ourselves.

  • Great boxart. I’ll pick this game up if i’m not still laid off when it comes out :)

  • Not every game needs Online play…

    This especially, it would be tacky and unnecessary.

  • The cover look awesome… SOLD XD

  • I’m so getting this game!!

    by the way the box art is really nice!

  • @7

    You do know that not every single game needs to have a online multiplayer mode right? People like you are the reason for poor tacked on multiplayer modes.

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