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Looking at this week’s reading list, what can I say… it’s all about Killzone 2. Personally, I’ve been playing all weekend (with some of you Blog readers, actually), and so is about 90% of my Friends List. In case you’re wondering why, some of the stories we linked out to below will clue you on.

So… I’m close to getting my Tactician badge. See you out there in the wastes of Helghan!

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of February 23, 2009)

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  • Cross game Inviting!

  • nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo not again.

  • Thinks Jeff for the list:

    AND Yes Killzone 2 IS Must have game see yo in the WARZONE boys.


  • Nice list. You almost need a post just on Killzone content.

  • Been playing Killzone all weekend as well. Fantastic game. Multiplayer is really well done..

  • been playing killzone 2 every chance I get since Friday. Going Back and forth between campaign and multiplayer. it is such a nice looking game.

    Sony restructuring:

  • Soaking with KZ2 today, but still good links none the less.

    @Jeff Rubenstien
    Will we be hearing from Eric Lempel any time soon on an upcoming firmware update for PS3? We’re a bit over due.

    • I don\’t have a time estimate for you on firmware. However, expect other news from him quite soon.

  • Little Big Planet for the psp is going to be cool

  • @7 yea we are pretty overdue for an update but everyone has been so immersed with Killzone 2 i don’t blame them. Killzone 2 is an amazing game.

  • Oh man. Killzone online is just… man its just the best online FPS experience i’ve ever had. The controls are still a bit whack, but i’m still learning and getting used to it. If only I didn’t have my final essay due Tuesday. Damn akademikz…

    Haha Jeff, hope i’ll see you on a server and lay you down with my shotgun, clown!

    ahhh, all jokes and good fun. PEACE

  • Im lovin Killzone 2!

    BTW Jeff, Dawkins is Gone! What a terrible event


  • Too busy playing the greatest FPS in history to do much reading.

    I can’t believe Sony actually came out with the Warhawk Space the day Killzone 2 was released instead of coming out with it a month ago when it would have been perfect.

    KZ2 Game launching is supported yet.

    No one but Amazone pre-order people get stuff for their avatars

    One single and stupid KZ2 event where a few guys in KZ2 costums ran around inside of Home with almost everyone who wanted to see them couldn’t find them.

    No KZ2 Home Space

    No KZ2 videos inside of Home

    You would think a competent company would have Home filled with people running around in KZ2 costums, game launching working right at launch, and at least a minimal KZ2 Home Space with at least some images and videos marketing the game…

    Whatever, I’m sure you’ll get around to it…sometime…

  • awesome week!!! good luck with that trophy jeff. see you guys out there in cyber space.


  • Cant wait to get Killzone 2 tomorrow. ;)

  • @9 KZ2 is certainly an amazing game, which I do have. However there are still alot of things that need to be done with the PS3 firmware wise that keep bringing me back to it. Even the current firmware rumor list, PS2 Emulation (which may or may not come), developer access to character data across user accounts on a single PS3 (which I think someone mentioned has being added in the previous update), and more.

    Safe to say Eric Lempel has his very own fan club simply because when he comes onto the blog its like Christmas for the PS3.

    Dunno there are a few things with KZ2 that urk me that could be fixed by decisions made in the firmware division in conjunction with the SDK updates. KZ2 to my understanding has its save tied to PS3 hardware which is a big no no in my book. This has to go, I want my saves tied to my user name not my system and this should be mandatory.

  • TheInfectedBy590

    KZ2 is great! :)
    Still though, no one seems to answer my questions :( When are we going to start hearing about stateside releases of Demon’s Souls and White Knight? And when is Fat Princess coming?

  • I just keep re-playing the KZ2 Demo over and over, because my broke ass cant afford even a cheap rental of the damn thing.

  • LittleBigContra looks amazing

  • I love Killzone 2! (>_<)


  • Is Sony going to release Demon’s Soul here in the US, or should I just import it.

    Also, how about some RPGs please? I’m tired of shooters.

  • HAHA!

    Saw that Onion video already :P

    Hilarious! :D

  • During GDC, will we be getting interviews and coverage?

