New Strikers Coming to High Velocity Bowling

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Hi there High Velocity Bowling fans! We’re back and with a couple more characters for you to ‘roll’ with. I’m happy to present you all with Bruce ‘Flyboy’ Fitzpatrick and Carmen ‘Sordida’ Sanchez. Both of these guys are available beginning TODAY and for just $0.99 each! Here’s a little info on our new additions:

Bruce ‘Flyboy’ Fitzpatrick for High Velocity Bowling

Bruce ‘Flyboy’ Fitzpatrick

Bruce is a flamboyant flight attendant from New York, New York who happens to be fantastic in the lane. He’s definitely earned the nickname ‘Flyboy’ and has proven to have fabulous ball control. Though, his downfall is that he cares more about his precious manicure than pin action … so it’s nothing but light balls for him.

Carmen ‘Sordida’ Sanchez for High Velocity Bowling

Carmen ‘Sordida’ Sanchez

Carmen is from San Ysidro, California, and with a chip on her shoulder, she has much to prove. She’ll do anything to win even if it requires dirty tactics. Carmen refuses to wear bowling shoes and as a result, her form leaves a lot to be desired.

We hope you enjoy these two new additions to the High Velocity Bowling family! BUT, if that wasn’t enough for you, keep checking back with us in a few weeks as we have more to ‘spare’ with a fun new add-on — Jill’s Trick-Shot Pack, available on March 19th!

We hope you enjoy all the new goodies from HVB family. And, for those late bloomers who haven’t played the game yet, we invite you to pick it up for just $9.99. It’s definitely great fun for family and friends, at home or online.

Team RamRod

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  • Wow, charging for basically characters you made up. At least there was David Hasslehoff but you charged twice the price for it!

    Really, just release some free dlc, maybe people will want to buy the game and some paid content as well but releasing such crummy characters for a dollar..

  • Great, thanks Brandon.

    Still love playing this game.

  • “Wow, charging for basically characters you made up. At least there was David Hasslehoff but you charged twice the price for it!”

    Hmmmm….thats funny, because I have no problem paying 99 cents for characters that make me laugh! HVB is a game I still play, many times a week. If PAIN and the Hoff were on my entertainment center, they’d be collecting dust! PAIN was fun for a little, but got old. In my own opinion, bowling never gets old! Thanks Ramrod, you got 2 bucks coming your way when I get home. Thanks for your continued support on a GREAT game!

    • It\’s our pleasure. Thanks for the support on your end as well. Tell your friends so you can play them online.

  • @2009

    Ummm… DH isn’t in HVB. Team RR has nothing to do with PAIN. HVB has offered free balls, costumes, added online and trophies.

    Thx TRR.

  • In case we forgot about ethnic and sexual stereotypes, we always have videogame characters to bring us back!

    In all seriousness, it’s probably difficult to create “wacky” characters that appeal to certain demographics. But just a little funny sometimes to see how far people will go just to make sure the gamer understands what the character is trying to represent.

    Finally, I will probably buy the flyboy pack because one thing I need to do before I die is bowl on an airplane. So at least this will get me close to the real thing.

  • I need to start playing this again.

  • HVB is a GREAT BOWLING GAME..i like how they keep supporting it with new characters..and trick shots..its very challenging…and fun at the same tyme…like #4 said…”IT NEVER GETS OLD”.PAIN ON THE OTHER HAND IS..TILL THEY RELEASE THAT DART AND TOWER MATCH DLC..NOW THAT SOUNDS LIKE FUN..BUT HVC WILL ALWAYS BE TOP DOGG:P THANX FOR THE DLC ..KEEP UP THE GOOD WERK!

    • We appreciate the support. As long as there are loyal fans like you, we\’ll continue to do our best to deliver the goods.

  • Cool. Keep coming up with characters. I love them. This game is so much fun. I prefer this than wii bowling. Because of the caracters and the ability to play Metallica’s Frayed ends of sanity while bowling. It always gets me pumped up.

  • never played this game but i hear its good not sure if i will buy it or not today , but i will buy it . i want to ask chris a question and sorry to be off topic but why you guys dont have this week update post in the morning ? you guys give us the post late in the day . when you guys post the week update on the blog there already on psn give or take in hour or two.

    • You won\’t be disappointed when you do get it. If you tell your family and friends about it, they can get it too and join the fun online.

