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Hey Everyone! – So, it’s been over a year-and-a-half since we released Warhawk. We’ve released 3 expansion packs, several free updates, PlayStation Home Game Launching, and the Warhawk Command Center. We’ve got a rabid and dedicated fan base around the world and with the new limited-time-only $19.99 price; we’re hoping to grow our community even more!

And that’s the key word there is… “Community”

We’ve always been driven to support our community and at the same time, we’re not afraid to try out new experimental stuff. The latest result of this is our collaboration with one of our own players named Sugaboo — that’s his PSN handle, *not* his name IRL :-)

Sugaboo’s website has been operational for quite some time now and he’s just rolled-out a massive update! Clan Matches & Tournaments, Daily Leader Boards, New graphs, Per-weapon stats, Stats on individual games, Game Calendar and more!

Here’s just one example of a player stats page with game calendar: Personal

Based on feedback from our player community, there was always a set of very highly requested community features that Warhawk didn’t support “out-of-the-box”. These requests weren’t forgotten!!! We were just thinking of the best and most extensible way to roll them out. And since they’re community features, it was *critical* for us to develop a solution that would allow all of you guys, our players from around the world, to customize and enhance the Warhawk community for years to come.

We think of it as the democratization of our player community – and yes, it’s global so it’s not just for American players!

So…I’m not going to puke too much technical schwag at all of you but suffice to say, we now provide you guys with the full, and raw data stream from our stats database – not just awards and medals! Every game, every clan, every player, every kill. All of this data is delivered via XML so it’s very easy to Web 2.0-ify a community website. Yeah, Yeah, I know I just said “web 2.0” don’t hate me for using one of the most overused terms on the internet — It just happens to be true in this case so cut me some slack :-)

Here’s a just a wee-little bit of the XML that the Warhawk Server Cluster generates: XML

Here’s a pic of the game summary page from a recent game. Just click a player’s name to access his stats page. Then, you’ll see a calendar that shows the days he (or she) played Warhawk. Click on specific day and you will see a link to the results of every game he played: Game Stats

Here’s a pic of the Clan challenge screen. This is where teams can schedule games and, via the new XML feed, reports the official results of the match! Challenge now provides our Warhawk Community with some great new features; features that are built upon the global Warhawk XML feed that was developed by the fantastic engineers in our Online Technology Group in San Diego. They do soooo much work behind the scenes (and not just on Warhawk), that I thought it would be a good idea for you to see who they really are. And, just in case any of them show up on America’s Most-Wanted… here’s a pic of this motley crew during one of the play sessions! NET TEAM

Lastly, I want to thank Sugaboo for all of his hard work! He has been beta testing our global XML
feed for quite sometime and I’m so happy to see a member of our player community work to
extend the very community he’s a part of!!

Thanks Sugaboo!

The team and I really think that what you’ve done with our new XML streams is a great addition to
our Warhawk community and we hope that XML game streams of this magnitude are adopted by
other multiplayer games in the future!

So that’s it for now everyone – If there are any other community sites that would like to access
the Warhawk global XML feed, please hit the Warhawk forums and post your info. We have a
team in San Diego that can give you the proper server access.

Rock on!

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  • Going to check it out right-frickin’-now!

  • Looks pretty sweet

  • Looks awesome, thanks for sharing this information. I will be checking this out.

  • WOW…epic,nuff said. (That’s kind of over used too). XD

  • Thanks guys — we’re really excited to allow our players to run their own tournaments with the new game challenge system.

  • you guys are awesome.

    i need to play some more warhawk

  • VERY not bad!! Impressive, to say the least.

    Yo Dylan . . . what’s up with Warhawk 2? Or more booster packs?

  • I knew the moment I bought Warhawk it would be my most played and favortie game.

    Nice work Incognito!


  • “We’ve always been driven to support our community”

    Then you really need to find someone to answer all the Twitter questions you quietly ignore.

  • Cool I like that you embraced a fan of the game and are promoting his well crafted site, this is why I love Sony (well that and all the great games)

  • Hello Nemo,

    As you can imagine my Twitter feed gets pretty busy from time to time :)

    I’m all for answering your questions – post them here and I’ll answer the ones I can!

  • Don’t know what sort of development the game is still getting but wondering if you could farm out the code to a small dev or something to make more DLC? I think the game could be one of those that continues for a long time due to the addition of map packs and mods on a regular basis. Just an idea.

  • Very nice addition for Warhawk.


  • Sweet! More expansions plz, oh and if you guys have time maybe either add the story mode back in so we can finally see why the two sides are having such a fit @ each other OR do a Warhawk 2 with like Resistance 2 level visuals–either would be AWESOME!……or Warhawk on PSP?