  • Been playing and really enjoying KZ2 all weekend as well.

    Why is it I can’t access from the game? Everytime I try, I get a message that states I have to install version 9 (flashplayer I believe). And then it won’t allow me to.

    Also been trying to access from my computer, but no luck there either.

    Rock on! :)

  • hey jeff i saw your name in the Killzone 2 credits. idk why but i screamed “I KNOW THAT GUY!” it was like the one name i recognized besides Kaz’s

  • Killzone 2 has come now so our next big excluesive INFAMOUS…


  • Killzone 2 has come now so our next big exclusive is INFAMOUS…


  • killzone 2 is an amazing game , im enjoying it

    @Jeff Rubenstien
    is there any release date for fat princess?
    seems like its news just suddenly disappeared

    • There\’s no announced release date, but I\’ve been playing the latest builds, and it\’s looking good. It\’s a lot deeper than you\’d guess at first glance!

  • Got Killzone on Friday and I’ve got too say its incredible, I’m a bid disappointed theirs not co-op and the online multiplayer is a tad confusing but it is amazing and incredibly enjoyable, I also started playing LBP again checking out the community levels and theirs some brilliant ones.

    @Jeff Rubenstein any word on new avatars?

  • Jeff,

    Where were you in KZ2 this weekend? haha

    That game is amazing, GG did a wonderful job.

  • Make the PS3 cheaper and I will buy it.

    I gave sony a major profit with the ps2.

    i have around 80 ps2 titles.

    …imagine that for the ps3 as well…

    im a decent customer/fan… don’t lose me because of price.

    you will make up the difference in lost in game sales.

  • Sorry if that made no since…. im a little hungover from Saturday night.


  • sense*

  • SWEET! just made it to last stage in KZ2 (I think). It’s been one heck of a ride.

  • jeff

    can you tell me if there will be killzone 2 space in the home

    because every new playstation 3 exclusive should have home space

  • HAH, you even put The Onion news article in there, I saw that earlier this week. the onion is TOO FUNNY.

  • …i’m also enjoying Killzone 2 so much, such a great game. those fans on “that other system” will start to want a PS3 with this game.

  • Hey Jeff
    When would you guys start giving guides to the lucky photos on facebooK? And how are you going to contact them?
    I hope i win one! im the one bowing jeje

    • On this coming Friday. We\’ll contact you directly through Facebook!

      Some of the photos are really good, no?

  • I must to say that I was pretty impressed by Killzone 2. I just finished the SP.

  • @10
    Haha, agreed. Killzone’s multiplayer is so addicting! I must of played for at least 6 hours before forcing my self to stop.
    Hats off to GG and Sony for making this beautiful and wonderful game.

  • Ha! I got my tactician badge yesterday! Any fellow killzoners, send me a friend invite :D

  • Hey today I got a msg on my ps3 SONY OFFICIAL with a star before and after it. Anyways he/she sent a msg to me telling me about earning a free psn card and a free copy of Burnout Paradise 1.7, is this legit, cause I was in a middle of a match in WarHawk when I got the msg

  • my eyes are bleeding from so much killzone.. must keep playing

  • no candycaptain that’s fake, sony will never contact you through psn only email, do not give them any of your info and block that user

  • @7 Sony has been keeping up with the major firmware per quarter for the PS3 promise, real question is where is the next PSP firmware?

  • Hay Jeff
    Can you try to get Level 5 on the blog. Me and several of my buddies and friends would like to know when the game is going to come out in the United States. Oh and can you also try to get David Jaffe on the blog also.

  • Thanks Jeff! Yeah I checked out on the forums too, right after postin’ my 1st comment at 1st I didn’t find anything relatin’ to my question, so I made 1, then almost immediately I got like 6 responses, ^.^ ppl can be so helpful sometimes you know :P

  • why are drake’s fortune, tools of destruction, and heavenly sword all still selling for the full $60 retail price well over 2 years after their release dates? what does it take for a game to get a “greatest hits” designation from sony these days?

  • Ok dude, when can we expect a list of features for the PS3 2.70? I mean its been a while you know.

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