  • dang its insane that you guys are still supporting this title. i have nothing against that at all! great job, can’t wait to see what else you guys have planned for this lil gem. any hints or ideas on what you guys have in store for us possibly?


    • All I can say is that we do our best to keep our fans on their toes. We are always thinking about how we can continue the support in the future. We appreciate your support. Enjoy!


    If Motorstorm did it, you can do it too. My PS3 has failed on me twice, and this game is sooo frustrating in retrieving those characters I unlocked back.

  • @11….I wasn’t aware that they didn’t copy! That does suck! My PS3 bit the bullet 2 months after purchase so thankfully the 1 game I had that had significant percentage done on it copied, but that would be extremely frustrating. Some of those shots are crazy and I would hate to do again!

    But like @5 said, this game has offered a SLEEEW of free DLC! Go TeamRamRod!

  • I love this game but I’m terrible at it. Still haven’t even got one trophy cos everyone online is better at it than me. Cheers for the cheap new characters, and the free trick shot stuff.

  • please add midnight bowling, you know black lights & glow in the dark pins. no one has done that, would be great.

  • If you buy these characters do they come with those bowling lanes we see behind them? Those lanes look really cool. Also agree with #14.

    • Yes. Each character comes with their own lane…it\’s part of the package. Like I told #14, practice makes perfect. Keep it up and have fun. Thanks for the support.

  • Good I was wondering if new characters would ever be added. thanx

  • “please add midnight bowling, you know black lights & glow in the dark pins. no one has done that, would be great.”

    I second that.

    • Midnight Bowling – 2 votes. We\’re glad that you are enjoying the game. Thanks for the support.

  • I got too admit I haven’t played this game in a while, should start up again, and kudos on still supporting the game

    • Thank you. It\’s never too late to pick it up. Whenever you do, have fun. Thanks for the support.

  • I agree with blacklights…although I do not like it in real life at the bowling alley, but I wouldn’t mind it if i was at home cranking my own tunes on custom soundtracks!

  • Still have not bought this game, but since the support for it is still so strong I may look at it for the weekend since the weather here is ugly. Keep up the great work. By the way $.99 is fair since Hot Shots charges $1.99 which I do not buy. Just throw in the odd freebie.

    • Sounds like a great idea. Bowling\’s fun anytime, especially when you play others online. Drop us a word when you get it so you can tell us what you think. Have fun!

  • Lolz.. I know a guy named Bruce Fitzpatrick. He’s not as cool as this guy.

  • Brandon, are these characters coming with their own lanes too? Just curious. I’ll be buying them anyway. Thanks for the support. I’ve been loving online.

    What are you talking about? HVB does have free DLC. In fact, we got some just a few weeks back with a new trick shot pack. And The Hoff is not in High Velocity Bowling. Did you bother reading or just look at the image and assume it was Pain and begin typing your complaint?

    High Velocity Bowling is made by Team RamRod, and does not have The Hoff. PAIN is made by Idol Minds and does have The Hoff.

    And both games have offered some free DLC.

    For the record, I love both games.

  • Yeah, I agree with your point about a re-release being unjustified of full price for only by having the new control scheme worked in. The bottom line is that the game has been improved upon by later iterations

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  • I bought this game, but now regret it. Home has bowling for free, and dare I say it’s more fun than this because of the social aspect.

    • We appreciate you support anyways. Give HVB one more shot, and play online. It may not have the same exact social appeal as Home, but it\’s pretty fun playing against antoher person. At the very least the Sony family appreciate you.

  • I love this game and love all the upgrade. I’m glad you guys havn’t forgot about us . I have bought every add-on thats been out because those are some cool azz add-ons . The only thing I wish the devs would consider is add more trophies support ( one suggestion is give trophies for hitting the jahnk the , dirty conuck etc ) for the ones with the names . That way people can see the hard shots that we made . My other suggestion is I wish they did this on the next patch . The ability to play with 4 or more online . head to head is fun but it be better with more people ( the social side ) . I wouldn’t even mind paying for those content .

    But anyways GREAT game and keep coming with new contents .

    @23 HOME bowling is better……yeah right the controls blow ….

    • Great feedback! Thank you for your support. We\’re glad you\’re having fun with the game. Keep it going.

  • @ #1, Who gives a *#$&!!!!

    @ #23, You gotta be joking, right? Home bowling more fun than HVB? HAHAHAHHHHhhhAAaaaaaaaaaaHAHAHAHHAH!!!!!

