New Strikers Coming to High Velocity Bowling

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Hi there High Velocity Bowling fans! We’re back and with a couple more characters for you to ‘roll’ with. I’m happy to present you all with Bruce ‘Flyboy’ Fitzpatrick and Carmen ‘Sordida’ Sanchez. Both of these guys are available beginning TODAY and for just $0.99 each! Here’s a little info on our new additions:

Bruce ‘Flyboy’ Fitzpatrick for High Velocity Bowling

Bruce ‘Flyboy’ Fitzpatrick

Bruce is a flamboyant flight attendant from New York, New York who happens to be fantastic in the lane. He’s definitely earned the nickname ‘Flyboy’ and has proven to have fabulous ball control. Though, his downfall is that he cares more about his precious manicure than pin action … so it’s nothing but light balls for him.

Carmen ‘Sordida’ Sanchez for High Velocity Bowling

Carmen ‘Sordida’ Sanchez

Carmen is from San Ysidro, California, and with a chip on her shoulder, she has much to prove. She’ll do anything to win even if it requires dirty tactics. Carmen refuses to wear bowling shoes and as a result, her form leaves a lot to be desired.

We hope you enjoy these two new additions to the High Velocity Bowling family! BUT, if that wasn’t enough for you, keep checking back with us in a few weeks as we have more to ‘spare’ with a fun new add-on — Jill’s Trick-Shot Pack, available on March 19th!

We hope you enjoy all the new goodies from HVB family. And, for those late bloomers who haven’t played the game yet, we invite you to pick it up for just $9.99. It’s definitely great fun for family and friends, at home or online.

Team RamRod

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  • thank you for the dlc. keep it coming! because, i like having a good selection of characters without having to go unlock a lot of people

  • when can we expect a new game from you guys?

  • Please remove the F ball from online matches. I’m getting tired of people using the F-ball cheat and only trow strikes. I think that doesn’t show any skills. Or mark rooms as (No F-ball)
    Besides that it’s a nice game! Enjoy it online ;-)

  • I purchased characters for High Velocity bowling and I can’t use them because my version 1.21 update keeps failing. I don’t have any other online problems when downloading or updating the PS3 software, only the HV Bowling update. How can I fix?

  • Love this game , good times for young and old.

    Leaving some ideas here ..

    Maybe a disco area lane with disco ball of course, lava lamps and flashing club neons,,or roller disco.

    Las vegas strip style of bowling

    Maybe even bowling on the new sky bridge that stands over the grand canyon

    More mini games like the one at carnivals when you throw a ball down a lane where it hits a jumps and falls in different point holes

    Stuff like that , anyway thanks alot for the game !

  • love the game! I wish more people had downloaded it. doesn’t seem to be very many people playing.

  • I really enjoy the game, and it makes me laugh. For 10 bucks who wouldn’t buy this game, which includes free online play, and trophy support? Keep up the good work.

  • Aloha Brandon!
    Been a HVB’er since the very beginning.
    You all have been doing an awesome job especially these past couple of months!

    Got a couple of questions?
    that I will post in the next column
    yep kinda long.


  • 1.Regarding the patch count on the leader boards.How can the top 6-7 guys have
    all or nearly all the patches when they
    don’t even have a 700 or 800 series to their
    names? I know in the past Mike brought that up when there was guys with 56 patches when we all know there are only 49 total.
    Are these guys hacking the game saves data
    file and inputing these numbers?
    I have tried for almost a year trying to get all 49.It is almost impossible to come up with a pin setup like “electric company” and
    “Greek church” “sour apple” and then to actually convert it so I know these numbers are not legit.Btw,
    Speaking of patches? Will Team RR come out
    with a patch list and what is need to attain
    them?I think it would be very helpful now that the game has been out for almost a year and a half.I feel like the patch count is a forgotten issue in HVB.
    I remember Big_Ern was saying that there was a “you make the Pin Setup” a type of “Horse”
    challenge game in development.
    In this mode you can setup a certain pin configuration and then have a challenge
    with another player and at the same time
    pick up the the rest of the patches ala trick shot mode.This would certainly rock!

    • Regarding the patches: First off, you\’re right there are 49 patches total. I don\’t have an explaination for someone having all of them without having the 700 or 800 series complete. It could be legit but we would have to look at the patch list to be sure. The person/people with the 56 were likely playing an older development version without knowing it, but since then we have taken steps to prevent them from reaching the leaderboards. Hope this helps.

