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Hey Everyone! – So, it’s been over a year-and-a-half since we released Warhawk. We’ve released 3 expansion packs, several free updates, PlayStation Home Game Launching, and the Warhawk Command Center. We’ve got a rabid and dedicated fan base around the world and with the new limited-time-only $19.99 price; we’re hoping to grow our community even more!

And that’s the key word there is… “Community”

We’ve always been driven to support our community and at the same time, we’re not afraid to try out new experimental stuff. The latest result of this is our collaboration with one of our own players named Sugaboo — that’s his PSN handle, *not* his name IRL :-)

Sugaboo’s website has been operational for quite some time now and he’s just rolled-out a massive update! Clan Matches & Tournaments, Daily Leader Boards, New graphs, Per-weapon stats, Stats on individual games, Game Calendar and more!

Here’s just one example of a player stats page with game calendar: Personal

Based on feedback from our player community, there was always a set of very highly requested community features that Warhawk didn’t support “out-of-the-box”. These requests weren’t forgotten!!! We were just thinking of the best and most extensible way to roll them out. And since they’re community features, it was *critical* for us to develop a solution that would allow all of you guys, our players from around the world, to customize and enhance the Warhawk community for years to come.

We think of it as the democratization of our player community – and yes, it’s global so it’s not just for American players!

So…I’m not going to puke too much technical schwag at all of you but suffice to say, we now provide you guys with the full, and raw data stream from our stats database – not just awards and medals! Every game, every clan, every player, every kill. All of this data is delivered via XML so it’s very easy to Web 2.0-ify a community website. Yeah, Yeah, I know I just said “web 2.0” don’t hate me for using one of the most overused terms on the internet — It just happens to be true in this case so cut me some slack :-)

Here’s a just a wee-little bit of the XML that the Warhawk Server Cluster generates: XML

Here’s a pic of the game summary page from a recent game. Just click a player’s name to access his stats page. Then, you’ll see a calendar that shows the days he (or she) played Warhawk. Click on specific day and you will see a link to the results of every game he played: Game Stats

Here’s a pic of the Clan challenge screen. This is where teams can schedule games and, via the new XML feed, reports the official results of the match! Challenge now provides our Warhawk Community with some great new features; features that are built upon the global Warhawk XML feed that was developed by the fantastic engineers in our Online Technology Group in San Diego. They do soooo much work behind the scenes (and not just on Warhawk), that I thought it would be a good idea for you to see who they really are. And, just in case any of them show up on America’s Most-Wanted… here’s a pic of this motley crew during one of the play sessions! NET TEAM

Lastly, I want to thank Sugaboo for all of his hard work! He has been beta testing our global XML
feed for quite sometime and I’m so happy to see a member of our player community work to
extend the very community he’s a part of!!

Thanks Sugaboo!

The team and I really think that what you’ve done with our new XML streams is a great addition to
our Warhawk community and we hope that XML game streams of this magnitude are adopted by
other multiplayer games in the future!

So that’s it for now everyone – If there are any other community sites that would like to access
the Warhawk global XML feed, please hit the Warhawk forums and post your info. We have a
team in San Diego that can give you the proper server access.

Rock on!

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  • Hey All, hope you like the site! There is a feedback link on the bottom if you have ideas about new features. I am reading all feedback – the community has some great ideas and many of the new features are based directly off community feedback.

    @44 “I dig the site, but it doesn’t appear to really have a way of tracking MY stats as much as it does track everyone else’s though”

    I just want to clarify, that EVERY player’s stats are tracked – you can find your player handle by using the “FIND” search box at the top of the site. You are most certainly being tracked my friend:

  • Please make a Double XP day once a week, or month. Why is that so hard to implement?

  • Great, just add the ability to log in with different accounts on each controller, I hate that I can’t level-up when playin online split-screen, cause most of the time I play this game with my brother.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Freaking awesome Dylan, Warhawk is still one of my favorite games of all time and things like this and your support are part of the reasons why, thank you very much!!! :D

  • Dylan , one observation , not sure what’s the deal is with however today’s announcements are too good to be ignored. “Latest”“news” are almost one year older honestly when going to the official site and realizing that there was a whole year without any big or not at all announcement is disappointing even more when you can realize that there is a big base of players hungry for new content.
    Just a thought.