  • Love the character updates BUT HOW ABOUT THIS:

    How about an update for online that offers tournament brackets? 8 enter a tournament where each bowler is matched up against another. The winner of that game is then matched up against another winner from one of the other tournament bowlers you continue pitting only the winners against each other until there is only ONE TOURNAMENT WINNER? It only takes 3 games of bowling by the winner.

    That would be pretty cool.

    • We will certainly keep that in mind. We\’re glad to see that HVB is sparking some new thoughts. Keep it up. Have fun, and thank you for the support.

  • As much as I enjoy HVB, one thing I’d really like to see is just a vanilla customizable character, sort of in the Mii mold. If I’m playing with friends (or at all, for that matter), I don’t want to be Flyboy Fitzpatrick with the catchphrases and animation. I just want to bowl.

    On the flipside, I do enjoy the various lane designs, and I’ll second the midnight bowling request.

    • That is certainly a thought that has been entertained. However, we feel that the best course to take for the game as it stands is to provide you fans with interesting and fun characters. Thank you for the support.

  • HVB is fun, as I mentioned I havent played in a while…will start up in a few hrs lol…any chance of you guys releasing another game that makes use of the motion controls…maybe tennis or ping pong

    • There\’s always a chance for new games. It\’s hard to say though in the present moment. Anyhow, have fun in a couple hours when you get back into the swing of things. Thanks for the support.

  • Will be picking these up tonight, as I have all the extra characters.

    Midnight Bowling vote #3. That would rock.

    Also, maybe another ball pack, I’d purchase that as well.

    You guys are doing a great job with this title, my friends and family love playing it when they come over. Everyone gathers around the PS3. Keep up the great work!

    • Sounds great! Thank you for the support, the team appreciates it! Midnight Bowling -pretty popular so far. I think this actually makes you #4.

  • My friend wants to pick up this game to play with his family. Only problem is that he has only one controller. Does HVB support using 1 controller and swapping it between players?

    • Yes, HVB does support that. You shouldn\’t have to do anything special for it. If only one controlled is hooked up, the game should recognize that. Have fun!

  • Thanks for answering EVERYONE but me. You guys really need to unlock the save, and you wont receive another dime from me until then.

    • Sorry mywhitenoise, that is certainly not intentional. This has certainly been a concern in the past. I wish it were that easy to change course, but certain decisions were made in the early process of the game in the interest of delivering a game that was fun to play, and one that delivered a host of memorable characters. We can always improve, that\’s why your feedback does not go unnoticed. For what it\’s worth, we do appreciate your support.

  • will there be any home support for this game

  • The new characters are always funny! Thanks for the continued support!

  • OH! And I TOTALLY agree with post #34 from FFMBA3N, Home support for this game would be AWESOME!!!! Like, T-Shirts that show our pride for HVB! Or, unlockable items based on our preformance in the game! It would be SO cool to be able to earn our own bowling alley for our personal HomeSpace! :)

    • I agree this would be pretty awesome to have. Unfortunately HVB is not set up like that. But keep the feedback coming. Thanks for the support.

  • Also (wow I’m posting a lot!) for all of those complaining about the price of the characters… it’s not just the new characters that you get, it’s also a whole new bowling alley! Also, they do give us free content as well! (My favorite is the turkey ball!)

  • Hey!

    Is this the same TeamRamRod I was just playing against in Warhawk about a half hour ago???

  • we need a bowling ball as an ornament in home…make it happen lol

  • Heres another vote 4 the midnight bowling……..also how about being able to play your own music while chatting with someone online.

  • Yeah, Home Bowling is decent due to the increased social aspect but the bowling itself I think isn’t as good as HVB. Shame that this isn’t actually integrated into Home as it’s bowling game. I was quite surprised with the controls when I first downloaded the game too. I still can’t quite get the hang of curving the ball. I seem to press the button too much or not enough. I dunno. Still it’s fun to play and even my Wii owning friend prefers this to Wii Bowling. I do think the characters are a bargain since they come with their own alleys and the work gone into them I would have thought would cost the player more.

  • Hey, first off congrats on the success of HVB. The best use of motion controls on the PS3, in my opionion. A couple of weeks ago I finished up all the trophies for HVB, but was wondering why none of the pay DLC has trophy support? I know in PAIN, Hasselhoff, netted me a gold trophy, but none of PAIN’s other DLC has trophy support. Is this becuase DLC that costs less than a $1.99 is not allowed to have trophies? If their is any light that can be shed on this, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, and again I have owned HVB since before the online intergration and it is still a game that I play.

