New Strikers Coming to High Velocity Bowling

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Hi there High Velocity Bowling fans! We’re back and with a couple more characters for you to ‘roll’ with. I’m happy to present you all with Bruce ‘Flyboy’ Fitzpatrick and Carmen ‘Sordida’ Sanchez. Both of these guys are available beginning TODAY and for just $0.99 each! Here’s a little info on our new additions:

Bruce ‘Flyboy’ Fitzpatrick for High Velocity Bowling

Bruce ‘Flyboy’ Fitzpatrick

Bruce is a flamboyant flight attendant from New York, New York who happens to be fantastic in the lane. He’s definitely earned the nickname ‘Flyboy’ and has proven to have fabulous ball control. Though, his downfall is that he cares more about his precious manicure than pin action … so it’s nothing but light balls for him.

Carmen ‘Sordida’ Sanchez for High Velocity Bowling

Carmen ‘Sordida’ Sanchez

Carmen is from San Ysidro, California, and with a chip on her shoulder, she has much to prove. She’ll do anything to win even if it requires dirty tactics. Carmen refuses to wear bowling shoes and as a result, her form leaves a lot to be desired.

We hope you enjoy these two new additions to the High Velocity Bowling family! BUT, if that wasn’t enough for you, keep checking back with us in a few weeks as we have more to ‘spare’ with a fun new add-on — Jill’s Trick-Shot Pack, available on March 19th!

We hope you enjoy all the new goodies from HVB family. And, for those late bloomers who haven’t played the game yet, we invite you to pick it up for just $9.99. It’s definitely great fun for family and friends, at home or online.

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