  • Yes! This should be much better than the Gaming tournament site (GGL) that netted me my sweet knife. I think we will be interested in the XML interface at – this might fit in well with the new community options.

  • I love Warhawk! I’ve logged in at least 711 hours of play time (which is amazing and sad all at once), but for some reason I can’t level up anymore. For whatever reason I can’t get the medal for flying a Warhawk for 50 hours. Oh well, still love the game.

  • Does this also mean that maybe one day will go live again for LBP?

    anyways. good to see a community site being made! Warhawk is a great game!

  • Where are your cryptic clues in this message (or do I need to look deeper?). Is this actually Dylan Jobe? Is any of this real?

  • Very, very impressive. You guys have set a new mark for not only working with the community but in pleasing it as well. While I still play warhawk to this very day (though ranking takes forever :P), I’m still very excited for your next game or update, whatever/whenever that may be. Any chance we may hear of anything of that sort in the near future? :) Any more puzzles for us perhaps?

  • Warhawk the game that keeps giving. Thanks Incognito.

    BTW Dylan you are such an old school PS bloger… you can reply directly to people now! thats what happens when you leave for so long. get with the times! :p

  • This is cool Dylan
    Give us a clue about the new game! :P

  • Hey Dylan,

    How exactly should we request access to the API? Is there a thread in the forums somewhere? How do we direct attention to the online team?


  • Hey Dylan! Nice to hear from you. I used to play Warhawk all the time, but gave up before becoming Major. The requirements to have all the ranks and some medals are just too steep for an average player.(5000 air-to-ground kills comes to mind)

    I’ve clocked 400 hours in that game. Good thing, but it’s depressing to know I’ll never acheive the general rank, and that 50point ribbon doesn’t help very much. Any update coming to lower some requirements? Or new ribbons?

    • You\’re right Gothdom — some of the awards in Warhawk are very, very difficult to get.

      We\’ve learned a lot from how to balance all of this in the grander \”game economy\” and will use all of those lessons on our next project.

  • Its amazing that Warhawk still gets so much attention, that really showes how great warhawk was/is. Honestly I haven’t played warhawk for several months but I still think that its a awesome online experience.

    I do however have 1 Question Dylan, Will we hear something about your new developed game in 2009? And will it be something online?

    I am not sure but didn’t you guys made ” Primal ” for the PlaySation 2? (don’t shoot me if its wrong) I would LOVE to see a sequel of that since it was my favorite PlayStation 2 game.

    I wish you guys made or helped building Socom confrontation, I love the game but Slant Six is doing some weird [DELETED] with it that is making a lot of people angry. Have you played Soccom confrontation Dylan? If so.. without trying to make the Slant six guys angry or upset but don’t you agree that it could have been alot better ?

    Thanks mister Dylan for your effort in the Warhawk community!

  • Thanks Dylan, looking forward to requesting access!

  • Pretty cool stuff!

  • Dylan – your twitter feed rocks. I like the random twitpics you post :)

  • Interesting info Dylan. Can you please just answer 1 question… Will we see any new expansion packs??? Or are you guys done with expansion packs for this game to continue working on the sequal :)

  • I’m going to purchase the game and expansions soon, just want to ask if there is going to be more add-on content in the future.

  • Just a few questions that i would greatly appreciate you answer =) …

    -Will you ever patch/ update warhawk so we can see all 100 of our friends on warhawk? (SOOO frustrating when you add another clan leader or new friend but you cant see the game there in.

    -Will there ever be any double xp weekends or something of the sort?

    -(i know the answer to this is already probably no but…) Will EU ever get its own tournament to earn a ceremonial knife or something else? Because GGL was open to US residents only =(

    This is the first chance ive had to send a message to you because everytime i’ve gotten here on 1.X news or booster news 200+ people have already commented so…

    THANK YOU DYLAN JOBE AND ALL OF INCOGNITO FOR MAKING AND SUPPORTING THE BEST GAME EVER!!! Loved Every Second of Warhawk so Thank You so very much!!! :)
    **Air Marshal** (14,000 to CMD Marshal)

  • GUYS answer the question,
    more packs?
    wharhawk 2?
    just forget abour WH and buy killzone2?

    Warhawk is at least for me #1…
    BTW I’m looking for a clan send me a message to-> egconde

    • oh you know I can\’t comment about new projects!!! :)

      But I will say this, KillZone2 if AMAZING. Really. you should go buy and play KZ2 if you haven\’t already.