    • First off, thanks for your support. Those fine words go a long way. As for trophies and new DLC, we didn\’t want to prevent people from getting trophies just because they chose not to download the additional content that they had to buy. It didn\’t have anything to do with the price, but had everything to do with everyone playing on a fair level. I hope this helps.

  • Also, count my vote in for some kind of midnight bowling alley/league.

  • Home bowling vs High Velocity Bowling

    Sure Home bowling is free, but so is any Flash bowling game you can find online. And I am not overly excited about the social aspect of sitting with a stupid look on my face then clicking X a few times and then sitting back down again so I can talk or type.

    HVB allows me to chat online as well, or if the other person doesn’t have a headset I can just put on my own custom music. Never mine the fact that HVB actually emulates real bowling, and in a much better way than the other motion controlled bowling game on the market.

    HVB is also much more complex with each character having accuracy, strength, and spin speed, as well as balls having different weights and spins, and then you have various different oil patterns. Nothing will throw you off more than getting challenged online and having them select an oil pattern you don’t use often.

    Where is the complexity in Home bowling? Timed button presses?

    For the price you pay for HVB you get your money’s worth. But then part of it may just be that you have to actually enjoy bowling to enjoy HVB, where Home bowling is a distraction from the boredom that is a 3-D chat room with guys dancing in your face.

  • Oh, and I will put my vote in for a midnight bowling mode.

    Actually, you could just make a character a raver or something and make their lane a blacklight lane.

  • Team Ramrod – This is really the best game on PS3 – I bought 3 ps3s for my brothers for xmas and we all play and communicate while bowling. For 10 dollars, this was a steal a year ago, and any character release for .99 cents is a bargain as well.

    Thanks so much – this is the game meant for and that will define the ps3. Some people don’t know what they are missing.

    One question – any chance an update in the future will be made to have 4 players online play at once? I’d love to play multiple family members on different ps3s bowling…but now it is limited to 2.

    Any chance in that?

    Thanks again! Look forward to more updates!

    • Thanks for the great words. Regarding your question, this has been something we\’ve talked about and thought about doing. There are certainly many factors we need to pay attention to before a major addition like that is made. My apologies for the neither yes or no answer, but honestly that\’s where we\’re at with it. I hope that made sense. Thanks again for the support.

  • Hi Brandon, Thanks so much for your continued support for this great game. As a bowler, I beg of you guys to tweak the online content so that you can have 4 player matches. 1 vs. 1 is great, but getting 3 other friends involved in an online game would be crucial. I hope you guys realize how imprortant 4 player online games would be to the continued success of this game. Midnight/glo bowl would be pretty sweet too.

    • Thank you for your support as well. We are right there with you on the importance of the expansion of online capabilities. It is also crucial that a feature like that is implemented well. Something like that can make or break a product, so before decisions like that are made alot of factors need to be weighed. I am absolutely pumped that you fans are pushing to get more and more features. Keep the feedback coming. Thanks again.

  • Since this has turned into a wish list post…

    I see that you did/do some cross marketing with other PSN games (the Satellite ads during online play)…

    Any chance we could see cross promotions such as a Helghast bowler in an appropriate lane design or maybe Kratos (such as his appearance in Hot Shots Golf?). Personally I’d love to be able to bowl as TORO.

    BTW…I’ve NEVER been able to chat with someone…I turn chat on and I press L1 to talk yet no one, even those with mics, ever talks back…what am I doing wrong? (both BT and PSEye)

    Also…how about PSEye Mugshot support ala Burnout…any chance?


    • Cool ideas. Regarding your thought on cross promotions, you are hinting on 2 different things. What we have currently are ads promoting other games. However once you start implementing characters and such as functional parts of the game, your product then becomes somewhat of a \’crossover\’ product. That entails getting the rights to use characters from other games, as well as an issue with the difference in rating. Regarding chat issues, check your chat settings and see if your mic is working properly. Thanks for your support.

  • Hey, can you stop giving us loads of characters and start working on a pool game?


  • PS It would help if this game was properly advertised in the EU. SCE couldn’t even be bothered to announce the online update and until a week or two ago at least, their official site still said “no network play”.

    And also, is there a way to stop people with scores of 1600+ from filling up the beginners rooms? Can you code against this?

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