  • 2.Will you come out with a Surfer Dude type
    character from Hawaii like myself?
    With his lanes on the beach?
    When he throws a strike make him do the “SHAKA Sign”>> \ooo/ a hand signal we do in Hawaii
    I just had to throw that in LOL.
    I’ll continue in the next column.
    3.Will Team RR come out with an
    online bowling league format? I mean
    what is bowling without having a league right? That would be awesome.

    • Great idea on the surfer dude. Who knows, maybe the futrue will be good to us where we can add him in. Online bowling league is a big topic in this blog. There is no doubt that that would be an awesome addition. This is something that we are going to take a good look at and see if its feasible for us to accomplish.

  • 4.Lastly, I would hope you all consider
    tweaking the points rating system in the online mode.Now that I have a pretty good rating of 2200+.Theres hardly anyone who wants to play me especially Hawaii time at night.
    My suggestion would be
    to break it up into classes or divisions.

    I.E. once you reach a certain level(points)
    you are only allowed to play for points
    if that person is in your division(Official game).
    Say if that person is not in your division
    then the points will be shut off
    (fun/practice game)
    This will also eliminate the higher guys from picking on the really low rated players I believe. BTW, This is how Hot Shots Golf
    online is formatted.And it is great!

    Whoa kinda long here
    Again thanks for the Great game of HVB
    Brandon and TRR! Keep up the great work
    on the Worlds best Bowling Video Game!

    • In the beginning we did consider implementing a class system around the ratings, but ultimately decided users would be more excited about improving their rating, even if only by a few points. With that decision HVB is locked into the way it is handled now. BTW, Great feedback! We appreciate the fine words and your support. If you are ever on Oahu, say hello to my uncle and auntie in Kalihi Valley!

  • I LOVE THIS GAME, this is a must have game on your PS3. Right now me and friend are competing to see who can get rated the highest by the end of the month but it seems as though no matter how many games you win or rating points your rank is never going up. She has a rating of 1950 something and still rank 2184 on her game I think you guys should look in to that. Also I would love to see midnight bowling, a online tournament, and when new characters come out can you list how good their spin and stuff are.

    • Thanks for your support. Keep at it. We will definitely keep everyone posted if there are any new things on the horizon.

  • Thanks for a great game

  • Brandon I am in Honolulu right now
    Kalihi in a stone throw away from where I’m at.
    I actually live about 5 minutes from
    Waikiki Beach.I’ll tell your aunt’s and uncle’s
    that you send them your aloha!

    Brandon, about the online configuration staying the way it is? Does this mean I would have to make hehe a new nick? This would probably be the only way for me to get games in?It gets really frustrating when nobody wants to play you.I probably if I’m lucky
    get 2 online matches a night after that zip!
    Nobody challenges me and when I try to challenge anyone they almost always put me on ignore like I have the plague.They messege me back saying their sorry but they know who I am because of the leader boards and that they don’t want to take a loss.

    • Making a new \’nick\’ is one way of doing it. If you have folks saying they know who you are, maybe it\’s time to change the name. If all you want to do is get in some games, it doesn\’t hurt to try something new.

  • Brandon,
    Here is another idea that I think would work if you are not able to implement a
    division/class format.
    How about being able to choose/toggle
    weather or not points will be active during a match? This way even the lesser player doesn’t have to worry about a loss of points.
    This way they can practice with the top dawgs at no risk.Or better yet have a lobby that is
    an online practice area?
    What do you think?

    • All good ideas, including entry #66. However at the end of the day we on the team need to be careful on what additions we make especially those that have the potential to affect the core game experience. We certainly hear you fans loud and clear when it comes to online and the point system. We appreciate your enthusiasm!

  • Brandon,
    In regards to the point system.
    Why didn’t TRR go with a flat rate point
    system I.E. 10 points for a win and say
    5 points for a lost since there wasn’t a division/class implemented?
    Or just a simple won loss record column with scoring ave being the tie breaker?
    I really think TRR should tweak the online system either way because online should be a fun for all and not be a hassle to just be
    able to play online.
    Brandon have you got any suggestions on how I could get to play more than 2 online matches a night?It is truly frustrating.

  • Brandon,
    Oh and Thanks for the interaction
    it truly shows how much TRR cares about
    it’s customers and goes to show how great of a company you all are!

    • np. The feedback also shows how you fans care about us. We can\’t do it without you all. Thanks again.


    • My apologies for not addressing this concern in your last entry. Our rating system is set up in a way that best represents your skill as a player as you play from match to match. We felt that the end user would be more excited about improving their rating even if only by a few points. What is not built in is a class system around the ratings, which is why you are probably not seeing a jump in rank. Quite simply we made the decision to focus on the immediate reward rather than the long term reward. Having said that, this is certainly an area we are evaluating, but as it stands we are pretty locked into this system. I hope this makes sense.