  • Warhawk is the hidden gem of this generation. Too bad it’s impossible and too time consuming to get Platinum trophy or I would go for it.

  • Hey dylan, remember me from twitter?
    So this is what you’ve been working on hmm.
    Kudos to sugaboo for having this great sight and kudos to you for making it even better.
    I know you can’t respond on if you’re making warhawk 2 or not so i won’t even ask.
    I would just like to know if you will ever fix the freezing on eucadia and all of the other glitches/bugs on koing’s thread.

  • Dylan, I know you cant comment on Warhawk 2, if there is such a thing so id like to know your stance and info on Warhawk 3.

  • Any more contests comeing to Warhawk where you can win things like the ax?

  • Shamwow !

    I’m hoping more people buy the expansions and start playing in the servers that support all of them.Those games get pretty crazy.

  • @49 The disc version takes up the same as the PSN version? Damn… I’ll probably have to wait til I can upgrade to a larger HD then as there ain’t much I feel like deleting off it at moment.

  • This is pretty much the greatest community move I’ve seen in some time. I think I might try to tap into this in a couple of months from now (when I finish my web exams).

  • Any way you guys can release one more patch that will put all the packs into one and balnce all the gear in the packs so that its a huge new pack

  • does your feed only worked with ranked games? becasue i want to know if all my unranked stats are gettin watched to lmao

  • Hi from Sweden!

    I love Warhawk, the demo/tutorial sealed the deal for me!!!

    Anyway, I wanted to start a Clan but I noticed that ONLY 50 of my 80 and something friends are shown…any plans to patch this?

    thanks! and don’t worry if you won’t, the game is awesome regardless

  • sweet space warhawk FTW!! :D sorry i haven’t said that in a while but thats cool ill check it out although warhawk is still my game that i contributed the most hours, thats a good thing its hard leveling up you guy should go a little easier on the ranking system but still a GREAT GAME u you guys and girls did a AMAZING job

  • A most epic of wins sir. WHERE ARE THE CRYPTIC MESSAGES!

  • Thanks Incog and Sugaboo!!! Looking good. The community can’t thank you guys enough.

  • The site is beyond Epic. I use it frequently and will continue to do so.
    My questions are, Why has the Official Warhawk Site been Abandoned, and where is all the Pie and Punch. . I usually only attend these functions if Pie and Punch are avaialble …

  • Will we ever see an XML feed like this for PlayStation Network Trophy stats?

  • Wow are you serious? This is that next level stuff! i love the way you guys have embraced user content (along with Sony and other affiliates actually), but with this feed even I can build an integrated community site!

  • There are a fantastic and dedicated community of warhawkers here in Australia/New Zealand who use myhawk to look at the performance of clan members and to discuss how they can improve etc. It is a great resource, thankyou!

    Dylan, pretty PLEASE could you answer this question: is warhawk still being actively developed/improved? Yes/No is all we need! I’m NOT asking about WH2 or other projects, but just whether there are improvements planned for the current game!

    Thanks Dylan and team for a wonderful wonderful game.

  • Yayuh! Dylan I missed you! By the way, this is epic!

  • Um, how about bringing back the original servers like medium CTF?!! I can’t play this game unless those servers are back from the good old days.

  • Dylan you are my michael jordan.. my joe montana.. you rock i for one am greatful for all of the efforts of team incognito looking forward to V1.6 also.. you know just whenever you guys get around too it lol. you should meet me on the CTF MD servers sometime bro! ill kick your @ss lol peace man!!

  • ^yeah they need to bring back more servers, and the ORIGINAL Warhawk theme. That really brings back memories.
    They could really increase user base by adding DOUBLE XP days!

  • You should fix some of the year old bugs.
    – Random PSN disconnects
    – Random PS3 freezing
    – Random Warhawk disconnects
    – Server list showing low ping servers that are not really low ping

  • Nice,good job Sugaboo.