      And granted, they\’re a new game, but they have done some epic stuff on their community site. Their game replay is awesome.

      Guerrilla did a *fantastic* job on KZ2 — go play it!!!

  • Almost forgot… Any chance you can bring the very first Warhawk theme tune back for a while? (so many good memories) Or put it on the PS store…? With the rest of the Warhawk songs?? :O
    just an idea :)

    and the warhawk home space is awesome!

  • dylan

    thank you for creating one of the best games I’ve ever played. 500+ hours and I’m still playing RELIGIOUSLY! This game is almost perfect, more DLC please!

    P.S. How’s Twisted Metal coming along? (wink wink)

  • wait so this is a fan made website dedicated to people with mohawks??? awwww man. j/k but seriously i think its really cool that you guys are supporting our fellow gamer here and taking his idea one step further. play on player!


  • Thanks for the post Dylan.

    Still loving Warhawk, sure KZ2 is out, but Warhawk still gets played a lot too.

  • Dylan, excellent move directly supporting the work of a member of the community.

    I’ve been using Sugaboo’s site for quite some time and will continue to do so.

    And, forget the requests for more boosters; just keep your heads down on the new dev!

    Lastly, thanks for the addiction. It makes marriage more of a challenge. :-)

  • Dylan, please add a Double XP day once a week, or month! it’ll bring back players, which the game really needs in leiu of the new games out.
    If you cant do that, can you retro-award us “Winning Team” Ribbons for all the games we’ve won? It’s the least you guys could do for the first 6 months of glitched stats.

    I love this game, have spent 250 hours on it, but I haven’t even reached Commander yet (despite winning over 550 games, and having 140 Warhawk wings).

  • Wow, I can’t believe the support this game is STILL getting. I loved Warhawk in the time I did play it. The only reason I put it off was because I didn’t have any of the expansion packs and a headset. It looks like I may have to get back in the swing of things though.

    Great job Incognito. Keep it up. Why you guys are never nominated for a Developer of the Year award, I will never know.

  • You say that you cant talk about the new project but we all know that there is a new project. So can you at least tell us that you’re “Hoping” that your new project is completed this year? If not, can you put up some more offical Dogfight/DM servers?

  • Is there any plan to add more details to this site and the official Warhawk site?

    It would be nice to see medals, ribbons and badges along with all the details showing progress to the medals and ribbons.

  • Dylan, thanks for the update. I like how you leave smiley faces in your comments about WH2 or more booster packs. It makes me feel like you are working on something like that :).

  • I don’t normally like games where the sole goal is just to kill people online over and over but something about Warhawk is just very enjoyable. I don’t own it myself, just been playing a friends copy as I haven’t yet got around to buying the disc. I’m only on a 40gb drive at the moment which is getting fuller each week so I’d rather get it on disc than use up HD space. Just things a bit tight lately, and SFIV looks to be my last PS3 purchase for a bit til I’ve moved and settled into my intended new home. Great to see this game still being very well supported and bringing in new players all the time.

  • Hey Dylan, interesting post, I dig the site, but it doesn’t appear to really have a way of tracking MY stats as much as it does track everyone else’s though, which is kind of offputting. Anyways, I am just about to purchase Warhawk a SECOND TIME because originally I bought it on BD and then my BD drive died back in the fall, leaving me with no way to play it. So I’m about to take up the temporary discount price (since I already bought all three expansions too) and get back to ‘hawking. But I must say that I agree with a lot of the people on this board and many others when I say that the requirements to level up and earn ribbons and stuff are way too high. I assume this was done with a long term community base in mind, but it still detracts me from getting too hard into the game, as much as just playing occasionally for fun. I understand from your earlier reply that this isn’t going to be corrected, instead implemented better in your guy’s next game, which is cool, but yeah, still sucks.

  • More Add-ons!!! more Add-ons!!! Long life to Warhawk!!!!

  • Outstanding!!!! Many have tried to do the same but only you have succeeded.

    Congratulations Sugaboo.

  • The servers today were really bad, I couldn’t even play one game… I guess it was PSN in general because none of the games (killzone, warhawk) would work. burnout worked well on the other hand.

    Warhawk is still the best multiplayer game on ps3 imo.

  • Great stuff, where is the XML feed located

  • @43 “I’m only on a 40gb drive at the moment which is getting fuller each week so I’d rather get it on disc than use up HD space.”

    The disc takes up just as much space as the online version. It installs pretty much the same data. I wish I would have known that, now I want the PSN version instead.

  • NICE!!!..

    I’ve been hoping we had access to this type of data. I’ve actually emailed a couple times about it..

    How can I get this information?

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