  • My apologies for not addressing this concern in your last entry. Our rating system is set up in a way that best represents your skill as a player as you play from match to match. We felt that the end user would be more excited about improving their rating even if only by a few points. What is not built in is a class system around the ratings, which is why you are probably not seeing a jump in rank. Quite simply we made the decision to focus on the immediate reward rather than the long term reward. Having said that, this is certainly an area we are evaluating, but as it stands we are pretty locked into this system. I hope this makes sense.

  • First, great game! Blows wii bowling out the water. I am a league bowler (I suck though around 145 avg) and I bowl about my same average in this game, nice. We play is at work events and in an online league.

    I love the goofy characters, but how about some regular characters for the black dude that doesn’t want to play as the stereotypical “Ghetto Hood Rat” all in fun, I get it, but sometime we get into some heated matches and it hard to maintain the intensity with my dude crip walking up the lane… LOL How about Create a character or some basics white dude and gal, black dude and gal, latino and asian and such, maybe call it a free “Ethnic Diversity Pack” or something :-) Also how about lobby chat (text) or custom lobbies, though if the reason that it’s not add is that you don’t want this game to turn into a chat room, good move. Also, how about Playstation Home support, maybe launch from home and maybe even import avatar as bowler. Just some thoughts…

  • Putting this on a seperate post so that it can be deleted if not appropriate.

    I am looking for bowlers to join an online league. If interested you can message me on the PS3 (Jackmouve). There is a singles league already running and a Team league in development.

    Interested players can register at, this is not a pay league or site,just a site that I pay for and run for fun.

  • Just got this game last week and I love it. I’d vote for the online tournaments and midnight bowling. On another note, I would like to know why on Sunday when I logged off I had 14 losses and when I checked my online stats on Tues, it showed I had 16 losses and my forfeit % was way up. I have only forfeited 1 game ever. I don’t know why you gave me 2 losses for 2 games I didn’t even play. Is there any way you can check on this and see what happened?

  • I love playing HVB, but what you really need badly in the game is more 16lbs A+ bowlers like Hiro in the game. I would love to see 5 or more that you could buy, but then would have to beat in the head up challenge by rolling a 250 or better.

  • I love this game, but there are some serious flaws in the online system. I tried to play a friend online and it failed to syncronize. We tried 12 times and for some reason, you gave me 12 “losses” for games I didn’t even get to play. Also, my rating went down 100 points because each was counted as a forfeit. This makes 14 “losses” on my record and points taken off my rating now for games I didn’t even get to play. I will take a real loss if someone beats me, but this is a serious flaw that needs to be addressed.

  • 4 player games for online and add team-play as well? 2 on 2 would be okay. 3 on 3 would be better and 4 on 4 would be PWNAGE! More trophies added to the mix to support team play, add some stat tracking, online team leagues (3 and 4 player team leagues) and this game’s popularity would just about multiply itself by 11!

    Not to mention that they have so many characters now (about 15 now…?) so team play is the obvious next step this game should take. PLUS, if they want people to be interested in buying the other characters, make it so the people that DIDN’T buy those characters for only $0.99 can see what they’re missing…meaning show the character in action while making the shot. Of course, that would mean a huge update to install the characters to the game for all the animations and voices (maybe), but they’d still have to pay the buck to unlock them for play. They could charge for a Team League Pack update with new trophies added ($9.99 suggested for the Team Pack add-on and maybe $14.99 for a bundle for those that ain’t got it yet) and team leaderboards, averages, favorite character data and all that good stuff.

  • Cool, PLEASE put a patch to fix the online i can’t connect with my friend online EVER. Its frustrating and annoying, this shouldn’t be a problem, i connect online with my friend fine in any other game online, please please fix this. thanks, until then……

  • Cool, PLEASE put a patch to fix the online i can’t connect with my friend online EVER. Its frustrating and annoying, this shouldn’t be a problem, i connect with my friend fine in any other game online, i.e burnout, cod, warhawk, ete. please please fix this. Until then……

  • Brandon & Team RAMROD, Great job on this game! Also its wonderful that you guys take the time out respond to question and comments, unlike some other forums.

    Suggestions on character: Hippies
    Suggestions on alleys: I know you got alot of these request already but, a 70’s theme would be wicked… anything like Foxy’s alley with the blacklight and maybe add some disco balls & laser lights would be awesome. 1 more idea on this, I would love to bowl on the moon or the sun. lol

    And it would be nice to play with 3 or 4 friends even if you could not use the mic. You guys have the perfect option for that, more than 1 opponents, play some music then…. I LOVE THAT FEATURE! Keep up the good work

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