  • Congratulations sugaboo!

    It’s a great site, and I hope the XML streams will allow cool new things that no one has thought of yet.

    I also hope your hard work is rewarded.

  • Thank you for such a great game. Warhawk is probably the most FUN I have had with a single game. There is so much to do and so much to master in the world of Warhawk. The support for this game is AMAZING. If there is anyone who has NOT picked up Warhawk and you consider yourself a real gamer; your NOT!! Your card is pulled until you GO GET THIS GAME!

    It would be great to have some double XP days Dylan….hell, triple XP days! :P

    Great Job Sugaboo!


    And, thank you to everyone involved with Warhawk!

    I love the idea of “community” behind games, because all gamers really are a part of a community! The gaming community!

  • I’m planning to download the demo of Warhawk but I don’t know if I’ll be interested in this discount. I’d rather get the game on disc so if I need to uninstall it for some time I won’t have to worry about the license only allowing me to download it 5 times. I also kind of wish there were female models but I guess I can’t ask for much.

  • Go Sugaboo baby!! Nice work man.

    @DJ : Warhawk 2 teaser trailer NAO.

  • I am a seargent major?!

  • Hey Dylan !!!!

    Please check out our clan site…its a testament to our love of WARHAWK, and we have everything MYHAWK has…and more…but its more clan based…please have a look. We would be honoured…

  • Good Job Incog & Sugaboo. I just picked up the retail version for $20. The community support seems phenomenal. I’m not normally into shooters, in part because I suck. Hopefully there’s enough noob friendly/”casual” servers to be had– I can’t game for hundreds of hours to get as good as some!

    Dylan, please correct me if I’m wrong, but from your post, and some of your responses, are we to take it that the torch as it were has been passed to the community from Incog to carry Warhawk forward? In other words, no new DLC or updates should be expected?

  • Awesome Thanks

  • Best site on the internets!

  • Thanks Dylan! Warhawk is still one of the best online multiplayer experiences out there, keep the updates coming. Do you think we will still see continued updates to Warhawk?

    I didn’t see a cryptic photo at the end of this lengthy post…

  • Any plans to update the game to where you can play all the expansion packs at the same time?
    I think most people who own one of the expansion packs, own them all. I think it would be a great addition.


  • As ROLO_ONFIRE said, please add multiple account login when playing splitscreen, that would make me buy the game, have played it several times at a friends house and like it quite a bit.

  • @83 “I’d rather get the game on disc so if I need to uninstall it for some time I won’t have to worry about the license only allowing me to download it 5 times.”

    You’re wrong. You’re allowed to download it to 5 PS3s, but have unlimited amounts of downloads on the PS3s the account is used on.

  • multiple account login on split screen would be EPIC!

  • To all of you posting questions…

    A lot of your questions have already been answered (or could be answered) by other players in Sony’s very active Warhawk forums

  • Incognito is the BEST!

    I love how you not only supported the game after release, but continue to do so! It’s also wonderful that you recognize the work of a fan and supported his excellent work.

    Kudos to Incog and Sugaboo!!

    (and the wonderful Warhawk community feeling is due in no small part to the devs who take the time to communicate with us on a regular basis… so thanks to Dylan for being the “face” of Incognito!)

  • New Project?! , is it a new Twisted metal:Blu? ,Jet Moto:HD?

  • Dylan ill be honest i have not played the game in ages but its quite dificult doing long hours attending a wife a 3 kids and then fit some game time in….anyways i will try and get some game time in.

    Question though, anychance of a shotgun in this game? :-)

  • Awesome.

  • Dylan, you guys absolutely ROCK!

    Warhawk is about the only game that I have been playing for such a long long time even though I hate DLC, yours has been the only one I have bought so far. In fact the only game that my brother plays is Warhawk, and trust me it takes a good game to get him hooked.

    So please, for Warhawk 2 =)
    make official unranked servers, more maps and thats about it.
    And please do not take the APC out of the single player mode and then dump it into the multiplayer for DLC, you guys had already made it you might as well have included it. Those are things that get me angry cause you could see the APC in one of the early trailers.


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