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Looking at this week’s reading list, what can I say… it’s all about Killzone 2. Personally, I’ve been playing all weekend (with some of you Blog readers, actually), and so is about 90% of my Friends List. In case you’re wondering why, some of the stories we linked out to below will clue you on.

So… I’m close to getting my Tactician badge. See you out there in the wastes of Helghan!

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of February 23, 2009)

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  • Jeff,

    Here are my requested firmware update features- please pass them on:

    Blu-ray file-ripping for PSP. I’ve bought A LOT of BDVDs lately that I can only watch at home, and I’m very anxious to see this feature finally come through. A little reassuring news on it would be nice, at the very least…

    Ability to establish a “Primary” PS3 user w/ ability to lock individual (personally chosen or tagged) video, photo, game, and audio content from other “Secondary” users on the same system.

    Make custom soundtrack support mandatory for new releases.

    Enforce the January 1st, 2009 trophy mandate (I’m looking at you, Afro Samurai).

    Invisible PSN sign-in option.

    Option to send messages to PSN accounts via email.

    Option to attach larger files to PSN messages (including audio and video files) & audio and video message recording.

    More features & content accessible with in-game XMB.

    Longer character string on PSN comments (let us fill the word balloon, at least) and PSN messaging.

    More avatars. We’ve been waiting far too long for these! We should be asking for ANOTHER avatar pack by now…

    Ability to select our own avatar.

    Cross-game chat.


  • Killzone 2 is pretty good so far but the controls are just terrible. It feels so laggy and the acceleration is terrible. Did they spend any time at all on the constrols in this game? It feels so unrealistic. It’s not like when a highly trained marine goes to move his gun to the right it lags all slow then spins out of control. Man I hope they fix it.

    On a side note, I hope that rumored PS3 firmware turns out to be mostly true.

  • I’m still busy on Killzone 2 ;)

  • I should be getting Killzone 2 this friday.
    I hope games are gonna be released here on Argentina when SCEA comes here.

  • kz2 is just awesome. i can’t stop playing it.

  • Letters2Kay just wrote my dreamlist for a PS3 Update…

    Seriously, give us more avatars, I know they are coming but It could only be so hard to give us 4-6 a month?

    Mandatory Custom soundtrack and cross game chat will put PS3 back in the fighting ring with that “Other system”

    Being able to send larger file sizes is a must, short video and music would be nice, but I cant even send my nicer (larger) images without formating them down. Camera does 13mp images so they wont send to family and friends.

    More connectivity to the psp, and advertise that sorta thing. I still see way more HALO wars commericals in one hour than Ive seen of Killzone2 in the last two days. (and I watch too much tv)

    Sony Ps3 will be and is the Complete Package.

  • I mentioned it before, maybe a good idea for Takahashi-san to input a trophy patch as soon as Girl reaches another planet in Noby Noby Boy. This to keep people interested in the game and keep on stretching during collecting new trophies. Plus the more people will buy the game.

  • Please open one of those theaters in Southwest Connecticut. For every movie I’d ever want to see, I would so go there!

  • RE5 will be here in 11 days. Celebrate it by releasing the PS1 RE titles on the PSNstore. Japan and HongKong already have it. Why not us?

  • Killzone 2 is a mediocre average first person shooter. nothing new , same thing done wrong .its an honest opinion , im no fanboy.

  • Killzone is awesome, period. Don’t listen to the haters.

  • Im no hater. just really dissapointed by k2.if u are a experienced fps player u know what im talking about.

  • When is magic ball getting new levels and custom soundtracks, ive been waiting ages

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